April 9, 2020
KVI's morning host (John Carlson) and afternoon drive host (Kirby Wilbur) rejoin forces to talk about the most pressing issues in the news: why its time to re-open parts of the local/national economy, secondary effects of the economic paralysis, balancing public health with the economy, narrow perspective of public health officials, how the news media distorts public perception of the public health and economy duality, three suggestions on re-opening parts of the economy staring this coming Monday, how COVID-19 will solely define the presidential and WA gubernatorial election campaigns all through November.
March 16, 2020
Corona virus COVID-19 push back put in perspective, the dichotomy on social media about the 'Coronapocalypse' on one side and then the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 economic collapse will take down Trump's presidency, the uncertainty of a new strain of virus when there's no known vaccine, a WSJ columnist writes that COVID-19 can't spread if you're at home, an Evergreen Hospital ER doc is in ICU on a ventilator after treating an early patient who became COVID-19 positive, this ER doc's case shows that younger and relatively healthier people can contract COVID-19 with severe symptoms, a Kirby listener chided him for peddling panic as he discussed COVID-19 news last week, Germany has pulled a 180-degree turn on border security with the rise of the COVID-19 threat, where American's focus should be on COVID-19 instead of trying to score political points, why the economy will bounce back due to pent up demand, where to focus the debate regarding economic or government stimulus during COVID-19,
March 11, 2020
Michael Bloomberg was surprisingly popular with WA voters, with Bernie Sanders slipping out of contention to Joe Biden we're going to miss out on our head-to-head debate about socialism vs. capitalism (Sanders vs. Trump), so with Biden Vs. Trump its gonna devolve into Ukraine/Burisma/Hunter Biden and it will be vicious between them, one of Bernie's former Senate colleagues says his 2016 popularity wasn't so much about the popularity of socialism as it was about voters being anti-Hillary, why likability is almost always a deciding factor above issues in American politics, Gov. Jay Inslee just officially announced his public gathering ban to slow Coronavirus spread, Kirby gives a nuanced answer to Inslee's push for a public gathering ban because he sees the importance of public health safety, Inslee's ban could be the death knell for several Seattle restaurants because three such restaurants closed earlier this week due to latest business downturn connected to Seattle's city council regulations ($15 min. wage, advanced scheduling, paid sick leave rules) and the Coronavirus slowdown, the Seattle Times recommends board games to play if you're Coronavirus quarantined and the suggestions are unintentionally funny, what Kirby and John think any federal stimulus intervention should look like to address Coronavirus.
March 3, 2020
Joe Biden's campaign rally brain cramp about a famous line from The Declaration Of Independence, Coronavirus: will this be the worst of it or will it get worse in WA, the risk factors for Coronavirus show that there's no reason to panic, a prediction on which high profile Democrat will drop out of the presidential race when Super Tuesday results are announced tonight, this year's Super Tuesday contest shows why early voting on primaries should be banned (because a lot of people's votes are going to be wasted as several candidates pulled out in the last few days), Michael Bloomberg's only life line to stay in the race.
February 27, 2020
The Bernie Sanders candidacy raises the question if democracy and socialism are compatible, how Kirby and John disagree on next month's Washington Democratic primary and the possibility that Bernie Sanders will win the state, new poll says 22% of Washington Democratic primary voters are still undecided, Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg are #1 and #2 in this new poll, (edit out 14:20 light and dark comment), the critical change Kirby would make to the WA Primary ballot envelopes about why your party affiliation is marked on the outside of the envelope, insuring that your WA primary ballot counts when you mark your party preference on the outside ballot.
February 20, 2020
John & Kirby share their analysis and commentary on last night's Nevada Democratic Debates. Plus, the guys talk about John Tierney's article in WSJ about plastic bags as evidence mounts that banning plastic is both a waste of money and harmful to the environment. But the moral panic persists...
February 13, 2020
Are John and Kirby considering turning "Democrat for a day" and voting during the Washington primary? Tim Eyman has announced that he'll be running for governor as a Republican instead of an independent - what does that mean? Plus John shares stories from his run for governor and Kirby has advice for Phil Fortunato, Joshua Freed, and other Republican candidates in the upcoming race.
February 6, 2020
The Iowa Caucuses still have not completely reported their results! John and Kirby tee off on the Democrats and where they can possibly go from here.
