July 31, 2020
The most common question coming into season; Why won'y my bradheads fly? This episode Wes, Garrett and I respond to comments and questions regarding real world tuning issues. We also give our thoughts on some tuning aspects for arrow and bows.
July 10, 2020
This episode I sit down with Grant and Ian from Kayuga Broad heads. We discuss why they chose the design, the materials used, their new Pilot Cut Gen 2 and ZOT, as well as a few arrow building and broad head rabbit holes. I had a great time talking with these guys and I hope you enjoy! Visit their website here ---> visit the Kayuga Instagram page here ---->@kayuga_broadheads   Check out the our website at want to suuport the show? Become a patron here ---->
June 30, 2020
This episode I pick Grep Poole's brain on the Bowmar Nose button. We cover proper anchoring and Stabilizers among other rabbit holes as well.  Check out Greg's website for his content at Check out the my website for links for more content at Want to support the show? Become a patron at
June 25, 2020
This episode Dirk Durham (@thebugler) and I discuss their new project, The Elk Collective. This will be an online elk hunting educational program with videos and tutorials to learn all about elk hunting. Be sure to check them out on instagram @the_elk_collective or checkout their website at to become a patron of the show!
June 17, 2020
This episode is a collaborative episode with the Ehunter Podcast. Terron interviews me on the 2020 bow lineups. It's a fun conversation with a ton of specs and comparisons. Terron is the host of the Ehuntr Podcast; A news based podcast for the outdoors. If you want to check out their podcast click below!   If you want to visit our webpage click here >> To become a patron to the show click here>>
May 30, 2020
This was a fun episode for me to talk with a Biologist about bears. Through hunting an animal you begin to develop the questions as to what and why and the dynamics between the animals we hunt. Derek and I discuss some of these questions as well as common questions I hear in the hunting community.
May 22, 2020
This Episode Royce and I talk about how the Spring Bear Season has gone for us so far. We share some things we saw and learned this season, as well as give some tips to help make the most out of your season!
April 30, 2020
This episode Corey Haas and I cover his new archery app call "The Bow Shop Bible." This App will help bowhunters who want to learn how to work on bows by giving them tips and troubleshooting advice. Lots of information that can save you time when playing with your setups. Available in the Apple App Store.
March 20, 2020
This episode I have Steve and Clint on from Easton Archery. Both having worked in the industry for years, along with Steve's competitive shooting background, it makes for a fun conversation on arrow building and studies that Easton has performed. Steve touches areas on tuning that we haven't covered before on the show.
February 29, 2020
PART 2 of getting tuned up with Greg has us covering vanes and arrow setups as well as a few great rabbit holes. Lots of great info here with some good laughs. Check out Greg's podcast "Bow Junky" on any podcast platform for more of his content.
February 27, 2020
This episode we recorded at the Hunt tag booth at the Western Hunting Expo in Portland. Mike invited me to come podcast at their booth so we had a good time catching up and answering questions about the Hunt Tag and Oregon tagging system. I hope you enjoy!
January 30, 2020
This episode Greg Poole from Bow Junky Media and I talk about getting target accuracy out of your hunting setup. Greg brings his tuning process to the table an gives tips to get the most out of your setup. Be sure to follow him on Instagram @bowjunkymedia or on his personal page @4biggp for more archery content!
January 15, 2020
Bryan Broderick from Day Six Gear and I sit down to discuss the Whitetail hunt we went on at the end of the year. This was a awesome trip hunting a state and species for deer I've never got to hunt before.  Check out Bryan's arrows and broadheads at and follow him on Instagram at @daysixgear Want to see more content? Visit my Youtube Channel Here!
November 23, 2019
This Episode I sit down with Trey from to talk about his journey into elk hunting. Trey was inspired to hunt elk out West and began his journey last year. Trey is a great example of putting to use information made available from podcasts to YouTube Videos or courses on elk hunting. Using what he's learned he was able to find success in many ways. It's a great episode for folks wanting to take the chance of going out of state hunting places they've never been, to hunt animals they've never hunted.  Check out Trey's Elk video on his YouTube page Trey's Instagram is
November 18, 2019
This collaborative episode I talk with Matt, Rob and Garrett from the Lethal Podcast about the new bow lineups. Checkout my YouTube channel here for the video reviews! Checkout the Lethal Podcast available on all podcast platforms! to support the show!
October 29, 2019
This Episode I talk with Korbin from the Nock Deep Podcast. Korbin is also the owner of Korbin's Archery based out of Seminole Texas. We discuss a wide variety of topics such as hunting in each others states to arrow setups.  Check out the Nock Deep's Instagram at @Nock_Deep or visit their website at Link to the Nock deep Podcast is here >>> Visit the On Point Website to sign up for the newsletter here! Want to support the podcast? Become a patron today!
