Needs more journalistic POV
I think this is an important story to hear so I commend the storytelling but the bias is strong and disconcerting. Disappointing
So good
I always appreciate podcasts that shed light on big issues often not covered by the mainstream press. This stuff is so important in understanding the huge divide in ideology in this country.
Jenny Quest
Smart and thoughtful investigative journalism. Totally binge-worthy!
This is easily one of the best podcasts I've discovered in a long time. It's the right mix of seriousness, suspense, fairness, and thoughtfullness. Thank you for all your work creating it!
Brilliant stuff
This podcast explains angry white man syndrome in the rural west. Cherry pickers of religious texts and our Nation's founding documents. Relegated to the dustbin of the 20th Century.
This is a very ethical podcast
The Olymian
Makes you think a lot about what may happen to the world in the future. Like this kind of thing (the bundys), are horrible people that will ruin the US. And part of it is trump the hollow brainless alien, whose to stupid to even notice what he’s doing to this world. Either way, great podcast. Covers every thing on the bundys! You’ll enjoy
We need this podcast
A serious, thoughtful and deeply reported series on domestic, right-wing terror. Must listen.
Top-notch reporting makes for a fascinating read
This podcast and the immense work it comes from takes the Bundy story to a whole new level and depth. Whether you care about the story behind it or just want to hear a mind-bending tale from the American West, this is worth a listen.
Excellent; Thank You, Leah.
Aina Burton
Growing up as a white, conservative, religious southerner, it was easy for me to subscribe to being American as its own religion. Now, that makes me laugh. After working for the government in public lands, it floors me how these people think the government is some tyrannical force. Targeted government employees in these remote offices being threatened are normal people just trying to make a living and doing the best they can. A better world is zero-tolerance for those who believe any race, religion, or sexuality is beneath them. They’re on the wrong side of history.
So glad I listened!
Everyone that knows about this storyline should listen and be informed.
A Deep Dive into Domestic Terrorism
Very enlightening! Well done!
Well done
Very informative and well done. I highly recommend
Informative, educational and necessary.
Fantastic work
Excellent writing and reporting. It’s informative, well produced, and a great listen.
Well done, riveting listen.
Thank you for exposing this! As a Spokane progressive I’m shocked how much I didn’t know about Eastern Washington’s extreme right wing past and present.
Revelatory and Riveting
state radio
An impressive piece of journalism, on par with John Krakauer and Wallace Stegner.
A must listen.
Terrifying But Necessary
Really well reported, really enlightening, really scary.
The trial?
How could you do an entire series on this debacle and not cover the trial for the bird sanctuary takeover? I feel like you left out the middle of the story.
Eye opening
Excellent narration on a subject that gets overlooked far too often.
Wilbur Podgeway
This journalist has balls..she went after those interviews with intimidating armed men. Well done.
Terrific storytelling
This is reporting as it should be—open, fearless, connected, fair, important, and relevant. Compelling radio, as well, written and told well for the ear. I felt closer to my own experience, which is entirely in the Southeast, having spent a few hours in the Northwest.
Racist and Sexist!
The first season wasn’t terrible, though there was definitely a strong liberal bias. The second season was less about anything Bundy related and more about blaming and shaming white people for anything and everything, especially white males. This podcast also spends an extensive amount of time blaming Trump and those on the right for anything they can. Basically if you aren’t “black or brown” as the podcast so often says, or if you aren’t a hardcore liberal, it’s not worth a listen.
Absolutely fascinating.
Riveting and intelligent journalism
The Bundyville series shines a light on what most of us might lull ourselves into thinking is a fringe element...and provides clarity about the underlying reasons the patriot movement exists in the first place. Well-researched, captivating production, and a can’t-stop-listening story. Thank you Leah and Ryan and all of your team for doing this important work that is at the heart of why investigative journalism matters.
Short on facts and research
There isn't a lot of facts and research. She repeating gossip and eerie music in the background. When she meets with people she is totally fake and nicey nice, and then she does a hatchet job on them.
Informative and well done
PW from GR
Public Radio always has the best podcasts and this is no exception. Balanced and insightful, and the narrator is careful to note the difference between the data and material she has collected and her personal impressions. I enjoyed both seasons.
