Content is great, ad volume is excessive
Ugh, whoever put this podcast together did not think about the audience and their wants. The ads are not only irrelevant, they are jarring and way louder than the content. So annoying, detracts from an otherwise smart and interesting podcast.
Sorry not sorry
there is no pay gap that is a myth with means this is is incorrect sorry not sorry
Savanna Mae
My first-ever foray into podcasts was through this production. Your team does an amazing job about making a complicated topic very accessible and inspiring to listen to. As a young woman without children yet, I have a lot to think about, and I hope you continue this podcast.
Facts matter!
Finally a deep dive into all the issues surrounding the gender wage/pay gap. If vocal fry bothers you consider skipping.
Great original reporting
This is an original show with strong ideas and great reporting!
Love the pod
Great pod, really interesting approach to an important topic!
Bloomberg Thank you!
Carisella's angel
Thank you for continuing the conversation! Bloomberg Thank you for doing this research. Finding this cases and compiling this data.
An actually balanced look at women's wages, for once
This podcast strikes me as the first to care about presenting an accurate view of the gender paygap. As usual with the Bloomberg network, it's good at putting truth and data first.
60 hours does not equal one work week...
I found the pay check interesting- but I worry it is preaching to the choir. In the most recent episode, the executive talks about how doing hair and makeup 15 minutes a day equals 60 hours of additional labor a year and she called that one full work week. This is clearly an insight issuing from the mind of a salariat. A work week for the rest of us is 40 hours and if I could work an additional 20 hours, my overtime would give me a 75% raise. However, my employer would never allow this. Not that her thinking is totally flawed, just found it out of touch especially because the only women it takes 15 minutes a day to get ready are the most confident about their “woke up like this” selves will be accepted in the workplace. If your hair is past about 2C or 3A chances are you need to spend even more time to fit into a standard corporate job. Just another thought about how the pay gap is even wider in so many detailed ways for women of color. 😡 Excellent podcast.
Favorite Podcast
I have learned so much from listening to this podcast! Thank you for addressing these issues and by doing so empowering women.
My favorite podcast
Constantly telling people about this podcast! Love it!
Only 6 week look
I had this podcast on my list to listen and finally over the weekend I listened. I am hooked and outraged.
Well done & inspirational
Everyone should listen to this podcast. I knew there was an issue as female but didn't truly understand the depth of the issues. Its done in a way that isn't attacking the opposite gender but speaking truth - AND its engaging!
Great podcast!
Informative, engaging and inspirational!
What an amazing show!
Great podcast for young women earlier in their career.
Bailey Y
I really enjoy this podcast, because I’m about to enter the “real adult” work force and I’m glad I’m more educated about these type of things. I also feel more prepared for what’s to come. No one has the one answer to solving the pay gap, but not talking about it is not going to get us anywhere.
Informative and infuriating
Great podcast, with more than just opinions. The well researched facts and documented history of women being undervalued in the workplace better prepared me for the next conversation that I am in when someone attempts to deny the pay gap. Great listen!
Informative yet an easy listen
Love this podcast. Limitted series are underappreciated, but it's informative and addresses an important issue from all sides. I hope to see more of this type of content from Bloomberg soon.
The devil is in the details.
This show doesn’t take into account how pay is actually determined. The only reason I heard is “companies won’t tell us how they determine pay” and “companies massage their numbers when a gender analysis is done”. I didn’t hear any attempt to learn about market demand for a position. I also didn’t hear how the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform a position are used to determine a companies pay scale. This program is a nice start, but relies on too many assumptions without facts to back up their arguments. Also, I may have missed it, but what has Bloomberg done in terms of a gender gap pay analysis?
Shannon Lövgren
Good information and historia l background to understand the gender pay gap and why it still exists.
Everyone Should Listen
The gender pay gap is something constantly discussed in the media (Meet the Press, All Things Considered, Face the Nation etc.)They will briefly discuss the statistics and the gap - and leave it at that. This podcast dives deeper, explaining where the numbers come from, what they mean, and ideas on how to solve the problem. It’s such an important discussion, and it can be easy to get lost in all the information - but these women do a great job educating the listener on what’s happening. Well done!
Exactly what I needed to hear
Have been dealing with these issues at work for most of my work life, and went in search of answers and ways to learn to disrupt the pay gap. This was so informative and well done! Recommending this to all my female friends especially ones in male industries like i find myself in! Binge listened to all episodes in one day!
Fascinating, High Quality
This podcast gets high marks across the board. It’s well-edited, researches, -written, and -produced. It’s informative but also conversational and features many women of various backgrounds and experiences sharing their really compelling stories. And as opposed to what might typically be the case, some of the historical facts end up being what sticks with me most. Not something I listen to to pass the time. Something I look forward to for my own personal growth and enjoyment.
Pretty good series examination of gender paygap
I have listened to all the podcasts so far. In some areas there does seem to be a demonstrable paygap between the genders. The show where the producers tackle the question about why women seem to be less prevalent in STEM subjects remains. I remain unconvinced that is all due to gender bias as I have worked under and with many women but still unrepresentative of the general population.
So good
Informative and engaging on such a worthwhile topic. Highly recommend.
Interesting, accessible, and informative
Thank you for making this!
Fantastic examination of the pay gap
Only 3 episodes in- this podcast is so informative. I love the American history lessons added in- we don’t often get to hear about women’s roles in our history. It brings clarity to the issues we are dealing with today. Can’t wait to hear more!
Very interesting and people are going to like it.
