Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Max, host of The Genius Life podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
It’s very clear that Max spends a lot of energy and time extensively researches his topics before talking or writing about them. He brings on guests who are highly knowledgeable and skilled in their practice. I’ve learned SO much from this podcast and I’ve shared it with so many friends!
Lots of great information
Suzy Northstar
I learned so much and I’m only half way through all the episodes. Max seems to have a great rapport with all his guests. Plus Max has that great old school radio voice.
Science isn't marketing
I was with you until the Ra episode. That was really dumb. And gross. And unscientific. And potentially dangerous. Looking directly at the sun? Bad idea. You should never let a guy like that on your podcast. There are plenty of legitimate people you could draw as guests.
Such great info and bomb guests!
I have been listening for quite some time as well as read your book! The information and content you bring is simply fantastic. The podcast with Kelly Leveque was next level! You two are the best and my favorite in this wellness space! I truly appreciate all the knowledge you share to live a healthy life! thank you, thank you, thank you!
Best health podcast
This is the most comprehensive and informative podcast about living well, and caring for our bodies and brains in the best way! Love that he just lets the guests talk, asks awesome questions, and doesn’t interrupt them haha. I learn so much!
You have to listen!
Mrs. McHeb
I am so glad a friend recommended this podcast and now I want everyone to know about it! The information is so important, the topics and guests are fascinating, and these scientific areas are presented in a very accessible manner. Thank you!
Balanced and brilliant
creek paddle
Max is a breath of fresh air in the health space. He excels at distilling complex concepts into actionable information for the average person. Great vibe, no dogma.
What an amazing podcast dedicated to making humans live longer, healthier lives! Max’s motivation behind his works is touching!
So helpful
I am sometimes overwhelmed by the amount and different information on the living well life but I have chosen Max as my primary guide.
Can't speak highly enough about the Genius LIfe Podcast, along with Max's book, Genius Foods. Very inteligent and insightful information. I can't stop listening! Thanks Max for all you do, keep up the amazing work!
This podcast is worth your time!
Myriam M.D
This is a gem of a podcast with an endearing and knowledgeable host that brings along valuable info and great guests.
About 4 years ago, I went on a very strict paleo diet and had great results. Over the years I began being less strict, and started to not feel well again. After finding this podcast, it’s helped me to get back on track!
Nutritent level /bloodwork testing
Do you have any resources for what panels of testing you would recommend to get done and how often? Just got a bioscreening blood test and it was extremely limited. Minerals, nutrients mitochondrial deficiency, hemochroma-masterjohnism? Thanks for the direction!
By far the most informative and interesting podcast out there!
Max, I have been following you for a long time on Spotify and been meaning to get on here and leave a review. So here I am. Just wanted to say thanks for what you do and for all the wonderful information you have on how to love a genius life. I learn SO much from your interviews and could listen to most of them on replay! You are an awesome and inspiring person and interviewer. WOW. Michael - Dallas,Texas
Educational and engaging
I was turned onto the Genius Life podcast by seeing Max on Aubrey Marcus’ podcast last month. I stared where it began on #1 and just finished the #12 with Theo Isokauppila. I am hooked! Max is a great host who facilitates great conversations and topics. Thanks!
Fun and informative
I love listening to The Genius Life. Everyone he has on leads me to more great information and I always take away something I can apply to my life and my families. Thanks Max!
Favorite Podcast
Ty Brannon
I love listening to The Genius Life podcast! Max is very knowledgeable. He brings on the best, informative and update to date on research guests. Thanks for challenging mainstream thought on all things nutrition and wellness.
Keeps Me Consistent
I really appreciate this podcast. Listening to Max and his guests reminds me the value of making good choices for my brain and my future every day. I’m very grateful for the information and for the exposure to experts I would never have otherwise checked out!
Thoughtful, engaging, and Useful
Genius Life has been in my ears for the past few weeks now while I work. I’m really enjoying hearing all of the experts of various fields talk with Max about the ways that our diet and lifestyle choices impact our minds and bodies. One of the things I like most is the way that Max will explore opposing sides of the same subjects and help you to explore all the nuances to find out what is best for YOU, because we’re all different. I highly recommend this if you are at all interested in fitness, health, or brain wellness.
Nerdy yet understandable
Apartment dweller
Lots of great topics and interesting guests. Even the shows I think that I don’t want to listen too end up being great and push me to explore and learn. I use what I learn to boost my health and wellness and that of my patients.
One of the absolute best!
Max’s podcast is one of my absolute favorites. I always get so much information about things I have so much interest in from health and biohacks to how to be the best human being possible. I’ve incorporated so many things I’ve learned and have seen so many benefits in my health. Thank you Max for a constant stream of amazing information!
Love the show.
