Refreshingly fun and honest!
HotMomma2seven :)
Totally fun to listen to! Conversations between spouses who are so different, yet working hard on their marriage, parenting, health, finances, and All the things. Yet able to working through those things with humor and double chins!
Hilarious and honest
Just stumbled across the Holderness Family on the social medias and I’m so glad they did. Their discussions — especially, for me, on marriaging — are real, honest and really helpful. I can’t imagine taping an argument with my spouse, but dang if that wasn’t super helpful to hear along with the marriage therapist’s advice. Can’t wait to listen to more of these guys!
So helpful!
Thank you both! I love your podcast. Me and my husband are in a similar stage of life now and we love hearing your reality and supplementing that with some of the experts is so insightful! Also I love your recent “adulting” video, you are the perfect combo of funny/fun and also get deep in this podcast with relevant content for us to be the best version of ourselves!
Best podcast
G&W 2005
I have tried many other podcasts and none have been able to keep my attention. Penn and Kim are the perfect balance of funny and serious.
Love this...
Enjoying these little “sessions” with Kim & Penn... my new BFFs 😉
Such a fun podcast!
I actually look forward to driving to/from work and working out because I know I get to listen to this goofy couple talk to me about all the relatable things in life.
This podcast is super eye opening for me and I love it!
This podcast is great! I love the parodies! It’s cool how you follow up on the parodies with the podcast! Thank you so much!! This podcast is really calming for me. When I’m upset I’ll open up the latest episode and enjoy it! You are awesome! I love how honest you are! You don’t really stage them, and you argue openly. It makes it feel genuine and not so perfect and planned. Penn, you are so funny, but you also have some great tips. I liked what you said about Dale (did I spell that right?) and you with sibling relationships. I have a sibling who is nine years older than me and it is interesting to hear what it is like to have a sibling close to your age. Kim, I love how incredibly open you are. It shines a light on some of my problems and how to fix them. I like how you talk about getting help openly, because it helps me personally feel better about my own therapy and what they are doing for me. I am a teen/tween girl and would like podcasts geared more toward kids, like the kid side of some podcasts, like the helicopter parent one. This has also been really eye opening to me because I’m on the kid side and this is a glimpse into what my parents are feeling and going through. Thank you for that. I love your music soooooooooooo (x1000) much! I would really appreciate it if you would upload more to iTunes! It is so awesome and I want to listen without internet! I know that you guys don’t think that anyone listens, but news flash: I have never once not made it the end. I always wait for gold advice at the end. -Coconut (not my real name) =) PS I’m subscribed.
Guys 5 stars
I love the podcast I think it’s very entertaining and also it can be educational. Penn is very funny and Kim is very funny, witty and super beautiful 😉. I have 10-year-old twin girls and it gives me a lot of anxiety that they were going to come in to the whole social media having a cell phone etc. good Lord I won’t let that happen for at least 10 more years.
Just what I needed
Pretty sure I have the Flu so I am working from home and trying not to pass out on my computer. The notification of a new podcast episode being available was exactly what I needed! Love hearing you and your family! I know you are not perfect but definitely love hearing some of the struggles and things you overcome in your life as most of us can relate to them . Thank you for being so open and sharing!! Listening to Your podcast has woken me me up from my mid day daze. Lots of Love, Carolina from FL❤️❤️
So Real
I love how real you both are! So relatable! Keep it real Holderness family!!!!
I have seen the videos,I like the videos,I have heard of the podcast,I like the podcast! P.S. I miss Ruby.So.Much.😢🥺🐕🐶
New listener.
I have been a fan of your FB page and just started listening to your podcast. I just want to thank you for making me feel like I am not alone in my ways of parenting and being a spouse. I listen to other podcasts and sometimes end up feeling like a terrible parent and failure as a wife. Your podcast made me smile, laugh and feel normal. Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you for being so honest and raw (and making me laugh throughout the day). I enjoy listening to you each week.
Love this podcast!
