Weekly Dose of Awesome
Listening to your podcast is a highlight of my big city commute each week. Thank you for consistently bringing truth, inspiration, and encouragement to the world. 100% Awesomeness.
Good general subject matter, just not for men.
I found the book “Do It Scared” and really liked it, so I thought I’d listen to the podcast too. There is a lot of good information in the podcasts. I knew Ruth writes for women, so I expected the more feminine podcasts. Sadly, I found myself over powered by the abundant feminine “energy”, and the rare but occasional criticisms of men. I’m not listening anymore, but that’s OK, because she’s not marketing to me. Ladies, this is a great podcast. Men, you can find better and more neutral podcasts.
Great material! Relevant to me!
In every podcast, I’m finding something pertinent to my life issues at the current moment! Very helpful!
Episode 74
I’ve been listening to your podcast from Day 1 and I find all your episodes inspiring and thought provoking! But this, by far, is one of the few episodes I really like and enjoy. I haven’t posted a comment before but I felt inspired to do so because I felt I could relate! I work in a social work field and I also do a couple of ministries in church and, to be honest, when I feel burnt out I lose the why and purpose behind why I help the less fortunate. Brian’s intentionality and passion to make people the center of everything he does is inspiring. It’s something I will strive to do when I come into work and when I do ministry – to ask, “What’s going on with you today?” Not only to the people I serve but to my coworkers and fellow ministry volunteers as well! Thanks again for another inspiring and thought provoking episode!
You don’t have to be an author to love this episode!
Madame Wendy
This was an amazing episode. I’m not a blogger and I don’t want to write a children’s book, and I didn’t even understand half the lingo, but hearing how Brooke got in her own way was an eye opener and real “aha” moment for me! I have similar tendencies of procrastination, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome, and this was like holding a mirror up to my life!! Thanks to Brooke for being willing to be vulnerable, and thanks to Ruth for keeping it fun and serious at the same time! Great coaching and great content!! (BTW, I’ve never written a podcast review, but I couldn’t let this one get away!)
No more Excuses - Publish the Book
The Get Ruthed episodes with people like me are so insightful because I recognize that I do some of those same things, but what I really wanted in this episode was to sit this Brooke down and say I have walked this publishing route and if you are going to teach it, you have to do it. Do it scared, but do it now. There is no greater joy than getting a copy of your book and flipping through the pages and smelling the fresh ink and feeling proud of your effort. Do not edit again, go to fiver and find an illustrator and get the book done. Then use your blog as a tool to walk others through your process of getting it self-published and the marketing efforts and I bet you will see great increases. Ruth says it all, I just re-emphasis you've got it, now do it.
These podcasts offer so much insightful advice, humor, practical tips, and down-to-earth information. I have been binge listening every morning on my commute to work. Love, love, love!! I have found many things to apply to my life. Thank you, Ruth! (And, your laugh is contagious!). Such a great compliment to Ruth's blogs online.
The content is good—or at least the content could be. The host speaks about herself TOO much and interrupts the guest. Please..do yourself and us a favor and keep quiet, focus on the guest, and improve this podcast that has potential. You’re not there yet.
Taking your advice - put into action!
Maura Mo, the Morselist
Love your book podcast and mission! I’ve discovered you at the perfect time I’ve been taking your advice making no excuses and I’m doing it scared. Twice this week I’ve hesitated and made an excuse why I couldn’t do certain things for my creative work and your voice came in my head make no excuses! Both times I shifted my mindset and have gotten wonderful results. It’s still a challenge but thank you thank you thank you!
Timeless advice
Love it! No matter your field this can apply to anyone.
Great podcast!
Episode 76, Get Ruthed was so life changing. It motivated me to get to work on my blog. Thank you Barb for your honesty and vulnerability. You touched so many lives. You did it scared!
Focused Inspiration
Dr. Angela Lauria
Ruth Soukup is an inspirational entrepreneur who’s guests help her educate her listeners on how to overcome fear and doubt that inevitably comes up. Do It Scared offers a wide range of diverse thought leaders to inspire entrepreneurs and professionals at any level.
Love Ruth’s positivity!
Tangible & Motivating!
