Ted tapes
I think Taylor did a good job!i like that she brought a social justice perspective to the conversation and adding another a layer to consider. I think it was interesting to pair these two for the interview, I enjoyed seeing how people from two different generations interacted. F*ck the haters
E. St. Louis native
The lady doing the interview Taylor Crumpton, I think. She was completely inept. Her elementary level analysis of such a high profile case as Ted Bundy, was completely off base. Her efforts to lead the conversation in the direction of blaming and connecting white males, and the theory of white privilege. To the actions and crimes committed by a sociopath like Bundy. Only goes to prove she did very little homework before the interview, and instead went in with an ulterior motive to forcefully play the race card. She was blinded to the facts about Ted Bundy, by her own racist views towards white men. Without knowing any of her work. I am betting there will be a pattern to this racist behavior in her other interviews and writings. Very sad and alarming, as well as enlightening.
Fun & interesting!
I love these documentaries, and it’s fantastic to have the insight of the people involved with the projects.
Number ONE Podcast pet peeve: absolutely no one comes to an episode hoping the hosts will ramble on off topic for the first FIFTEEN minutes. I get you need an introduction but no one cares about the hosts’ current events, we are here for true crime.
Super fun show
This is such a great show...it reminds me of back when DVDs had commentaries and you’d watch something again with the commentary track on. If you love a good rehash/inside scoop, this is your jam.
The Two Killings of Sam Cooke
Disappointed, two of us listening and both felt film maker was racist.
The Ted Bundy Tapes episode was horrific. “White privilege” and politics should not be your base when discussing a sociopath. The host would not leave the this interjection alone and kept bringing up his “whiteness” every chance she could get. Very frustrating from a true crime fan that wanted more information on Ted Bundy as a person, not his race.
Ted Bundy Tapes
The lady in the Ted Bundy tapes is brutal. She injects race into the story and I can’t see how it plays any role. I wanted to hear this story but I could not bear to listen to her foolishness.
Ted Buddy Tapes
As a BIG fan of this podcast and someone who never takes time to TYPE OUT A REVIEW...I had to come here and say that the hostess of this particular episode is running the story into the ground with her cliche millennial phrasing and unintelligent banter that sounds like she’s reading a script to make sure she gets all of the latest PC phrasing into the story. Anyone older than you is rolling their eyes.
You will love one and hate another.
It can be hit or miss depending on who is hosting the show. I loved making a murderer show, but just listened to the ted bundy one and had to turn it off. The host kept asking about his race and privilege and clearly had no insight to what a sociopath is (which is pretty wild if you are conducting a show about Ted bundy). Totally missed the boat.
Not so good
On the subject of the pizza bomber. Could have done without the humour. Just talks about the facts and details. We don’t need to hear your attempt to be funny.
Great idea. Really annoying
Most episodes are really vapid and annoying. Some are condescending and uninformed and just not worth listening to. Especially the “k-pop Explained” The longest 15mins of my life. The hosts talked a little bout what they have read on google or watched on YouTube. But mostly gossiping on the topic with s very little knowledge. If you are gonna insult someone back handily. Please try to do more homework.
A Missed Opportunity
Great idea, but poor execution. The hosts of the Staircase episode are unbearably annoying and added nothing interesting.
On the Ted Bundy podcast ...... “I think his anger was rooted in his whiteness” what sort of nonsensical garbage is this? Ted Bundy was a psychopathic serial killer, but what we are supposed to be taking away from his horrific behavior is that it was rooted in his whiteness? To be honest I’m a little bit surprised that anybody could look at the Ted Bundy case and come up with the theory that it was all spurred on by his skin color, especially when you consider the fact that all of his victims were white.
Focused way too much on white privilege
podcast review👏🏻👏🏻
In the episode about the Ted Bundy tapes, the host literally only talked about Bundy’s “white privilege”. I understand that it was important, but I want more of the information on the tapes and interviews than the way that he was treated
Just okay
Some are really good, some are really bad. The American Vandal episode was so stupid. They interviewed the fake documentary film makers like they were real people and I cringed throughout the 5 minutes I listened to.
A Millennial Tired of Hearing other Millennials Politics.
They inject it into everything. I get that the entertainment industry is primarily liberal, but let’s leave the identity politics out of the places where it doesn’t belong. You don’t need a “social justice” journalist injecting “white male privilege” into Ted Bundy’s recent doc. How about we talk about proven things that coincide with the content of the doc? Talk about how and why bite marks have recently been proven to be junk science. Talk about the strange phenomena of women romantically interested in this creep despite the evidence. What a let-down that we can’t get away from the minority’s political views even in our entertainment anymore.