October 25, 2019
This is a special episode for me. Having my brother and my Dad on to recap how my Dad's elk hunt went. It was an awesome day and I hope enjoy this episode.    Check out the website at
October 7, 2019
This episode Cory Miller and I dive into the new PSE line for 2020. Before recording this I was able to shoot the new NXT Series and the Carbon Stealth Mach 1. I had my favorite out of the bunch, which we talk about and dive into the changes made with this year's bow lineup. Cory brings a lot to the table and does a great job of breaking down the new bows.  If you want to see the YouTube video reviews click here! -----> To get some OP gear and links to more content click here! ----> Want to support to the show? Become a patron today! Any amount helps the show grow! ---->
October 3, 2019
This episode Kyle and I talk about how our arrow builds went this hunting season. Kyle talks about shooting his first big game animal and we cover some tuning issues I ran into with spines this year trying out some new setups. We dive into some rabbit holes which leads us to cover shot execution and broadheads as well.  Check out or visit his Instagram at @dcacustomarrows Visit to find links to my other content and Op Gear.
September 30, 2019
This is a recap with a lot to talk about. We came together as a group after Anthony's bull packout; forming friendships and hunting partnerships that would pay off big later in the season. Here's how it all went down with 4 bulls hitting the dirt on the Oregon Coast! to sign up for the newsletter and for links to the YouTube page.  Want to support the show? Leave a review or become a patron to the show!
September 28, 2019
Wonder why some elk callers just sound better than everyone else? What are they doing that you Aren't? How do they sound louder or hit those hard notes? I've often asked myself these questions. So, I sit down with Cody Dunlap to find out what the competition elk callers do that many of us hunters don't. Cody may only be 16 years' old, but his passion and commitment to elk calling shows. I sit down with him to get some critiques and tips on how to sound better and get those unique sounds the pros do.  If you're thinking of trying to get into elk calling competitions or just trying to sound better for your next hunt, this is a great episode for you! Instagram @onpointwithgarrettweaver
August 10, 2019
This episode I sit down with the Lethal Podcast crew and talk about our setups for this upcoming season. We also dive into what's happened with the budget Bow!   visit to sign up for the newsletter and to find links to my YouTube content.    Support the and become a patron member!
July 30, 2019
This Episode Bob, Tyler and I talk about the pig hunt with @SC2Outdoors. We discuss the last minute hog I was able to shoot and how everything went after our first podcast after day 1. - Sign up for the "OP" Newsletter here!
July 22, 2019
This episode were 3 days into our California Pig hunt with with Sean Chittem (SC2 Outdoors), Bob Morgan from (Supersneak_outdoors) and Tyler (Volksen Media) We go over how the hunt has been going and Bob's history with hunting this area as a kid. Sean's talks about the hunting services he provides and what's in store for hunters that book with him. We discuss Tyler's journey as a cameraman filming around the world.  Bob's Instagram - @supersneak_outdoors Sean's Instagram - @sc2outdoors Tyler's Instagram - Volksenmedia to sign up for the Newlsetter and find "OP" gear!
July 12, 2019
This Episode I come onto the Born and Raised Audio Experience to discuss the broad-head testing collaboration coming up. This episode explains what tests we have in store and what to expect! I'm excited to be apart of this test and can't wait to see the results!  Be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and the BRO's YouTube channel so you get ALL of the latest content on the testing! Link to my YouTube -
July 7, 2019
This Episode I sit down with Tyson Goff, Owner of Paradigm Transformations. We discuss his story from being 350 pounds and abusing drugs and becoming incarcerated to where he is now; walking around at 160 pounds, very fit, healthy and launching his company. Paradigm Transformations teaches self-empowerment through fitness, nutrition, meditation and conscious emotional control. Check their links out below for more info.  Visit their website here at or on Instagram at @paradigmtransformations USE PROMO CODE "ONPOINT" to get $15 off your order! Sign up for the OP newsletter here at
July 3, 2019
This episode gets back to the heart of On Point with a technical in the weeds podcast with Kyle from DCA Custom Arrows. We discuss his engineering background which he applies to arrow selection and building by creating mathematical formulas. It's a great podcast for guys wanting to up their game in their arrow builds.  You can find Kyle on Instagram at @dcacustomarrows or visit his website at Become a patron here! Sign up for the podcast at
July 1, 2019
Wayne's back in this Episode to talk about taking care of your animal in the field to make the best mount possible. We also cover how to not piss-off your taxidermist and what the do's and don'ts are for your next mount. Lot's of listeners requested Wayne to come back on the show, so I hope you enjoy! Sign up for the newsletter at to get the latest information on content and be apart of exclusive offers and giveaways!
June 27, 2019
This episode I talk with Brent about his broadhead, arrow and component system he designed after years of testing. His system uses the findings of the Ashby studies and centers around higher FOC setups. Brent brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the table in this discussion. You can find his website at  To sign up for the OP newsletter visit to become patron and support the show please visit
June 26, 2019
This episode I sit down with Wes and Sage for an impromptu podcast following the Oregon draw results. We cover how we all did  and discuss some really cool plans for a broad head collaboration coming soon! This was a fun episode so enjoy! to sign up for the OP newsletter!
June 24, 2019
This episode is a collaborative episode with the Lethal Podcast. We discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of the hunting industry/community as a whole. It's a very open and honest conversation about things that "WE" as a hunting community can improve upon.  If you would like to check out the Lethal podcast click here! To sign up for my newsletter visit For a discount on Jimmy Tarps go to and enter "onpoint10" for 10% off your order!
