Very relaxing
I’m not a girly girl by any means but I love to listen to this podcast. I find her very relaxing and I love her energy. I’m always coming back to this podcast.
Love her
Amazing soothing voice and it feels like you are having a little conversation with a great friend! Love her and her content. 🌟💕
Spoken so honestly
I love this podcast, Kalyn is truly speaking from her heart and it’s so relatable to listen to!
Audio issues
I like the podcast but the audio quality is really bad and makes me not want to listen.
Akemi a
Amazing I love listening to your podcasts very inspirational
Thank you!
Kalyn, thank you for this podcast. You are so extremely insightful and I always feel like you are speaking directly to me alone. We are so alike and your insight and tips have truly helped me so much. Please continue what you are doing! Much love!
I love her & everything about her. She’s so motivational, and makes me feel inspired to gyst!
She’s amazing
Kalyn Nicholson is one of my absolute favorite people in the entire universe. When I was going through a bunch of scary stuff years ago I stumbled upon her videos and basically binge watched everything she had ever posted. Since then I always remember her advice and kind words whenever I’m in a tough or troubling situation. She’s a great person with a lot of inspirational and good quality advice. I love her! 😂❤️
Always inspired by Kalyn, love this podcast and her💜
She is amazing
I love how she stays true to herself and understands that everybody starts somewhere she is very motivational and awesome you help me always look at the positive and love being in the present!
Well intentioned
This is a sweet podcast, and for the most part is good advice (Her diet advice is questionable) I love her YouTube, but listening to this makes me soooooo happy I’m past my mid-twenties. When you have to give the (much needed!) advice about not caring so much about “the gram”, it shows how sad life can be sometimes, and what growing pains exist in that time of life. Best of luck, Kalyn and listeners who resonate with the struggles. It gets better.
Love it
Love hearing your podcast!!!
Morning Podcast
Morenci Mom
Just discovered your podcast and I love it, i went back to episode 1 and being hearing it every morning 🥰☕️
Listening to your podcasts makes me feel centered. Thank you for creating them! :)
i’ve been feeling a little stuck lately and this podcast truly opened my eyes a lot to things that i was missing/struggling with <3 10/10 would recommend to all ^_^
even me!
i adore & appreciate kalyn so, so much. she’s the crowning gem of podcasts.
A favorite!
One of my favorite podcasts, Kayln is such an inspiration. I always value her view of topics, her way of thinking and the creativity she puts into her work! I look forward to everything she puts out across all platforms.
I love this podcast by far my favorite.
Loooove <3
I love how conscious you are in each content you create. From social media cleansing to anxiety and then to self motivating, you cover a ton of self love/self care topics that I think is so important for our generation. Also I’m 23 and originally from Hawaii (where I heard you would love to move to one day). if that ever happens I hope I can meet you one day! Ps: your podcast got me interested in tarot card readings and I got my first one done just last weekend!
please do a podcast on...
Rosie Hucks
i just want to say i love this podcast SO MUCH! i also loved the what inspires me episode! i was wondering if you could go in more detail on how you travel by yourself or just about traveling in general. i would love to hear a podcast on why you decided to travel by yourself, why you think it’s important, how you think you’ve benefited from it, why you would recommend it, etc. i would be REALLY happy if you did this because you have really inspired me to want to travel by myself and i’ve had this feeling for a while that i’ve wanted to travel and you are so motivating and have inspired me!
She was there for me.
I came across this podcast while searching for topics like Overwhelm and Anxiety. Even though she has no idea who I am, Kalyn's episodes helped me TREMENDOUSLY through the last few months. We all understand how random and mysterious anxiety and depression can be. They come out of nowhere and we can't always explain what triggered us or how to pull ourselves out of these dark places. The last few months of my life, I felt super vulnerable and unsafe, and I could never put my finger on a what triggered these feelings or how to manage them. Even when I'm surrounded by overwhelming people at the office, I would make myself a cup of coffee, sit at my desk, play a Coffee Talk episode and get to work. This ritual helped me feel safe and stable in a storm of dark and vulnerable emotions. If you need any kind of self-help, this podcast is truly a hidden gem!!!
Too many ads
She has an amazing message to share. Her voice is so calming! But it’ hard to concentrate on her content when you have several ads in the middle of the episode!!
Love this
Love Kalyn on YouTube and her podcast!
Great Gal, Too Many Ads
This has always been one of my favorite podcasts for motivation and introspection. However, the amount of ads is getting ridiculous. I feel like half the episode I’m fast-forwarding because there’s like 5 sponsorship breaks with 1-2 ads each throughout one 30 minute episode. I love Kalyn, her message, and social presence- however, I won’t be listening to this podcast anymore if the amount of ads continues to be this high.
Too Many Commercials
LJC 82
Kalyn has some interesting motivational content. She’s young with a lot of energy that makes her show refreshing. She has some great nuggets of advice especially around anxiety. Unfortunately her message has been overwhelmed with commercials. It’s a 30 podcast. I was fine with the 2-3 in the middle that used to be the norm but now there are around 10 spaced every 5 or so minutes. I can’t concentrate on her content any more. If this continues I’ll be unsubscribing.