Reveals deeper truths about the nature of extremist movements
I came for the gripping story about the Bundys, stayed for Lea’s analyses.
Outstanding and Shocking
This podcast is must-listening for understanding the modern West. Who occupies the sparsely-populated swaths of the rural West? The answer is revelatory, and frightening.
Evryone should listen
to this podcast
Bundyville is fantastic
thirst for info
Excellent and everyone should listen to it
Need to hear
This is quality reporting about huge movements in our contemporary society that fly under the radar for most of us but have real world consequences when they show themselves in extreme violence. This needs to be heard.
excellent exposure to an important issue
This is an exceptional podcast that highlights one of the most important issues in the American west. I follow public land issues carefully via many sources of news and found this podcast to be well researched, unbiased and gives a fair and accurate view of all sides of this issue. It's also well organized and entertaining in it's presentation. Everyone shoud listen to this!
Bundeville, Season 1
Superb! Frightening and fascinating. Thoughtful and balanced discussion of unbalanced nutcases.
Been listening during my 40 minute commute to work and been hooked since the first episode. I'm currently wrapping up the Q&A session but I intend to visit the longreads website to refresh what might haven't stuck to memory. Absolutely the best podcast I ever listened to! Hope to hear more from this talented team. Outstanding work!
Overall good with some bias issues
The podcast is overall a well done production. The only thing keeping it from 5 stars for me is the obvious left wing bias in the tone. I think they try to conceal it but it’s there. A certain dismissal and lack of understanding of religious beliefs, injection of race when it is a non-factor, that kind of thing. Overall still worthwhile though.
Scary and mesmerizing
So so good--binge listened--couldn't stop. Very scary stuff.
Insightful and Interesting
This podcast takes a very good picture of the parts of America that lots of folks may not be regularly exposed to, including areas of the country with extremists of political and religious beliefs. Bundyville: the Remnant tells the story of the country from a perspective that’s not always told in history classes. Particularly as someone who grew up in “post-racism America” this is revealing to the motivations of domestic terrorists. I particularly appreciated the commentary on how your average listener can help to fight against this behavior in their everyday life. Great listen!
Good listen but biased
Since it’s public broadcasting I suspected a left-leaning bias going into the podcast. Both seasons met expectations around this.
Crazy liberal
Strangely I just spent the last last 6 years fleeing this county
Now it’s all Making sense lol
This series is a comprehensive study of how fear and hate are infecting American society
The first and second seasons are very well done. The sad thing is, the type of people in these podcast are having kids and are being filled with this hate. These people are the reason our country is going down the toilet. This podcast is fantastic and well worth a listen. You won’t regret the time invested in listening to this podcast.
This is a scary, scary podcast. I had no idea that White Supremacy had such a strong foothold on so many armed men in the US.
Hard scrabble reporting... just when you thought it was a thing of the past.
snt cowc
Very thoughtful, focused reporting that shines a very bright light on a very dark part of AMERICA that many people don’t want you to see. Also places the story in context of the larger political arena and helps make sense of what’s going on In wider political circles. Thanks guys!
Love it!
Attack on Titan!
Ah! I love these kind of stories but I can never find any of them I like! But this is AMAZING! I would 100% recommend it!!!!
Eye opening!!
I live in Northern ID. I remember when Richard Butler was rolling around town trying to get a “parade” going. We got hillbilly’s all over here with the same poisoned mindset. It’s sad.
Fascinating and informative
Meesh in AZ
I enjoyed the second season of Bundyville as much as the first. It was interesting and gave me some insight into a worldview that is very different than my own. I think the story is fascinating and the whole season worth a listen.
Joe C. Wolf
It's great!
Kelly T.S.
Thank you for exposing what’s really happening in this country. It’s been really emotionally confusing to me how Trump was elected. I now am aware there’s a ton of right wing, conspiracy theorist, racist, cult followers in America who believe climate change is a religion and a conspiracy theory! Anyone who wants to take anything away from them (guns and land) is the devil and they will fight in their gods name and for their beliefs at any cost. It finally makes sense, and the reality is crazier than I thought!
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