February 5, 2020
John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur provide reaction and commentary on President Trump's State of the Union address, along with listener questions, LIVE from our annual "Steak of the Union" event at Daniel's Broiler in Bellevue!
January 22, 2020
January 15, 2020
January 9, 2020
Bernie Sanders comes to Seattle today, why Bernie is the front runner for the WA primary in early March, why Bernie might start off with a big lead for the nomination but most likely won't win the nomination, some people pushing conspiracy theory that candidate Pete Buttegieg is a pawn of the CIA, why Bernie doesn't have a big ceiling as a candidate, the candidate that will emerge at the last minute to take the Democratic nomination, the looming civil war in the Democratic Party, the irony that Joe Biden just said 'no one understood ObamaCare', WA Senator Patty Murray's floor speech comments about US drone attack killing Iranian general.
December 30, 2019
The final (Kirby & Carlson) podcast of 2019, Christmas recaps and a Star Wars recap, their 2019 movie recommendations as the awards nomination season begins , Ft. Worth TX church shooting turns fatal but was quickly stopped by a 71-year-old former gun range owner, comparing yesterday's church shooting with the Sutherland Springs TX church shooting, a fatal stabbing attack at a Hannukah gathering in suburban NYC increases the concerns about anti-Semitism attacks in the NY/NJ area, the political blame game related to anti-Semitic attacks during the Trump presidency, the biggest local and national stories of the year and some 2020 political predictions, why Hong Kong protests are the international story of the year.
December 18, 2019
Wall Street Journal editorial scolds Boeing, pointing out that cutting corners is never worth the risk, WSJ questions how Boeing's CEO is still on the job, CNN legal analyst refuses to believe a poll he doesn't like about the diminishing support by Americans for impeaching Trump, Trump's letter to Speaker Pelosi is either desperation or a good campaign ad depending on how you see it, how the reluctant Pelosi ended up getting forced into the impeachment vote she didn't really want, how the Senate Republicans are in the driver's seat to turn the impeachment on Democrats in January.
December 18, 2019
two articles of impeachment against Pres. Trump yet one of them isn't even mentioned in the Constitution, compare the articles of impeachment against Nixon and Clinton to the ones against Trump, how the Senate portion of impeachment could quickly submarine the presidential campaigns of Sanders, Warren and Booker. The House Democrats that are dominating Pelosi in the impeachment battle, Hillary Clinton still has an avenue to be the Democratic presidential nominee, the prospect that someone not in the presidential race right now might become the Democrats nominee at the convention in July 2020, RIP to Paul Volcker who was nominated by Jimmy Carter but served as Federal Reserve chair during Reagan presidency and helped deal with inflation and interest rates in the 1980s that produced a lot of economic growth.
December 3, 2019
60 Minutes travesty on new report about Seattle homeless and crime problems, the 60 Minutes report on Seattle relied on analysis from a Pennsylvania professor, Kirby points out some of the flawed logic in the 60 Minutes story but also credits one other portion of the story, why UW coach Chris Peterson was burnt out to the point that he resigned as head coach, some changes the UW football team still needs to make to get back to the top of the Pac-12.
November 26, 2019
A Seattle muni judge is cleared of wrong doing after the convoluted complaint filed jointly by the city prosecutor and a public defender for being too harsh on a sentence of a man with over 70 criminal convictions including several unprovoked random violent attacks, the disposition of the complaint shows how the judge was in the wrong and the Seattle city attorney was wrong, it shows why Seattle's city attorney should be fired (or voted out), what's the impact of Tim Eyman deciding to run for governor as independent rather than Republican, reaction to current impeachment news transforms into a conversation about Russia and Chinas as US threats, a wholesale evaluation about the US role in the world in 2019, why Kirby and John are thankful this year.
November 21, 2019
John and Kirby talk about our ongoing Apple Cup Flag giveaway, late nights Democratic debates, and what's going to happen in the city of Seattle
November 12, 2019
This week's topics include city election results, polls, Referendum 88, and did Amazon waste $1.5 million in campaign contributions?
