Ivan and Red Talk Zombie Robots
If you like deep-dive analysis into Westworld theory with plenty of nerd humor and woke politics, this is your Westworld companion podcast.
What a bunch of idiots. Who pays these guys? and why?
These guys say "Problematic' at least 20 times an episode. They do the samething on Boars, Gore, and Swords. Find a new word to use for Christ sake!
So good!!
I love this show! The guys provide a great recap and analysis of Westworld and are very funny. I look forward to it every week.
Never disapoints
Love some Ivan and Red, mainly Red.....
Not so serious. Which is why it is GREAT.
Red and Ivan do a great job of balancing information with humor to make this podcast standout.
Viserys Throat Punch
I'll happily subscribe to the Counter Point podcast as well.
Woke Straight Men Banter
I love Ivan & Red and their podcasts. The banter is relatable & constantly entertaining. Their reviews are great... except for S2E5 - Shogun World. They really need to just have Lisa Corrao on some time to tell stories and riff on Ivan because they never really review the episodes when she’s on and she obviously feeds into Ivan’s self-effacing schtick very well. And they need to actually review that episode because it’s Maeve’s Jean Grey style awakening!
Red and Ivan Rock
And so does everything they do
Really funny and great references. Infinity War!
A philosophical review of the ethics in AI
Without this podcast I would have never ascended to a higher level of consciousness and would have broken down after 30 days, needing to be immediately incinerated. Thanks to Ivan and Red (or Red and Ivan) I got over my cognitive disconence and was able to continue functioning as a human among a world of gooey flesh bags!
Whisky is...
The Balvenie Single malt @TheBalvenie US
Not for people who don’t like loud, low hanging fruit, look at me style comedy.
Always quality
I've followed Ivan and Red from Boars, Gore, and Swords to Pilot Fight to Bunker Politics. They're always worth the listening. Especially valued is their exact-right-depth-dive into episode details and freezeframe bonuses - interesting but not obsessive epileptic trees. Go now, and download.
Never disappointed!
Been listening to Ivan and Red since their first Game of Thrones podcasts, and they are still one of the funniest teams in podcasting.
What’s that?
I was going along minding my own business when I went from the 3rd best podcast about Game of Thrones to check out this Westworld one. The only problem is that it doesn’t sound like anything to me.
Third best podcast, period.
I love these guys and I love hearing them talk about Westworld. But I've also started at the beginning of their other podcast, Boars, Gore, and Swords, and have been listening through that, which has taken my appreciation to a whole new level. I think I was initially lured in by Ivan's Ivaness, but I've really come to appreciate the fact that Red holds the show together in literally every way. But, of course, you need both to create that perfectly balanced pod.
Time Crimes
Red, watch it!
Must listen if you like funny people talking about tv
These guys are the best, they are funny, informative, and habit forming! If you like Westworld, it's a great recap. Over at Boars, Gore, & Swords I've listened to recaps of shows I've never watched, and some I know I will never watch, and enjoyed the recaps more than I would ever enjoy the actual show. Give it a try, once you're in, you'll never want to leave!
Sounds like teen spirit
I love Ivan and Red’s show recap podcasts. I can’t watch television anymore without wondering what Ivan and Red would have to say about it. They being the same energy and humor to Westworld recaps that they’ve been known for among Game of Thrones fans since 2011.
A good time had by all
I just want to give Red and Ivan a kiss.
They're both hosts
And you cannot convice me otherwise
Westworld has swords now, baby!
I mean… these guys.
Awesome podcast
Erik Orellana
These guys are awesome. They are fun to listen to.
These guys are my favorite podcast hosts. I would take the BiG-A#@S Poo universe (sorry Red), over the Marvel Cinematic Universe (sorry Ivan), in any timeline.
Friendship and Murder
Robot Painspider
Ivan and Red a good friends whose good humor and excellent jokes to a long way to balance out the murdery murderness of Westworld. This is by far my favorite podcast!
Amazing podcast
Emel Woods
Ivan and Red have been putting out great content for years and this podcast just continues it. Listening to it two years ago got me into this show, and I look forward to the podcast almost as much as the show itself. Laugh out loud moments each episode, and their guests are great as well. Thanks for the content!!