Wow! Talk about being at a whole new level! I’ve watched the Holderness Family videos for years on FB and loved them. I had a 2 hour commute for work on my plate today and remembered they have a podcast. I’ve never listened to a podcast all the way though until today. I gladly listened to 4 of them. I appreciate how real and honest you both are, while bringing in a bit of comedic relief at the same time. You’re tackling subjects we all deal with and also offering real advice! I’ve gladly subscribed to you your podcast!! Can’t wait to listen to more!!!
So pure, true and honest
I love this podcast so much. It is pure, true and honest. Love the Holderness family and Kim and Penn so much!! Love their honesty, transparency and their love for this podcast is so evident.
The only podcast I listen to..!
Penn and Kim.. your podcasts are not only enlightening.. but they’re also fun and a pleasure to listen to. They’re the only podcasts I listen to now..! It’s so bizarre, but I feel that in my own marriage, I’m more the ‘Penn’ in the relationship (being the human golden retriever), and my husband is more like ‘Kim’. I wish I had Penn’s sense of humor though.. it would’ve saved us a lot of dragging fights where I could get out of it with a joke or two.. lol. Please keep them coming.. but also, please have a few podcasts about how to resolve fights, how not to hold grudges and how create calm dynamics between the couple. Thank you for your openness, insights, sense of humor.. and above all, your songs..! Lots of love ❤️ The girl version of Penn 😂
Pure joy!!!
Thanks for opening the door and inviting us in... love you guys!!! You bring me so much joy!!! Yep... going to MAKE my husband listen... and YEP.... he’s gonna love it!!!!;)
A fun and interesting podcast for parents
This is a fun and family-friendly podcast. The topics are very relatable and there is a side of laughter and reality in every episode. I appreciate that they open their lives up to sharing with the world all their experiences good and bad. Thank you for continuing to do your podcast!
I absolutely love your take on marriage and life! So many of them are so relatable and insightful. My husband and I have been married 20 years and have three wonderful kids. 20 yr old daughter expecting her first baby, 16 year old nephew we adopted and 14 year old son. We have had many ups and downs over our marriage. It’s all about deciding to love each other day by day but know we don’t have to like each other all of them.
Real Life Lesson!
tonya MacBook
Welcome to finding Kim & Penn and your new best friends! The podcast is full amazing lessons on how to handle life with your BFFs! You will enjoy an inspiring conversations between the most happy, honest, and real people you can ever have the privilege to sharing life’s crazy journey with! This is a 5 Star podcast for your soul!!! Enjoy!!!
The Real Deal
Funny & Relatable! Thank you for being so raw & transparent in a culture that appears perfect & too prideful to ask for help. The battles of Ego & Shame are weekly thrown out the window as you discuss Parenting & “Marriaging” (great word choice!). I’m a sucker for love & an advocate for successful marriages. You help us understand what kind of work is involved, actionable steps, & let us all know we are not alone in our struggles. The world needs the Holderni (I loved that Kim’s mom calls them that). Keep up the great work!
Great, but it could be so much better
I really want to give this five stars but the way Kim interacts with Penn brings it down a notch. The interruptions, saying he “brings the funny” and that he’s sort of “ADHD,” and “OK sweetie I’ll let you have a Penn Day,” is just so patronizing and it makes the show hard to stomach at times. We don’t need “two Alphas” running the show (as was said on the most recent episode) but we do need co-hosts who are mutually respectful. I love both of your perspectives, and both should be valued. Most podcasts I listen to have two hosts and they’re always respectful towards each other and the value they bring to the show. Penn doesn’t just “bring the funny”; he brings a valuable father’s perspective on family life and that’s what pulls men in.
My favorite podcast
Kim and Penn deliver a great concise podcast. No 30 min intro, then short content. They have a short intro, great well thought content and guest that are eye opening and fun. Kim and Penn are very conscious of making sure they do not offend listeners with unwanted political or religious views. This is not that kind of podcast and they know it. This is two married people fumbling through marriage and middle parenthood together bringing in experts to help them out. My absolute favorite.
Penn you are loved just as much as Kim
In case you didn’t see my comment on your Instagram I will repeat it. I love your guys podcast. Penn you have great insight, I love hearing from you just as much as I love hearing Kim’s thoughts. Your podcast each week is highlight of my week. It helps be become a better version of myself. Which then makes me better wife and mother. Thank you both and your kids for the goodness and laughter you are putting out on social media.