November 6, 2019
Election returns round one is complete so let's dig in! There's a new road map for WA Republicans to use in future elections, Snohomish Co. Sheriff lost because he sounded like a social worker, not a cop, Seattle problems creeping in to the surrounding suburbs is being rejected in Snohomish County, what to make of the pending demise of the Seattle city council career of Kshama Sawant, Sawant's people skills likely ruined her re-election chances. Spokane voters send a strong message to city leaders to avoid being like Seattle, compare the media coverage of KY's Republican more losing to GA's Democratic gubernatorial candidate losing, Virginia voters give Democrats control of state legislature but court-mandated redistricting impacted the latest vote, the national trend that should be a red flag for Trump/Republicans in 2020 election, $30 car tabs shows that relatable issues resonate with voters, how this year's R-88/I-1000 debate was vastly different from I-200 vote back in 1998, some way too early thoughts about how this election will impact local/WA election in 2020.
November 6, 2019
Some national election story lines to know for tonight and tomorrow including the fate of the only Democratic pro-life governor in America, how Virginia's elections today could be a bellwether for 2020 Presidential race, TX voters decided on the fate of an income tax, Colorado voters decide a 'taxpayer bill of rights', Meet The Press airs a 'man on the street' report about reaction to impeachment push against Trump, will the sad story of 9 Americans killed by alleged drug cartels in northern Mexico actually change anything with border security or drug war?, two Washington Nationals players lead the team's celebration at the White House, for all the talk about diversity there isn't a lot at the rallies for Warren or Sanders, are some South Carolina African-American voters homophobic about candidate Pete Buttigieg?
October 30, 2019
Topics: The World Series being politicized, Kanye West's switch to Christian music, and the latest on the impeachment inquiry.
October 24, 2019
This year's World Series has been wild, and who could the Democrats turn to in their desperation to defeat Trump as a surprise compromise nominee?
October 16, 2019
Topics: Dissecting Tuesday's Democratic debate, the National's heading to The World Series and an update on the situation with the Kurds in Syria.
October 9, 2019
Wanna hear two conservative Republicans disagree on an issue? Here's your chance. The two KVI show hosts arrive at strongly differing views about Pres. Trump's decision to withdraw US forces in northern Syria and leave ethnic Kurds to fend for themselves against Turkey. Mis-use of the slogan "endless wars", the Kurds� tremendous effort to battle ISIS, Carlson agrees in principle but says there�s no national interest at this point for the US, Kirby points out the difference between the US actions and its word, Defense Sec. Jim Mattis resignation decision revolves around Turkey right now, the end of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey is also influential on the situation today regarding the US forces removed from northern Syria. Three markers to look for going forward to measure the efficacy of Trump's decision.
October 1, 2019
What are the odds that President Trump will be impeached? John & Kirby sound off on the great vape debate - it seems Jay Inslee has been harder on vaping than on heroin, and what happened when a KVI listener returning to the dating scene was asked if she was a Trump supporter?
September 17, 2019
The New York Times really bungled their handling of "revelations" from the new book about Brett Kavanaugh. John and Kirby debate how involved the United States should be in the escalating conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Plus, John gives some rare on-air financial advice!
September 10, 2019
Kirby and Carlson return...but which one is Iron Man and which one is Captain America (Avengers: Endgame spoilers!) John Bolton is OUT! And we discuss the implications of that decision and what led up to it, and is there a connection to the President's cancelled meeting with the Taliban last weekend at Camp David? Plus John and Kirby weigh in on the upcoming race for Washington state governor and Joshua Freed's candidacy
September 10, 2019
On this edition of the Kirby & Carlson Podcast, the KVI hosts discuss the first weekend of college football, Democrats' propensity for behaving badly, the Odessa TX mass murder's background and the tragic fatal fire that killed almost everyone aboard a charter scuba diving boat in California.
August 16, 2019
The reboot you've been waiting for! John and Kirby are back together in this exclusive podcast and they guys weigh in on the news of the day including Elizabeth Warren's unexpected momentum and what President Trump can do to change the trends today. Plus, what's going to happen after Jay Inslee comes back to back Washington state and his political future after his (most likely) failed presidential campaign ? Listen to the Commute With Carlson every weekday from 6-9 am and cruise how with the Kirby Wilbur Show from 3-6 pm
September 4, 2018
Because YOU demanded it - John & Kirby are back together in this exclusive KVI podcast! They talk about the confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh, various stories involving homelessness in Seattle, safe injection sites, and more!
