Podcast is trash
Recent episodes are about no name jokes that are just racist internet trolls
Some episodes and guests are better than others. Overall it’s a really enjoyable and thought provoking podcast. Robert Evans has a great voice for podcasts. And I like Sophie’s interjections and shut downs. 🙌🏼❤️
Great history podcast for lefties
There are quite a few left leaning political opinions shared, but I agree with most of them. Robert Evans (the host) cares about accuracy and he does his homework. Not only that, but he’s a world traveler with a lot of interesting cultural experience. Hope to see y’all on tour sometime on the East coast!
it’s pretty good
it’s pretty good
Snide and dishonest
Ian Rieley
Biased opinions snidely presented as historical fact. One of the most dishonest podcasts I’ve ever heard, and that’s saying a lot.
I hate history
I’ve always found history the subject worse than biology, but I could (and have) listened to this for hours. I think five straight was my record. My husband found this by accident and I heard it while driving with him. I’ve pushed it on all my friends and coworkers, and, even though I still hate history, I love THIS history!
Rating for Kim Jong Un Episode
Get rid of this co-host. Most of his comments are off-tangent, he disrupts the train of thought, and he’s just basically useless. Ugh! Most annoying co-host.
Too political
This would be so much better if they would leave their political comments out.
Oh great more liberals with dime a dozen opinions
Ad transitions are a thing of beauty
Such a very amazing podcast!
Such good podcast -- very insightful. Learn lots. Love Robert Evans. Very very very good. Many very!
Laugh & Be Informed
Name me, please
Love this podcast! The co-hosts ask questions I want to know too and Robert Evans is acutely aware of how damaging unwanted sexual contact is. Not only is he aware, he calls attention to how disgusting it is. His reporting is in-depth but easy to listen to. The humor is good! So many other good things to say but I have to finish listening to what a bastard Steven Seagall is - binging on past episodes this weekend. Update - my favorite, by a lot, co-hosts are Jamie Loftus and Billy Wayne Davis, thanks for asking questions I’m thinking and saying funny sh**
You need to listen to this
Honestly one of the most important podcasts to listen to. Robert is a fantastic storyteller and I love listening to every episode. The information you’ll learn is incredible important to your understanding of current politics and history, and I can’t wait to hear future episodes. I recommended this podcast to everyone.
love the show!!!
This podcast makes me want to ingest cyanide and steal from the wealthy. I love it, thank you for doing what you do, Robert.
Fun show but...
Sideshow Tom
The Maori people of New Zealand is pronounced môw-ree, not May-or-ee. Just wanted to get that out there. Thanks, and keep up the good work!
which was the style @ the time
Robert does his homework. The guests are hit-or-miss, but they’re generally just there to prevent the show from being a monologue by asking questions (some of which are illuminating). Robert’s got opinions (the show would be boring if he didn’t), but he’s always up-front about his sources, so there’s nothing stopping you from forming your own opinions.
In my top 5 at the VERY least
Now all we need you to do is go on Chapo
Don’t bring Edgar back
Aside from Edgar and him being a waste of space. This show is fantastic. Seriously, Edgar was horrible. Like so dumb. Every time he spoke made me wonder if you grabbed someone off the street and said he’s important and that’s why he is on the episode. He was horrible.
The episodes are informative and hilarious. The guests are fun. Sophie is delightful. The crossover episode with QAnon Anonymous was amazing. I listen to every episode as soon as I can when I comes out.
Interesting History Lesson
Paul Mux
I learn something new with each episode. I can say with 100% certainty that Lawrence Horn was involved.
Stuff of Nightmares
So far my favorite is "Edward Bernays". The gofundme border wall fiasco and Trump U. But the hosts debunk a few of my favorites too, like Napoleon Hill. And YouTube, the bad part. That's why I listen. Cursing alert.
Huge Disappointment
The idea that this podcast is based upon is fascinating. I love to learn obscure facts about notorious villains. Unfortunately, neither the host nor any of his co-hosts can keep their politics to themselves. If you enjoy listening to leftist political rhetoric, this podcast is for you. Personally, I couldn’t stomach it. Unsubscribed.
You should get some Indigenous perspectives
Maybe there’s an episode I missed, but in all your story of history I haven’t heard too much recognition of the bastard history of settler colonialism, especially California where you live.
Some guests are awful, but it’s still a great show
Chris Crofton is the worst guest, he can barely form sentences, beside that, Evans is great and this is one of my favorite pods
Excellent, Yet Depressing Learning Experience
Wanted to add something positive because the hate comments are unbelievable. He IS very funny and the dishing on Texas is a joke. I don’t know what to say about the accusations of him being a millennial. I think he is? But so am I? So i guess that makes this whole review null. Anyway, love this podcast!
Third rate hacks, unfunny and unoriginal. There is no flow and they'll generally annoy you within 5 minutes into the episode at which point you'll beg for them to shut up. You can do better. Don't waste your time on this.
Ditch the guests
The host is outstanding but the guests slow everything down and don’t add anything.
Great Podcast with Great Humor
I stumbled into this podcast about a year ago when a Facebook group mentioned the L Ron Hubbard episode. I was hooked. It's well-researched, Robert's sarcasm shines through, but one of the greatest things is Sophie's laugh in the background.
Everyone should listen.
Well researched, well cited, lessons well taught and emphasized. My favorite pod of all time!
