October 18, 2019
Mexico has turned into a warzone. Now seems like a good time to build that wall. Also, a police officer is charged with murder after shooting an innocent woman in her own home. Why does this keep happening? And an article encourages women to live and die alone for the sake of destroying the patriarchy. Date: 10-18-2019
October 17, 2019
Someone interviewed 5,000 mostly pro-abortion liberal biologists about when life begins. Almost all of them confirm that life begins at conception. Also, yesterday was Pronouns Day. Did you celebrate? And climate protestors are turning the entire working class against them. Date: 10-17-2019
October 16, 2019
Last night's debate was a disaster for Democrats. Their frontrunner is incoherent. The other two frontrunners are communists. The only slightly appealing candidates are polling in the single digits. We'll talk about the debate. Also, a celebrity is in hot water for singing along to a rap song. And Kanye West becomes an advocate for Christian modesty. Date: 10-16-2019
October 15, 2019
Today on the show, Lebron James identifies the real victim in this whole China/NBA thing: himself. We'll discuss the continued cowardice of the NBA and its players. Also, Columbus statues are predictably defaced by idiots who don't understand history. And GQ is "redefining" masculinity. We'll see what the "new masculinity" looks like. Date: 10-15-2019
October 14, 2019
Today we remember the great Christopher Columbus and talk about why it's important to acknowledge and appreciate those who built western civilization, no matter what the PC brigade says. Also, controversy over a new pro-Trump meme. But the outrage is absurdly hypocritical. I'll explain why. And should parents spank their kids? We'll discuss. Date: 10-14-2019
October 11, 2019
Last night at the LGBT downhill, Democrats put their wildest, whackiest, and most deranged positions on full display for all to see. Date: 10-11-2019
October 10, 2019
Planned Parenthood plans to spend 50 million dollars to get Democrats elected. Planned Parenthood has exposed itself once again as a money laundering operation for Democrats. So why didn't Republicans defund it when they had the chance? Also, explosive new allegations against Matt Lauer, but is there reason to be skeptical? And we'll check in on the latest stupid conspiracy theory concocted by people on the internet. Date: 10-10-2019
October 9, 2019
Look at how China is reacting to one tweet sent by one guy who works for the NBA. Now imagine what it's like to be an actual citizen of that country, entirely subject to its government's whims. We'll talk more about that today. Also, Elizabeth Warren is telling fanciful stories again. And some parents are suing a video game company for causing their children to be "addicted" to video games. Date: 10-09-2019
October 8, 2019
The NBA is groveling to communist China in one of the most striking displays of corporate cowardice ever witnessed. Also, women are failing the Army's combat fitness test. Is there something wrong with the test or are men and women just built differently? And I give my thoughts on "Joker," a movie the media can't stop panicking over. Date: 10-08-2019
October 1, 2019
A girl claimed she was the victim of a racist attack. Now she admits she made it all up. Her story was absurd and outlandish from the start, but that didn't stop the media from amplifying it uncritically. Also, in the most important news of the day, people keep voting Sean Spicer through on Dancing With The Stars. We need to talk about this. And in less important news, some people think we're headed for a civil war. Are we? Date: 10-01-2019
September 30, 2019
NBC News has accused myself and the Daily Wire of "fake news" for reporting on a potentially dangerous drug being given to gender-confused children. But the fake news, of course, is all on their end. Also, more Trudeau black face footage. This is the worst one yet. And a jaw dropping report about the true scope and severity of the child porn problem on the internet. What can really be done to stop it? I've got one idea. Date: 09-30-2019
September 27, 2019
Climate protestors shutdown DC again today, which raises the question: do these people have jobs? And if they aren’t interested in getting jobs, why should we pay off their student loans? Also, AOC claims that people making almost 40 grand a year are destitute. And a disturbing report shows the dangers of giving hormone pills to children. Finally, Warner Brothers issues a statement clarifying that the Joker is not supposed to be a role model. We will discuss and analyze this shocking revelation. Date: 09-27-2019
September 26, 2019
We were promised bombshells in the whistleblower report. Did it deliver? Democrats and Republicans have switched sides on the impeachment issue since 1998, but the real problem is that the same Democrats and Republicans have been in office since 1998. Mattel established world peace by releasing a line of gender neutral dolls. And Rep. Rashida Tlaib makes crazy, anti-science claims in an effort to ban e-cigs. Date: 09-26-2019
September 25, 2019
The infamous transcript has been released. Does it live up to the hype? Also, reporters sets out to randomly destroy a guy who raised money for sick kids. This is psychotic behavior by the media. Date: 09-25-2019
September 24, 2019
Asia is by far the biggest producer of water pollution and carbon emissions. Why is all of the outrage directed at the West? Also, we'll talk about why climate alarmism is child abuse. And Denzel Washington might be cast as a Jewish Holocaust survivor. Why isn't this provoking outrage from the Woke Mob? Date: 09-24-2019
September 23, 2019