July 10, 2018
Kirby and Carlson combine forces on today�s podcast about the nomination of 7th Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Despite the animosity between Sen. John McCain and Pres. Trump, they explain why McCain could help bolster Kavanaugh�s chances of confirmation. How Kavanaugh compares to the other conservatives already on the Supreme Court. The role retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy may have had in influencing Trump�s decision to choose Kavanaugh. Also some predictions about what happens with the next Supreme Court Justice to retire and when that might happen.
May 31, 2018
A Seattle tourism official sends a not-so-veiled message to city hall over the latest announcement to house homeless people, three Seattle robbers crash two cars into each other after trying to steal an expensive car in the middle of rush hour gridlock, after 8 years an illegal homeless camp in the Puyallup/Canyon Road area is finally cleared out, two months notice before the Canyon Road homeless camp clear out, let's compare local homeless clean up efforts to how quickly they're acting in Philadelphia.
May 30, 2018
National Review's David French perfectly encapsulates the Trump derangement from last week's social media saga of the 2014 Obama era picture of immigrant children, knowing the rules of things that will get you fired in show business, Kirby's a little surprised that Roseanne Barr didn't do or say something unacceptable sooner than this given her track record, Italy's gov't thing, the sickening story of a missing Bonney Lake teenage girl who was last seen with a registered sex-offender in the Lakewood WA area.
May 29, 2018
Our KVI guest from last Friday who is volunteering to clean the grave markers of military veterans became a national news story over the holiday weekend, there's a lot of momentum for the repeal effort to Seattle's 'employee head tax', meet KVI's newest talk show hosts Markley and Van Camp debuting next week 9a-noon. North Korea's latest actions appear to be paving way for re-setting a Trump summit in June, a Bellevue financial sector leader floats a pet theory about North Korea being allowed to keep their nuclear weapons after a Trump summit.
May 25, 2018
Sinkhole reduces Highway 2 through Skykomish WA to one lane for holiday weekend drivers, another Seattle business takes a forceful stand against the employee head tax, new report shows homeless people in Seattle being helped by the city are housed in rough conditions, KVI callers share stories about loved ones who died in military service, John shares the story of an RV parked on his street and his liberal neighbor's reaction to the arrival of this RV so close to their homes. GUEST: American Legion Post 206 founder in Seattle -- Jordan Houghton-- he's organizing the cleaning (pressure washing) of Veterans grave stones at Seattle's Evergreen Washelli cemetery this weekend before Memorial Day.
May 24, 2018
St. Sen. Steve O'Ban wants to bring Pierce County's new idea of a $275 per employee job creation tax credit to other areas of Washington, targets of the Seattle employee head tax (Amazon, Vulcan, Starbucks and Albertsons) are ponying up $350,000 to help the head tax repeal effort, GUEST: author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration, John Zmirak, shares some useful historical comparisons about why Mexicans are so ready to split their country for a life of uncertainty in the United States.
May 24, 2018
A KVI listener says gathering signatures for repeal of Seattle employee head tax is gaining lots of interest, GUEST: Heritage Foundation's expert on financial regulations Norbert Michel on newly approved banking rules from US Congress and how it changes Dodd-Frank laws, Gov. Jay Inslee goes to Iowa as first real sign of his 2020 Presidential aspirations, what would it take for Inslee to win Democratic Party nomination for President in 2020?
May 22, 2018
Pierce County unveils a plan for Seattle businesses paying the 'head tax' to move southward, if you thought Seattle's employee head tax was expensive wait until you hear about Seattle's waterfront "LID" (local improvement district), a New Jersey school pr
May 21, 2018
John and Kirby start by talking about how dysfunctional the city of Seattle is and what the Seattle City Council learned just two weeks before the head tax vote (read the KUOW article here) - Plus, our first guest is Saul Spady, he joins us to talk about the petition to get an initiative to stop the head tax on the November ballot. Our next guest this hour is Steven Hayes - editor in chief of the Weekly Standard to talk about his upcoming appearance at the Washington Policy Center's Solutions Summit (more info about that event here). Plus, it's Media Bias Monday and Kirby has the truth about Hamas & Israel, the number of school shootings, and President Trump's remarks about members of MS-13 as "animals".
