Thankful for this podcast
Love the practical and relatable discussion on this podcast. It inspires me to consider how I am making disciples.
Great help
I love listening to Robby, Chris, Dillon, and the new fact checker as they share truths from God’s Word and help us through discipling others to disciple others. I am in a Pastoral Leadership Masters program right now and this podcast and some of the resources offered by Replicate show up in my papers and discussions. Thank you for something, that always seems so difficult, being my put out there in such a way that even I can share it and disciple others to disciple others. (My first D-Group will have its 1 year “Start to Replicate” party in November. Thanks!)
Absolute love this. I just started listening for the first time as a guy at church recommended the podcast. He knew I was with The Navigators who are all about disciplemakers who by life on life on life produce generational disciplemakers. It’s almost like I am hearing from the heart and soul of Dawson Trotman!
Student Leader and Young Living Oil User
Thank you for what you are doing with Replicate. I am in seminary now, and am an active volunteer student leader at my church. We are using the F260 NT plan in our 9th Grade class this year along with introducing HEAR journals. Plus I wanted to add that we are Young Living Oil users in our house. We all struggle with mental illness in one fashion or another and Oiling up is our way to keep sane with each other. I will try the Thieves and Oregano tabs as you pointed out. God bless!
So Encouraging!!!
This podcast is so encouraging and challenging!!! I love listening!
Motivational, Practical, Entertaining
I’m loving this podcast because 1. It’s motivating me to put this into practice in among my students. 2. There are practical ideas to implement. 3. It’s completely entertaining, but not too much so that it takes away from the main content. One suggestion I would like to make is to have an episode about how this might work with student ministry. I plan to begin with HEAR journals, but how might the D-group be different with students?
A Must have podcast!!
This is my go to podcast that inspires and challenges me to grow in my walk with Christ! Provides practical Biblical processes and strategies that Will change your life — subscribe today!
Robby and Chris are committed to the discipleship of their brothers and sisters in Christ. I have been challenged and comforted by their ministry.
And we’re back. (Never left, but back weekly for my favorite podcast).
Love listening to the podcast multiple times per week. Not even a pastor, but throughly enjoy the principles and applying them to my every day disciple making mission. Thanks again Robby & Chris, your words are powerful and encouragement is contagious.
Love the podcast!
I look forward to this podcast every Monday. What could be more important than making the last words of Jesus to his disciples our first priority. Thanks Robby, Chris and Replicate for providing this resource.
Amanda Leigh Brown
I discovered this podcast over a year ago and have consistently listened every week. Thank you Pastor Robby and Chris for this resource.
Making Disciples Review
I love this podcast and listening to pastor Robby and his input on making disciples. It is also great that I go to the church where he is the pastor and get this same kind of content every single Sunday morning. Great information on this podcast for anyone who wants to make disciples, but does not fully understand the biblical concept on how to do that. Pastor Robby breaks down the biblical mode in each and every podcast of what a disciple-maker should look like, and is passionate about the Word of God and wants the people who listen and who sit in worship each Sunday morning to grow In that same passion that he has for the Lord and his Word.
Great Reveal
The Great Badsby
I refer to Replicate and Pastor Gallaty’s work as the great reveal of the great commission in my life. The Bible discuss our ears being unable to hear and our eyes unable to see, this was me. Through Gods work at Replicate and my church I feel as though this has been made obvious in my life. This podcast continues to support me in Gods work of making disciples.
Love this!
As a pastor this has been such a blessing to my life and ministry! This is one of my favorite podcasts and should be yours too!
very challenging and one of my favorite podcasts!
Great podcast
Challenging and encouraging podcast!
Only one way to improve
Juliet in search
I love the topic, the speakers (Robby and all the guest speakers), the concept, the books, heck - I’ve been leading d-groups for 2 years myself now. I only have one suggestion - I don’t want to miss a word Robby (or any of the speakers) says, but sometimes the speakers all talk over each other and the host has a very distinct laugh that can be distracting. I’m sure it’s fun to collaborate as you all are in the same room but to the listener it’s difficult to sort out the different voices. Keep up the great work guys!
D-Group: Where a wee group becomes a WE group!
Great podcast that goes hand in hand with the Growing Up, Firmly Planted and Bearing Fruit discipleship program. The guys do a great job of answering questions and giving helpful suggestions on how to get the most out of your time with your D-group.
Learning Something In Every Episode
III Starkiller
Started listening to their podcast after finding them through the Lifeway Leadership Series.i have binged them all. Simple truths and ministry concepts that will help you develop a pathway toward discipleship at your church. Love these guys.
Practical advice on real discipleship
Discount Bean Can
Found this podcast through the lifeway network and I’m so glad that I did. If you want to want to know practical advice on real discipleship this is the podcast you’re looking for.
Reproducible Discipleship
Everything is reproducible. That’s what makes this podcast so helpful. Thank you, Pastor Robby!
Essential Information
Love this podcast! Such a great help!!
Tremendously helpful. Looking forward to more episodes.
Justin Blu
Evangelism that doesn’t lead to discipleship is not biblical evangelism and discipleship that doesn’t lead people to evangelize is not biblical discipleship. It’s not one or the other, it’s both and. Robby Gallaty
A normal pastor guy
Seriously, by far the most edifying podcast I have regularly listened to. It is challenging, but encouraging. Thanks Robby!
Grateful for this podcast!
H Melton
I very rarely rate podcasts, but I am happy to do so for this one. As someone who is recently in a discipleship role I am so grateful for a resource that challenges preconceived notions about what building a discipleship culture is. I am learning a ton, and am already implementing so much into my discipleship group. Check it out!
Great talks on the rewarding work of disciple making. Very practical and relatable to real-world situations. All believers should be discipled and then disciple others and this podcast helps understand all about that.
The weekly challenge to keep making discipleship a priority.
Keith Cabral
I really enjoy listening to the practical discipleship content that Robby shares. This has helped me to be consistent with discipling men while growing tremendously in my own faith. Thanks for challenging us to live out the command of Jesus to make disciples.
Practical & encouraging!
Robby & Chris unwrap practical truth in a personal and practical way. I just subscribed b/c I want to keep growing as a disciple-maker.
This Podcast is Gold
The new Making Disciples podcast is gold. I've read a lot of discipleship books, and these do a great job of distilling what has been most helpful.
Thank you
Thank you for making this podcast. I like the format and length for sure, but more importantly the content is SO important. Thank you for the encouragement and direction!!!
Awesome for discipleship
This podcast will make you excited to tell everyone about the Lord! C’mon Robby!
Great resource
This is a great resource on disciplemaking!
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