Informative and Hilarious
Kim AND PENN ( he always says all the glowing reviews are about her), you guys are awesome!! Love listening while out on my walks each day. Can relate to you guys in every way and Penn’s humor and Kim’s love of Penn’s humor (and Penn) is so uplifting! It’s so nice to listen to another family having the same struggles and/or insecurities as we all have as well as the triumphs and laughter! And I live in the triangle area as well, so it’s fun to listen to hometown peeps! The struggle is real y’all, so thanks for keeping me laughing thru it all! Christy A.
Dear Kim and Penn
Chihuahua man 15
It’s August 13 2019 when I am writing this and I would like to ask for some advice. My dad is really really harsh and makes me feel like a failure sometimes. It’s all just words and nothing to serious but sometimes words cut deeper than anything else. My podcast is called The Great How and you can find it on iTunes, please send your answer as a review if you can. I understand that you are very busy people but I also know that you are extremely kind. Sincerely Luke Christy age 11 In Colorado.
You both rock!!
Debra in SF
Your podcast is one of the two that are must listens every week - you make me laugh AND think! My son is a high school senior so we’ve survived many of the things are you going through (hang in there - you are doing a GREAT job). And he has ADHD and we both run anxiety so your honesty is so refreshing. And Penn, you crack me up - just heard your ‘the struggle is real’ comment on this weeks episode - love the irreverence from both of you. Thanks for keeping it real!! ‘For the love’, Debra in San Francisco
Looooooove this podcast!!
Livesay 5
Thank you for having an encouraging, funny, and thought-provoking podcast. I feel like you have a spotlight on my life and you’re just talking about it in every episode! Keep doing what you do, we need it out here.
Can’t get enough of the Holderness Family!
Shelley @CalypsointheCountry
I have never been a “podcast person”...But I decided to give yours a try since I love everything else that you do. Now, instead of listening to music in the car, I am catching up in all your podcasts! You are both so entertaining and I find all your conversations so relevant. Keep doing what you’re doing!...despite what “Karen” says! 😂
Keeping it real
I’ve been a fan of the Holderness Family for years but only recently discovered the podcast. I’m enjoying getting caught up on past episodes - it’s the perfect listen for my morning walk, during chores or driving the “Mom Taxi”. I’ve struggled with staying interested in podcasts before but Penn and Kim always keep me entertained. Sharing their lives, lots of laughs and bringing on fun new people makes the show feel like a chat I’d have with my friends. So glad I found it and looking forward to many more!
Love how real you are
Love you guys love how real you are! I love the funny and seriousness of your podcast. You guys rock! 💕💕 Just listened to your podcast about parenting in the digital age (not sure if that’s the official title) and you have a lot of good advice. My daughter is 6 and don’t have a phone or a tablet yet but she will be there before I know it. The relay device sounds awesome and I’m totally getting one once my daughter is old enough to stay home alone. I love that idea!
Educational and entertaining
I've binged listened to the podcasts for about the last month and finally finished the most recent one. Penn and Kim are authentic and talk about the reality of parenting and the challenges of raising kids. I loved all the episodes and they bring it great guests. I'm an ADHD introvert so their stories and relationship struggles hit home with me.
So good!!
I love this podcast!!!! Penn and Kim seem to be “real” people!! It’s a breathe of fresh air to listen to a couple be real about marriage and parenting and working, etc. This podcast has been very enjoyable and I’m glad they decided to do this too!!!
Great Listen!
I started following y’all after seeing a few of your parody videos on FB which are awesome! I loved them and then realized I had a podcast app on my phone 🤦🏼‍♀️ and decided to have a listen after seeing posts on IG. I love how real and relatable you guys are!! ❤️ Keep it going and thanks for sharing your lives with us!
Thank you!
Not sure what I would do on long rides without you guys! You make me laugh and you make me think!! I would LOVE to get my hubby to listen too, someday!!! Just love how I can see us in you two!! Thanks for sharing with all of us!!
I really enjoy this podcast!
I love the honesty and how they don’t seem fake. I get a good laugh almost every episode, for example; when Penn talks about Kim’s angry walk. Also love the parenting/marriage/ health tips! Keep them coming!