June 20, 2019
This episode I sit down with my good friend Bob Morgan. I had him on the show awhile back talking about chasing your dreams later in life. Bob's is back still chasing his with some cool giveaways for his new website which recently launched. Bob is giving away 3 EXO packs and 3 pairs of Hoffman Boots the first 6 weeks of the giveaways and they start this Friday! (6-21-19) After that he continues the giveaways with products that he believes in which are great prizes to.  Be sure to follow Bob on Instagram so you don't miss your chances to win some great gear! @supersneak_ooutdoors
June 19, 2019
This is an episode I've wanted to record for a long time. Being able to sit down with Cory and talk with him about archery and bowhunting made for an awesome podcast. We covered selecting a bow and the differences between a budget build and a flagship bow. We also covered stabilizers and how to find out what's best for you. There's a lot in this episode, so I hope you enjoy! Be sure to check out Cory's Instagram page at @cory_miller_pse or visit his webiste at for more information.  Right now Jimmy Tarps is giving our listeners 10% off their purchases when using "onpoint10" upon checkout. Go to to find what you need and save some money off your next purchase!  sign up for the OP newsletter at
June 17, 2019
This Episode I sit down with Jimmy, Kelsie and David from Jimmy Tarps. We talk about their tarp systems and how they eat like kings on their backpack hunts. If you want some great info on selecting a shelter system for your needs and how to carry enough good for a long hunt this episode is a must! Jimmy Tarps will be featured in the first "OP" Newsletter coming up. They will be offering a 10% coupon code for folks who use "onpoint10" upon checkout! Visit their website at to see what they have to offer! To get signed up for the newsletter and get links to more content visit For listeners wanting to support the show you can do so by becoming a patron at
June 13, 2019
This Episode I interview Tony Wintrip. Tony is an avid elk hunter and recording singer/songwriter. Tony and I share the same passions for elk hunting and music so it was a great conversation and change of pace from the usual hunting episodes. Tony plays his new song "Born And Raised" at the end of the episode which is a tribute song to the Born and Raised Outdoors.  Visit Tony's website here to listen find more of his music and merchandise!  You can purchase his songs for download on iTunes as well! Tony's Instagram is @Elk_Singer if you want to follow him there as well!
June 11, 2019
This Episode I'm joined with Brandon Baker from Baker's Boots And Clothing out of Eugene Oregon. This is a great episode to get an unbiased technical approach to selecting a boot. Brandon and I cover how to pick out, size and buy the right accessories for your needs. Check out Brandon's website at Visit the OP website at and subscribe to the newsletter and to purchase OP gear! Want to support the podcast? Check out to become a patron to the show!
June 7, 2019
This episode has the whole Chasing Moby Crew as well as Mike from Ragged Ridge and Hunt Tag. We've never all been in the same place at once so it was a cool opportunity to hang out and podcast about how our bear seasons went. We cover how close the the Chasing Moby YouTube Channel is to hitting 1,000 subscribers and how Mike's company Hunt Tag is doing.  Find Chasing Moby on Instagram at @chasingmoby or Mike at @hunt_tag or Visit to sign up for the newsletter coming out! I'll be doing a special giveaway for those that signup!
June 5, 2019
This episode Royce Chambers from the Bowhike Podcast and I interview Wes about his journey into the hunting industry. Wes has some great stories and gives some perspective on what it takes to make it into the industry. This Episode has it all from close calls, funny moments and good information for those looking to do the same. Check out Royce's podcast "The Bowhike Podcast" on Itunes! Visit to sign up for the newsletter coming out soon! Want to support the show? Become a Patron at
June 4, 2019
I got the opportunity to interview Brandon from Annihilator Broadheads about their new head coming to market this year. For those who've seen their marketing that generating quite the buzz around their designs; this will answer a lot of questions. Brandon did a great job answering questions I've received and questions I've had personally regarding their design. Their website is and their Instagram is @annihilatorbroadheads Want to support the show? Become a patron member and gain exclusive access to the show at Sign up for the newsletter here!
May 24, 2019
This Episode is great one for listeners who create content and want to develop a logo or emblem for their platform. Jon gives some advice on choosing a design and also talks about his platform with the Angry Mountain Productions. We also cover becoming unified as a hunting community and try to protect and grow our hunting heritage!   Check out their YouTube Channel at Angry Mountain Productions and find them on Instagram at @angrymountainproductions Jon's email for inquiries is Check out the On Point website at you can sign up for the newsletter and stay up to date with content and get special deals on the equipment I use or review! Want to support the podcast? Become a Patron member today at
May 19, 2019
This Episode I have Kyle Hanson from Outdoors International on to pick his brain on booking a Moose or Caribou hunt. This is a great podcast for someone looking to learn more on the cost and details of booking a hunt!  You can Reach Kyle at Check out the website and sign up for the OP newsletter at! Want to support the show? become a patron today at
May 17, 2019
This is an episode for folks who are still packing a bear tag in the woods. Not seeing bears? Not sure why? Are your normal spots not producing? Here's some end of the season advice and motivation from Derek Carlton and myself on how to make the most out of the remainder of your season, and get the job done! Check out and subscribe to the newsletter for updates on content and for great deals with companies I believe in who's products I use.  If you want to support the show you can at and become a patron to the show. Any amount helps and you gain better access to the show along with awesome giveaways! Instragram: @onpointwithgarrettweaver
May 15, 2019
I got to sit down with Mike Myre from Ragged Ridge and Hunt-Tag. Ragged Ridge is Mike's YouTube Channel where he uploads shed hunting content from Oregon. He's also part owner of Hunt-Tag; which is a newer company based out of Oregon helping hunters meet the requirements for the new tagging system. His "hunt tag" system makes it super easy to tag your animals in the field, complying with the new electronic/paper tagging system.    Check out Hunt Tag on Instagram at @Hunt-Tag or their website at Mike is offering a coupon code for 20% off your order! Just use the code "on point" upon checkout! If you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet be sure to head to and click sign up so you don't miss out!
