Luke Kayyem
This PODCAST is straight FIRE and assists me in making the right moves towards my future and enables me to operate with clarity and certainty. G.B is a phenomenal leader and I trust and respect the work that he does.
Love the tactics aspect of this show!
As a podcast host who values ACTUAL value and tactical insight, I know this show will help you level up as a person. Give it a listen!
Authentic and real.
I love how authentic and real and raw this is. He brings a lot of experience to the table and his passion and knowledge shines through on the podcast.
I love you viewpoints and strategies for business! Especially your episode about the "kanye complex"!
Gerritt gets down to business
Dr Feilgood
Great tactics and lessons on business and life!
Interesting Host and background makes for a great platform
I love when someone brings their background to the stage for their stories. So much good content! Also, that cover art is good! Warrior Empire is about taking responibility and have a growth mindset and that is something I can get behind.
Great and brief
The length is perfect and Garret gets to the point quickly! Thanks
Clarity on point.
dave t 🤙
Gerritt brings clarity and consistency in his message, that can be applied in any area of our lives, especially relationships, fitness, finances and business. Applying the principles shared has brought balance in my life and the ability to openly communicate with those I care about to build on that clarity and connection. His message is always timely and on point, much appreciated! 🙏
The Dad You Never Had
Casey T 123
This podcast is POWERFUL. Gerritt speaks and teaches on subjects that most men don’t grow up learning about. Subjects that society and social media make excuses about and make okay. The lessons I learn from this Podcast are incredible and make me a better Husband, Father, Business Man and Overall man.
Looks like a tool
I’m sorry but judging a podcast by the cover photo but dude looks like a tool in the suit with a weapon on a sling
From the Front Lines
GRITTY AND REAL. The stories shared here are from the front lines about the front lines by someone WHO HAS LIVED IT it...except the war goes beyond his law enforcement experience and extends to conversation in marriage, children, spirituality and how that all relates to production in BUSINESS.
Wow, great job!
Very well done. Just all around great podcast! I’m not a cop nor have I been so I can’t relate directly to the message but it resonates with me as a man! Great interviews as well. Our first responders should definitely check this out! Keep it up coach
Great podcast!
Gerritt is down to Earth tells it as it is. He’s real and passionate about spreading his message. I can easily relate to him as he’s telling his story. Great podcast!
Great listen
Jennie Stanchfield
Amazing podcast. Authentic. Honest. Real. A podcast that unpacks the darkness and distortion that surrounds life and then provides the light to return to clarity and a path foward.
Awaken the Warrior- Awesome
Jason F Smith
Gerritt Bake is one of those quiet, unassuming men... the one's with REAL gravity, huge heart, and a powerful presence. I've been listening to this podcast and I'm finding something interesting: His words are 'awakening' me to something more. He's deep. He's powerful. He's even funny and warm at times. But the words stir something in me... it's more than just entertainment. It's more than teaching. It's a transformational beacon, a light in the dark that urges one onward, to find one's homeward shore after a long dark night sailing in the storms of life. Yes, this is for cops, and cops will get it in a way I don't, but it goes deeper than that. He speaks to ALL MEN, men who face the perils of being a guardian to their children and wives in very dangerous culture. We need more voices like his, speaking up above the din of false blathering idols who lead so many astray. Sit back, relax, and sink into the presence of a man who actually walks his talk. Let the light brighten and call you to something more, something deeper, something better. You must choose to light your fire and awaken the warrior within, but at least you have a guide in the night.
Gerritt delivers a message that challenges you at every level of being a man. Not another motivational BS podcast. I felt like I was being punched in the face one minute yet nurtured and cared for the next. He is an amazing example as a husband a father a producer and a protector. But his message is that of a broken man who put the work in to build a life any man would be proud of.
Real AF!
Shahn T Ellis
This is all super relevant and no one seems to be talking about it. Gerritt isn’t afraid to talk about it. Life changing.
Are you ready
Most people are full of it and are afraid to tell the truth. When you want to open up your mind to the possibilities of actually looking forward to each day and not being full of dread just to get out of bed, start listening and take it all in. This podcast is full of brilliant insights that has improved my marriage, my relationship with my children and so much more. If you are complacent and enjoying your mediocre life, then this is not for you. Gerritt’s podcast are truth bombs that are ready for people who want more.
5 Stars
5 Stars from me! This is a great listen!
Tactical vapid aphorisms
I was compelled by a the first episode, but seems like “captain obvious” created an advice podcast or infomercial. And he doesn’t know what “literally” means. But tactical as f@#% bro.
Relatable message!
Very true and it makes you think why on earth wouldn’t I share what I’ve learned with my love ones.
The Real Deal
Gerritt is out to make a difference in the world. Listen to the genuine heartfelt message that he shares. Gerritt is a stand up guy who lives to help others. This podcast will change your life
The Powerful TRUTH.
Gerritt tells it how it is. No fluff...just the facts. Great podcast and definitley recommending it to my friends and family.
Applicable to anyone!!
Gerritt brings situations and information that will help ANY person! As a father of 3 young children, the ability protect my family is a huge concern. Gerritt relates real situations to help bring powerful lessons to his listeners. This podcast is essential for the world we live in today!!
Power and direction
Real life experience with a focus on how to handle life! This delivers! I love the clarity and insights Bake gives. His delivery is engaging and he gets to the point. I love every word!
Next 90 with Nick
If you are looking for the definition of courage...look no further than this PodCast! I cant wait for the upcoming podcast! This is a definite subscribe!
Russ Perry
Real and authentic - A man who is living a life worth sharing. Great work and I can't wait for more!
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