Pedro Torres and Emma Booth at EQUITANA Australia 2019
Published December 11, 2018
34 min
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    In this episode we wrap up the wonderful EQUITANA Australia VIP Super Ticket Holder events with Pedro Torres and Emma Booth. I have introduced Pedro in the 1stepisode of this series, so go back and have a listen to more about this Portuguese Working Equitation and Dressage star. Emma Booth is Australia and she is our international representative para equestrian. Emma is one person I've wanted to interview for a long time and I was lucky enough to do a full interview one on one with her at EQUITANA, it happened right before we recorded this VIP event. Emma's solo interview will be up next week so tune in for that one. Emma rode in Pedro's Masterclass at EQUITANA, it was so beautiful to watch. Pedro had a deep respect for Emma's ability to ride and he also was as grateful as Emma was for the opportunity. So Emma was thrilled to be coached by Pedro and Pedro was thrilled to be able to watch Emma ride so close up in a Masterclass. You can hear the deep respect they have for each other. While at EQUITANA I also came across the team from Dolly's dream. Following the tragic death of Northern Territory teenager Amy "Dolly" Everett on January 3, 2018, Tick and Kate Everett, Dolly's parents, decided to establish Dolly's Dream to create positive change and as a lasting legacy to their daughter, Amy. Who committed suicide after being bullied both in person and on the internet. I wanted to support the charity and buy a shirt to wear at EQUITANA, they had sold out of my size, so a Woman washed hers and brought it back for me the next day to wear to the VIP event. This is why you hear me ask the question about adversity. If you'd like to know more about this charity and show them support, please follow the links in the show notes or on my blog. Here is how you can connect with the guests Pedro Torres - Website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Emma Booth - Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter EQUITANA Australia - Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Dollys Dream - Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
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