White male privilege
Im listening to the interview with the man who interviewed Bundy, and it’s absolutely true about his privilege but a lot of that is also due to being a sociopath l know because is was married to one for 2 yrs and dating for 3 yrs. he was Native American and Mexican American. These types of people know how to charm people, they know what to say. These people are so far into their mental issues they really believe their lies. Mine tried to kill me when I was 4 months pregnant and they go into an almost robotic mode, their voice changes their eyes become black bottomless pools. I could tell when he was he was about to change into sociopath mode..... what’s scary I can see the exact same change with trump...
The Staircase
I have watched the Staircase and think it was very well done so well. I was very anxious to listen to the Podcast anticipating getting some great insights into the story, the process or other aspects of the production. I was totally taken back by the juvenile behavior of the two hosts. I think they thought the podcast was focused on how funny and clever they thought they could be rather than The Staircase itself. They were neither. This was the first Netflix podcast I have listened to. It will be the last if they are all hosted by these two. I hope not.
This pod almost always leaves me wanting more. I love the idea but the execution isn’t consistent. Of course different guests critiquing various shows. I just didn’t find them as credible, knowledgeable or reliable as I hoped. For example, in discussion of Making a Murderer, the guests clearly hadn’t seen Rebutting a Murderer, a riveting pod that shows how the convicted two are actually incredibly guilty. I would have liked to have heard the guests discussing both. I will still listen bc I’m a podcast addict.
Host is Dreadful
Loved Making a Murderer and the guests’ input- Especially Phoebe Judge. The host, Dan Taberski, was absolutely dreadful! He sounded unintelligent, unprepared and completely embarrassing. Too bad to waste such a great series, guests and discussion with this guy.
Grating Commentary
Uninformed and blathering
Surprisingly low quality
Not what I was expecting from an outfit like Netflix. Production values are low and the host is unfortunately subpar. I couldn't make it through a single episode. People are making better quality podasts in their bedroom closets.
Hey Netflix, A regular host with rotating guests analyzing and commenting on shows would go over a lot better then this hodgepodge. Not what I was expecting. So dissatisfied.
Good content - too much joking around
Why the gay references .., who cares. Too many -not funny- jokes
I love Netflix and was excited to hear some commentary pertaining to the Netflix original series the Staircase that was so enthralling. I was completely confused as to the purpose of this podcast. The commentators had absolutely none of the facts correct about the case and made the statement that Michael Peterson had adopted Margret and Martha after the death of their mother in Germany. ( the girls were never adopted formally by Mr. Peterson allowing Mr Peterson to collect support on their behalf from the federal government.) Michael and Patricia Peterson had actually placed the girls with another family at one point because the arrangement was not working out. There are so many factual issues that they just completely confused and I was having a hard time distinguishing jokes from factual commentary. The two hosts were pleasant and interesting but what was the point of this podcast?
Stole Sup Doc Idea!
First of all there already is a documentary podcast that has been much longer than this one called Sup Doc. They basically stole this idea from them and just applied it to Netflix docs. If you want to hear a great podcast devoted to docs where the guests are interesting and the conversation is funny and enlightening listen to Sup Doc.
Like.. like... like....
I loved the documentary, and this podcast was interesting... but the interviewer sounds like a middle school girl. Every other word is ‘like’... “she was like” “I was like” I wanted to fast forward through the interviewer
Evil Genius
I was interested in this podcast until I heard the Evil Genius episode. In particular the opening recap. It was so disrespectful of those who were killed or harmed in this incident.
Love this podcast!
Frustrated Father 13
I love watching great documentaries and Netflix is doing a great job. After seeing the videos it is nice to hear the behind the scenes information in the podcast. After watching the documentary on medical devices I would love to see one on the Gardasil vaccine and vaccine safety in general. They seem to be I. They seem to be in the same situation with the FDA as medical devices. With a daughter permanently disabled because of the Gardasil vaccine, which also had very little clinical testing, I think people would be so surprised to find out that pharmaceutical companies can not be help liable for vaccine injuries.
I Stan.
I’m here for it. Wild Wild Country was really good! Excellent per usual, Netflix.
Disappointed that politics are so bold in The Staircase podcast. Be who you want to be, but I turned the podcast on to listen to a discussion of the show not to hear about politics. Very disappointed and I turned it off after 10 minutes.