More BGASPU to love!
I’m always a fan of Ivan and Red and their Westworld spin-off is no exception! These hilarious friends provide a great recap of each episode and plenty of side banter too! Check out their other podcasts too: Boars, gore and Swords; and Bunker Politics (sadly not continuing)
Sean Bean Dies!!
Been listening to Ivan & Red since they were more ambitiously pursuing full time careers in comedy!! These guys are fantastic!! Colbert, when you read this review, I’d like to recommend you book them to boost the podcast. Win, win
Third best podcast
The third best Game of Thrones podcast covering Westworld as a video game platform while mixing the MCU and Love Actually universes.
Now there ARE swords in Westworld
Couple of dime piece comedic geniuses recap and riff on PEAK television shows. Maps, moving buildings, and NEW things.
Red and Ivan are your ideal Westworld viewing companions
Funny and occassionally insightful. Recommended.
I am now less confused
Baltimore Boundaries
Ivan and Red help me get the video game references I’d otherwise be missing while making me laugh. I listen to all their shows. Please have Kelly on this one too. I first found BGAS through Boing Boing. I’m going to miss Bunker Politics.
Third best podcast from these guys
Dr greenthumb630
So does my title as bannerman mean nothing now!!!
HBO pay these men!
As a long time sci-if fan, I find it very hard to stay interested in Westworld as it is as so incredibly predictable. Nonetheless, Ivan & Red wit and wisdom keep me hanging on for each and every week. Clearly they have hacked my subroutines.
It doesn’t get better than this!
These guys are my go-to when I’m in the podcasting mood. I’ve been a loyal listener for years, and this new westworld podcast does not disappoint! Looking forward to coverage of the entire season!
Love it
Seasoned podcasters cover all things Westworld - and probably some adjacent media. Funny and irreverent.
Bringing to Westworld....
.... the same comedic genius and insights the brought to Game OfThrones. Just subscribe, listen and be happy!
Westworld Podcast? More like Bestworld Podcast
A dedicated new WW podcast (not much of a rind on it...) from the internet’s favorite woke nerd duo.
Smarter than the show
These guys are hilarious, and they also have great guest hosts. I think my favorite episode is the one from last season with Kelly Anneken, and I applaud Ivan and Red for being brave enough to book someone who completely hates Westworld. The only way that one would have been funnier is if she also hated the hosts. Just a shot in the dark, but does *Ballers* have some kind of bro-after show?
Another great podcast from Ivan and Red
Listened to all of their BGS pocasts from the beginning (and that is a crazy amount of hours now that I think about it). Always entertained by these guys and love their take on media. Any fans of Westworld should give this podcast a try!
Two good friends enjoying a wonderful television show while having a grand old time. Thanks for all the hours of free entertainment guys!
Red, Ivan, Killer Robots
Let there be Red, Ivan, world-building, McPoyles, a smattering of Marsden deaths, but most importantly, two male feminists’ perspectives on this Joy/Nolan joint, informed by Red’s vast Sci-Fi/Tech knowledge and Ivan’s unrelenting comparisons to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Oh, and Sean Bean dies.
Been listening to their other podcast for 7 years
I feel myself getting old as Ivan stays ageless, like a WoW character.
Always entertaining
I originally stumbled upon them years ago because their name was not blocked over my company’s WiFi. I’ve been listening to their hilarious and insightful reviews ever since.
Always entertaining
The humor is always on point. The chemistry between the two hosts is lovely. 💯
These guys deserve their own TV show!
Better than Roger and Ebert used to be! Gave me a whole new insight to Westworld as a non-videogame player!
Lyanna baby mama
These guys are great I listen to all their things. Join the club! Will miss the orb ... :(
These violent podcasts have violent ends
I love Ivan and Red, listened to all pods in the BGASPU (RIP Bunker Politics) and support them on Patreon. Very funny and moderately insightful. Please make Kelley Anaken watch more Westworld, guys! I feed off her annoyance at it (and love her pods, especially The Crown, with Amy too, of course).
Enjoying the Storytelling
Between Two Parks
They do good work.
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