Mysty Brooks
This podcast is AMAZING, a true mindset game changer! I was listening to Empower Her with Kacia Fitzgerald where you were a guest recently on her podcast. I was so intrigued by your sweet voice, topics and the ‘do it scared’ drive. I had to immediately go snoop on your website. Goodness! It is so jam packed with great goodies! I had to start listening to your podcast episodes. I have been binge listening to work, while at work, from work, while cooking and cleaning at home then a bit more before I go to bed. Your content is so tangible, full of creative ways to get the mindset motivated. I adore that you put it out there that no one is “too old” because honestly, I’m in my 40’s. I was feeling that whole “I’m too old’ vibe. I keep telling myself I wished I had thought of entrepreneurship along time ago but, I didn’t have that type of mindset back then…this is NOW and who cares if I’m in my 40’s, right? I’m an introverted shy person by nature. I have issues with just getting out of my own comfort zone. Luckily, I’m a Taurus so I got that stubbornness of wanting to prove a point that’ll push me out of that comfort zone. I will do it even though I am scared 😳 Thank you Ruth for being YOU and putting all this content out here for us scaredy-cat peeps!
Poor vocabulary choices
hiring manager who listens
I wanted to like this podcast but could not get past the constant use of the words “Like” “ Amazing” “Um” and “Literally” ! It’s too much. Irritated me too much to search for actual content. Noreen. Albany. NY
God’s perfect timing
I recently started listening to the “Do It Scared” podcast through the Podcast app on my iPhone. I stumbled across it because I listen to “The Ziglar Show” podcast, and Ruth was a guest speaker on the show. However, I haven’t listened to that particular show yet, but saw the episode had automatically download. I hadn’t even heard of her, but ironically around the same time I had an email regarding “Do It Scared” in my Inbox. Not really sure how I ended up on the email list, but it motivated me to check out the podcast instead of just deleting the email. It is funny how God has led me to the podcast. How everything happens the way it should to lead you to where you need to be. I am only on Episode 16 (been listening in order), but have been really encouraged especially from Episodes 13 & 15 so far. I really enjoyed hearing about finding your tribe and planning your time. Within the last month especially, I have been considering starting a blog regarding my story and experiences. But I have been unsure how to start or even if I should. My sister has been encouraging me, but I haven’t done much to get started (except write what could be my first blog post). I have been seriously thinking about looking at the Elite Blog Academy. Additionally, within the last week, I may have figured out what my Big Audacious Scary Goal for the future me is. Thank you Ruth! I love the show and already recommended it to my sister-in-law.
Relentlessly peppy
Practical, motivational, relentlessly peppy and good quality volume so I can listen in the car and house even with other noise (technical but important!) I love she speaks on the small daily interactions and changing those besides for professional/bigger aspects. Ruth helps you digs deep into your minds negativity and never lets you loose sight of setting the first small step and setting the big goal.
I stumbled across your podcast and want to let you know that I truly enjoy your topics and it’s helped me so much in life! Thx
New to it all.....
As my title states, I am new to all of the EBA and DIS. It is so much to take in, but you make things easy to follow. And I am so excited to get started on my own journey. Your voice is calming but yet strong. I can't tell you how much I enjoy tuning into your podcasts even though I've only listened to a handful so far. Thank you for sharing what you have learned and know. The sky is truly the limit!
Practical Inspiration Everyone Needs to Hear
Deepest appreciation for your authenticity and continuous insight on how to be courageous. This podcast is helping me in a transitional time of my life. It’s helping me to realize I can do it, I just have to...do it scared!!! The guest choices are spot on, the humor is delightful and the inspiration is practical so it helps change my life when I need it most - right now! This podcast is everything it promises and more.
Life Changing and Team Changing!
Ruth, I am an MLM fitness and wellness coach. One of my teammates gave me your Do It Scared book, because our top coach’s motto is “see the fear and do it anyway!” Once I began reading it, I began listening to your podcast. Nearly everyday I post about a takeaway I have learned from yet another amazing episode of yours. My teammates have quickly begun listening to your podcasts and reading your books as well! We are now all “Doing It Scared” and helping other women along the way. Thank you for being brave through your fear and helping to change an ENTIRE team’s lives.
