Now we know what the pros have access to....
Eddo's IPOD
Over my head electronically but if I had serious money I would call this guest right away . Please keep up these shows . I invested a lot of money in pedals and still can’t get the sound I want .. now I know why ...thank you for creating these podcasts 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Wish this came along 45 yrs ago
I could have saved a lot of money
the best gear show
never stop honking
Great podcast on music and gear. Pretty much the best one on the subject. I wish you’d dive more into some vintage gear. Please enough with the horn honking it’s not cute, and gets annoying after 1 time, often much to loud in the mix
No time
For me is much better this format then video a now I can listen all your shows thanks!!!!
Best in class
Among the finest guitar gear channels, rises above the field of demo and review channels to answer the “what”, “how” and “why” questions ranging from simple to complex. All with humor, encouragement, and an open perspective. Thanks guys!
Your Mission
I love your show(s). During this show, you touched on your mission—-what your purpose for doing these shows is. Rather you should be more of a review show or not. My .02: I LOVE the fact that despite your title as “That Pedal Show” you really seem to be all about ALL things guitar with emphasis on the stuff at your feet. You’ve had shows dedicated to your guitar re-fret, how to sit in a mix, education on modulation, delay, compression, clean sounds, etc. What I personally get out of you shows is a new and fresh perspective on how to listen to tone and how ALL the parts influence and affect the resulting sound. Such as: pedal order, EQ curve tendency of certain circuits, boosting frequencies before/after gain, etc. I’ve been able to apply these bits of knowledge into my lifestyle. I say lifestyle because its more that just my setup itself; I actually am getting so much more enjoyment and deeper level of appreciation for experimenting with each element. It’s providing me with an extremely high level of inspiration and motivation to play and experience my guitar sound! This, even after 30 years, of playing! I thank you for this. In my opinion your mission is: Providing education and inspiration through exploration of guitar tone. Keep up the good work!
Laugh and learn
A wealth of knowlege and a lot of humor. Even if you aren't going to use "real" pedals, it's worth it for the knowledge of what's possible and why things work the way they do.
Amazing stuff!
The only thing that would make this podcast better, is if I knew which pedals were being pushed and when
Tough without visual cues
This pains me because their YouTube show is so good. I was excited to be able to listen to the show in podcast form but this is really just the audio of a show heavily dependent on visual cues. Who is playing? What guitar/amp/pedal are they using or switching to? All nonverbal cues from the video are lost and you end up listening to guys jamming on your guess of equipment for an hour. Not sure how you fix it without ruining the flow of the YouTube show. I highly recommend the YouTube show but am disappointed how it translates to podcast.
Love The Podcast Option!
I’m loving the podcast option of my favorite YouTube Channel. It’s wonderful listening to Dan and Mick while driving. Their knowledge and incredible enthusiasm for all things guitar really shines through.
Jeff here, hello
Awesome that TPS is a podcast. Whilst I love seeing Dan and Mick's faces on the Tube, I don't always have time to watch. I do have a mega massive commute, however. So this is awesome!
Guys I loved
I use to listen that pedal show , like audio podcast , while working , I am so happy you guys came on the audio platform , really appreciate you guys , love your show
Best guitar show ever, but I’m really loving the extra bespoke behind the scenes conversation. Can’t get enough. Thanks Dan and Mick!
So glad you are posting these podcasts! I use them on loooong runs and my commute and I can’t thank you enough!
Killer Tones
Great show, informative and enthusiastic for guitar players of all kinds. Mick and Dan are great players and awesome hosts, keeping it fun and entertaining. Lots of incredible guests, new pedals, gear concepts, and tips to keep in mind. Seriously, it’s great!
These guys are the best! Love what they do on YouTube so it’s great to be able to take it on the go in audio form.
Guitar Geeks For Guitar Geeks!
Hopefully Dan and Mick will come up with some exclusive material for the Podcast, but even if they don’t...... I will smile every morning and afternoon as I drive to and from work. If you are a guitar player/aficionado/wanna-be rock star, these two are must listen to/watch! If you haven’t taken a look at their YouTube channel, stop everything and got over to it now and subscribe! The knowledge and passion they exhibit for the guitar and the tools of the trade are truly inspiring. Keep up the good work, boys!!!!! SullyinStafford
Your favorite YouTube guitar show in podcast!
No nearly enough guitar related podcasts especially those involving the details of how various pieces of gear work together to form a sound. Been a fan since the old channel (DanTheGigRig) and delighted to see how you guys have grown! Cheers from Atlanta!
My favorite hour every week
TPS has made me such a better musician since I first discovered about a year ago. I love their YouTube Channel and not it is now available as a Podcast!
That Pedal Show in podcast form!
Finally, I can get all that great stuff from That Pedal Show while driving, jogging, walking the dog, etc. One of the best shows to hear about how pedals, amps, guitars and the player work together. The hosts Dan and Mick are entertaining, informative and detailed. The guest appearances are always fantastic, a good way to hear what pro’s are using and how they use their tools to create.
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