May 13, 2019
Carl comes back onto the show to talk about some common archery mistakes he see's while on the road competing. We cover shooting processes to bow setups and much more!   Carl's Instagram is @carl_the_archer is you want to follow him there! Become a Patron of the show at You can sign up for thew newsletter at and also find gear and the latest content downloads!
May 10, 2019
Brian Brodrick from Day Six Gear joins me to talk about their new Broad head design hitting the market. This is a great episode for folks wanted to know what's important when designing and choosing a broad head to hunt with. What adds to the integrity of a head and why certain angles can be more beneficial than others.    You can check out the heads and arrows at   To support the show become a Patron! Visit the podcast's website at and signup for the new Newsletter today!
April 17, 2019
This Episode Cody, Trent and I sit down to discuss the gear priorities in contrast to woodsmanship skills. Both Trent and Cody have great skills in the woods while also utilizing gear as they need. My end of the spectrum I've become over adequate on the gear aspect and contrast that with their areas of expertise. It's a great conversation about gear priorities and what mental attitude you need to take into the woods.  Visit the Born and Raised Instragram at @bornandraisedoutdoors and subscribe to their YouTube channel for awesome hunting and fishing content!   You can subscribe to the OP newsletter here!
April 13, 2019
This is episode I sit down with Wayne to discuss the re-ignited debate about the wolves in Oregon following the ODFW announcement; about how many wolves they have counted. This struck a nerve with the hunting community bringing lot's of information; some accurate, some not so much, from all sides. This is my attempt at delivering my stance on the issue along with good solid information to the debate. I hope it helps dispel some ideas surrounding the issues and motivates you to dig into the issue as well!  Find the latest content here and subscribe to the OP newsletter coming out this summer!
April 7, 2019
Chris Dunlap joins me again to talk about tools and equipment needed to start performing your own bow work. Chris is the owner of Elk River Archery based out of Aumsville, Oregon. To get a hold of Chris or to purchase the footers he makes visit his Instagram page at @Elk_River_Archery The On Point Newsletter will be starting this Summer! To sign up go to and click the "sign up" tab! If you like the show and want to become a Patron visit
April 2, 2019
I get to talk with the owner of the Tooth Of The Arrow Broadheads. I get to pick his brain on why he chose to go with the 4 blade design over the others he tested. For those who like the in depth conversations about broadhead development and why certain designs are quieter or better in certain areas than others, this is a great podcast for you!  Luke has a special right now if you want to try one of his broadheads go to and enter code "tryus" for a $1.99 you can have one sent to your door to test out! Their Instagram is @toothofthearrowbroadheads as well.  Check out the podcasts website at
March 31, 2019
Derek, Anthony and I talk about hunting black bears early this season. We give our ideas tips and strategies for filling your tag faster.
March 27, 2019
Mitch and I podcast on the way home from the 3d shoot at Cascadian Bowmen in Eugene Oregon. This was the first shoot with the budget bow setup being completed, and Mitch's first shoot of the year. We discuss how we did and what we need to work on moving forward.
March 22, 2019
This Episode Mitch and I discuss the different levels of being "On Point." Not everyone's situation is the same. Some may have more time and resources than others to become more efficient with their weapon or become more in shape. So, for those with limited time and resources how good is good enough? What areas are vital come hunting season? What is "On Point" for you?  Want to become a Patron and and gain exclusive access to the show? Become a patron today!
March 14, 2019
This Episode Anthony and I inspect our setups and what may be holding us back from getting to the next level as a hunter. Anything can really be considered a crutch when using gear for hunting. But, as a hunter that wants to be well rounded what are some things that we can go without to make oursleves better?
March 8, 2019
Back in the saddle again, Anthony and I discuss the budget bow build along with drawing the names of a couple winners for the Elk River Arrow Build and a Raptor Razor Kit.  Want to become eligible for these drawings? Become a patron to the show and gain exclusive access to the show. Patrons have special drawings for supporting the show!
February 8, 2019
I sit down with Brian Delcollo and Brayden to discuss the beginning stages of building a long range rifle. This will be the beginning of a rifle series, a lot like we have done for the archery topics; covering beginner to more advanced aspects of long range builds. Let me know what you think about this episode. I've been excited to dig into this area and hope you enjoy! If you're interested in supporting the podcast you can become a Patron to teh show. Get inside access to the show and become eligible in exclusive giveaways! for gear and links to more content!
February 2, 2019
This was a fun Episode to record with some good friends Anthony and Carl. Carl has been a comepition archer for over a decade and has a real good insight in setting a yourself and your bow for success. We discuss releases and Stabilizers for shooting wanting to up their game. The conversation leads to a lot of rabbit holes as usual which keeps the conversation interesting.    Want to support the Podcast? Become a Patron! Gain exclusive access to the show and influence where the show goes by getting your questions answered!