Actionable Insight and Honest Discussion
I love this podcast and binge-listened when I first discovered it. I appreciate the practical and realistic perspective and discussion that delivers actionable advice. Embracing my fears and harnessing courage instead helps to put one foot in front of the other towards my goals. Thank you!
Refreshing and encouraging!
I absolutely love this podcast. From Ruth’s unwavering belief that no matter what your dream is you can do to the amazing guests that through their own stories add to the encouragement.
An Inspiration To All, Not Just Bloggers!
Stacey DeBor
I first learned about Ruth through Elite Blog Academy while I created my blog Stacey's Simple Savings. She is not only a fabulous teacher for bloggers, but she is a great inspration to EVERYONE! She can teach you how to better organize your life with the Living Well Planner (which I have and love) as well as how to create life goals and push through the fears and obstacles that might be holding you back. When you listen to the Do It Scared podcast, you will feel strong, curageous and ready to create your perfect life!
What I need to make that leap of faith
Mama of 3 E's
This podcast discovery came at a time in my life when I was terrified of the next step in my life. I’m a stay at home/ homeschooling mom of 4. One with a life shortening genetic disease and 2 adopted kids struggling in many ways. It’s time to make a change in our family’s way of life. It’s time to do it scared. Thank you Ruth for giving me the tools to move forward with confidence.
Inspiring, no fluff, scientific
I am currently binging on this podcast. Literally taking notes. Learning so much about myself. My 11 & 13 year old listened to a few episodes while in the car with me and now they are trying to identify their fear, recognize it, & address it. So empowering.
Start out my Monday with Ruth!
I have listened to ever episode and go back when I am looking for something inspirational to listen to and pick one of my favorites. This weeks with Mindy McNight I ordered her book on Amazon and took it on our camping trip and am 1/3 done, it is very insightful and helpful for a parent that has a wide spectrum of aged kids 1-19 and didn't grow up with technology like they are. It literally is what I needed! She has had so many wonderful guests and also enjoy when she speaks without a guest. Thanks Ruth!
This is one of the few podcasts I eagerly wait for each week. Ruth is real about and supportive of her own journey. This makes it easy for listeners to take her words to heart, see that success is not just for ‘others’, and move forward themselves. Thanks, Ruth!
Great podcast
Thanks for the inspiration and now I am planning my stretch goals can’t wait to listen to the other episodes.
Ruth Soukup is the Real Deal!
This podcast is now over a year old and what Ruth says is timeless. You can apply her principles to any stage of life, whatever your circumstances. She gives invaluable insight into how to overcome your fears, take a chance on yourself, and achieve your dreams. No, it won’t always be rainbows; you can’t have rainbows without rain. You can trust her advice to guide you through the rough patches because she’s used them herself and come out shining on the other side. #doitscaredmovement
This is a really great podcast! Ruth gives step by step easy to follow advice. I love the personal honesty and wonderful guests. Carla Moore interview was amazing! Thank you Ruth for your courage and persistence in moving into your purpose!
Eye opener!!!
No longer Scared
I’ve been struggling for years to “Do it Scared” and after being introduced to Ruth on the His and Her Money episode last week, I have been on a mission to stop struggling! I purchased the book and downloaded the podcast to get ready to work! Thank you for your testimony and having the courage to “Do it Scared” I am inspired to make a change with prayer and the resources that you have provided all of us “procrastinators”. I have shared the assessment with my friends and love ones and I will continue to share. Thank you Ruth for allowing God to use you!
Ruth gave me the push I needed
Thanks, Ruth, for giving me the push I needed to get me to move to the next level getting my small business off the ground. I’m afraid of succeeding AND of failing, but getting me to just take the next step made the difference.
Love it!
Rebecca Stevenson Douglas
Came across an interview (Mortgage related) and followed. Just listened to the morning routine episode while taking my first morning walk in a long time. Thanks for inspiring! Keep doing what you do!
Very Motivational
I have made this a part of my day and I find myself just feeling better. Stronger, more confident, and willing to take risks, even the ones that scare me a little bit.
New to the podcast & hooked!
I was instantly drawn to Ruth’s down to earth vibe & upbeat personality. I only started listening a few weeks ago & now look forward to new episodes. I’m requesting that my library order her new book! Thanks for positive & practical advice!
