Saving our farms.
Nina Wisconsin
Restoring our soils is our quickest way forward to decarbonization. Here is a fantastic resource for growers looking for a path to higher profitability with the side benefit of restoring balance to our carbon budget. The business opportunities are significant. The old ways are ripe for disruption.
So grateful!
I’m listening to episode 5 of season 1 and I am inspired! This podcast offers so much essential knowledge and I’m undergoing real learning as I listen. Thank you all who take part in its production.
Very stimulating and rich with ideas and information!
John is very knowledgeable, and does an incredible job at bringing in remarkable guests who are apex resources in their fields. Have very much enjoyed these podcasts!
The Passion and Ambition are contagious
John Kempf and the other agronomists at AEA as well as guests on the podcast a great platform for scientists interested in agronomy as well as farmers who are passionate about regenerative agriculture. I recommend anyone still hungry for knowledge to give their online lectures a listen.
The best
I absolutely love this podcast and try to share it with as many people as possible. Real regen. Real Ag. Real solutions. Real people. Real heart. Many thanks to all the folks that make this podcast happen!
Regenerative Agriculture will change the world!
AJ Westlund
John is doing great work with this podcast. I love the guests he brings on the information being discussed. World changing is big title, but will be the result if we can begin to influence the way people farm. Keep up the good work AEA and John!
Serious, Effective, Organized Info
Gardener and Chef
I have a job which allows me to listen to (growing, farming, garden related) podcasts all day long. Regenerative Ag Podcast is the best one I have found. The information is dense, very well presented and organized. Most of all, John Kempf is working to make a change where things really matter - the health of the food we grow. The production values are excellent in terms of sound quality, etc.. I get a strong sense that Kempf well studied and up to date on the lit, and can clear assimilate the pertinent info from across the sciences. I also appreciate that his work is rooted in working with farmers make improvements. Its not theoretical or overly academic, but very real world.
Enlightening & Stimulating
The subject and practice of Regenerative Agriculture is gaining interest and momentum. Many thanks and kudos to John Kempf, a knowledgeable and energized visionary, for helping guide us through what can be a maze of random bits and bytes and for connecting the most important of dots so that we might better understand how to: improve the potential of our eco-systems - our soil, water and biodiversity; recognize the uniqueness and potential of our local environs and to stimulate our imaginations as we consider these relationships. The topic & guest are competently surveyed by Mr. Kemp resulting in an informative, comprehensible, enlightening and stimulating session.
Top notch!!
Jonathan Kitchens
John Kempf’s Regenerative Agriculture podcast is the most exciting, informative intersection of ecological agriculture, soil/personal health and the dynamic relationships therein. He has a diverse range of deeply knowledgeable guests and asks well thought questions that lead to further inquiry and insight. John approaches each conversation with a keen understanding of the information while remaining humble and open which allows the guest to deliver the information without being steamrolled by the interviewer. I really can’t wait to hear each new episode.
In-depth Agronomic Information
Energy Goddess 7
put together in a clear and easy to understand way. Very impressed with the level of knowledge of the guests and appreciate John's ability to draw out the information with clear and easy to follow questions. Though sometimes John and the guest move away from a topic I would have wanted to hear more about. Overall this is a great source of knowledge especiallly if you're curious about what is involved in transitioning a farming operation to sustainable practices. John and his guests provide great information on the practicality and profitability of different practices.
Harmonious reality.
We matter. We are Nature.
I am so grateful these podcasts have given me a place to steep in the wisdom of Nature. I never knew how insects eat the weak, the dying, the damaged plants by choice and necessity. I never knew how the design of our ecosystems are as profoundly intricately dedicated to our well being. It is so easy to be confused by the structures, veils, lies and degenerative dysfunction that passes for life in society. Cast it all aside. Listen to your Heart and then these podcasts to find out where to go, what to do, and how to do it, so we can all thrive and be stewards of our Home, our bodies, and minds. Regenerative living and eating, and growing is not a fad. It is our blueprint. Come Home to this. I feel so good, so grateful, so enlivened by the wisdom, intelligence and kindness that brought these caring, deeply educated and beautiful voices together. Thank you for helping me understand what Nature has been singing right in front of me my whole life, but I was too busy trying to navigate and survive so many sad distractions that add up to nothing, I did not have ears to hear. Thank you for leading this way, the Way of Love and Nature. I am here, ready to participate. Aloha, Claire - Permaculturist Singer, Artist, Builder, Teacher, Designer, Lover by Nature.
Great topics, more details please
I’ve been looking for professional, well-thought-out content on Regenerative Ag for some time and this is by far the best podcast available. One thing that would quickly elevate this to a 5 for me is if John would get more into actionable specifics. For example, during his conversation on nutritional density with the guest from OSU, the guest mentions some studies that he’s found convincing and the importance of additional reading/note taking for successful growers. I think a big opportunity was missed to reference the specific studies or research and dive into the details of where the guest sees his successful growers finding information, note taking styles etc... Tim Ferriss Show does this very well, as an example. TLDR: I think this would be more impactful for both enthusiasts and skeptics if there was a greater representation of scientific backing and actionable recommendations.
A gold mine of information!
This podcast is full of all kinds of really great information about plant/soil health and their relationships
Empowering Farm Nutrition Education
As a new farmer in the last frontier in North Pole, Alaska where our climate is harsh and soil lacks many essential minerals and looking for ways to find sustainble ways to emprove our soils, the information given by John and many others is eye opening and so fascinating and educational with information from scientists and researchers that give helpful information to help us as farmers to be able make better nutrition decisions and farm practices to be profitable. I am personal blown away from this information and I can't wait for each podcast!
plant w
To be the best, listen to the best! Great information for the serious grower!
Fast becoming my favorite podcast
Fast becoming my favorite podcast. Thorough look into the farming ecosystem, yet translated for the regular person. 👍🏼
Awesome Information Needed Today
John Kempf does an amazing job of pulling together the complex aspects of Regenerative Agriculture and presenting them in a simple step-by-step process that can be applied at any scale of operation!
John is extremely well positioned for this podcast. He has developed a unique skill in pulling together many fractured parts and connecting the dots, to reveal previously not recognized correlations in plant health, soil health, and human health. John is able to explain in practical, actionable terms, what we as farmers can do to become profitable, while growing food as medicine to heal and feed the worlds population!
Outstanding Information
I have never listened to a podcast where I was so excited and impressed with the depth and quality of the information. John has a depth of knowledge and the ability to draw out some incredible insights from his guests. Highly recommend!
John Kempf, founder of Advancing Ecological Agriculture is uniquely well qualified to launch this particular podcast series. What is especially compelling is his choice of guests. As you can see it’s the Who’s Who of the leading-edge of ecological agriculture. That alone, combined with his well-placed and informative questions makes listening an edifying privilege.
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