Sticking to the Basics - and Winning
The Real Jerry Dugan
Dustin gives you a great framework to build your own real estate investing portfolio that creates passive income. He shares a lot of his own experiences, both successes and learning moments, but combine this show with his free course and book and you'll find yourself seeing a basic framework to get started with understanding.
Could be so much better
I’ve been listening for months now, and I just keep waiting for this show to improve. And waiting. And waiting. But the constant rambling, self-aggrandizement, and general lack of organization are really holding this show back. Despite the real success Dustin has had and the real potential that is available in real estate investing, he just comes across as a snake oil salesman. Always talking about his “best-selling book” that he gives you for free. It’s not really a best-seller, then. “Here’s a pro-tip: increase your income and reduce your expenses.” Not much of a pro-tip, eh? There is too little substance or detail to keep listening. I get much more from other podcasts such as BiggerPockets, Passive Real Estate Investing, Rental Income Podcast, and Coach Carson. More humility along with detailed, real world experiences would go a long way here.
A lot of optimism - little information
The Paps
Very little information on how leverage and market fluctuations impact rental returns/losses. A lot of optimism with less substance than I would like.
20-Episodes-In Review
So far, so good! Great content and smart, reasonable-sounding advice. Provides a lot of information for free via podcast and resources, which creates a lot of credibility. I’m looking forward to listening to all of his recordings!
Good Information and Informative
JV Martinez
Dustin has been there and done it, which makes him a true teacher and professional as far as I’m concerned. I enjoy his podcasts, and his courses as well. I would say to also listen to his content more once, as you will get more out of it by listening again. I hope to be retired in my 30’s too!
Just what I was looking for!
My husband and I are fairly new to the investment property game, but I love how the info Dustin gives is filled with knowledge for both “rookies and veterans”. Thanks, Dustin!
Love this podcast!
Dustin is a brilliant investor and it shows when you listen to his podcast. I love the unique way he delivers his content, and always enjoy listening to the show. This is a must for people looking to Master Passive Income!
Can’t stop listening
I am new. I have been on the sidelines for about a year. I am planning on purchasing a rental in two weeks. This podcast has really provided great information but more importantly it has provided confidence. I have been listening straight for two days. Trading dollars for hours isn’t it. Thanks for all the advice. Hopefully I will make it out of the rat race .
Love your podcast
Just found your podcast and can’t put it down. I am an investor, about level 2, with about 20 years experience and listen to some podcast and read books and your podcast is the best. Very entertaining and a lot of information. Wish I had found you a couple years ago because you answer a lot of questions and are very inspirational . Thanks for a great podcast. Rick, Central Texas
Not Great
Seems he likes to brag and let everyone know he’s a “millionaire”.
“I’m a millionaire!”
The information is good but his constant bragging is annoying. I understand stating your credentials - what qualifies you to teach or give advice on passive real estate income; however, the constant “I’m a millionaire,” “I don’t work a job because I don’t have to,” is extremely annoying. There are many other podcast options on the same subject, giving the same advice, with as much success as this guy while being less braggadocious!
Answered all my questions!!
Satisfied stomper
I was looking for a checklist of what to look for in property managers and Dustin gave me all that and more (while on vacay!). And I met him in person at FinCon and he was a wealth of information and super friendly. Thanks again. -Mike from Philly
This podcast is just on fire!
Dustin is so authentic and that is what I love about his podcast. Keep up the work!
Great pod cast
What a good pod cast he teaches so much and gives so many pro tips, the best thing is his energy he is always so happy and excited and just wants to help, finding this pod cast was a blessing, I would highly recommend listening to his pod cast and visiting his web site, thanks Dustin
Rental Properties
Will, So Cal Investor
I’ve been investing for approximately 20 years. I’ve heard many investors and agents speak over the years. However, Dustin is one of few that is extremely clear and precise in explaining how to invest in rental properties, A+!
Dustin is the Real Deal -- Plain and Thorough Instruction
Getcha some!
Dustin's no gimic approach about real estate investing is what our society needs! Dustin's teachings are valuable and go way beyond and give his listeners the complete picture. You can be sure any topic Dustin teaches will give you everything you need to be prepared and to be able to get the job done. Further, Dustin doesn't hold anything back. -- His podcasts are very entertaining while educational and he has a way of motivating you to go out there and "do" rather than just "dream". At the end of the day, you can tell Dustin loves his "work" and that he approaches teaching real estate from a perspective of abundance. I have learned so much from his podcasts. Keep up the great work!!
Awesome show, highly recommend!
J. Barshop
Dustin and his guests provide some incredibly compelling and actionable content geared to help you become a better, more well-rounded real estate investor. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Master Passive Income Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to creatively and confidently invest in real estate (and inch closer towards financial freedom as a result)!
Great, sound information
This podcast has been great and very knowledgeable for my friend and I. We are excited to start investing and working to become financially free!
Here’s me...
Nicks ratjng
Me me me me me Where’s the content?
Terrific podcast on real estate investing and rental properties
The Master Passive Income podcast has taught me so much about investing in real estate. Because of the insight and personal experience shared by Dustin Heiner, I am confident in my ability to buy rental properties. I'll be looking into his personal coaching to help me get my business started right so I can quit my job.
I definitely recommend this podcast
Dustin seems like a down-to-earth guy with a lots of great insight to help with building financial security. He doesn’t oversell. They are just basic principles that anyone can implement. Thank you Dustin !
Awesome podcast
Very good step by step information for newbies.
Great Content and Easy to Understand
As a newbie I love the content. Very easy to understand. The step by step information is absolutely helpful. Thanks Dustin!
Real talk
Mat Koym
I’ve only been able to listen to two podcasts so far but it is refreshing to find a podcast on real estate that is real. Just honest opinions and how he does things.
Amazing Podcast
Sammy 213
Great podcast to get started in Realestate investing. Totally helpful, love the content.
My real estate guru
I've been following Dusty's blog for a while now, I own his books, and I'm happy that he's finally got a podcast! Subscribed and already listening. Keep it up, Dusty!
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