Terrible. Absolutely. Terrible.
After watching The Staircase, I was excited to listen to this podcast to get more information and background on the series, case, families and people involved, etc. What Netflix decided to produce instead was absolute garbage tabloid talk given by hosts that were into themselves and things not related to the show at all. Absolutely terrible.
What a wasted opportunity
I'm so disappointed. I've listened to the episodes about two of my favorite shows (The Staircase and WIld Wild Country) and wish I hadn't. They provided no new information, no interesting behind-the-scenes detail, not even any interesting gossip. The Wild Wild Country episode, which interviewed the filmmakers, consisted entirely of predictable questions and predictable answers. The Staircase episode just gave us two podcaster talking heads, one of whom admitted he hadn't even finished watching the series, but no one with an informed perspective. Netflix, surely you can do better than this. I hope so - two of my very favorite interviewers are coming up as guest hosts and it will be a crying shame if you waste their talents as well.
Was looking forward to a “post podcast” re: Netflix’s incredible documentaries/series! However, I simply cannot listen to a pseudo-host/interviewer, who uses the word “like“ so frequently..👎 End result being: OBV lack of professionalism, etc., along with attempted “non-comedic relief” &or satire, which I assume is what they are trying to encapsulate? Uh, NOT! DEF not enough research done, not humorous, ESP when discussing true crime cases, which must deeply disrespect/insult the families involved...very disappointing..😔
Good idea but needs some polishing
I love the idea behind this podcast, but as someone who has followed the Michael Peterson case for years (I lived in Durham until 2010 and am a huge true crime nerd), I’m really disappointed listening to this episode with the Throwing Shade hosts. What’s tough is that they’re discussing their opinions about seeing the series once without doing any other research (or so it sounds) or discussing the specifics left out of the series. My recommendation to Netflix is to hire forensic or true crime experts, criminal defense attorneys, SOMETHING for the post-game podcast rather than comedians. It wasn’t funny and what I was left with at the end of the series was a ton of questions, not a need to make fun of it.
Millennials ruin another podcast
I wanted to like this podcast but I’ll never listen again thanks to the moronic hosts, who sound much dumber on radio than they might in real life. Why does every host sound like he’s just gotten out of high school and is chewing gum? It’s amazing to listen to seasoned hosts with some radio experience and vocal training compared to the horrible, squeaky and idiotic voices and questions thrown out by 90% of what’s clearly a millennial invasion of podcasts. Fire the hosts and get some intelligent people to replace them.
Please don’t bring back the “Throwing Shade” hosts. They made more comments about people’s appearance than they did on giving insights to the crime doc. I was excited to listen to this and even waited until I was done watching the series but turned it off after five minutes. Definitely not Netflix level quality.
The Staircase
The Staircase episode is the only one I will listen to. It was so poorly done - the hosts don't know what they're talking about and misstate things from the get-go. Did they do any research? Did they watch the series, or did they talk through the entire thing and catch things here and there? Really just a waste of time.
The Staircase
E.J. Klose
Pure tea filth ❤️
The Staircase
Horrible hosts!! Don’t waste your time on this one. Spent most of the podcast discussing sexuality instead of all the interesting facts about the case.
A great show
A great show but do an episode on Mr.Bell’s family.
Awful interviewer
The Crappo 💩
How many times can we say “like” in one sentence? Completely vapid interviewer who admits to wanting to join a sex cult.
az 88
What is the use of LIKE in the interview process. I am hearing this on many podcasts . She can’t talk or ask questions with out saying like.
Seems like it could be good
Great idea, terrible host.
Such a good podcast! A really fun listen. I blew through these episodes so fast. It's addictive! Totally binge worthy
Really... I feel you only did a Kpop episode because it is popular and you wanted listens. I think you missed the whole reason BTS is breaking out at the moment. Under the guidance of PD Bang and the other Big Hit Producers, the members of BTS are participating in the writing and creation of their music. If you listen to Namjoon speak, you realize that they understand the importance of their platform to address deeper issues than just a Catchy tune with 7 English words in it. And there are no mediocre vocals in BTS. The problem with American Hip Hop music is that women cannot listen to it without hearing sexist slurs and disrespectful language. I have no problem with cursing, but I am nobodies b&:”h or Ho... This episode was condescending. Do better...
Just brilliant
That’s all
Loooove 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Excellent content
Follow ups with the minds responsible for excellent documentaries.
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