No longer listening due to discrimination...
Dear Mr. Josh Peck, I am a big fan. You have done some wonderful work and I have much respect for you. Thank you for being such a friend to me through your podcast. I can relate to many of your views, however I was just listening to your conversation with Mac Culkin where you began to talk about “anti-vaxxers.” I feel that it’s important to reach out when I find someone unintentionally showing a deep prejudice against any type of person, but especially this. I realized that my family is being discriminated against, called stupid, and lumped in with anti science flat-earthers and climate change deniers, or trump supporters. I’m hoping you’ll put your biases aside for a moment and continue to read my email. I know you have a child now so you will understand that my children are the most important things in the world to me. Reconsider people who believe in bodily autonomy and are against mandated medicine. Please put aside some time to listen the The Vaccine Conversation podcast, especially the recent episode 64. Children do in fact (much more frequently than acknowledged) experience vaccine injury. It’s important for people to understand that pharmaceutical companies have zero liability for any injuries that occur. I am a real mother of three and I promise you that more people are up to date on vaccines today than they ever were when we were children. Please think about the discrimination that’s pushed by the media atm. Every time I come across someone spreading media propaganda and showing such despise for a demographic of people (my beautiful, healthy family included) I’m literally alarmed and scared. I truly don’t understand this narrative and I won’t be able to continue listening to your podcast. I realize that you’re most likely rolling your eyes at me and you think I’m misinformed. Have you read the inserts for each of the 70 doses of vaccines that will be given to your child according to the current cdc schedule? I have and I can assure you that most people have not. Look into some of the guidelines and possible side effects for yourself. People who choose to stop vaccinating do so because of experiences that they have witnessed and that medical decision is made between the family and their doctor. And I did listen to the interview with Peter Hotez. I can say with certainty that there are people who personally benefit from pushing that narrative. He himself is involved in the manufacturing of vaccines which remains to be a billion dollar industry (and growing.) This is not conspiracy theory, everything I’ve stated above are facts. I truly believe that all I can do is shine a light on the other side of the argument, even if I feel somewhat unsafe in doing so. Good luck to you and much love. Signed, Your prior listener.
It can get repetitive
Most of the time I enjoy these. However, the conversation increasingly seems to go towards how hard it is being rich and famous while having people admire you and ask for pictures. I like josh and his work but the podcast gets repetitive at times.
I love this!
I really didn’t watch you on Nickelodeon... I started seeing you on the vlog squad. I love you and have been listening to your podcast and watching you on YouTube, but I never rate or comment on these.... until I heard you and Macaulay Culkin talk about vaccines! I too never thought about them until I had my daughter so I can relate to what you said and I agree 100%. Good job!
I do love his guests but I hate how long his intros are. It’s one thing if it was entertaining but it seems more like a ramble. I find myself having to skip 42 minutes to just get to the guest.
You versus John Stamos
I get it.. John Stamos was/ is ehh.. a good looking guy. More so when he was younger. Let’s face it , the guy has one hella of a honker!(nose) but you Josh... you are a very handsome man! I don’t get though , when his name comes up on your podcast , everyone is like ahhh he is so dreamy! I googled your name and i was looking at photos of you( no stalker here , lol) you’re hot! Now , I wouldn’t want to do you. I am a lesbian , but I can appreciate a good looking man! So, my point is stop knocking yourself like you are not worthy of Stamos’ presence because, I believe it is the other way around.
Have been a fan since the Nickelodeon days, so glad to listen to the pod and all the incredible guests as well as the tidbits in the beginning. Great stories and super entertaining! Keep up the good work, Josh!!
Watched you while I was growing up Great stuff your talking about keep it up man Follow me on insta @justinreyes95
I end every episode feeling so enlightened and more educated. I’m not kidding when I say every single episode and entertaining and pure genius. Josh is a natural interviewer and the guests are amazing. Currently binge listening to all of them.
Must listen
Josh is so funny must listen
Josh freakin’ Peck
Jonesie 8843
How you are able to humanize everyone you bring on the pod, yet ask questions that really beg honest and relatable answers is astonishing to me. I love how you have developed these friends over your years. I’m convinced you’re our McConnaughy and we don’t know it. All in good time. Love ya Brother!!!!!!