January 25, 2019
Aaron from The hunting Public Podcast & YouTube Channel sits down to cover their public land whitetail project and how they have managed to grow their platforms so fast. Aaron brings lot's of great tips for guys like me who live in the West and want to come hunt whitetails over East on public ground.  If you want more info on "THP" check out their YouTube channel at  "THP" Instagram @thehuntingpublic    Want to support the show? Become  Patron! Gain exclusive access to the show by getting your questions answered. Have an idea for a future episode? Patrons have the most influence on where the show goes. Patrons also have exclusive GiveAways!!!
January 22, 2019
This Episdoe Bryan Broderick, owner of Day Six Arrows and I discuss our thoughts on arrow building. Bryan is an advocate for shooting heavy arrows but has a great approach for the "one size fits all mentality" that some hunters may find themselves in. We talk about the point of dimishing returns for arrows. For those wanting to know how much weight and why it matters when building an arrow; this will help you decide what's best for you. I had a great time lsitening to Bryan and learned a lot, I hope you do to! To check out Bryan's arrows you can visit his webiste at or his Instagram at @daysixgear    Visit for gear and links to all of my content! if you want to support the podcast and become an exclusive member to the show!
January 21, 2019
Steve and I discuss his experiences in planning a hunting trip for Alaska Caribou. If you've thought about what it takes and what to expect on an Alaska Caribou trip, this will be a good episode for you. Steve gives the costs associated with a trip and tips on getting the meat vack and essential gear to bring with you!   Steve owns Exo Mountain Gear and also co-hosts the @huntbackcountry podcast. Visit his website at to check out his packs!
January 19, 2019
This episode I invited Donnie from Redy Nutrients to help break down the supplement industry and how to find a good supplement off the shelf. Donnie has some great insight into nutrition and fitness and gives some great info on how the industry works and how you, as a consumer, can navigate through the smoke and mirrors many supplement companies use when selling their product. If you want to check out Donnie's products please visit his instragam @redynutrients
January 17, 2019
You don't meet people like Jimmy Dean everyday, but when you do, you make sure to ask a lot of questions. Jimmy has tons of experience hunting in the backcountry and shares his knowledge on this episode of the podcast. We discuss what beignners need to know before taking off on their first backcountry experience.  Jimmy makes some awesome shelters for folks who like to hunt the backcountry, you can check them out at or on Instagram at @jimmy_tarps
January 14, 2019
Jeff Barlow from Nimrod Outdoors talks about bringing up a family with 7 kids who hunt. We talk about how Jeff starts his kids into hunting and how to provide an opportunity for everyone while making it fun. For those hunting with kids or trying to build their platforms with a family, Jeff talks about how he gets it done. Follow thier Journey on YouTube at Instagram @nimrodoutdoors
January 11, 2019
This is Chris, Austin and I give our opinions of the 2019 bow lineups. We talk about our favorite bows from this year and some of the let downs. Remember, that these are our opinions and you may love something that we don't. So be sure to shoot as many bows as you can and form your opinion based off what's best for you!   Check Chris Dunlap's instagram out at @Elk_River_Archery Chris is based out of Aumsville and does some great work on arrow building and bow tuning.  Austin is based out of Portland and owns High Voltage Bowstrings. Austin makes some great strings that I've been using for years now. You can find him on facebook or check his instagram at @bowdoc.85  If you wanna support the podcast and gain exclusive access to the show along with special giveaways you can become a patron to the show at Visit to buy "OP" hats and for links to my YouTube content as well!
January 9, 2019
This Episode I sit down with Chris Dunlap from Elk River Archery and Austin Kincaid of High Voltage Bowstrings. I ask Chris and Austin about their bow tuning processes and the different types of tuning needed for different cam system. There's lots of information in this episode for bowhunters wanting to work on their own bows.  Check Chris Dunlap's instagram out at @Elk_River_Archery Chris is based out of Aumsville and does some great work on arrow building and bow tuning.  Austin is based out of Portland and owns High Voltage Bowstrings. Austin makes some great strings that I've been using for years now. You can find him on facebook or check his instagram at @bowdoc.85  If you wanna support the podcast and gain exclusive access to the show along with special giveaways you can become a patron to the show at Visit to buy "OP" hats and for links to my YouTube content as well!
January 8, 2019
I get to talk with Johnny Mack, the Owner of Washington Backcountry and discuss what he calls the "Adult Onset Hunter." He works with people who want to start their journey into hunting by organzing meet and greets and actual hunting trips with prospective hunters. His goal is recruit and mentor new hunters.  He runs the Washington Backcountry Blog at which features hunters that give insights on how they are successful and helps bring new hunters into the sport.  John also has an instagram which you can follow at @washington_backcountry Want to support the show? Become a Patron and gain exclusive access to the show!
