Favorite podcastđŸ”„
Look forward to each new podcast every week! Thank you jauz!!! -Jack Schoen!
No download?
One of my favorite podcast. Music is always great. But lately it won’t let you download it. Always says fail. đŸ€”đŸ€”
Amazing Show! But DOWNLOAD ERROR
The three last episodes have had download errors! I can still listen, but can’t download. Still an amazing show and definitely worth the add! Just giving Jauz a heads up on his download errors. Thanks man, keep it up!
Stay Lit
The time has come to push the button. Keep doin what ya do playboy and chase that money. Even Orcas can’t deny they feel it! Also, I honestly thought Jauz was gonna have a birth announcement when he remixed Baby Shark. But like most DJs he’s just a geek. Holla @ ya boy, djpaulygon! Don’t stop believing! EDM is Techno is EDM is Techno. Ask Eminem, cause nobody listens to it. 1<3
Walking to your beats
On my way to school and back, and any other time I'm on my feet, I love to pull up your beats when I'm in the mood for some riddim and heavy sounds. Also I got to play your Baby Shark remix at my church when I was volunteering with child care. It was dope Thanks for being on air #GodBless #DubstepLives 🩈
Been listening since I saw you B2B with Zeds Dead at Hard Summer 2018 every week is a tease of your live sets! I can’t wait to see you this weekend at Nocturnal Wonderland ready for some sick beats my guy!! -Josh Ventura,Ca
Bite this
PNC guy
I listen every singe day
I use Bite This as soundtrack for my weekly runs. Always keeps me hype for the entire run! Keep the awesome music coming!
Fell in love with Jauz.
This is the one podcast I look forward to all week! Soon as it airs I listen to it over and over till the next one comes out! Fell in love with Jauz Edc 2018.
Yasss king!
This show is the ish!! I listen faithfully every week to help the work day pass by, and it never disappoints. Every episode is on point, and I re listen over and over! Addicting as hell but What else would you expect from a jauz podcast?
Straight đŸ”„đŸ”„đŸ”„
From episode one Jauz has brought the heat! Always playing the freshest tracks and new releases from himself & the “Bite This” label. You’ll want to get out your seat and dance. Keep up the amazing work and can’t wait for the next episode. -Justin Z.
Best radio show out there
Jauz consistently brings the heat week in and week out. Perfect mix of heavy bangers and groovy house music packed into an hour. Also love the fire guest mixes from up and coming artists that you won’t find anywhere else. Got me into Ship Wrek who’ve been absolutely crushing it lately. Give a shoutout to The Oracle 🙏 (^^^)
It’s a weekly thing
Love your radio! Jauz has a great taste in music and keeps me up to date with the freshest tunes on the weekly. Michael PenaAriet
Fire đŸ”„đŸ”„đŸ”„
Best radio show!!!! Always a good mix of dubstep and House music.
Shark Squad
Forever and always a Jauz fan ❀ I’m so happy bite this radio exists. Thanks for making stellar music đŸ™đŸœ
#BITETHIS @heybitethis @jauzoffical Had a buddy show me your music 6 months ago, became a huge fan. Towards the end of last year you rolled true Denver and played and BETA nightclub and definitely my favorite artist!!!! Thank you again. P.S you should do a metal podcast. I know you enjoy some metal. Would love to hear you mix up something
Wow I have never heard this music before I have heard it from my dad and just wow keep up the amazing work y’all are doing.
Best Podcast 🩈🩈🩈
"The Legnd "Mike Erickson
From the very first to the latest podcast just the right amount of talking and a perfect amount if music. The 3 sections is a genius move on Sams part to give you the variety of music to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest music. I listen to this up to ten hours a day at work it keeps me motivated and focused on my work to get the job done. Listening to this brings back all the memories from his shows like your really there. This is hands down the best music podcast i have heard its gonna be around for along time with his talent and drive. Great job Sam “Jauz “ Shark fam for life...
Killing it as always 🩈
JAUZ really is one of my main inspirations to just live my life as happy as I can. His attitude, personality, and musical talent is displayed through his Bite This! Radio channel, which shows me how down to earth and normal he is just like me and everyone else. Thanks for pushing yourself to create, because it has reached so many people in so many ways (^^^).
Jauz killin it as per usual. Smackin all the way through, God Bless this man
Nothing but music to gift you chills jauz has come a long way and this is amazing .
I’m edm af
Wub wub wub wub wub
Clearly shows his skills in mixing between genres by playing fresh tracks every week, JAUZ is an amazing artist!
I have been a Jauz fan since 2014 and am so happy that he finally did this! It’s everything I would expect and more from Mr. Vogel. #musichasnoboundariesnogenres
Juaz sharing this music is absolutely amazing! Have all these on repeat!!!
Sooo good!
I love that you incorporate the stuff you usually don’t throw down at your sets. Love me some tech house đŸ€€
Take a Bite outta this!
Never disappoints! Keep those episodes coming with new music & special guests (^^^)
Absolutely Fantastic and Incredibly Rave-able
What makes JAUZ a fantastic entity in the electronic music community is not only his incredible production skills, but also his journey-like mix formula. Inside Bite This Radio JAUZ offers a deeper look into his influences and interests puts on display the his new status as an expert and mentor figure in his bass music scene. Pick up some vibes with Bite This Radio and enjoy the musical tastes of JAUZ. Whether you’re day one Sharksquad or a new listener, you will be sure to enjoy Bite This Radio.
Mind blowing!
Everything that I would expect from Jauz. Love it!
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