The perfect compliment to my morning espresso!
These ladies are the real deal. So fun, SO hilarious and truly a part of my everyday life! Thank you Oshry sisters I feel like I’m a part of your fam!!
Best millennials morning show!!
Maddie Logue
Love love this podcast!! I listen to the morning toast everyday during my morning commute to school. I am proud to be a toaster! I absolutely love being apart of this community where women can support other women. I highly recommend that you listen to this podcast! Shoutout to all the Oshry sisters who have each contributed to creating the best millennial morning show!! Peace love the morning toast ~ “Toaster in the wild”
The morning banter
I love the toast!! Jackie and Claudia’s banter makes my morning. They’re so funny and relatable. They make my commute to work bearable. Facebook: Rebecca Buchwald
The one where you won’t regret it
I die for this podcast! Whether you want to find something to laugh at during rush hour traffic, tune out your coworkers, or just stay updated on the latest and greatest news - this is a must watch / listen to. Premium content hosted by a premium family. I love this podcast and honestly don’t remember life without it. If you aren’t listening - who are you even? You’re definitely missing out. So become a toasters now and every weekday already!!!! Facebook: Kate Cowger
My literal only problem with this show:
Jackie has a very disordered view on body image and healthy habits and she preaches it like it’s factual and correct. She’s pro weight watchers for children and said having diarrhea is a blessing. I do give a ton of credit to Claudia, for a more neutral and positive outlook on the topic. As people who have a fan base of all shapes and sizes please keep this in mind when you’re talking about these things.
BEST pop culture podcast
Love this podcast! I love listening to these ladies’ point of view on all things pop culture, they’re hilarious. Facebook: Baylee Sivils
You know when you find a show you simply can’t live without? That you look forward to each and every day? It’s this kind of beautiful and rare love that I’ve found with the Morning Toast. The hosts, Jackie and Claudia, are incredible. Witty, hilarious, sharp, light hearted. I love this show and I love these girls!! 500 stars if I could.
Toast LA 👎🏼🤮
The entitlement and pure delusion spewing from Jackie’s mouth during the LA week is at an unbearable high. These girls need a reality check— you’re both FAR from famous! And don’t get me started on Margo. She’s absolutely IRRELEVANT and a complete nobody.
ThE oNe WiTh ThE pRiViLeGe
I used to love this show. It’s truly gone downhill. They are annoying, rude, and inaccurate. I’ll be getting my news from a real morning show from now on.
The ONLY Podcast I’ll Listen To
TMT is the only podcast I’ll listen to. Jackie & Claudia are hysterical and always have the latest and greatest of pop culture news before the news even breaks. I can’t help but use their lingo on the daily, it’s addicting! Look forward to listening every morning! fb: Cat Jara
Highly Recommend
Listen to this show everyday! I love it! Gives me the fast 5 stories I need before I wake up and take a bite out of my morning toast 😜 Facebook: Archer Booker
Can’t wait for a podcast tour!
I listen everyday and I’m constantly getting odd looks from strangers as I laugh out loud to myself. I used to read the skimm but now I just get to listen to the most important news and have a good time simultaneously. P.S. please make moosey vibes only merch!
Singh awk jam
Most Recent Edit: the episode w Tayshia was hilarioussss & Jackie in her delirious state was adorable omg it’s so hard to hate these girls I need to give five stars Edit: I really love how the girls handled the Gina Rodriguez n-word story. Bumping up my rating now. Claudia is fantastic though. Pay attention to Jackie’s commentary about issues of race and privilege. Both the things she says and the times when she’s silent really says it all. I love Claudia and she makes the show great. She’s super woke— always speaking up about the historic mistreatment of black people in the US. Jackie’s always silent whenever she brings those topics up though.... Also, Jackie seems to like Sean Spicer? And also wants Lori Loughlin (another privileged white woman) to get off when there are tons of black and brown people in jail for life for far lesser “crimes”. Jackie seems really out of touch and not as thoughtful as Claudia. I really don’t like her. Claudia’s a blessing though and makes me laugh super hard so I’ll keep listening until Jackie says or does something that inevitably shows her true conservative, All Lives Matter, Trump-lovin’ ways ....
Addicted !!
This has become my morning ritual and seriously gets me through my workday!!! I feel like I am sitting in a room chatting with my girlfriends, and constantly find myself laughing out loud. Facebook: Kelsey Ray
Toast Stan
Lindsay Savin
I can’t believe there was a ever a time that I didn’t know about The Morning Toast. I feel always feel so informed, motivated and generally uplifted after listening to this (almost - I wish) daily podcast! The hardest part of my day is deciding whether I want to start it or end it with the TMT ladies. Thanks and keep up the excellent work 👌🏼 - Lindsay Savin
Best podcast..literally ever 100%...right
I live for this podcast. Every day on my work break I rush our to my car to listen to it. I don’t know how but it seems to get funnier and funnier every single podcast. I feel like I’m starting to talk like Claudia and Jackie and I really don’t hate it. Completely obsessed 10/10 premium content!
feeling uncreative
Y’all SLAYED Toast LA week. Each episode has me dead over my morning coffee! I really hope Diplo samples Claudia singing because it’s 100% necessary. fb: Cindi Hosea
The really connect with listeners🤓
I love the Oshry girls! Through the show and their social media, Jackie and Claudia truly reach out to their users and make them feel seen! This show is the highlight of my day. I have been listening now for over a year, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Omg do yourself a favor and listen!!!