Today, environmentalists in DC heroically saved the environment by blocking traffic and throwing trash. We'll talk about the increasingly absurd and counter productive climate protests plaguing the country. Also, Megan Fox is applauded for sending her son to school in a dress. Is this enlightened parenting or bad parenting? My answer won't shock you. Date: 09-23-2019
September 20, 2019
America is still a religious country, but our new religion is environmentalism. We'll talk about why environmentalism is a religion and why so many people subscribe to it. Also, the New York Times finds sexism in the weirdest imaginable place. And we deal with the question of why so many young people are leaving the church. Date: 09-20-2019
September 19, 2019
The wokest white boy this side of the Atlantic, Justin Trudeau, has a nasty blackface habit. Will he be held accountable in the same way that a conservative would be? Of course not. On a related note, remember when Megyn Kelly was fired just for talking about blackface? Also, a new study claims that all "unwanted" sex is rape. We'll talk about why that definition of rape is wrong and dangerous. Finally, NBC gives us all the chance to confess our climate sins. Date: 09-19-2019
September 18, 2019
A deranged abortionist kept trophies of the babies he killed. We'll talk about why the media is terrified of this story. Also, a "seminary" has its students confess their sins to plants (yes, really). And we'll talk about the pros and cons of giving the Left a taste of its own medicine. Date: 09-18-2019
September 17, 2019
While the authors of that now debunked Kavanaugh hit piece throw their editors under the bus, a genuine bombshell has emerged. Only it works against the Kavanaugh smears. Also, SNL fires a new cast member after it's revealed that he said some offensive stuff. Of course, everyone has said offensive stuff, so I guess everyone should be canceled. Finally, Sean Spicer spreads the gospel by doing the salsa on Dancing With The Stars. Date: 09-17-2019
September 16, 2019
The media has resurrected its failed smear campaign against Kavanaugh. The latest smear is the most absurd and baseless yet. Also, a pop singer has announced that his pronouns are "they/them." We'll talk about why this whole pronoun thing is utter nonsense. Date: 09-16-2019
September 13, 2019
Last night's debate was great entertainment but also a huge embarrassment for the Democrat Party. Bernie screamed until he lost his voice. Yang tried to bribe the audience. Kamala appeared to be drunk. We'll sort through it. Also, I'll answer your emails. Date: 09-13-2019
September 12, 2019
Trump wants to ban flavored e-cigarettes because his wife doesn't like them. We'll talk about why the talk of a "vaping crisis" is overblown and why this move is politically disastrous for the president. Also, a gaggle of conspiracy theorists rallied in DC yesterday and Hillary Clinton put on the saddest and most embarrassing display anyone has ever seen. Date: 09-12-2019
September 11, 2019
Today we remember 9-11. Also, Vox suggests lowering the voting age to zero. I’ll explain why conservatives should actually support that idea for entirely self-serving reasons. Also, a London zoo has the first “genderless” penguin. Date: 09-11-2019
September 10, 2019
Beto says everyone has a "right" to live near their jobs. This is yet more evidence that the concept of human rights has lost all meaning in our society. Also, a feminist informs us that the term "hey guys" is oppressive to women. And a former James Bond actor gives the only answer he's allowed to give when asked whether there should be a female James Bond. Date: 09-10-2019
September 9, 2019
Pete Buttigieg once again mangles the Bible to try and justify abortion. We will look at his theological arguments. Also, noted child rapist Roman Polanski wins another prestigious film award. Yet Hollywood continues to lecture us about our moral inferiority. Date: 09-09-2019
September 6, 2019
Drew Brees is being attacked by the outrage mob for recording an "anti-gay" video. In reality, the video promotes the Bible and says nothing at all about gays. We'll discuss how "anti-gay" and "Christian" have been synonymous terms in our culture. Also, more stores are banning open carry. My opinion on the subject may put me at odds with most conservatives. Date: 09-06-2019
September 5, 2019
Bernie Sanders endorses abortion as a means to solve overpopulation and save the planet. But why is it that those who want to exterminate surplus people never seem to see themselves as part of the surplus? Also, a feminist gives men rules for engaging in conversation. And an ESPN host claims that track and field isn't a sport. Date: 09-05-2019
September 4, 2019
Walmart has caved to the left and will stop selling ammunition for semi-automatic firearms. It is also asking customers not to open carry in their stores. Both of these measures are absurd and pointless. I'll explain why. Also, a woman brings an emotional support horse on a flight and Calvin Klein competes with Gillette for the most insufferably stupid ad campaign. Finally I respond to the very colorful emails from our Harry Potter discussion yesterday. Date: 09-04-2019
September 3, 2019
Democrats propose mandatory gun buy back programs. What's the difference between that and confiscation? There isn't one. Also, colleges take down portraits of white male scientists in order to make everyone feel safer. And a Catholic school bans Harry Potter. But why is Harry Potter spiritually dangerous if Lord Of The Rings isn't? Date: 09-03-2019
August 30, 2019
The Left has found another child mascot for its climate change alarmism. It’s time we stop making kids into mouthpieces for political and ideological issues. Also, what is a “non-binary lesbian”? And a woman stabs a kid in the face while the kid’s father stands by passively watching.  