January 5, 2019
Sitting Down with Jonathan Alexander from Kong Collective to talk about his platform and their 31 days of giveaways. Jon is a very passionate guy who loves motivating folks to go out and be the best they can at whatever they do.  Kong Valley started at the beginning of 2019 and hit the ground running with 31 days of giveaways. Jon was able to secure many items for their giveaways and he shares some of the things he did when approaching companies. Be sure to follow them on instagram @kongvalley_collective to get entered in their giveaways! Jon's personal account is @jmet_kongvalley if you want to reach him directly.  If you like the show and wangt to become a Patron to help support the show and gain exclusive access to content and be able to influence the show go to For "OP" gear and to find more content visit my website at
January 4, 2019
I'm excited to bring you this episode for listeners who want to be the best shooter they can be. The biggest factor in an accurate shot is the shooter. Do you know the mental aspect of making a good shot? Joel breaks down the science behind his approach to shooting. For those that deal with Target Panic this will be a great episode to listen to. If you're trying to step up your game there's tons of information that you can use to help you hit that next level! Want to see more from Joel's "Shot IQ" check out his website at You can check out his Instagram at @shotiq for more content! Wanna get your quesitons answered and part of the conversation? Become a Patron of the show and get exclusive access to the show! Get notified of upcomming guests and steer the conversation in the areas you wanna hear about. You can find more content and official "OP" Gear at the
January 3, 2019
Adam Burr from Toho Fit joins me to talk about his first year bowhunting. Adam started bowhunting last year in Oregon. We talk about some of Adams experiences in the woods with a bow vs. using a rifle and some of the challenges he faced his first season.  If you wanna follow along and watch Adam's journey as a bowhunter go follow him on Instagram at @adam.burr_ For insider information on upcoming episodes and to have a say in how the conversation goes; become a patron. Any amount gets you access to upcoming episodes and lets you get your questions answered on the show. Patrons will also recieve exclusive access to drawing and premium content as well! You can also visit to purchase on point gear and check out all the latest content on Youtube and Itunes!   Questions can be emailed to
December 31, 2018
Cody and I talk about building your YouTube and Podcast Platforms. Cody talks about his journey into building one of the bigger hunting podcasts out there, and gives tips for starting and building your own! You can check out by visiting  I pick Cody's brain on what it took for him to build his podcast from the ground up. It made for a great podcast discussing some of the pitfalls that people can fall into who want to start their channel, and how to stand out among the crowd. I hope this helps you get started or reach that next level in your endeavors! Cody's newest business is the A subscription box that lets you try out backcountry foods before your next hunt!   Visit for gear and links to all the latest content! Wanna become a Patron? You can support the show and gain access to more information and exclusive giveaways! Check it out here!
December 14, 2018
This Episode I sit down with a friend who's been on both sides of the fence when it comes to meat and hunting. We discuss her perspective as it's evolved into an understanding of where meat really comes from and also towards hunting in general. This is a great conversation to better understand the other sides perspective on hunting and eating meat. I hope you enjoy.    For On Point Podcast Gear check out the website at
December 1, 2018
This episode we start  the 'New Bowhunter Challenge. Every year many of us liketo buy the newest bows that hit the market. For the beginner bowhunter and many bowhunters out there, this just isn't an option. We decided this year to start the challenge of buying a hunting setup with a budget of $500 dollars. That's $500 for everything you need to set up a bow and go hunting; bow, sight, arrow and broadheads, arrow rest, etc.  If you're just starting out and looking at getting into the sport the sticker price is probably intimidating and demotivating. This is to encourage hunters especially new hunters that you can go out and get it done on a budget. For the guys who are already into bowhunting. I challenge you to put the money you save towards a hunt or a tag that you have been wanting to go on. It's the "buy tags, not gear" mindset.  Let me know on isntagram if you decide to take the challenge! try and get some buddies to do the same thing and go on a hunt you couldn't otherwise afford! Check out the website and buy some "OP" gear at
November 28, 2018
David Thomson from "TheArmsRoomShow" Podcast and Independence Training joins me to discuss what you need for first-aid in the backcountry and the basics to hunting Arizona. Check out David's podcast for firearms and self defense information. Check out the links below for more information! Check out the new website at for links to the YouTube channel, and to purchase "OP" gear!
November 16, 2018
This is the Uncut version of Episode 25. Mature language and content. This contains 40 extra minutes of unedited content that some may find offensive. I'm joined by Anthony and Wayne to discuss more in depth blacktail rutting techniques to help you on your next hunt.    Check out the new website at where you can purchase OP gear and find links to more content!
November 16, 2018
I sit down with Wayne and Anthony for another episode on hunting blacktail in the rut. We have had some requests to do this episode so here it is!    Check out the new On Point website at where you can purchase OP gear and support the podcast. Links to the podcast and Youtube channel are on there to so if you know someone who needs to listen to the show you can send them there!
November 10, 2018
On our drive back my dad and I record a conversation about how the hunt went. It was a very sentimental episode for me and I really hope you enjoy the conversation.
October 27, 2018
Brad Luttrell, from the Restless Native Podcast and the the GoWild app and I talk about some mainstream social hunting issues. From the recent baboon fiasco to the Rogan/Dudley public land debate; we cover it all. We also cover the GoWild App and some exciting news for GoWild users.  Check out Brad's Podcast "The Restless Native" for some more hunting related content. Become a member of GoWild. Belong to a community of fellow outdoorsmen and woman that share the passions you do, FOR FREE! IT's social media made for hunters by hunters.  To stay up to date with my latest content follow my Instagram page at @onpointwithgarrettweaver My YouTube Channel has tons of archery geared tips and trick as well. Just Search for Garrett Weaver on YouTube, and I'll pull right up!
