October 4, 2019
In celebration of International Day of the Girl, the release of the second CHIME Zine and the launch of CHIME FOR CHANGE’s new campaign #letgirlsdream, four guests join Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue, Lindsay Peoples Wagner, in New York to share their experiences of being youth activists. The episode is filled with the inspiring voices of Sage Dolan-Sandrino, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi. Sage is a Youth Leader, Creative Director of TEAM, and new member of the CHIME FOR CHANGE Advisory Board. Xiuhtezcatl is a Climate Warrior and Youth Director of Earth Guardians – an organisation that trains diverse youth to be leaders in environmental, climate and social justice movements. Finally, high-school friends and racial literacy campaigners, Winona and Priya, who co-founded the non-profit CHOOSE and co-authored their book ‘Tell Me Who You Are’—an exploration of race and identity across America. Listen to hear these change makers discuss their activism, how they stay motivated and the burden and honour of representing their chosen youth causes.
September 30, 2019
Connie Constance says she’s best summed up in the words ‘punk princess’. Her energy, individuality and style is seen in images photographer Sophie Jones shot for digital collaborative project #GucciGig—where musicians and artists come together to create original work featuring sunglasses designed by Alessandro Michele. The duo created a Zine together with graphic artist Morgan Benjamin, where Connie is captured behind-the-scenes on a recent European tour wearing Gucci Eyewear, the resulting images scrawled with lyrics from Connie’s songs. On this episode, the friends talk with writer Ana Kinsella about their creative partnership which inspires each other’s work. Listen to the Connie’s playlist ‘Agbalumo’, a mashup of her favorite Nigerian artists created especially for Gucci’s Spotify: Read more about #GucciGig:
August 1, 2019
Old King Cole Younger is the side project of Cole Alexander, guitarist of the garage-rock band Black Lips as well as Crush. His sound inspired Alexander’s collaboration with artist Ariana Papademetropoulos for #GucciGig to highlight Gucci Eyewear, seen on a fictional album cover and gig posters. Together they are interviewed by William Ndatira, founder of Instagram page @williamcult, to talk about their collaboration for #GucciGig. Read more about the project: Listen to Cole Alexander’s playlist on Gucci’s Spotify:
July 17, 2019
Australian punk band Amyl and the Sniffers like to get rowdy on stage. Their energetic performances—and tour moments—were captured by photographer Jamie Wdziekonski for the House’s digital collaborative project #GucciGig, where musicians and artists created original work to represent their live performance wearing Gucci Eyewear designed by Alessandro Michele. On a memorable day for the band, when they launched their first self-titled album in London, lead singer Amy Taylor, bass player Gus Romer, guitarist Dec Martens and drummer Bryce Wilson and Jamie talk to Hanna Hanra, the founder of Beat music magazine about #GucciGig and kicking off their European tour. Listen to the band’s playlist ‘No Punk’ created for Gucci’s Spotify: Read more about the #GucciGig project:
May 30, 2019
Seen on Instagram, the House recently launched #GucciGig: a collaborative project inviting musicians and artists to work together in representing their live performance in illustrations, photography and videos, characterized by backstage and onstage reportage, fan art and gig flyer design. Behind this original art are 12 musicians including American soul singer Curtis Harding interviewed for this episode by art critic and a writer, Antwaun Sargent. For the #GucciGig project which unites musicians with artists to create original works, photographer and drummer Matt Correia worked with the illustrator John Zabawa to create color-drenched 1960s-inspired posters that show Harding in profile rendered in purple and green—inspired by Curtis Harding’s music and style. Listen to Curtis Harding’s #GucciGig playlist Read more
April 29, 2019