May 18, 2018
John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur talk about the school shooting in Texas plus more anger over the 'head tax" and homelessness. It's another edition of Campus Crazies and our guest is Jim Piek from JBLM to talk about the Armed Forces Day Celebration on Saturday! We also talk to Kathy Sutherland about the Olympic Conference on June 2nd and the KOMO's Matt Markovich joins us to talk about his stories on homelessness.
May 17, 2018
Why did Seattle Police hold back the information about that brutal rape by a homeless man on Monday? John and Kirby talk about that as well as the hatchet attack in downtown Seattle. Plus, Evergreen State College has seen a sharp decline in applications and the guys take calls from listeners about volcanoes and homelessness. That and History Mystery!
May 16, 2018
The debate over #LaurelorYanny continues and Kirby points out how silly it is but John has a theory and the calles just have fun with it, and Seattle is becoming a punch line because of the actions of the city council and the 'head tax'.
May 15, 2018
Seattle head tax passes despite widespread opposition, Seattle mayor pats herself on back for head tax compromise plan passing, a scientific poll within Seattle shows the best case scenario for residents supporting a head tax, Seattle city council adamantly dropped Wells Fargo bank over politics and no other bank wanted to bid on the city's contract for banking services, Kirby has a spot in Seattle for 300 homeless people, a major grocery store says it's closing two Seattle stores due to cost of regulations on businesses.
May 14, 2018
NFL Hall of Famer and Seahawks legend, Steve Largent, shares his thoughts on the passing of former head coach Chuck Knox, Largent and the guys also talk about today's ruling paving the way for legalized sports betting in New Jersey, two new volcanic fissures have emerged near Kilauea in Hawaii and one of them is 1000 feet long, US officially opens new Israeli embassy in Jerusalem, what the embassy move means for the two-state solution, Trump chief-of-staff's comments to NPR about immigration are being called racist by some of the usual suspects on the left, there's a big disconnect between the Seattle City Council and the public support for the employee head tax.
May 11, 2018
Seattle's mayor wants to try slow-motion socialism, apparently; the Seattle homeless issues belies on-going financial mismanagement by city leaders, GUEST: Tim Eyman says he's loaning himself $500,000 for a third initiative on $30 car tabs. A Seattle business woman comes out ardently for the employee head tax but there's a catch, a new statewide initiative would end 'gun free zone' schools in Washington, I-1621 Tyler sponsor needs 300,000 signatures by July 6th, Israel just proved that Russian anti-missile defense systems don't work very well, we have a healthy dose of Mariachi music for Cinco de Mayo stories in Campus Crazies.
May 10, 2018
The push back against Seattle's most vocal socialist continues to grow, John's latest Crosscut column, GUEST: Bellevue City Councilman, Jared Nieuwenhuis, talks about the prospect of Seattle businesses taking shelter in nearby cities if they choose to avoid the proposed employee head tax, numerous questions about the fatal shooting of a black man at a West Seattle track & field event who's daughter was competing there, Trump praises North Korea's unexpected release of 3 Americans and announces date for summit with Kim Jong Un.
May 9, 2018
M's are the new sports darlings in Seattle with historic no-hitter, pit bull mix dog attack in Arlington comes as Yakima may repeal its law passed 30 yrs ago banning pit bulls in the city, KVI callers sound off on pit bulls including one man who's family was nearly attacked, instant analysis of last night's 4 primary votes in IN, OH, WV, NC and what it means for the various Republican candidates.
May 8, 2018
A Yakima WA area man, Sean Marceau, is pleading for the return of a US flag autographed by the fellow soldiers of his son KIA in Afghanistan, amid interview KVI listeners call spontaneously to donate $700 for flag reward, Sawant Q13 defensive interview, a Seattle shipyard leader tells embattled city councilman to get out of event, one new video is encapsulating the current Hawaii volcanic/lava eruption story.
May 7, 2018
Kirby attended a music concert with a mysterious disappearing act, the Seattle business community starts to call the city council's bluff on $75 million employee head tax (for subsidized housing), San Diego vs. Seattle on how the cities have handled homeless people in cars. Better late than never in Seattle, a judge�s ruling on Mueller special counsel doesn't help the case against Trump, Rudy Giuliani vs. George Stephanopolous, more Mueller talk, Media Bias Monday stories include... Kirby quizzes John about a story in Milwaukie, there was a noticeable lack of national media coverage for a federal judge's ruling that benefits Trump in the Mueller investigation, Rosie O'Donnell admits to illegal campaign contributions; the NRA convention was heavily attended.