My favorite thing about the podcast is the direction toward exploration, learning and evolving our well-being and being-well. The understanding and realization that Max and his guests have... that they don’t know everything and that everyone responds refreshing and the essence of intelligence. There is a wide enough range of topics to keep it interesting but a core believe that better mental and physical health leads to an improved existence.
I couldn’t be more grateful for discovering Max and this podcast. He’s incredibly smart, well-spoken, and asks all the best questions. I immediately got to work on buying his book and binge-listening to his podcasts. As someone who has dementia and Alzheimer’s in my family history, I want to learn everything I can about it. Max is a goldmine of knowledge and brings on the best guests to help further inform his listeners. My favorite podcast by far! And it doesn’t hurt that’s he’s real easy on the eyes 😊. Subscribe! You won’t be disappointed!
Amazing podcast
I totally agree with you nursemadib! I may be in love with max as well— he’s got quite the fan club at this point. This podcast is crazy informative, entertaining, and he always asks relevant interesting questions that aren’t specific to him but always with the reader/greater audience in mind. It continues to blow my mind how much of a factor food plays in your overall health and well being and I appreciate the tips immensely! It would be great to learn more about how we can influence/improve our environment/ lifestyles like how potentially swapping out everyday staples (deodorant, detergent, soap, etc) for healthier alternatives makes a difference in your health?? Unclear but would love to know more about that side of the coin and what healthier alternatives exist! Thanks again Max so much love☺️
Smart, entertaining, useful!
KOA enthusiast
Max is one of the greatest tools for me to convince the skeptics in my life that this idea of nutrition for brain development and helping various health ailments isn’t just “woo woo!” He merges entertaining guests, with real science and I appreciate all that he does in the fight in the current war on nutrition common sense that’s going on. Keep it up!
Pretty sure I am in love with Max... But really, he is informative, entertaining, and changing the meaning of health as we know it... Thank you Max!!!
Genuine and Positive.
Love this podcast. You can tell Max is a genuine person and really cares about making peoples lives better. I've learned so much beneficial infromation from this podcast that i've lost track. Thanks Max, keep it up!
Good - could improve
I really like Max’s podcast. He brings lots of interesting guests. The length is perfect, and topics are on point. Lots of the suggestions given are very applicable so it makes the podcast relatable. I think Max could improve the structure. Not a deal breaker though. Perhaps you could have some more questions related to the topic for the guests and still maintain the conversational style. I feel like sometimes Max’s derails and lets the guest be the interviewee. Keep your great work!
Just a suggestion...
Let me first say, I love Max! He has great information to share, but I wish the podcasts were more structured. I find I’ll be 15 min in and he’s still making small talk.
Is accidentally found this podcast and I’m so grateful! I learn something new every episode, and many health hacks are easily incorporated into my life. Thank you Max!
Relevant & Upbeat
I’m a long-time nutrition/ health/ biohacking fan. I follow many podcasts and Max has become one of my favorites. He interviews great guests and keeps things light and funny but doesn’t dodge the hard and controversial stuff either. Great balance. He’s a genius. :)
This is my favorite podcast.
I am writing this on my husbands phone but me and my husband walk and we listen to this podcast. It is so inspiring! I can really get sidetracked easily and listening to this podcast helps me so much to stay on track as much as I possible. Keep up the good work. We are listening.
I am obsessed with Max and his podcast! I truly enjoy the content. It’s engaging and easy to understand. My only complaint is that he only releases 1 podcast per week. 😢
I’ve learned a ton
I’m trying to get healthier, and this has been a great resource.
The Genius Life is Brilliant!
I'm a runner, fitness instructor and healthy foodie! I've learned so much from Max! His podcast is so informative that I can listen to the same episode several times, because it has so much new, good information that can really benefit everyone. He has a fun personality that keeps me engaged. His book "Genius Foods" is also amazing!
Every episode is a deep dive!
Max always brings such inspiring and smart individuals on the podcast. The titles don’t always capture my attention but I’ll play them anyways and come out knowing more. I never regret listening to an episode. He asks poignant questions, he’s intentional, and I am grateful for his integrity. I recommend to anyone who’s willing to listen 😉
Loved the episode with Vanessa!
I liked most episodes, with two very “active” girls, the one with Veeshoney resonated with me the most and was super enlightening. Max is knowledgeable to ask the right questions and I am looking forward to reading The Genius Life that just got delivered to my home! Following him on Instagram helps a lot too!
BC Survivor Always Worried About a Recurrence
Healthy Consumer
I enjoyed listening to this. I try to eat Cancer fighting foods, but I need to eliminate the “bad food” (if you could call it food). This has reinvigorated my desire to do better. Chemotherapy and radiation may have saved my life. I’m thinking, it did more harm than good. I needed to hear this 7 years ago. Doctors do not give nutritional advise. Now I am going to look for tiger nuts.