First seen in the Gucci Spring Summer 2019 fashion show in Paris, Zumi Rosow walked the runway carrying her namesake Gucci Zumi bag. In this episode, writer and model Georgia Graham talks to Zumi Rosow, the inspiration and muse behind the new bag collection: Gucci Zumi. As well as making bespoke jewellery, modelling and acting, she is an experimental musician who plays the saxophone for the punk rock band The Black Lips and the musical saw for her band Crush. She is joined by Los Angeles based poet Alaska Lynch, who has written a collection of poems dedicated to her. These poems have been adapted and published in a special mini book and are featured alongside illustrations by Alex Merry of the Gucci Zumi line. This creative duo is currently travelling the globe on the Gucci Zumi tour with Alaska performing his poetry and Zumi DJing for special events. Listen to this episode to hear about their travels and inspirations, and creative collaborations with Gucci. Read a special interview with Zumi Rosow: Discover more about the handbag design:
March 27, 2019
Under the banner ‘To Gather Together’ CHIME FOR CHANGE released its new campaign identity earlier this year in vivid yellow and black and white graphics created by visual artist MP5, and the first issue of the CHIME Zine, edited by community organizer and writer Adam Eli, which features model Hanne Gaby’s account of being born intersex and her campaigning to end intersex surgery on infants and children, as well as a poem written about Joan of Arc in 1429, amongst multiple other contributions from around the world. On this episode of the Gucci Podcast, Ariel Wengroff, a young Emmy-nominated executive producer and publisher whose work is focused on women’s voices, interviews Adam Eli and MP5 on their work for the new chapter of CHIME FOR CHANGE. CHIME FOR CHANGE is a global campaign founded by Gucci in 2013 to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for gender equality. Discover more about CHIME FOR CHANGE: Read more:
February 15, 2019
Exploring the radical musical movement that originated in Detroit in the 80s, Jenn Nkiru’s ‘Black to Techno’ documentary opens with a series of vignettes of long-forgotten archive film paired with original shot footage. The film explores the roles played by history, technology, geography and race that lead to the creation and emergence of techno as a sound in an industrial birthplace city. In this episode of the Gucci Podcast, artist and filmmaker Jenn Nkiru talks to Frieze Studio’s Senior Editor Matthew McLean about ‘Black to Techno’, the fourth and final film commissioned as part of the Frieze and Gucci ‘Second Summer of Love’ series. ‘Black to Techno’ screens alongside the first three films of the series directed by Wu Tsang, Josh Blaaberg and Jeremy Deller at the Paramount Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 17th. Discover more on:
December 6, 2018
In this episode, Florence Welch talks about ‘Useless Magic: Lyrics and Poetry’, her first book which is available at the new Gucci Wooster Bookstore, with a special edition cover designed by Alessandro Michele. Together with writer and poet Yrsa Daley-Ward, the singer songwriter talks about the craft of writing poetry and lyrics. The episode continues with an introduction to the recently opened Gucci Wooster Bookstore and its curator David Strettell—owner and founder of Dashwood Books—who is interviewed by journalist Alix Brown. The two discuss talents who have collaborated with the House, including Petra Collins, Ari Marcopoulos, Ryan McGinley and Florence Welch—whose works are available on the Bookstore’s shelves alongside 2000 curious, rare and inspiring titles. Read more about Gucci Wooster: Discover more about the Wooster Bookstore:
December 3, 2018
Actress Hari Nef, one of the faces of Gucci Bloom, talks about her struggle of being misunderstood and non-conventional beauty in the third episode of ‘Growing Pains’, a video and podcast series in collaboration with Dazed Beauty to celebrate the Gucci Bloom fragrances. Read more: See the video series: Discover the fragrances:
November 30, 2018
Dancer and choreographer Holly Blakey’s work spans stage and screen including collaborations with Florence + The Machine and Mica Levi. For the second episode of ‘Growing Pains’ the video and podcast series on three young women passing from youth to adulthood, Holly remembers the difficulties she faced growing up as a young professional dancer. The series is created in collaboration with Dazed Beauty to celebrate the Gucci Bloom fragrances. Read more: See the video series: Discover the fragrances:
November 28, 2018
