Love This Podcast!
As a longtime General Hospital viewer, it is fascinating to hear how the different soap stars got their start in acting and all he different projects that they have done. Steve & Bradford do a great job moderating the interviews and injecting a lot of fun! There is so much history of General Hospital to unpack & we the listeners are here for it! Keep up the good work!
Great Podcast!
I look forward to Wednesdays because I know there will be a new episode to listen to. Very entertaining!
Love these guys and love hearing the guest talk about their journeys. ❤️jonathan jackson please come back to GH
Jonathan Jackson
Love listening to these two!!! Great podcast! Look forward to every Wednesday!
Love catching up with my favorite actors
I don’t get to watch GH as much as I used to, but listening to this podcast as I’m able during the work day makes my day so much better. Such great chemistry between Steve and Bradford. Thank you guys for doing this. Especially love hearing from those old school legacy actors!
It’s Awwwwwwesome
Hey Steve and Bradford are great, very awesome hosts for the podcast...learning new things from the guests go subscribe and listen you won’t be disappointed!!!
dar gg
Each show is better then the next! It is so great to hear from the past and the present . I look forward to each week to see who’s on !! Love it love them !
Always entertaining!
missy loves mixtiles
I have learned a lot about two of my favorite actors from GH. AS a life-long GH fan, I have loved hearing more about them as people. The guests have been amazing! Keep it up. You guys make me laugh out loud.
Amazing interviewers!
Daytime actors are rarely seen on the everyday talk shows like Ellen anymore. Steve and Bradford are great at the interviews and making up for that. I find myself wanting more than the hour they get with each guest. Love love love the veteran actor interviews especially. Plus theres the bonus of seeing their funny sides as well.
Love That’s Awesome
Redhead M
Love Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson’s podcast! It’s the only one I have listened to and I’ve heard every episode! Great job guys, very entertaining. Missed your show when you were here in April this year but hope to catch it next time you are in the Chicago area.
Love the guys!
I enjoy learning more about the other actors in the show with the guys
Next Best Thing to Being There
I have had the honor of spending time with Bradford and Steve, and this podcast is like a weekly get-together with long-time friends!
I love it!
I enjoy getting to know the various cast members from all the ABC soaps. These guys make me laugh so much. It is great to see the side of them.
Guaranteed laughs!
I get excited every Wednesday to listen to the new episode. Keep up the great work!!
Best thing about Wednesday’s
Shannon Lauterstein
This podcast is the perfect combination of learning about the podcast guests, getting a glimpse into the soap world and experiencing the genuine friendship of Steve and Bradford! And some of the best episodes are just Steve & Bradford banter - laugh out loud comedy! That’s Awesome alway’s honors it’s name - AWESOME!
Great Podcast
Always a great podcast! So enjoy every episode. Always well done with wonderful guests and discussions. 👍🏻👍🏻
big fan
big fan luv the podcast the way you guys act on general hospital and cant wait to hear u in the band when u guys play again if that’s gonna happen I hope so but like i sed in the title big fan
This is awesome!
Angee O
I love these guys and getting to know the guests a little more. Keep up the great work!
Two great guys having fun!
Egghead n DBurd
Steve and Bradford can best be described as two guys having fun. Not only have I learned a lot about them, but I’ve learned a lot about the behind the scenes of making a Soap, and what it takes to be an actor. I love listening to just them, but also love when they bring in fellow costars! All around great podcast! I’ve been fans of both of them for more than 10 years, happy to “spend more time” with them via podcast!
I might listen to Leslie’s episode again when I have a drink and take a shot every time guys say “that’s amazing” in this episode. I was cracking up in this one. I really loved listening to Leslie’s stories!!! #infarction 🤣
Super fun podcast with Steve & Bradford
Mary SC&J Super Fan
I love love love this podcast! So many fun and interesting guests. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week because I get to listen to Steve & Bradford cracking each other up while introducing us to some of our favorite actors in “real life”. They get me LOLing every time! Keep em coming! 💜
They are Awesome!!
Love you guys thanks for entertaining me every Wednesday 💕💕
Rock Stars!
You guys rock!! Two of my faves.., always!!!!
Love Steve and Bradford!
Dana Healy
I love the dynamic you two have. Also, REALLY love Roger Howarth and Kirsten Storms podcast.
Good Times.
Love listening to you guys. Always entertaining. I’ll have to come to a performance sometime. Love you both on GH.
I am a huge fan of this podcast.
Jamie m 37
I’m a huge fan of General Hospital and learning a lot about the cast of General Hospital my handstand by listening to this podcast completely love it have a listen to every episode so far Steve and Bradford are hilarious love those guys
Inga is great!
Mitch K Johnson
I didn’t know much about Inga before I listened to the latest episode and I love her! I hope she sticks around GH for a long time!
That's Awesome, no, REALLY.