Date: 08-30-2019
August 29, 2019
Today, Dave Chappelle has provoked outrage for telling jokes during a comedy routine. Also, Reuters reports that two cameras outside Jeffrey Epstein's cell coincidentally malfunctioned on the night of his suicide. And a female soccer player wants to play in the NFL. I'll explain why this is an utterly insane and probably fatal idea. Date: 08-29-2019
August 28, 2019
Beto O'Rourke says that mothers decide the worth and value of their unborn children. We'll talk about how that sort of attitude leads directly to eugenics and genocide. Also, Ilhan Omar allegedly had an affair with a married man. We're told this is a personal matter and not relevant to voters. I disagree and I'll explain why. Finally, a woman babbles incoherently in front of a giant jiggling butt at the VMAs. Kamala Harris calls the performance powerful. I have a different description. Date: 08-28-2019
August 28, 2019
Beto O'Rourke says that mothers decide the worth and value of their unborn children. We'll talk about how that sort of attitude leads directly to eugenics and genocide. Also, Ilhan Omar allegedly had an affair with a married man. We're told this is a personal matter and not relevant to voters. I disagree and I'll explain why. Finally, a woman babbles incoherently in front of a giant jiggling butt at the VMAs. Kamala Harris calls the performance powerful. I have a different description. Date: 08-28-2019
August 16, 2019
Leftists call for a nationwide boycott on CVS. The reason is astoundingly stupid. Also, David Hogg claims that it's easier to get an AR-15 than cold medicine. And we'll discuss the recent trend of Christian leaders leaving the faith. Date: 08-16-2019
August 15, 2019
With "coincidences" piling up, the suicide theory in the Epstein case is becoming less and less credible. Also, a gay news site celebrates the story of a 49 year old man "dating" a 16 year old boy. And another Christian leader falls away from the faith. Why does this keep happening? Date: 08-15-2019
August 14, 2019
The media launches incredibly dishonest attacks against a Trump immigration official. I'll sort through the lies today on the show. Also, is there anything wrong with denying immigrants who only come here to take advantage of the welfare system? Of course not, and I'll explain why. And a Harvard professor claims that white supremacists are pro-life. The exact opposite is the case. Date: 08-14-2019
August 13, 2019
Today on the show, the latest in the Epstein case. Also, Chris Cuomo is under fire for cussing out a guy who heckled him in public. I'll explain why Cuomo is in the right on this one. Plus, a drag queen teaches children how to twerk at a library and an alleged science teacher hands out a "gender unicorn" worksheet. Date: 08-13-2019
August 12, 2019
Was Epstein able to kill himself because of breathtaking government incompetence, or did powerful forces conspire to kill him? Both are reasonable possibilities. We will discuss them today on the show. Also, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris continue to repeat debunked talking points about Ferguson. We'll address their despicable lies today on the show. Date: 08-12-2019
August 9, 2019
Republicans and Democrats are pushing for gun control now. They want something called a red flag law. What is that and is it a good idea? Also, Joe Biden embarrasses himself in hilarious fashion. And we'll talk about the Left's desire for vengeance. Date: 08-09-2019
August 8, 2019
Another mass killing last night but the media is less interested in covering this one. Why is that? Also, Media Matters compiled a video highlighting all of the "bigotry" at the Daily Wire, but it’s really more like a greatest hits compilation. Date: 08-08-2019
August 7, 2019
As we rush headlong into social unrest and worse, there are people who seem to be trying to speed up the process. Also, a white supremacist attacked me for opposing white supremacy. I will respond to the cowardly bigot today. And feminists are concerned that women don’t talk enough. Is that really a problem in our country? We'll discuss. Date: 08-07-2019