Thankful for your podcast😊
Loved your show with Sarah talking about her experience with BII and explanting. She is one of the reasons I explanted last November and I’m super grateful. I feel there is a shift happening where more and more people are having honest discussions on the serious effects of breast implants, it’s about time. Way to use your platform Max!
Best Podcast Ever
I absolutely love The Genius Life and Max Lugavere!! He covers so many interesting and relatable topics. He has some really unique guests on his show and he’s a great interviewer, always asking intriguing questions. One of my favorite things about Max and this podcast is how he presents information in a really appealing way... he brings a coolness factor to health and wellness. He never comes off as preachy or a know-it-all like some health focused podcasts do. This is the only podcast that I’ve ever listened to the same episode more than once because it’s just that good. After listening to this podcast I feel inspired and stoked to incorporate what I’ve learned into my daily life. Thanks Max!!! Much love.
Thanks for giving me my parents back
Caroline 0808
Max, thank you for being you! This is my all time favorite book and podcast. It has changed my life in many ways and is now changing the lives of my parents. I asked them to just give it a chance and buy the book. They both purchased the audio book and loved it. Both have lost weight, are healthier, happier, and are more energetic and optimistic than ever before. These are the parents I knew from my childhood! I can’t tell you what that means to me. I recommend your book, podcast, and instagram to just about anyone who will listen. Please keep doing what you’re doing! P.s. I live in the greater Cincinnati area and just met with Dr. Krikorian to gain some more insight and talk about health. I thought “why not?” What a smart guy! Wouldn’t have done that without your book. Thanks again! Your fan
Max IS a Genius
Thank you for sharing such valuable information. You are changing lives!
Thank You
Flutterby Mommy
Thank you for sharing this important information.
One of the best
I’ve been listening to this podcast for about a year now and it is honestly not just one of my favs but I think the best podcast in health, and one I keep coming back to despite life’s distractions. Even though I don’t feel all the tips are workable in my personal lifestyle, I love Max’s authenticity. For example, he takes the time to acknowledge when something is overpriced & that they are people out there with perhaps more obstacles. He doesn’t come off as too wrapped up in his success and still seems to have a sense of connection to a more average lifestyles of, for example, “shift” workers, single mothers, etc. Moreover, his personality that shines through is somehow the right combination of hunky and dorky, ending up with an overall result of being completely endearing and someone I would definitely want to be friends with. Some of my favorite episodes are the interviews with Matt Nathanson, Sarah Anne Stewart and recently james swanwick.. really too many to list.
Allows guests to spread misinformation with no Fact checking
Just finished listening to you ADHD episode and I have to say as a person who has ADHD and proudly takes Adderall, properly not abusively as your guest did, this is a VERY dangerous episode. To cast shame on a group of people the way this podcast did is deplorable. I have spent the past 38 years trying to manage my ADHD without meds because of the stigma and misinformation people like your guest cast. Taking medication does not in anyway make a person less than or not healthy. In fact when not taken abusively as your guest did it calms the mind of a person with ADHD. Your guest was an admitted a user of this medication and also lied to her Doctor about her use. She had the experience she did because she created it not the medication. I take 5 mg which is half the average dose, I no longer get short with my children for being children, my home is no longer a disaster, I can pay a bill without being overwhelmed with anxiety, I can participate in a conversation without constantly interrupting or trailing off in my mind, most importantly I now am able to eat so much healthier because I’m not impulsively grabbing carb filled snacks all day long and can plan a meal without being completely overwhelmed. Your guest used her misguided notion of the ADHD community to promote herself and her business and you did not do your due diligence as and educator and content creator to make sure what she was saying was indeed correct. That is DANGEROUS and you owe it to the ADHD community make it right. To imply that every person who takes a medication is going to wind up with addiction as your guest did is deplorable. You don’t help people live their best lives for trying to shame them into buying what you have to sell.
Mind Pump
Critical Jim
Absolutely must-listening. Max, you have great guests and are skilled at letting them talk and asking “just right” questions as the interviews unfold. Not only do the Mind Pump guys offer solid advice but I appreciated their stories about how failing in the first parts of their careers led them to what they contribute now. Human to fail, of course, but admitting failure and then learning from it takes courage. Well done! Thanks for the interview and thanks to the Mind Pump guys for helping average folks learn how to make incremental changes for sustained health and fitness.
Hopeful, accessible and tasty!
I love how this podcast covers interesting and specific topics and gives evidence-based, actionable suggestions for how to eat better and feel better! Thank you, Max for shedding light on these important topics in an accessible way AND without dumbing them down.
isa monika
My son has a book report and this is the first place I had him listen to, to gather additional info for his project. Thanks!!! Monika
Amazing podcast!
I could not imagine my life without this podcast anymore! I it has helped guide me as a health coach to help so many others! The guests are so brilliant and I have purchased so many awesome books this year to help further my education in my wellness journey. Thanks Max for giving light to all of us and please continue this journey!!!
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