Can’t live without TMT 💕
I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I started listening! Nothing is more pertinent than listening to the morning toast everyday I get so excited every time I hear goooooood morning millennials! Facebook: Nicole Vockel
Queens 👑👑
Can’t start my morning without my coffee & morning toast!! fb: Ashley Dowiak
Best podcast ever! Listen to it every morning on my way to work! Always premium content!!! Hilarious, relate to this girls so much! -Jamie Lynn
Listened on Juicy Scoop-Now obsessed!
Maggie May 26
Had to subscribe ASAP. Such a good interview on Juicy Scoop❤️❤️❤️ I love all my true crime podcasts so I need some pop culture comedy to balance my brain out or I’m going to become a 4 real shut in who trusts no one. Thx for the laughs
Queens. ✨
Nattie John
My fav podcast ever. I die laughing! 💗🦄
A toast to the best podcast
Such a great way to catch up on the most important news!! Theresa Degelia
Don’t worry be toasty
I am the thirst monster general of The Morning Toast. PLEASE LET ME IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP 😫 Molly Kearney
So glad I discovered TMT ... look forward to each episode!
Honestly I can’t get through morning without it! I love the pop culture news updates and they have been killing it with the guests! Obsessed! - Ashley Davis
Like please stop like singing like ok
I used to love listening to Jackie and Claudia, but they have addressed this and haven’t listened to their listeners, the singing and the over use of the word “like” is terrible (mostly Claudia does this). It’s too hard to listen to this show anymore. On top of that, if you’re a morning type news show, do better at getting your facts straight before giving the fast five. So much of what they say is inaccurate and it’s irritating to listen to. They are funny at times, but it’s not worth trying to listen to because the above mentioned issues.
Favorite podcast
I look forward to listening to every day! Premium content. Abby VanderWoude
Just like talking with my sister!
Allie Edgerly
I’ve been listening to The Morning Toast for about 6 months now and it has become part of my daily routine! I fell in love with this show because they discuss the most relevant information (both pop culture and real news stories #biznews) and it feels just like a conversation I would be having with my sister! I love Claudia and Jackie’s (and occasionally Snitch’s) dynamic, they are just made for this! A toast to you and I!
The only morning show that matters.
Premium content only
Best podcast. So glad my friends told me about you ladies! You make my hour long commute to work bearable. (Taylor Whitt on Facebook)
Highlight of my Day
jennifer from new england
I’ve been listening to Claudia and Jackie since the beginning and I look forward every day to a new episode. Honestly sitting in traffic is not as torturous with the girls making me laugh so much. And to the people who may say the girls talk too fast, welcome to the East coast. Being from New England I never blink an eye.
Makes me feel like I have sisters
Alexa Marie12
The lord gifted me with only brothers-thus, making me the star of my family. However, it gets lonely being me. I’ve always wanted sisters and now I feel like I got sisters that like to talk about the things I want to talk about. Loving it!
This podcast is everything. I love Claudia and Jackie and the Snitch’s banter about all pop culture topics. They keep me up to date on all my fav Bravo and E! Shows. Since we all know talking about all those shows is needed and they feel like your best girl friends!
Samantha Truglio
Love listening to you guys! Toaster love from Maui!
All the STARS, SIS
The Morning Toast is ESSENTIAL to my daily workflow. Taylor Swift Stans, Bravo, Snatchelor, Top 5, Bizzzz news....what more could you ask for?! These girls are IT! FB: Melinda Gonzalez
Premium Content!!!
Angelina Ragusa
Literally obsessed and can’t go a day without listening to the podcast. Love these precious gems of sisters. 💖 Ps. please add the me to the secret facebook group -Angelina Ragusa
The greatest part of my drive home from work! Much love - Nathalia Chimilovski
Each episode gets better and better. Much love - Nathalia Chimilovski
Jaime Taylor O
Jaime Taylor O
Always makes me laugh!
Best podcast out there!
I feel as though I don’t even get all of the information I need in a day without listening to the Toast. These girls make each day so fun and always have new and interesting takes on things! -Laura Ann
Claudia’s interrupting has got to stop!
How does Claudia not realize she constantly interrupts Jackie and worst of all the guests!? When there are guests on she just talks about her opinions of the subject, does not let Jackie get a single word in and doesn’t let the guest give their take on anything. She asks a question and then answers it herself. These girls are hilarious and I love their pop culture knowledge and references but I cannot watch Claudia talk over everyone this much
Like was every other word! Could not finish the episode.
So happy my friend recommended it to me!
Always starved for more!
Can’t get enough of this show, feels like I’m in the car with two best friends! Just had my one year toast-iversary and I don’t think I’ve missed a single episode! Love you guys!
Premium Content Only
sammi stack
The best morning show & podcast hands down! Claudia & Jackie make my morning by delivering premium content only! The girls bring you pop culture & news in a relatable, funny way. You feel like your listening to your friends talk! (Facebook name Sammi Stack for the toasters group!)
a toast to the wild ones
I would be absolutely remiss devastated and heartbroken if I ever missed an episode so i simply do not
my fav podcast!
The Morning Toast saves me on my commute to work! My day doesn’t feel complete until I’ve listened. Also, love all their show recaps! FB: Gabi Duhon
They bribe people for 5 star reviews
They told listeners that if they give the show a 5 star review, they would be let into their Facebook group but nobody was let in. They are liars and unethical.
Premium Content
Love this show- one of the highlights of my day!
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