Geist is a good interviewer. And I enjoy listening to this podcast. More women guests, please.
Game Changer!
Cathy - Florida
My cable line-up does not give us this weekly broadcast on tv. So thrilled to have an opportunity to hear it on podcast. Catching up on all of the episodes I have missed.
Game Changer!
Budget Mom
Finding Willie Geist’s Sunday Sitdown was a game changer for me as I spend several hours each month driving for work. I had never listened to a podcast before and WG far exceeded my expectations! His interviews are relaxed, informative, and entertaining. He treats his guests with kindness and respect. His questions are just what a listener wants to hear. I was already a huge WG fan, but now my respect for his journalism skills and admiration of his genuine personality have leaped to the next level! Thank you Willie! You are a blessing to your listeners!
Willie Geist
gigi in Oklahoma
Willie, I love your Sunday show and I admire you whenever you’re on many shows. However, I have a problem with your pants. They are not flattering to your thighs and calves. Please go back to normal pants and shine without the knees poaching out and clinging to to your legs. I’ll still continue Sunday Today and anywhere when you’re on TV because you’re so thoughtful, funny, laugh easily and very precise in your words. Ms Gerry Hall in Midwest City OK
Sunday sitdown
Some of the interviews are great and some are just promoting whatever show they are on or have coming. But the good thing about podcasts is you can just skip to the next one.
West Sunny
The best guests but Willie skims the surface. Ends up going nowhere. Boring.
Great in-depth, personal conversations
Have watched Willie since his days of doing his ‘Way Too Early’ show, and for years on ‘Morning Joe’. These interviews are far better on the podcast than the Sunday show-more in depth and personal; makes you feel as if you are there in the room as two people have a friendly, comfortable chat. Glad I chose to give the podcasts a listen. Will recommend and share. Thanks for the great content always. You’d be great to sit and have a cup of coffee with in one of your giant yellow mugs!
I’m a busy Mom of 3 active boys, and I run to keep my sanity. I love your podcast and listen when I’m running. It’s like a cliff notes biography of some amazing people, that I’d never have time to read their book. I love your easy going personality and how you sound like best friends with everyone you interview. Thank you and keep them coming!! -Shawnie_C
Love this podcast
I am compelled to write a review about this podcast bc it is so good and for the most part hilarious, at least the ones I’m listening to. My favorites have been Bill Hader and Awkwafina. They are laugh-out-loud funny which get me weird looks when I’m listening to them on headphones and walking the dogs!
Sunday Today... any day!
I love Sunday Today with Willie Geist and am bummed when I sleep in too late and miss it. I love catching up with these podcasts each week!
Agree with Your Pick except
Wil interview with his Dad was awesome, it has to be on that list
Great podcast until the new format
I absolutely love this podcast but as if 7/15/19 it is a new format, and I really dislike it!! It is distracting and takes away from the intimate guest interviews. Can we go back to the old format? Otherwise, I will have to fast forward to the interview and end the podcast early.
Relaxing and Entertaining
Your easy-going way makes it comfortable to listen to you. I look forward to each week’s episode.
I love your voice and interviews. So classy. Great job
Willie is one of the best interviewers !!
charlotte Amerling
I really loved Willie interview sit down with Ina Garten! Felt like I was in the room. It’s so personal and intimate. Now I’m going to go by her cookbook and make a roasted chicken! 😉✨👏🏼
Politics at it’s worse!
Loved the interviews and the settings but when the interviews became one sided views on politics I found it unbearable. Stick to the original format and I would subscribe again!
Willie is a smart interviewer who weaves in and out of his inquiries and lets his guests tell their stories organically. His interviews are always entertaining, wishing each one was a little longer.
Talented Interviewer
Willie is a respectful interviewer and engages everyone in such great conversation. He is obviously well prepared with research & insight and it shows in how well he gets his guests to open up and be true & honest. His questions are thoughtful and he is never pushy which I feel let’s other interviewers down sometimes. I have recently moved from the US to Bangkok and will miss the Today shows but and beyond delighted that I still get to enjoy the podcasts as I workout. Thank you!
A lot of fun
Really loved your interview with your dad. I miss him on CBS. Most memorable was his take on Martha Stewart. Laugh out loud. Would love to see you tag team on Sunday. What a touching interview.
LOVE this podcast!
So much in every interview. I love Willie Geist’s sincerity and personal involvement with his guests. His love of people clearly shows. I especially enjoyed Ina Garten, and Shaquille O’Neal. My favorite, though, is Willie interviewing his Dad, Bill. Nothing better than love between a Dad and son shining through. Can’t wait to taste the flavor of other lives. Willie’s podcast is seasoned ‘just so’.
Great, unique Podcast!