All that and a bag of chips!
I’ve “known” of the Holderness Family thru their hilarious videos- but just recently stumbled upon their podcast. Sorry I’m a year late! I’m loving every one. Funny and REAL! I’m the dorky lady on the airplane (I travel for work)who literally laughs out loud during almost every podcast! Thanks for sharing so much of you and for taking listeners along on the journey of parenting, partnering, creating - etc.
My favorite podcast
i hate education
Entertaining, real and interesting to listen to. When I need to clean house or do some mundane chore, I love to lose myself in a good podcast. This is my go-to podcast lately. I get a lot done while listening to these two who are so relatable.
Helpful and entertaining!
I’ve really enjoyed the YouTube videos for a while, so spot on with our family, but recently found the podcast and love it even more!! We have 3 kids, our oldest two are the same age/genders as yours and the advice and topics are so relevant! Just finished a road trip and binge listened with my husband, it was great - I’m hooked!
Lots ot discover here!
I'm proof you don't have to be married or have kids to love this podcast! I'm a 36-yr old, single guy with no kids, yet I love coming back to this podcast and benefitting from the transparency and life pro-tips by Kim and Penn. The "Truth Behind Criticism" episode immediately benefitted my working and personal relationships with more honest dialogue amongst colleagues and family. I highly suggest diving in.
Good parents trying to parent good.
I enjoy listening to these two (especially Penn) trying to figure out the best way to parent. Coming up agains many of the same obstacles we all do. Good to know we aren’t alone out there. Even get some surprise Dr. Phil visits. Keep up the good work.
Love it!
Funny, fresh and real! I love how our whole family can watch/listen! Kim- I could listen to your voice ALL the time. So soothing and peaceful ❤️. But Kim, could you please leave the sign off to Penn (I love you both but he does it way better) :)
Glad to find this
So yeah, you hooked me on FB with the goofy videos, but since I discovered the podcast, I feel like I have gotten to “know” you. I have totally stolen some of your material, and used it. The tech convo, the three “P’s”, used it THE DAY I heard it and it landed! Good to know you are just like us, and sometimes just “wing it” to parenting while sticking to basics. Keep up the great, informative, and funny material!
This Podcast is Amazing
I always enjoyed your videos, but when your podcast about sleeping in separate beds popped up I knew I had to listen to it. I love how the two of you are so honest and open with all things in your life. It’s refreshing to listen to people who are so real, and even though I’m not a mom you’ve given me so much to laugh about and think about. I’m going back to listen to all of the old episodes. Thank you for taking the time to share yourselves this way. 😁
Great convos
Loved it for the songs at the beginning. Kept going because they have great discussions! Miss the intro songs but definitely understand why it was a lot of work. My favorite episodes are the ones about relationships/day to day life and not about their traveling! My only criticism with the new episodes is the first 1.5-2 minutes is just clips of the show we are about to hear. A little repetitive and I usually just forward past the first two minutes. A 15 second intro is all we need, not 1.5 minutes of clips of a 45 minute episode!
Humor and help, all in one
Kim and Penn are down to earth, hilarious, and full of fun stories and good advice. They are super relatable, and they readily admit that they have no idea what they’re doing, which makes a new parent like me feel a whole lot better about myself.
Love the Podcast!
It is so fun listening to Kim and Penn talk about navigating marriage, kids and family. It really helps to hear others that are dealing with the same issues my family does with humor and love. If you like their videos you will love the podcast!
Love them!!
My husband and I are in a similar stage in our lives, and I so appreciate the honesty and humor that is shared in their podcasts! It is entertaining and nice to listen to as it is relatable! Thank you for sharing your experiences and humor!! Love this!!
Funny & Real
Kim and Penn are easy to listen to, insightful, funny (especially Kim 😉), and real without making a joke out of everything. Thanks for letting us in and dishing out some really useful advice along the way.
Fellow tween mom
I’ve followed you guys for years (also live in Raleigh) but just found the podcast and really love it. My kiddos are the same ages as your two but my son is older than my daughter. I especially resonated with the talk about Lola and feel like I’m going through so many of the same things with my sweet 12.5 year old son.
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