Jennie sounds like a spoiled teenage brat with her ranting and cussing. I couldn’t stand listening to her voice. She’s hard to follow and constantly repeats herself and stresses how she was inconvenienced. She’s very irritating. I feel bad for Jason and the kids. They deserve way better. Especially after everything he’s been through.
Captain smarty pants
Listening to Jason and Jennie has been so helpful in my everyday relationships with my children, partner, and myself. So many different and fresh concepts that I have begun to implement, and its made huge progress in every way. This podcast has been fun to listen to, is very engaging and fascinating.
Real & organic, extremely helpful
Been listening to these with my wife since the beginning. It’s extremely helpful to any kind of relationship and deals with situations that you would have in your normal daily life. I recommend this to anyone that wants to improve any kind of relationship they have.
I love the Realness of this Series
It is all about authenticity. And that is what everyone associated with the group attempts to do. No hype. No gimicks. No quick fixes. It is about figuring out what works and sticking with it.
Vulnerable Teachings
Pam Morales
I am in love with this podcast. Jennie and Jason are EVOLVING the conversation of sex, sexuality, desires and masculine/feminine roles in a very infectious and compelling way. And they really genuinely care!! They care so much about getting this out into the world that they are willing to surrender themselves to criticism and judgement. And because of their bravery, experiences & vulnerability, that gives me hope. They’ve personally touched and guided my relationship into greater love and connection. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Thank you Jennie and Jason!
I listened to pretty much all episodes so far and loved them all. I have been familiar with the concept of feminine and masculine polarity but Jennie and Jason talk about it in very practical terms. I admire their commitment to their own relationship as well as to helping others. I loved guest speakers too, each brought so much to it.
Incredible depth and connection in my relationship
Melanie Lake
I love this podcast and have listened to all 52 episodes that are out so far. Jennie and Jason's amazing insights, vulnerable real life experiences and practices are a powerful gift. These podcasts have helped answer many relationship questions I've had and have given me many great ideas. My husband and I have attended Jennie and Jason's workshops and have created incredible depth and connection from their teachings. I cannot recommend them enough! I love having 2 podcasts to listen to each week to keep us growing! Thank you!
Great Podcast!
I’ve listened to a few episodes now and love how real Jason and Jennie are. They don’t shy away from taboo topics which is a breath of fresh air for me!
Orgasm episodes
I absolutely love listening to these. I have found the answers I have been searching for to enliven my own sexual practice, to move through blocks, and to deepen my connection with my Mate. Jennie and Suzanne are incredible. I cherish their knowledge.
Raw, Real, and GOOD
I’ve been listening to the podcasts chronologically and I’m definitely engaged in their journey. Jason and Jennie have a unique and powerful way of sharing the masculine/feminine polarity that doesn’t sugarcoat the hard truth about what it takes to thrive in an intimate relationship. This podcast ISN’T for you if: • you are offended by adult language • you pass judgment quickly • you aren’t interested in seeing the truth about yourself • you aren’t ready for experiencing life and relationships authentically This podcast IS for you if: • you’re ready to learn about the energetic dance and polarity of the Masculine/Feminine • you’re ready to show up in your relationship more fully • you’re ready to be honest with yourself • you’re ready for MORE in life I’m learning a lot from this podcast and can relate to so much of what they are sharing. I recommend it to anyone who has an open mind and who is ready for an enhanced understanding of intimacy, connection, and personal growth.
Don’t waste your time!!
This is awful!! Lots of ‘f-bombs’, excuses and no accountability. How this got on top charts is a huge mistake!!!!
There is no clearer example that you can pay your way on the top charts then all these crappy warrior empire shows being consistently on the top charts with like 40 reviews.....don’t waste your time. They’re faking it hoping to make it.
Very authentic and real!
Don't get duped
Arianna Rian
I'm always interested in relationship podcasts; however this is some type of evangelical/ socially- conservative nonsense labeled under the category "human sexuality." It is not that in the slightest. Instead it is a call to women to return to their traditional gender roles-- eye roll. At one point the male host discusses how women are graduating from college more often than men and more likely to earn higher degrees like a PhD or masters; the female host questions whether this data could be accurate (NEWS FLASH: it is!). At this point I had to shut it off because I thought I may get sick in my bath tub; not really, but I was really ticked off. Do yourself a favor, and don't journey into the rabbit hole with these two.
After 20 min, I’m out
I listen to a lot of human behavior and psychology audio shows and books. I’ve learned quite a bit over a ten-year span and it’s clear that these nice people are avoiding the real issues and talking around the problem. Feminine energy masculine energy… Talk directly to it. Stop trying not offend each other and this might be worth hearing. I don’t know how old the little girl was but I hope you realize how much your decision probably affected her. Regardless of what she said to you. You choosing to not go with her for no good reason most likely impacted her deeply and emotionally. She was asking you to step into her mother’s shoes. That was probably a very emotional decision for her. She was extremely vulnerable at that point.
Pretty sure this is my life!!
You have hit the nail on the head with this! I identify with Jennie 150% I am 28y/o new stepmom who came with a dog the marriage and I have a high pressure corporate job and drive 2hrs everyday to work and back. Jennie hits every feeling I have felt in the first 2yrs of my life. I also get Jason’s perspective to not become the typical “man comes home and neglects” my husband has gone through all of Jason’s feelings and thoughts in our first two years. We are still going through it! We are both listening now and can’t wait to hear more!!
So good and so real
Jason and Jennie are awesome. I love how they are honest about the ups and downs in their relationship, and in the end mine them for gold.
Relationship Roles.
Bordem buster
Great honesty and humor to dive deep. These two do not shy away from what is and has been revelations and problems. Great to learn from and feel the possibilities grow in my life.
Lovely People
General Dripik
I love it. The hosts are great. Can't wait to hear more!
This is passion 101!!
Wow thanks for sharing your roadside story it is raw and naked and passionate!! That could have gone the way of so many doomed relationships.
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