It's so fantastic when two people so different, are so much the same. They crack eachother up, which cracks me up. Every Wednesday I've got my headphones on at work, seemingly having random boughts of laughter. It TOTALLY look forward to the middle of the week. THANK YOU, Bradford & Steve!!!!
So positive and funny!
I’ve been a GH fan for more years than Bradford has been on this earth and I’m older than Steve. However, these two fellows make me laugh every Wednesday as if I’m being transported back to my college days, where laughing until my sides hurt was a daily event They are funny, engaging, and very charming! Their podcast is a highlight of my week! I always look forward to the next one.
Love Ingo
Another fantastic podcast!! Ingo has had the greatest & most adventurous life. Wish him well on GH and hope he stays for a long time.
Loooonnnggg Time Fan
Jodi Horsley
I have been a fan of GH since the late 70’s, during the Luke and Laura era. In fact, I scheduled my college classes around GH! I love listening to Steve and Bradford, and getting to know them and their guests on a more personal level! Keep up the great work. And Bradford, you need to come back on GH permanently!
Love it! My favorite podcaat! I excitedly for Wednesday to come for the new episodes!
I look forward to Wednesday’s to I can listen to Bradford and Steve! I especially enjoy the guest interviews! They get all the background and I love it!
Too funny and very insightful!
If you want to hear “Stone Cold” laugh you will love this! The chemistry between these guys is great. Funny and learning a lot about the work and art of soaps. Keep it up guys!
That’s awesome
Love Steve burton and Bradford Anderson and they have interesting, entertaining and funny guests.
That’s Awesome... Very True!
Steve and Bradford are SO FUN to listen to. I love their banter. Their podcast is informative and interesting, for sure...but mostly it’s just entertaining and FUN. I look forward to Wednesdays now because of these two guys. If you’re a GH fan...or even just a Soap fan in general, this podcast is a must.
Roger Howarth
I could listen to him for hours! Nice!
The awesome that is Steve & Bradford
I love this podcast! Steve and Bradford are so genuine and down to Earth. After escaping into the GH world for 28 years, one cannot help but feel a connection to the characters, and the interviews that Steve and Bradford conduct with their fellow actors is such a wonderful bonus feature. Experienced your show two nights ago in Richmond, VA, and you did not disappoint. You’re both awesome and so much fun! Looking forward to the podcast every week and hope you’ll come back to VA. 💜💜💜
Interesting interviews
Each interview has been unique and very informative. Love listening to the actors tell about how they got where they are. These interviews make my gym workouts and long drives fly by.
That's Awesome
I love these two! They have the best guests. Not a Wednesday, if there isn't a new episode.
GH fan for life
Love this podcast!! The banter is hilarious! I love Stone Cold and the Jackal! Please continue this magic!!
Love these guys!
Always fun to listen. Even better today with Michael Knight!
Must listen
Sokol Alb
This is such a great podcast, couldn’t love it any more . I feel like a know them even more now. Keep up the good work
40 yr GH fan
Could listen to them for hours. Great guests; wonderful chemistry. Down to earth genuine actors!
They have great chemistry .. and I am enjoying getting to know their real personalities, not the characters I’ve been watching for decades!
Enjoy listening to them
Now it’s my first time listening to them and they are funny and entertained too and make padcast fun to heard and keep up the good work with the special guess and continue to make the padcast fun
Love the podcast
Just started listening and love it. You guys are funny and relatable and seem to always have fun with your guests. Really like all your guests but Kevin Rahme was great and I look forward to seeing him at Big Slick in Kansas City. Maybe you guys could do a show here in the future
Love it!
My only suggestion is that the sound could be slightly louder. Usually listen in the car and sometimes difficult to hear every word. Want more Spinelli on GH!
Love this!
I just started listening last week and now I am binge listening to all the older episodes while I work. I started watching GH when I was a teen and Kirsten Storms who I watched on Days took over the role of Maxie. I love the show. Good job guys!
Lifelong fan
I would like to say how much I enjoy That’s Awesome. I am 50 years old and I can’t remember a time that I didn’t watch GH, now because of That’s Awesome I get to hear the behind the scenes of the actors I’ve been watching forever. The chemistry between the 2 of you is so genuine it comes through loud and clear on the radio. You make my drive home from work AWESOME. Keep the guest and conversations coming. Forever fan Barbara South Florida PS. TOXIC BALLS
Love with constructive criticism
Hi! I'm a huge fan of the podcast and LOVE catching the weekly updates. They get me through the long LA commutes home. That being said, I've noticed the audio becoming increasingly quieter with each week. Despite keeping my windows closed, I now have to put the volume to the max in the car in order to catch conversations. This past week's episode with Will deVry was especially difficult to hear. I know Bradford does all of the editing himself and I give him great Kuddos!!! I do wish that the conversational pieces of the podcasts were adjusted to be the volume of their built-in ads (like FabFitFun, which is always much clearer than the rest of the episode). Much love, and keep producing such great episodes!!
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