When individuals start asking for equality it often times feels like oppression to the majority, in this case men. Hence, the comments by Britt Hume. What if women made more? What if men made one percent less than women? Given that, people would be up in arms. Inequality for one means inequality for all. Equality is just that; not greater, not less then but equal.
well done
another great podcast from bloomberg.
Joanne Baxter
Very well done. Looking forward to more episodes!
This podcast is both entertaining and informative af. Becca truly knows her stuff when it comes to the wage gap, how it all began and the methods in which we measure it (or not measure it). I particulary liked the episode where she spoke to the modeling of wage gaps by large companies. She accurately portrayed how it is easy to present data inaccurately and that we need to be diligent with the data presented to us before creating an opinion on the topic. Keep it up girl.PS My sister and I listen to this ish every week and then chat about it together afterwards. WE LUH DIS
What about Asians
I’m so sick and tired of everyone constantly emphasizing inequalities between black and white women and how the world is against black women. What about Asian women or Asians in general? Rarely do you hear anything about it. Why are qualified and even overqualified Asians so penalized for working hard to achieve the same benefits as white and black people? Just look at college admission stats. The standard is much higher for Asians and lower for African Americans. How is that fair? How is it fair that people whose parents immigrated to the US with nothing and had none of the resources that white or even black children get penalized for actually working hard and striving to achieve rather than just complain of wanting equality. Moreover, while black people cry inequality in school and work, they completely disregard other realms where the proportion of black people are ridiculously skewed, as in professional sports and entertainment. If any ethnicity or race deserves better treatment, it’s Asians. If you want to talk about race then you should have to consider ALL races, including an explanation to why “equality” for blacks is so important over equality for Asians. Before money should be thrown at “disadvantaged black” women, maybe first consider the need for removing the stigma and pay gap for “high achieving Asians”.
Thank you!
I love this podcast! Although it’s information most women (should) know, it’s so nice to hear the research and real life stories. It’s also great to have a succinct resource to share with the less informed and non-believers.
A perfect exploration and analysis of why the pay gap exists today.
So necessary!
Just another 5 star review to take away from the idiots leaving 1 star reviews because they’re convinced that gender inequality doesn’t exist. This podcast is fantastic - very well done and profoundly necessary. It not only sheds light on the pay gap itself, but also the ways in which gender inequality is systemic and deeply rooted in our nation. Bravo!
Unveils everything I already knew
Politely delivers facts, humanizing stories, a reignites the fast frustrating burn that is discrimination today. This is important work! Please keep this up.
Nonsense-it’s a myth
If that’s true why don’t businesses hire only women? Or do businesses have a math problem? If only women were hired - assuming a wage gap of 20%, businesses can hire women, pay them 20% less than men and apply the savings to their bottom line. Pay is based on occupation, position, hours worked per week, education. Choice of majors was found the most critical parameter for pay by the Department of Labor Statistics. It did a metanalysis of studies and found that four out of the five highest paying majors are sought by men: petroleum engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering. Pharmaceutical sciences are the only major whereby only 48% are represented by males. (Georgetown U.) On the other hand, four of the five worst paying majors are sought by females: counseling/psychology, early childhood education, theology and religious studies community organization and social work. Even within professions there are differences in wages based on choices Male nurses make a difference of 18% higher wages because males tend to choose to work more hours, tend to work in specialty areas and males are more ready to relocate. The real gender differences are negligible and there are too many parameters that enter in to making job choices, the Dept. Of Labor is unable to unravel the marginal differences of around 4.8% No businesses don’t have a math problem. The feminists, Hollywood types and the radical left have a problem with telling the truth.
Every working woman should listen
Rachel G. =D
This is good stuff.
Love this podcast!
Loving this podcast and all the historical references and data that they share in reference to the pay gap between women and men in the workforce. Looking forward to following along with this seasoned and highly skilled professional woman- Rebecca Greenfield- and her team.
Pretty Good, Except...
The wage gap isn’t real. While yes, if you average every working man’s salary and compare it to a woman’s average, women are paid less, but not for the same job. Women make less because they work in jobs that typically don’t pay much money and they don’t work as many hours.
Really interesting.
This is great!
This so called issue has already been thoroughly debunked
Important and Well Produced
I've studied the origins of the pay gap and it's frustrating to have to still think about it today. This podcast does an excellent job of personalizing the issue and explaining some of the nuances and complexities of the problem.
Great topic
Way to dive deep into the perplexities of this issue!
Haha - you guys have no idea what you’re talking about
Ignorance is strength. Right? I don’t think so, but this particularly egregious example breaks reality and perverts logic (intentionally?) to soak up the love of the benighted unthinking masses who believe the wage gap myth as it’s told in pop culture. In other words, entertainers who spin facts about outcome disparities are preying on statistically illiterate, well-intentioned wanna-bes. For those of you who are interested in the truth, I suggest looking at Christina Hoff Sommers’ work - YouTube: ‘the factual feminist’. Peace and love! And truth.
Garbage topic
Keith the Thief
You probably make less because while you discuss pay inequality over and over again some guy has decided to just go to work. My wife would never listen to this garbage, thats why she makes more than I do.
Shaun's Photo
I struggle to see a pay gap, but wiling to learn. Much of my difficulty to recogninze any paygap has to do with the liberal feminist agenda of "equality" which means having the same "freedom" that a man has. When is the last time a man accused a woman of sexual assalt and it destroyed her career?
Great start!!
Looking forward to hearing how the series unfolds.
Equality is what’s best for everyone!
Thank you! Human potential can be realized when everyone gets paid equally
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