Josh is better than drake
Josh is big funny hahaha big funny
Love this😌
Absolutely love you and am so happy you have a podcast 🤣 best. Thing. Ever.
Great interviews. Love listening to this the pod and relating to something Josh or the guest might say and relate to. Grew up watching Josh, love the pod.
My childhood in one person
I’ve followed you from nickelodeon and watched most of your movies (ATM was one of my favorites). Now watching your youtube videos to listening to your podcast. you are inspiring to me and was like a friend to me when no one else was, just by coming home from school and turning on the tv to another episode of drake and josh. Now 21 years old I want to thank you for always being original and always being my friend. 🤘
Good guests, but Josh Peck seems stuck in the past....
The guests are interesting, but Josh Peck himself never really lets them talk without rambling on about his past. He seems stuck on his previous television role, and wonders why he isn’t current. You can’t move forward if you keep harping on your past. He says he was heavy. Well, you changed. Stop re-living it. He says he didn’t have a father figure. Well, many people have family issues. Move beyond them. Stop bringing it up to every guest, on every podcast episode. Does he have anything else to talk about? He seems surprised to even have been able to find his wife. Get some self esteem, move past your issues, and be happy. Life is too short for the constant whining about the past. This podcast is stuck in the interviewer’s own troubled mentality regarding his own self esteem. He seems nice, but needs a wake up call. Life has more to offer than he is giving it credit for.
This podcast is THE podcast that finally got me on the podcast train. Was always told how good podcasts were but I couldn’t ever find one that I really got into. This was the one. I love Josh and all the quality he puts out on every different platform. Initially though I went through and just listened to all the ones where he interviews people with names I recognized but the more I listen now as they come out I realize how good the questions are he asks. Every episode produces something interesting and worth listening too. He initial rants I am also a massive fan of. They are just so true to himself that the listener can feel it. Will be a listener as long as he’s putting these out and will be a fan of Josh’s for life.
Hold up ..?!
Okay I have only listen to this a few days ago and it is amazing it is dope and funny and all around Josh Peck is amazing and funny so is podcast would only be the same. I fell in love with josh peck since drake and josh and now he’s in the vlog squad I love him more . This podcast is genuine and has good content . Oh congrats on your baby Josh . And the haters of this take a chill pill pls no one especially the king Josh Peck . And Josh peck if you see this I love you , how was your day , wyd , and have a nice day
This podcast usually has an interesting aspect to it that’s thought provoking. For this reason, I gave it three stars. Stay classy, Josh-your ability to hold it together during this interview deserves an award in itself! That said, I could not tolerate listening to Dov Charney and his outrageous egotistical tirade. His disrespect for Josh as the host was appalling and the blatant accusatory statements without substantial factual evidence other than repeating the same thing over and over as he yelled was pretty much unbearable. Let’s not even talk about the childish name-calling and berating by bullying method he chose to employ during this discussion.
So great!
Such great content! I could listen for hours!
Ads, ads, ads!
This podcast is by far the most ad-filled podcast I’ve ever heard. It’s nearly unlistenable.
I’m pretty sure you’re my soul twin
You’re amazing. I know that you know that already. I hope to meet you one day. I love the rants, don’t get rid of those. We are basically the same person. Dude! Ellen Degenerous would be dope! (I don’t know why I’m talking like that, I’m a 36ish mom of 3 from Cincinnati.) But I would also love to hear you chat with someone like Dax Shepard...and I need more suggestions for what pods to listen to. You’re killing it kid! Keep it up!!!
So between you, David, and Jason Brit and ash. Y’all podcast run my life.. legit 😂😂
It’s nice to have a real person just talk to you not at you. And good entertaining topics and guests. Thanks Josh it’s great to hear you outside the tweenavision. Keep it up!
Must listen to this!!!
I live for this podcast! Josh peck does an amazing job guiding guest speakers into incredible conversations with true meaning. I always come away feeling that I’ve learned something or gained a new perspective. Well done Josh!!!
I can Relate to Josh
DJ Crank It UP
Josh is Funny, he gets Funny then he dives in Deep with his questions. And he’s curious about People’s Life. There Journey. There Career. Its Really awesome. I never missed a Episode.
Pronto pinto
I love it, LOVE IT
A two hour interview with the great Fred Durst?