‘Growing Pains’, a podcast and video series produced by Gucci Beauty and Dazed Beauty to celebrate Gucci Bloom fragrances, features young women talents talking about the emotional difficulties of adolescence. The first episode introduces classically trained cellist Kelsey Lu, who has worked with international artists including Solange Knowles and Dev Hynes. During the interview, Kelsey remembers her childhood in North Carolina where she overcame isolation with music. Read more: See the video series: Discover the fragrances:
October 5, 2018
Director Josh Blaaberg recounts the untold story of Italo Disco to Frieze Studio’s Senior Editor Matthew McLean. Together they uncover the real characters of the scene such as fans and club owners and traces Italo’s hidden legacies in today’s sounds. Part of ‘Second Summer of Love’—a four-part series produced with Frieze which explores acid house’s enduring impact on international contemporary culture. ‘Distant Planet: The Six Chapters of Simona’ will be screened on Sunday, October 7 at the Frieze Art Fair in London. Discover more about the documentary: Watch the prelude by Adam Coska Keller:
September 10, 2018
Anders Christian Madsen, Fashion Critic at British Vogue, interviews the men who quickly became creative soul mates after meeting at an Oscars party three years ago. Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele and Sir Elton John talk about their latest collaboration, the stage wear designed by Alessandro for the showman’s upcoming Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour and their love for beauty, fashion, collecting objects and music. Read more about the tour on: Discover the Gucci Elton John collection: More on Elton John’s archive looks reinterpreted for the Spring Summer 2018 collection:
July 17, 2018
Creator of one-off outfits for a host of hip-hop stars, street legends and athletes, Dapper Dan built up a cult following from his original Harlem shop on 125th Street in the Eighties and early Nineties. In the new episode of the Gucci Podcast, Vestoj Editor-in-Chief and publisher Anja Aronowsky Cronberg interviews the designer about his ongoing collaboration with the House, from the reopening of his Atelier in Harlem to the special Gucci–Dapper Dan collection, now available on More on: Discover the collection at: Read more about the Atelier at:
June 29, 2018
Exclusively on the Gucci Podcast, DJ, record producer and songwriter John “Jellybean” Benitez talks to author and music critic Nelson George about his music residency at the Gucci Wooster space. Recalling the past, present and future of SoHo—from the rise of Nu Disco and Hip Hop to what visitors will experience at the eclectic Gucci space on 63 Wooster street. Throughout this episode you will hear a series of tracks John has selected to transport us back to the energy and vibe of New York in the 80s. More Discover more about Gucci Wooster
June 25, 2018
Female friendships, coming of age and the metamorphosis a girl makes into becoming a woman and her authentic self. The themes behind fragrance Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori inspired 15 young female creatives to design and write original works for Gucci’s Instagram. Inside their drawings and images are texts that together tell a story which is sometimes personal, comical and intimate. In this episode, produced in partnership with Man Repeller and their podcast Monocycle, host Leandra Medine sits down with three artists from the project in an eccentric Brooklyn apartment to talk about their work. The artists convey their ideas in diverse ways. Emma Allegretti’s character wants to be like everyone else so she concocts a Acqua Di Fiori potion. She transforms, only to realize her own self is unique and beautiful. Joy Miessi was inspired by her favorite park Hampstead Heath for her series of drawings and words that tell a story about herself and her friends spending time there. Amber Vittoria’s illustrations represent the women around her and her own evolution as a creative. Read more about the project on: Or at:
May 2, 2018
In the second episode of the Gucci Podcast, curator Maria Luisa Frisa takes us into the other rooms of Gucci Garden Galleria. She also interviews Jayde Fish. The artist from San Francisco tells the story behind her “the Stories of Creation,” her mural featured on Gucci Garden’s wall and talks about the characters she drew that appear on products exclusive to gallery’s store.   For further reading: About the Garden: Jayde Fish:
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