August 6, 2019
Today we'll discuss the one commonality between all of these mass shootings that isn’t talked about nearly enough. Also, President Trump says video games are part of the problem. Is he right? Date: 08-06-2019
August 5, 2019
Today on the show we will go beyond the typical talking points to investigate why these mass shootings keep happening. The answer is deeper than the rhetoric offered by both sides. Date: 08-05-2019
August 2, 2019
Today on the show, Mario Lopez is still being attacked for saying that three year olds can’t choose their own gender, despite issuing a groveling apology. We’ll talk about the need for both sanity and courage in our increasingly insane culture. Also, CNN investigates whether white robots are racist. And scientists try to create monkey-human hybrids. Date: 08-02-2019
August 1, 2019
Today on the show, the Democrat debate was last night. We will go over the major takeaways from the show, including the desperate and losing fight by some of the remaining sane democrats to preserve some semblance of sanity in the party. Also, a Republican proposes a bill to fight social media addiction. And is it time to just let Leftists destroy women’s sorts, as they obviously desire? 
Date: 08-01-2019
July 31, 2019
Today on the show, the Democrat debate was last night. We will go over the major takeaways from the show, including the desperate and losing fight by some of the remaining sane democrats to preserve some semblance of sanity in the party. Also, a Republican proposes a bill to fight social media addiction. And is it time to just let Leftists destroy women’s sorts, as they obviously desire? 
Date: 07-30-2019
July 30, 2019
Today on the show, Democrats rush to the defense of Al Sharpton just a day after insisting that Baltimore is a wonderful and safe city. We’ll talk about how the Democrats are managing to lose every argument with Trump by insisting on taking the extreme opposite position in every case. Also, should cops be pulling people over to give out prizes for following the law? And a student is accused of sexual assault because he "cajoled" a woman into sex with "flattery."  
Date: 07-30-2019
July 29, 2019
Today on the show, President Trump says Baltimore is a dump. His observation is factually correct. But is it racist? Democrats says so. Also, a mother complains about childless millennials ruining Disney world. Should grown ups without kids be banned from theme parks? We will tackle that important question today.  
Date: 07-29-2019
July 26, 2019
Today on the show, federal executions are being reinstated. This fact has caused much anger and consternation, especially on the left. One claim we keep hearing is that it is hypocritical for people who call themselves pro-life to support the death penalty. Is that true? We’ll talk about it. Also, a drag queen story hour goes in an even creeper direction than usual, and that’s saying something. Date: 07-26-2019
July 25, 2019
Today on the show, Ilhan Omar, the unapologetic bigot, says that people in this country should fear white men because white men cause most of the deaths. This is not only racist but false. I'll correct the record today. Also, is America one of the worst countries for women? "Experts" say so. 
 Date: 07-25-2019
July 24, 2019
Today on the show, as we all suffer through another Robert Mueller news cycle, I’d like to turn our attention back to the story of Erica Thomas. She claimed she was verbally assaulted by a racist white man, but now the police report is out, and it’s very bad for her. When a race hoax is exposed, I think we should talk about it, rather than simply move on. Also, an actress comes out as pansexual, even though the term pansexual has no meaning. And finally, Forever 21 comes up with the most unintentionally hilarious marketing gimmick of all time.  