I love it and your podcast (and you) already.
it’s josh peck you can’t give him a bad review!
The rants..
Are raw and perfect. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to seriously lighten up.
Love the podcast
I love this I listen all the time. Great job keep it up.
Ok podcast
It was really hard to listen to the Will Sasso podcast I think you’d know why josh but other than that pretty good.
Thank you
Thank you for this Podcast. I listen to it everyday (I’m late to the game and am catching up) and it has become a true respite in my life. Josh’s perspectives and the perspectives of the guests are thought provoking and are very entertaining. This podcast has helped me start my days in a really positive headspace for the last few weeks and also has been a place for me to go when I get anxious and need a little break from “the real world”.
Feels like im hanging out with good friends when I listen to this podcast
Love this poscast. Its so easy to listen to. The rants at the beginning are actually my favorite part; but listening to everyone who comes on and shares their stories and experiences are super interesting. So many different people from different backgrounds and holding different jobs. Ive learned a lot, had some laughs, and its helped me not feel so alone on my lonely days. Its real, casual, and helps satisfy my own curiosity. Here for it, Josh - dont stop!
Love the interviews, Can’t stand the rants
Josh has a way of coming up with really good, thought-provoking questions that make the interviews amazing. Josh, however, rants at the beginning and sometimes the wrap up has it, too and it’s so cringeworthy. He tends to try to make the same point over and over again and they’ve been getting longer, which is unfortunate. Some topics that are spoken about by guests are not necessarily based in facts and Josh doesn’t seem to push back on those points, either. Josh also posits that diagnoses are an issue. However, not everyone that says they have social anxiety is actually diagnosed with social anxiety. Further stigmatizing mental health is not cool.
Josh is genuine and gets to the root of the human experience. Tons of love from Baltimore.
Love this show
Josh honestly just radiates positivity and makes me feel so happy. You can tell he’s just the nicest, kindest, most genuine guy. He could have any guest and I would still enjoy it because josh is so intelligent and asks great questions. I love everything about this podcast.
Hell Yeah!
Great Actor Super Funny Guy Hilarious YouTuber Awesome Podcast
Love it
views listener 6969
Love this
Love you Josh!
Always been a fan of your work when you were younger and am so glad you’re still putting stuff out! Love the podcasts, you have great guests! Can’t wait for more ❤️
Thanks Josh!
Hey Josh, it’s Andrew from Minneapolis and I just wanted to say that I love your podcast and I’m a huge fan!! I grew up watching you religiously on the Amanda show and Drake & Josh. You were a huge part of my childhood and teenage years, and I just wanted to say thank you!
Awesome podcast Josh keep it up man!
I’ve been following josh peck since I was a kid, and his personality and different perspectives on life really connects to me, now that I’m grown up. Absolutely love this guy and the podcast.
Love it
Want chat heads
I have been loving podcast!!! I’m so glad you have one 💜
Hissing noise
I wanted to check some episodes out, but there is a kind of hissing noise over every episode that I tried to listen to. It really bothered my ears so I couldn’t keep listening. If the audio improves I’d love to check it out!
Still my favorite actor
Pleasantly Surprised
I first saw the ad for this after finishing one of Josh's Youtube videos and was immediately intrigued. I feel like Josh is one of the very few celebrity's I'd actually enjoy having a real conversation with but until that dream can become a reality I would gladly settle for listening to his own convo's with various guests. My favorite part of the podcasts is that there's no agenda. The canvas is blank and he can paint as he wishes. It's raw and unfiltered and so real. I find myself nodding along the entire time thinking, "this guy just gets it."I keep finding myself exiting out of my music section to play a new episode and just listen to Josh while I work at my desk and I don't see myself ever going back.
Love it
Angelina LG
I don’t listen to podcasts and this is my first. And I LOVE IT
This podcast is me
Jola Petlac
Josh awakens my curiosity and answers it! Perfection yet again. Congrats on Max and your lovely wife
Different person during interviews vs solo
I like the guests. I like the discussions with the guests. I don’t like when he is freewheeling, he’s a different podcaster. He’s ‘all street’ when solo, but a docile, respectful interviewer when talking to guests.
Great podcast
Great podcast keep up the good work josh!
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