Amazing Podcast!
I love Kalyn’s Coffee Talk podcast 😍 If you are a follower of hers on YouTube, you will too! She’s so inspirational and gives awesome insight on many different topics.
Love this podcast so much
Virginia King
Such a calming and peaceful podcast to grow your mind and relax and reset, especially after a stressful week or after overthinking too much
Lots of ads, not the most intelligent wording
This podcast is ok. She has decent ideas but she doesn’t present them in a particularly intelligent way. I suppose she may be aiming her podcast at a young audience, but it pains me to think that her sub-par language is so common place. I listened to one episode but I think that will be the last. I might go crazy if I hear her say “right?” again. Also, I counted 7 different ads, which seems outrageous for a 30 minute podcast.
Life Saver
Kalyn truly gives the best advice! She probably has the perfect episode for whatever problem you’re going through! I look forward to her new episode every week!
Mine Axhami
I love her on youtube and even more on here. Adore listening to her podcasts during the day or at night.
Thank you!!
Mikala Christian
I love that you do this! I miss the actual videos, but thank you for sharing find myself really needing to hear your content sometimes I wish you would share more because I know you have a lot of knowledge about a lot of spiritual things and GYSTing things!
Amazing motivation
I absolutely love these podcasts. They are very inspirational and motivating without being cliche or cheesy. It’s also very personal and easy to relate to, and if you like the podcasts please do yourself a favor and watch Kalyn’s YouTube videos
Thank you
I found your podcast through someone on YouTube and I’m glad I did you have made me really think thank you.
Podcast idea!
I love your podcasts along with your videos. I would love a podcast on depression and anxiety. I’m trying to figure my way out of them and would love to hear your thoughts and tips.
Unbelievably inspiring
Autumn Boekeloo
I listen on Spotify but HAD to come rate this podcast 5 stars. Wow, she is amazing. I love her Youtube channel, but I love the podcast even more. She has so much to offer to the world and such a beautiful outlook on life. I get chills when I listen! Super relatable and always interesting. Uplifting and inspiring.
Amazing, Beautiful Soul!
I love and adore this woman. She is such a great influence and beautiful person. I’ve been following her for about two years now on YouTube, IG, and on here since her first podcast. She has encouraged me to make serious changes to my life. Obviously I don’t know her in real life, but I get a serious genuine vibe from her. My perspective on life has improved so much since I’ve started listening to her. I’m finally making changes that I’ve been struggling to make for years. I’m 24 years old as well and everything she talks about is so relatable. I love the spiritual side of her talks. As I’m still exploring my spirituality. Her soul just speaks to my soul. I have no other way to say that. Lol. If you don’t follow her you should. I love starting my week with her podcasts. Keep doing you girl! We need more influencers like you.
I love your explanations on life and inner emotions. I can relate so much
I love this! all of your talks are so positive and helpful ♥️
Simply Amazing!
Kayln’s podcast is by far one of my favorites to listen to. You can really tell how dedicated she is in the way she speaks. She’s also very informed about what she talks about and carries herself with such grace. I discovered her through her YouTube channel and when I found out she was making a podcast I was really excited! I really feel so at peace and motivated after listening to her podcast. If I could give her 10 stars I would!
fantastic podcast
I love it !
Stone Age chizz
Started listening this morning and I love this podcast. Your voice and tone is so genuine and the content is so relatable and uplifting. I’ve listened to 3 episodes so far and I cant wait to listen to more !
Kalyn is my Yoda
I have been watching her YouTube videos for a while and I love them. So when she started a podcast, I had to check it out. I can’t get enough of them. Her podcasts are like having a conversation with my very wise, best friend, who happens to know exactly what I’m going through. She has given me such a better outlook on things that I have been struggling with. Kalyn is the real “Bee’s knees!!”
So inspiring and perfect for a weekly check-in
The topics discussed are always relevant to me, and I feel like every other young-adult woman out there! I’ve been working on my own self-care and taking the time each week to check in with myself is so helpful!
My favorite podcast!
Jillian Reese 78
I have watched her videos on YouTube for years so once I found out she had a podcast I had to find it! She is super inspirational and she always puts me in a better mood.
Love from a mug
Faux Clove
Drinking my coffee in traffic (husband is driving) and I’m finally relaxing. Stop n go traffic is never fun but this meditation was great for this!
Mandi VG
These podcasts are my favorite!! So inspirational and motivating, they inspire me to chase after my dreams. I absolutely love them, thank you for the incredible content❤️
Love it!
Saucy gurl
Love hearing these podcasts on my way to work! So interesting and fun while waiting for her YouTube videos to be posted!
I 💜 this!!!
Madison Rose 11
I’ve been watching Kalyn’s channel for years and her words have always helped me. So finding this and getting to hear these coffee talks is so great!!!! I’m so happy I finally started listening to this podcast!!!
Love the diversity! You’re an inspiration!!
Love this podcast and Kalyn!
I have been a subscriber of Kayln for quite some time and literally her videos are such a breath of fresh air. She is just so calming to watch and now listen to with this podcast! I’m obsessed! 💓
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