 Date: 07-24-2019
July 23, 2019
Today on the show, we’ll talk about the impotence of the outrage mob. Also, we’ll discuss Twitter banning women who stand up to a male predator. This is the most egregious example of social media bias. And Cory Booker went on Seth Meyers to fantasize about punching Donald Trump in the face.  Date: 07-23-2019
July 22, 2019
Today on the show, a Democratic lawmaker claims she was verbally assaulted by a racist at the grocery store. Shocker: it appears that she lied. Also, a man in Canada is trying to legally force women to touch his genitals. He might actually succeed. Date: 07-22-2019
July 19, 2019
Democrats pass a bill to raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. I’ll explain why it should be zero. A measure passed in California allows thieves to steal with no consequence. And the scariest movie trailer of all time was just released. I’ll play it for you. Date: 07-19-2019
July 18, 2019
Today on the show, all we seem to get from our leaders is tribalistic demagoguery. It is bringing us to a dark place. Also, Scarlett Johansson runs afoul of the PC mob. And a feminist devises a chair that will end the scourge of manspreading. Date: 07-18-2019
July 17, 2019
Today on the show, the Left continues to eat itself. Now the president of Planned Parenthood has been kicked to the curb for the crime of believing that only women can get pregnant. Also, Ayanna Pressley made one of the most bigoted statements we've heard from an American politician in decades. And I asked a left wing doctor to define the word "man." He couldn't do it. Date: 07-17-2019
July 16, 2019
An Antifa member just waged a terrorist attack against a government facility. Prominent Democrats absolutely refuse to condemn the act. We'll talk about why. Also, Joe Biden reveals his stunning historical ignorance. And I'll explain why we should all stop watching Disney movies. It's not a boycott. This is about self-respect.  Date: 07-16-2019
July 15, 2019
Today on the show, the Democrats are self-destructing. Trump's best move is to get out of the way and let them watch each other. Instead, he brings the attention back to himself with a stupid tweet. We'll talk about why this strategy is incredibly foolish and counterproductive. Also, utterly embarrasses herself at a hearing on immigration. And some people plan to storm Area 51 to find aliens. I think that's probably not a good idea. Date: 07-15-2019
July 13, 2019
Take a front seat ride in the Apollo Lunar Module as it makes its historic descent and avoids a near catastrophe unfolding behind the scenes. Then travel back to a time before the Space Race, to the America of cowboys and Indians, to understand how all of America’s small steps led us to the one giant leap. Listen to "Apollo 11: What We Saw" at
July 12, 2019
Today on the show, a former Trump staffer claims she was the victim of “battery” when Trump “forcibly kissed” her. Video of the incident seems to vindicate Trump. Also, a GOP candidate refuses to be alone with women on the campaign trail. Is this a smart precaution? And a courageous young woman takes a stand against the madness of allowing boys to compete in girl’s sports. Date: 07-12-2019
July 11, 2019
Beto goes down to the border to talk to immigrants and proceeds to trash America. Also, AOC implies that Nancy Pelosi is racist. This is both hilarious and disgusting. And we'll talk about the common modern practice of filming troubled people so we can laugh at them online. Perhaps it's time to reevaluate this practice. Date: 07-11-2019
July 10, 2019
The largest teacher’s union in America just came out for abortion. Also, the effort to make kids stop vaping has gotten hilariously corny. And is air conditioning sexist? I can't believe we have to have this conversation, but we do, so we will. Date: 07-10-2019
July 9, 2019
Today on the show, there is now a movement to boycott Home Depot because one of the founders gave some money to Trump. This boycott is even dumber than most, and I’ll explain why. Also, Bill Clinton gets caught up in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. And, some police officers were kicked out of a Starbucks because their presence was upsetting to a customer. Date: 07-09-2019
July 8, 2019
The US women’s team won the World Cup. Now they’re saying they deserve equal pay to the men. But that’s extremely absurd. In fact, if you look at the numbers, women are overpaid. I’ll explain why. Also, the media invented another controversy to try to make conservatives look stupid. This one has to do with a mermaid. Finally, if we have the right to an attorney in this country, why don’t we have the right to a doctor? I'll tackle that question. Date: 07-08-2019
July 3, 2019
Today on the show, Colin Kaepernick is offended by the flag. He thinks it stands for racism and slavery. At what point does he just leave the country for one that is not so racist and terrible? Also, a congresswoman says it should be illegal to make fun of politicians. And some people online are pointing out that Kamala Harris isn’t African American. It is racist to make this observation, apparently. Date: 07-03-2019
July 2, 2019
Today on the show, AOC goes down to the border and makes wild claims about what’s going on there. We’ll try to sort through it. Also, Nike recalls a patriotic shoe because it offended Colin Kaepernick. And I am going to explain why I really want people to stop using their kids to make political points. Date: 07-02-2019
July 1, 2019