May 4, 2018
The Seattle Sawant shout-down punctuates a monumental week as the city's working & middle class forcefully push back against activist city council members who are willfully botching the response to homelessness, a Seattle iron worker directly tells Sawant why he supports Amazon and not her, news of the current 3.9% unemployment rate leads to some funny memories from the year 2000, the Iron Workers Local 86 need to start merchandising!, why the Kshama Sawant wing of Seattle politics is now boldly targeting the city mayor.
May 3, 2018
The WA Supreme Court fast-tracks the citizen initiative to conduct a public vote on Seattle's heroin injection site plan, GUESTS: I-27 legal counsel and I-27 sponsor, Mark Lamb and Joshua Freed, respectively join the show to talk about the appeal getting a fair hearing to let the voters decide the fate of supervised heroin injection sites, Rudy Giuliani weighs in on Trump's revelation that he paid back attorney over Stormy Daniels NDA, not a campaign expenditure, the day after May Day the 'black bloc'/anti-capitalist vandalize Olympia businesses.
May 2, 2018
Kirby&Carlson: the prom dress 'cultural appropriation' discussion continues, a new undercover James O'Keefe (Project Veritas) video shows a teacher's union president explaining how he keeps criminal teachers in the classroom, despite a 75% increase in education spending in WA student test scores have only increased slightly (in last 9 yrs), the new Amy Chozik book about Hillary Clinton points to excessive drinking, another story about a Seattle city councilwoman that residents think isn't taking the homeless filth/crime problems seriously.
May 1, 2018
The founder of Patriot Prayer USA, Joey Gibson, joins the show to talk about why he's joining the May Day march in downtown Seattle today, a Mountlake Terrace woman has been taken off life support and died after being viciously attacked 3 weeks ago in a random attack by a mentally unhinged man with a prior criminal record, an Amber Alert scare in Tacoma turns out to be a grandpa using duct tape on a 10yr old, the Trump tax roll-back is going to benefit customers of the Puget Sound's biggest electric utility.
May 1, 2018
White House Correspondent for Newsmax who attended the weekend's dismal Correspondent's Dinner talks about the debacle, another letter from a Seattleite moving out of the city because of the ludicrous city politics/politicians, the reader comments to the Seattleite leaving Seattle are really telling. KVI callers sound off on the possible fixes for Seattle homelessness, the $12 million per mile price tag for a stretch of Seattle bike lanes is the new "I told ya so" example, in Monday Media Bias stories an update on MSNBC's Joy Reed homophobic slur(s) saga, CNN pundit says female comic at White House Correspondent's Dinner wasn't interested in being funny, a CNN terrorism analyst puts the Correspondent's Dinner in perspective.
April 24, 2018
We have a demoralizing update to our story about helping Seattle homeless woman "Melissa", GUEST: Denny Hancock met with Melissa yesterday and says the obstacle to getting Melissa to permanent shelter is someone living in the tent with her, a KVI caller points out that the "Melissa" update underscores why we need to stop using the term homeless, KING 5 story about human waste and crime at the front door of the King Co. Courthouse in Seattle, a KVI caller tries to argue with Kirby and John about their effort to help "Melissa".
April 23, 2018
A KVI caller wonders why Amazon in Seattle would have James Comey speaking to employees today, the bittersweet story of James Shaw Jr rising to fame for disarming the weekend's Nashville Waffle House murderer who is still on the loose, "Exploring Washington's Past" is a tremendous book about Eastern and Western Washington, Gov. Jay Inslee proclaims WA has the best weed in the U.S. of A., earning more than $150K a year puts you in the top 20% of earners, if you earn less than $50K a year you pay no federal income tax, gun rights and 2nd Amendment supporters held a big rally at the Olympia capitol campus over the weekend.
April 20, 2018
A UW College Republican group was vandalized on campus and it looks like AntiFA is involved, a new poll on guns, a KVI caller who just decided to join the NRA calls the show to talk about why he joined, GUEST: economist with ALEC Jonathan Williams says some problems with the Washington/local economy are looming.