Here’s an example of the quality of Willy’s interviews and why I listen. . I love Ina Garten and felt I knew everything about her but after the interview I understood an important nuance that gave me insight and has allowed me to appreciate her even more. I have not been a fan of David Letterman so I just skipped that podcast until today. I started listening with my bias in place but by the end of the interview, I knew him differently and I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast - my critical bias is no longer. I tried this podcast without a lot of expectation (I have no idea why) but I have been thoroughly delighted. Willie Geist is a terrific interviewer; he is skilled at engaging people in a way that enables them to be their best. He listens, he knows when to probe, he has a sincerity that sets a tone and environment which allows very different conversations with his guests. So many celebrities are on “the circuit” and all interviews become the same. Not so with Willie Geist. I highly recommend this podcast
Bill Geist
Adri loves NOLA
Love, love, love this episode! You are so lucky to be able to have done this interview and it’s something that you as well as your kids can cherish and always have!
I loved hearing your dads stories and sharing them with us.
Great podcast
Really enjoyed Willie on Today show. Love his podcast with his easy, casual style. He is very likable and enjoyable to listen to.
Not Able to Download
Not Able to Download
Love the casual conversations
I’ve listened to all and really enjoy. Thanks Willie. I love your style, just having a casual conversation. Always learn new things about your guest.
Love Shaq!
Thank you Willie, for the interview with Shaquille O’Neal. I am a lifelong resident of Orlando and am so glad that you were able to show what a truly nice, smart and gracious man Shaq is (which is something many of us in Orlando already know!)
Love Willie
Always a good conversation with interesting people!
Walk and Jog
Weatherford Review
Makes my time go by fast. Fun professional interviews
Nite time
I save Willy’s podcast for the very end of my day at nite getting ready for bed .. it’s fresh and positive he asks all the right questions it’s just long enough conversation with his guests to get an insight into talented interesting people thank you Willy
Wonderful podcasts
car time
I travel a distance to work and love listening to Willie’s podcasts! Love his Sunday show and his Today spots too!
I love this series:) Willie has such positive energy and fun interactions with his guests, they open right up and feel at ease. The podcast episodes are not too short and not too long either. Doing a great job asking original questions and finding out unique stories and the path to stardom from his wonderful guests!!
I love Willie, & I love this podcast, thus the 5 stars. But I agree with others that there are audio issues. Willie’s intros on each ep are fine, but as soon as it switches to the interview, I have to put the audio all the way up to the max, & sometimes it is still not loud enough. (The beginning of this podcast, & other podcasts, don’t do this so I know it’s not my ears! 😁)
Superbly talented interviewer
Dr. Jura
Willie Geist is low-key, engaging, and has a gift for timing and posing just the right question. He is obviously well-prepared, and lets only a little of himself into the piece; he’s modest and warm, and I look forward to each podcast. Incidentally, he’s the best part of “Morning Joe”.
Eddie Ravert
Love how raw the interviews are. Also he is great and very natural at having conversations with these mega stars.
The best interviews
don't know another name
Willy has the best style and allows the person to express themselves and lets them talk ask great questions and allows them to answer you know he is listening and not ready to move the person along he is the best love his morning show and we DVR it if we are not at home
Bradley Cooper.... A Star Is Born
Great interview!! I Loved the movie as well. It’s fun getting to know the real actor on The Sunday Today Show with you Willie Geist, and the top it off with the entire podcast. I loved your dad on The Sunday Morning Show. I pray he is doing well. I do also watch The Today Show everyday. Thanks, keep up the Awesome interviews.
Love this
I stumbled onto this podcast and love it. Listening to many of the older ones. Would have been a 5 but the volume issues make it hard to hear some of the interviews very well.
please interview Tim McGraw.
Wonderful podcast! Willie is awesome!
Thank goodness
Oh thank you for these! I understand the need for the Sunday morning edited version but this is wonderful. Willie is an engaging interviewer and has fantastic guests.
Movie Star BS
Movie star BS.
Sound quality is not good
Would give it 5 stars, but the sound quality is not good at all. I have to turn the volume to highest setting just to be able to hear at a normal level.
Love the format! Audio issues though?
I do enjoy these conversations. The long format interviews are great and I love the insights from the interviews. I do have an issue with the audio. In the last two casts, I’ve had to crank the volume all the way up and it’s still not as audible as you may expect. Keep it up!!
We can do
Willie Geist has a gift for interviewing!
Ann in Seattle
This may be due to his genes, I’m also a big fan of his Dad and really enjoyed his segments on CBS Sunday morning before he left the show. Willie seems to have a curiousness about him that spills over into this podcast. Listen my friends you won’t be disappointed!
Great interviewer
Michelle from Idaho
Willie is so down to earth. I love his conversations and am so glad we can hear the extended versions on a podcast. It’s a crime they didn’t make him the weekday Today show cohost.
Kevin Hart
I enjoy Willie, these two together are greater than I could imagine. Keep it up Willie!
My only problem
...is that there are not more of these. These are great podcasts to listen to while running. Helps pass the time!!!
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