Like Like Like
I really want to enjoy this podcast, BUT seriously they say the word “like” too much. It’s so bad at some points the host Claire is using it every other word. I would suggest to the hosts to please make a solid effort to remove this word from their vocabulary as it adds nothing to the points they are attempting to make.
Pompous hosts but great show
Nardwuar Sr.
They can be everything pompous but a noble attempt nonetheless.
It’s fun rewatching the show alongside this.
Mexican fan
Albert Val
Great stuff guys! Listening to Wisecrack from Mexico. I never miss new episodes!!
Smart. Just plain smart.
Knot Geeky Enough
Gives me a great way to decompress after seeing a dense episode. I love the references to mythology and literature that I didn't spot myself.
Does not compute
I usually love all of Wisecrack's stuff, but this one is a miss for me. I think it crossed the line when one of the hosts compared an episode to a colonoscopy. The danger with having very smart people analyze a show is that they can become enamored with their own intelligence and lose sight of their function with regards to hosting a podcast for people who love the show enough to want to explore it deeper. I gave it a good shot, but listening became very frustrating. Pass.
Another great Wisecrack podcast
This is another perfect show for Wisecrack’s blend of philosophical insight and pop-culture devotion. Love it.
Pseudo intellectual
Making a lot of effort to sound smart without actually having that much insight in the topics discussed.
Two less stars
Because I heard milk too many times. Everything else is great!
Not my favorite
It’s not the best westworld podcast. I don’t feel like the co-hosts mesh well together.
Very nice but...
Wisecrack’s analysis is the best, but I really miss Jared.
No Jared = better listening
Finally a Wisecrack Podcast I can enjoy without Jared’s Intrinsic smugness. It’s nice to hear this crew provide philosophical commentary and theories without a member who thinks he’s smarter than the successful creators actually creating content for mass audiences to global acclaim.
An aMAZEzing Podcast ❤️
Thank you guys for the incredible intellectual analyses that you’re giving us. I have to say: claire you’re my favorite :p
So Good!
Thane of Hyrule
Love them.
really enjoying this show. thanks for putting it together!
Best Westworld podcast
I look forward to the podcast after every Westworld episode. I wasn’t a big Westworld fan the first season but this podcast really enhances the experience!
Good stuff
These guys help clear up plot points and dive deep into the themes of the show
The people on this show don’t appear to follow the show as well as other similar podcasts. Lots of simple mistakes in interpretation. I find myself listening just to make sure I consume as many westworld theories and discussions as possible each week.
Too cute by half
UncleDuke 78
Stop trying to be funny, stop trying to be cute, just talk about Westworld
Love wisecrack. Hate this podcast.
Insert Name Here Now
I love the rick and morty and south park podcast and the youtube channel. I've been watching for about two years, but I find the other guy, not Alec, to be incredibly annoying. He adds almost nothing to the conversation and when he does (attempt to) add something it has nothing to do with philosophy or anything relavent. Get Jared or one of the other people on this podcast to replace him.
Without Jared, it's Perfection
Joking! Still, trepidation is reasonable when you lack that melodious voice, but the podcast is rock solid and I love the debates going on within. Very interested to see where this goes!
Awesome cast!
Love the break down and insight. Makes me experience and enjoy the show on a whole new level. Thanks guys! Keep it up :)
Just freaking awesome
I always come to Wisecrack for the over analysis of the minutia of anything and Westworld is ripe for that.
Looking forward to more!
Love the show, love the podcast, glad to hear Wisecrack's take!
Another great Wisecrack production
Great stuff. These guys always deliver.
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