October 22, 2018
Mike Batease, from the Elk Calling Academy, joins me to talk about how our elk seasons went. I pick Mike's brain on some things that we ran across this year and talk about an excited giveaway! Check out Mike's instagram at @elkcallingacademy or visit his YouTube channel at Elk Calling Academy.  For more bowhunting content visit my YouTube channel! Search "Garrett Weaver" and I'll pull right up!  Check out my Instragram to stay up to date with all my giveaways and newest content at @onpointwithgarrettweaver
October 14, 2018
Royce Chambers and I sit back down for our second live broadcast on common archery mistakes. We cover areas that we still work on, too things that I see at the range. Are you guiilty of any of these accuracy stealing mistakes?  You can follow Royce's Podcast "The Bow Hike Podcast" on Itunes. Instagram at @RBC_Hunts Want more archery video content. Check out my Youtube Channel. Just search Garrett Weaver on YouTube. As always leave a 5 start review with a comment and become eligle for a giveaway!
October 7, 2018
This Episode Royce Chambers from the Bow Hike Podcast joins me to talk about building a YouTube Channel. We give tips on how to get started, building a subscriber base and strategies for uploading videos and maximizing views. I talk about my experiences on YouTube and how to make money from monetizing your content.    Follow Royce's podcast at the Bow Hike Podcastand on instagram at @rbc_hunts Follow me on instargam at @onpointwithgarrettweaver
October 1, 2018
Derek and I sit back down to talk about bear hunting strategies. Derek has some great information that will help you get more encounters with these awesome animals. From Spring to Fall bearhunting to shot placement this episode has it all!
September 24, 2018
This Episode I'm joined by Anthony and Shelbi Maldonado. We talk about Shelbi's awesome elk tag she drew for one of Oregon's best units for giant bulls. This episode shows the rollercoaster ride of archery elk hunting. If you can take anything from this episode; it's being mentally tough and having the tencacity to move on when things don't go your way.    You can follow Anthony on instagram at @teamdirtytrad  You can follow Shelbi on instagram at @shelbimaldonado  For more archery content and how to videos check out my youTube channel at: Follow me on instagram at @onpointwithgarrettweaver
September 20, 2018
Sitting down with @Derek_j_Carlton to talk about his success with Roosevelt Elk. success can come early on if you have the tenacity and the work ethic like Derek. Wanna hear what it takes to consistently put Roosevelt Bulls on the Ground? Derek will tell ya how.    Follow Derek on Instragram @Derek_j_carlton Follow me on Instagram @onpointwithgarrettweaver For more Archery information click on my YouTube Link!
September 7, 2018
This is the first camp talk episode. It's more about sharing hunting stories while on our deer hunt. check out the semi live hunts on my instagram @onpointwithgarrettweaver! Also check out the Youtube Channel for more bowhunting content!
August 6, 2018
This week I get to sit down with my brother, Gavin and my hunting partner, Mitch, to talk about Gavin's Bighorn Sheep hunt we went on a couple years ago. The story is a rollercoaster with an umbelievable twist towards the end. I hope you enjoy! For more of my content you can follow me on Instragm at @onpointwithgarrettweaver  Youtube: "Garrett Weaver" Leave a 5 star review on Itunes to get entered in some of my give aways!
August 3, 2018
I sit down with Bob from Elk Addicts. If you want to listen to an excuse eliminator, this will be a great episode for you. It's never to late to start chasing your dreams. Whether you're in your teens or in your 70's it all comes down to how bad you want it. You can do anything you want to, off you wangt to bad enough. Bob's dream is to film his hunting adventures and be able to help his fellow outdoorsman out along the way. This includes our own listeners :) Follow bow on instagram! @supersneek101
July 25, 2018
Anthony and I discuss the "must haves' for our day hunts. These are items that we consider crucial to our success. We also cover items that are "wants" more than "needs." Wandering what you may be forgetting on your next hunt, let us help you remeber!
July 17, 2018
This episode is all about broadheads. I sit down with Anthony and Chris to discuss many different aspects of broadheads. We hear it all the time; "what's the best broadhead?" Well, we dive into what broadhead may be the best for you and your setup and for the animal you're hunting.  You can follow Chris at Elk_River_Archery on Intagram You can follow Anthony on instagram at Teamdirtytrad
July 13, 2018
I get to sit down with South Cox from Stalker Stick Bows to talk about spot and stalk Muledeer. South has had some great success stalking big bucks with his trad bow and shares his tips and strategies for making it happen.  South's newest film; Stalker Films "Return To The Backcountry" is becoming available very soon so be sure to follow his instagram at @stalkerstickbows for details.  Visit his website @ for more inforamation.  South's podcast: The Western Bowhunter
July 9, 2018
Want to learn how to speak elk? Michael Batease from the Elk Calling Academy drops some great insight on how to call Elk. From a beginner to the experienced elk hunter, this episode will have you thinking about what to say come this September. After this episode you will know what each call sounds like and when to use them; giving you an advantage this season.  You can reach Michael at  Instagram: Elkcallingacademy YouTube: Elk Calling Academy Thank you to for giving listeners a 10% Discount on their subscription purchase! Just use code "opten" upon Checkout!