April 19, 2018
Iconic new superhero flick "Black Panther" will be first movie screened in 35 years at a movie theater in Saudi Arabia, Starbucks public relations chaos after police arrest two black men who were waiting inside but not buying anything, KVI callers sound off on the Starbucks backlash, two crime stories in Burien defy explanation leaving one person attacked with a machete in critical condition.
April 18, 2018
Remembering the authentic nature of former FLOTUS Barbara Bush, a former GHW Bush White House advance event staffer calls the show with some memories of Barbara Bush, we're learning a lot more about the personal politics of the Philadelphia Starbucks manager at the center of controversy over two black men arrested inside the store, the backlash to the 911 call and and arrest of two black men at the Philadelphia Starbucks store shows the growing schism of social justice thought on the political left.
April 17, 2018
Robert Mueller warns that most news stories about his investigation on Russia are likely false, legal expert Alan Dershowitz chides James Comey, a press release about a fatal stabbing uses some words that Kirby finds dismaying, King Co. juvenile division chief prosecutor, Jimmy Hung, talks about the restorative justice/peace circle option for juvenile offenders which has been brought into question after a 16-year-old was just charged with murder in Seattle, reading between the lines Hung points to the moral hazard of Seattle's homeless crisis and the poor disproportionately getting caught up in the criminal justice system.
April 16, 2018
Analyzing the words and impact of James Comey's book interview last night and what it means for Trump going forward, book appears to be a disappointment for bringing down Trump, a former James Comey attorney says he'd be fired by Comey for what Comey has done, Mamma's Hands homeless outreach in Bellevue, Denny Hancock, tells KVI he is currently working with Seattle homeless woman "Melissa" who was interviewed on the air last week to find her a suitable home instead of the tent she's living in on 3rd Avenue and Broad Street near the Space Needle.
April 13, 2018
Another report of Seattle homelessness shows the catch-22 of sweeping out illegal camps and the furious neighbors who are being held to the letter of the law as homeless people break the law across the street, KVI listeners sound off on what to do with illegal homeless camps, Seahawks apparently pass on QB Colin Kaepernick, Kirby responds to a KVI caller from last hour concerned about safety over-sight for children being home-schooled.
April 12, 2018
A new example of a local teen who benefited from the peace circle/restorative justice option instead of juvenile jail time, two liberal arguments for the 'restorative justice' option to juvenile jail time, a new Ivy League study says lesbian teens are getting punished in school more often, Kirby and John are making public appearances the next few weeks that you can attend, more reaction to King County Prosecutor's office policy of 'restorative justice' which allows juvenile offenders to avoid jail time, another city votes to join lawsuit against CA sanctuary status.
April 11, 2018
Four considerations with Speaker Paul Ryan's decision to finish his Congressional term, remembering the civil rights leadership of Seattle Rev. Samuel McKinney, Kirby and John invite you to join them for a forum on political issues in Everett (toll roads, homelessness, opiod addiction, gun violence and a Trump report card) coming up on April 26th!, a battle is brewing over a carbon-fuel tax statewide initiative for Washington that will drastically raise gasoline prices and home heating oil, KVI offers Seattle homeless woman "Melissa" an option for getting out of her homeless life.
April 10, 2018
Seattle city council is doing something that might make a lot of Millennials switch to being conservative, city of Monroe sends a warning signal to homeless campers, let's compare Marysville's effort to build a new police station and jail to the recent activist outcry over Seattle's north police precinct, good news for the NY stock market after China agrees to drop a tariff on US cars, "Melissa" from the Seattle homeless 'mansion' in front of KIRO TV talks to KVI, she says she and her boyfriend are getting death threats from Internet responses to the story, she says she'll leave Seattle if she can get back home to Kansas.
April 9, 2018
Kirby tells the Frank Sinatra story from last night's Dennis Miller performance in Tacoma, Kirby notices Sunday nights are a ghost town in Tacoma's theater district, an update on the heart surgery patient John has been talking about since last summer, a homeless "mansion" has been erected on a sidewalk within throwing distance of the Space Needle, what are the options for the US to respond to yesterday's Syrian chemical weapons attack on civilians.
March 19, 2018
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