General impression
I can’t get past the hosts. It’s like listening to a couple jokey bros yukking it up in their home broadcast booth. One plays dumb and constantly sidebars off-topic, in ways that are just irritating. Awful.
Not that funny
Extremely bias, the occasional laugh but mostly Robert, nor his guests, are funny. Really interesting information but have stopped listening to multiple episodes because of the obnoxiously left comments. And the worst part is this podcast started out pretty great before he brought politics into it.
Andy’s Podcaster Podcasting Podcast review
Andy's Podcaster Podcast
Excellent show. Always packed with fascinating information. Attempts to find the funny come off as gallows humor at best of times because the subject matter is dark and difficult. Best biopic of Assad I could find. Thanks! Full review at andyspodcasterpodcastingpodcast.com Syria episode. Spoiler - it gets 2 thumbs up, a Hellraiser & all the marbles.
other truth guy
Just ... Terrible
Please release Sophie’s laugh as a ringtone.
Creative and clever presentation of history’s “bad people”
This podcast is both hilarious and informative, and the shows cover history’s bad people — many of whom contributed to nazi ideology (wwii-era nazis in addition to their modern incarnations). Guys — “earth science” is another term for “geology.” Fun quotes: “They validate your own worldview!” (Referring to these Steiner-influenced “doctors”) — this was one of the many bits from the Steiner episode that made laugh out loud...that plus “Horses are full of healthy diseases” and the “my boyfriend produces ectoplasm...” Oh yeah, and evil wizard doctors with their evil karma-blocking vaccines...and “there was no one more dangerous than German intellectuals during WWI” As an academic I greatly appreciate how BtB presents a wealth of historical information that grounds nazi ideology (and associated matters — BtB is not narrowly focused but is much more probative than other podcasts that cover loosely associated topics) in clever and comprehensible episodes. (Please though gentlemen — do check pronunciations of English-language words — you mispronounce “theosophy” throughout the entire episode on Steiner, and it drove me crazy. Yes I forgive the slaughtering of foreign-language terms. But terms in English? Also I think you could have contextualized Steiner’s belief that he could speak to the dead a bit better — not only was it not unusual at the time, it was completely in vogue to claim that one could commune with spirits. Spiritualism was a world-wide phenomenon, and Steiner’s claims were in keeping with the trendy nature of spiritualism at the time. Guys, as a medievalist, I must say that you should know that people didn’t all die at the age of twenty in the 1300s. The numbers are skewed because the rate of infant mortality was so high (and continues to be high through later centuries). Babies and young children were obviously very vulnerable to disease, and this impacts the “average age of death” numbers of course. Your knowledge of theosophy seemed *very* unstable, which is fine since you don’t have Ph.D.s on this material, but yes it does have a lot to do with Blavatsky’s (and others) interest in Hindu philosophy and amalgamation of world religions. There is actually a bunch of theosophy-related buildings etc in San Diego CA.
I despise podcasts and everything they stand for
john is short
Expect this one. Listen to this one.
Wow it’s finally happened!!
This is the first time I have audibly yelled “Nooooo” when I saw the title of the newest episode. Since listening to your series... it has led me to QAnon and Knowledge Fight and I can’t thank you guys enough for your dedication and work.
You hate this podcast just because it made you realize you have stuff in common with fascists
soy boii
One of my favorites, mostly just writing this to balance out the one-star reviews from butthurt conservatives. I don’t know why they’re all so shocked that a podcast about bad people has a moral point of view. Don’t get mad at him for ragging on America, get mad at America for doing stuff worth tagging on. Keep up the good work, Robert.
Great podcast
Galactus Jr.
One of the best podcasts out there. All the negative reviews are just angry conservatives who hate anything that goes against their worldview.
Child Abuse
Bumpy Joe
The hosts advocate child abuse. These people don’t belong on a podcast. These people belong in therapy.
Bad and biased
Host constantly hates on Texas and Americans that don’t agree with his worldview. Curses frequently in a way that adds no value, not even for comedic relief. Talks about drinking and drugs like it’s “cool”. This is a frat boy with a podcast.
A bit forced and too performative for my taste. Everything seems false and insincere. Bye.
So Salty
I love reading the 1 star reviews, people are so salty about anything that challenges their worldview. Keep it up Robert!
Great concept
Mr. thistleweight
The only issue is the host and the guests are always bashing conservatives and America.
This podcast will trick you into learning!!
This show is so freakin hilarious and informative! The different guests keep it fresh every week. Seriously, why aren’t you listening already?
Fantastic show
More Billy Wayne Davis please!
I’ve been listening to podcasts for a few years now. I’ll rate this one the best I’ve listened to. My husband and I are catching up so I can listen to you and not him in the car. You don’t know how much I appreciate that part as well.
It’s basically ADHD the Podcast and it doesn’t work
It’s incredibly hard and jarring to listen to the podcast. The formula goes like this: talk about an evil person or event and after every sentence on the topic, make a snarky or unfunny joke. It’s hard to pay attention after so much stupid fluff is said.
Interesting topics, but...
The delivery tends toward sophomoric, morning drive-time radio hosts, and the gratuitous profanity is really unnecessary. If these hosts were at the opposite end of my political interests, they'd resemble a combination of Fox and Friends, Limbaugh, and Alex Jones. Too bad, because I'd like to learn something without over-the-top snark.
great info, that’s about it
the episodes of dictators, warlords and other terrible people have great information. the more recent episodes have become capitalist and republican bashing so that kind of a bummer
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