I am inspired and motivated....
Tami- Suddenfinds
I totally Love this podcast ... I listen to the episode over and over again. It’s so motivating and inspiring. I’m also just glad to find someone else that is saying it’s ok to make a mistake and make it your success I just love it
Lost and Found
Ruth Soukup's Do It Scared podcast is one of the few podcasts I listen to with every weekly release. Fear has always been something that has stifled me in the past and just this past year I made a decision to get on with it. By this I mean my dream of beign a full time artist/artisan by selling my jewelry and paintings. It was hella scary and Ruth's words continue to inspire me each week no matter what the subject. Because living my life to its fullest potential means doing it scared. Thanks Ruth!
Huge Fan
Michael OB
Just love Ruth’s show because it’s a beautiful tapestry of practical advice, wise guests, and her warmth. Love it!
Monday makeover
I’m never thrilled to wake up on Monday mornings and that’s why I’m so happy Ruth releases a new podcast on Monday mornings. After I listen to the inspiring message or interview she presents I feel like I can conquer the world. Whatever funk has settled over my world completely disappears and I have a renewed sense of purpose. I feel like Ruth has curated an invaluable collection of ideas and people that motivate me to achieve what I want in my life. Really amazing stuff!
Episode 28 was Magical!
This was exactly what I needed to hear and I loved this episode so much. I saved it to listen to again soon!
So inspiring and motivational
Ruth Hutchins
I’ve just started listening to podcasts and am so thankful I’ve discovered Ruth Soukup and Do It Scared. These podcasts are challenging, mindset shifting, life changing, interesting, informative, and lots of fun too! I’m hooked and have been binge listening to these every day. I absolutely love this and highly recommend this if you’re ready for a change and want to DO IT SCARED!!
Love listening! Great information and great guests! You are truly inspiring and giving me the courage to move forward with my goals!
Hooked on The Very First One!
I’m new to Podcasts and by divine intervention the very first one I listened to with Faith Mariah. That day in February will go down as a life-changing hour and I listened to it several times since. I now have to have my Do It Scared Ruth fix during the week. Keep up the great work!!!
Do It Scared!!!!
I’m absolutely loving this podcast! I’ve been embarking on some amazing work this past week & I definitely had to begin doing it scared!!! I’ve had some amazing results... This podcast is definitely a reminder to continue to do it scared until I can master the feeling! Thank you so much Ruth for sharing this beautiful podcast it’s been very inspirational and so encouraging!!!
Love from a fellow achiever
I just listened to the episode with Rosemarie Groner, who I adore, and who shared her love for all things Ruth Soukup. You guys are so helpful! Thank you for all the amazing content, including this podcast. Love being able to learn in my little pockets of time (aka: dishes, driving with no kids and today: splitting firewood :)) please keep up the great work! Will Definitely check out Do It Scared next
Beginning Today
I listened to my first 2 podcasts just now, and I'm scared! They were both positive, addressed what I wanted/needed to focus on for my own definition of success, and presented some resources that I can tap into that will quite possibly get me there. This morning my mindset was so low that I just wanted to go back to sleep, so I did. This afternoon, the same--my heart said, "NO, wait." So I waited, checked my e-mail, and then clicked on my newsletter. I saw information about the podcast, and I clicked on it, thus leading me to hearing 2 "Do it Scared" podcasts. I regained enough strentgh in my spirit and mind to sit up in bed and decide I have to keep moving. The only way to get out of this slump is to do something about it. It's not going away on its own. Ruth reminded me how, and that it IS possible to change my current life into the life I always wanted and deserve. Thanks!
I love your challenges!
Emma Martin 🤔
I’ve listened to a couple of episodes and I’m hooked. You were interviewing people from your EBA and they all talked about the challenges you gave them and how much they moved the needle in their blog. As a struggling blogger I’ve decided to try the challenges your guests mentioned. If you want a podcast that moves your to DO something. This is it.
Episode 26
Laura Belgray was hilarious, loved her sense of humor! Also loved what she shared in her interview! You did good Ruth! LOL
This podcast!
I’ve been stuck for years in grief and trauma. This podcast and your planner have helped me to make the tiny steps I needed to take, to start living again!
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