July 2, 2018
This Episode I got to sit down with Jason Phelps from to talk about his background as an elk hunter and entrepreneur. This is an area that Jason and I are passionate about. He shares some insight on how he was able to grow his company into the well established and respected brand it is today.
June 25, 2018
I get to sit down with Sage Davis from @chasingmoby and Luke Evans from @mtn_minded. I ask about their stories growing up and how they got to where they are now. Both Luke and Sage have ambitions to make a difference in the hunting industry, whether it be through filming hunts or sharing the lifestyle with those who don't. We also dive into being an ambassador to hunting and how you can help raise the bar on how hunters are portrayed. To get involved or donate to the foundation that Sage Davis talked about.  Sage has a YouTube Channel and Instagram. Check them out! @chasingmoby Luke's website is you can also find him on instagram; @mtn_minded  Thanks to for giving our listeners 10% off there subscription box when sing promo code "opten"
June 19, 2018
This Episode I sit down with my brother, Gavin, to talk about Oregon's draw system and how it works. Every year you hear abut someone drawing with 0 points. Or, you hear the about the person with a 100% draw odd and they don't draw. How is that possoible? Well, Gavin breaks the draw system down and explains how the applicants are chosen. for your subsciption box needs. Use code "opten" for your 10% discount off you purchase. for you Escouting map needs. Hands down the single most used scouting and hunting tool I use!
June 11, 2018
This Episode I sit down with Chris Dunlap from Elk River Archery. Chris goes into depth on his arrow building process and how to choose what setup is best for you. This episode is great for beginners who want to learn how to start building their arrows and to folks who are already experienced in this area. You can find Chris on instagram at @Elk_River_Archery if you want to follow him.  Get entered in my giveaways by leaving me a 5 star review with a comment, so I can see who left the review. That will get you entered in the drawing I have coming up that you won't want to miss! You can get more of my content on YouTube. Just search for Garrett Weaver and I'll pull right up.  Thanks for for giving listiners to this podcast 10% off their next purchase by using the checkout code "OPTEN"  Thanks to for supplying the podcast with cool giveaways.
June 8, 2018
This Episode I sit down with Austin Fisher (@Throatpunch34) and Darrell Fiser (@PapaFish777) just to talk about last years elk season. We share a ton of laughs and have a great time listening to their stories. I had a great time recording this episode and hope you get some laughs.  Thanks to has partnered with the show offering 10% off their subscription boxes with the coupon code "opten" upon checkout. They launched the new species specific boxes to get you more porducts that you can use.
June 4, 2018
I sat down with Steve and Courtney from Elevation Fitness Training at the Northwest Mountain Challenge at Mt. Hoodoo. We discuss their "Training Specificity" program that takes a very customized individual approach when working with a client. We also discuss the roll your diet plays in not only the physical aspect of your body but the mental aspect as well.  I had a great time interviewing them and look forward to working with them again in the future. If you wish to contact Steve & Courtney, please visit their website at  Instagram: @elevationfitnesstraining @Huntfit_08 @Heroutdoorjourney Special Thanks to Royce Chambers for joining the podcast as well.  You can follow Royce on his Instagram at @RBC_Hunts Links to see the shows shirts are below: Please visit to order the new "species specific" box subsciptions. Use "OPTEN" for 10% off your order! Thanks to for their donation to the podcast for our free giveaway!
May 22, 2018
I sit down with Wayne to talk about Pack Goats. For those who are interested learning how to get started, or what the benifits and setbacks are to pack goats, we cover it all in this Episode. As always be sure to leave a 5 star review and a comment to get entered in my latest giveaway.    Thanks to for providing this weeks giveway. A single state membership for one of our listeners to leaves a review with a comment on Itunes.
May 14, 2018
I sit down with Wayne Sherrard from Wayne's Taxiermy and Anthony Maldonado (@Teamdirtytrad) to discuss blacktail rattling and calling for Blacktails in Oregon. We discuss a lot of different areas for hunting Blacktails that will help you this year.  Special Thanks to for providing our giveaway item for this episode. To enter in the contest leave me an Ituned Review with a comment.
May 8, 2018
Trent and Kody from Born And Raised Outdoors join me to discuss a wide range of topics from elk hunting to starting your business in the outdoor industry. We also discuss their new upcoming project "Land Of The Free 2.0." Trent and Cody have great knowledge in the hunting industry and strive to help others while building their brand. They create some of the best elk hunting footage around to help motivate, educate and inspire folks who whish to do the same. Give them a look on YouTube for great content and visit their webiste at to find cool gear.  Thanks to OnX Maps for donating a great prize for the giveaway. If you wish to learn more about OnX Maps you can find their website at To see my content for learning about bows and shooting tips click this link!
April 23, 2018
Thanks for tuning into Episode 00! This is a short episode introducing myself and reveiwing what the podcast is about. Enter in my first GIVEWAY by leaving me a review and a comment!!! 5 stars would be great to help get the podcast off the ground and into the spotlight. If you have ANY suggestions or comments let me know!! If you're just joining me for the first time check out my YouTube Page for tons of videos on archery tips and tricks along with some of my hunts. Link to the channel Below:
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