Today on the show, the domestic terror group Antifa staged a violent riot over the weekend. People were pepper sprayed, bludgeoned with crowbars, and more. A journalist was put in the hospital. Antifa is nothing but a violent hate group and it should not have any right to exist. But what's most concerning is the reaction (or lack there of) on the Left. We'll talk about it today. Date: 07-01-2019
June 28, 2019
Today on the show, another debate last night. Dozens more to go. God help us. We’ll go over the lowlights, including all of the Dems admitting that they want to give free health care to illegals. Also, a woman writes a viral article bragging about all of the boyfriends she's cheated on. Date: 06-28-2019
June 27, 2019
Today on the show, the Democratic debate was last night. The dems proved again that they are a party completely detached from reality and morality. We'll talk about the craziest moments of the night. Also, the real story behind that tragic viral photo of the migrant father and daughter who drowned in the river has come to light. And the real story does not fit with the narrative Democrats are spinning. Date: 06-27-2019
June 26, 2019
Leftists are finally realizing that there is a crisis on the southern border. But their solution only makes the problem worse. What's a real solution? We’ll talk about it. Also, a liberal film critic says that Toy Story is racist because there are no black toys in the movie. And San Francisco is banning e-cigs and vape pens. When are we going to realize that you won't stop kids from smoking by making it illegal? Date: 06-26-2019
June 25, 2019
Today on the show, Santa Clause Sanders wants to forgive all student debt and make college free for everyone. What are the problems with that idea? Well there are too many to list but we’ll try. Also, the NBA is getting rid of the term "owner" because it’s racist, apparently, and replacing it with "governor," which is way weirder and creepier than "owner." Date: 06-25-2019
June 24, 2019
Today on the show, Rep Ilhan Omar stands accused of marrying her brother to skirt our immigration laws. Are the claims true? Well, there’s plenty of smoke, we’ll say. Also, President Trump has been again accused of sexual assault. There are some very weird things about this latest accusation, though. We'll take a look at it today. Date: 06-24-2019
June 21, 2019
The Democrats have decided that Joe Biden is racist. If that’s true, why are they just noticing? Also, I want to talk about the danger of misleading headlines and how we can guard ourselves against it. And are we putting teachers in an impossible situation by sending them legions of poorly parented, out of control, neglected kids? Yes, it seems so. Date: 06-21-2019
June 20, 2019
Today on the show, the Democrats conducted a hearing yesterday on reparations. But there are a lot of serious problems with the reparations idea: namely it’s immoral, impractical, and insane. Also, amazing advancements in medical technology continue to render abortion obsolete. Finally, I'll answer your emails. Date: 06-20-2019
June 19, 2019
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez claims that we’re running concentration camps on our border. Is that true? No, of course not. We’ll discuss. Also, the Huffington Post publishes maybe the most horrifying article I’ve ever read. Finally, is it really a good idea to tell kids that they can achieve anything as long as they work hard enough? I don't think so, and I'll explain why. Date: 06-19-19
June 18, 2019
A Conservative activist has his Harvard acceptance rescinded because of bad things he said privately to his friends two years ago. The dirt merchants who dug up dirt for political reasons win again. I'll explain why that’s a loss for all of us. Also, OJ Simpson joined Twitter and 700 thousand people followed him. What does that say about our culture? Finally, a trans poet is "rearranging the alphabet." It’s as ridiculous as it sounds. Date: 06-18-2019
June 17, 2019
Some republicans are trying to ban flag burning, again. But is flag burning a form of speech? Is it protected by the First Amendment? I think yes, obviously. We’ll talk about it. Also, we’ll look at a powerful yet heartbreaking video of an incident that happened outside of an abortion clinic. And finally, Taylor swift has a new song out. It’s incredibly boring and obnoxious at the same time. An impressive combination. Date: 06-17-2019
June 14, 2019
Today on the show, the Trump Administration is accused of bigotry for not allowing embassies to fly pride flags below their American flags. But there’s nothing bigoted about it. Also, Hollywood continues its mission to destroy your children. Finally, a woman faces backlash for saying she wants to cook and clean for her husband. Date: 06-14-2019
June 13, 2019
Today on the show: Bernie Sanders says that people would be delighted to pay more in taxes. I think he’s confused. Also, we’ll talk about the ways that feminism has backfired and harmed women. On a related note, we’ll discuss the latest feminist outrage surrounding the US women’s soccer team. Apparently it’s sexist to criticize them for any reason. Date: 06-13-2019
June 12, 2019
Congress wants to give itself a raise. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez insists that they need a raise or else they’ll be corrupt. We'll talk about why that argument is insane. Also, Justin Trudeau babbles nonsensically. I'll play that clip because it’s hilarious. And 60 percent of male managers say they’re uncomfortable around women in the workplace. Gee, I wonder why. Date: 06-12-19
June 11, 2019
Today on the show, there is a straight pride parade planned in Boston. We’re told that this event is offensive and stupid, but if it's stupid to have straight pride parade, then isn’t it stupid to have a gay pride parade? Also, the LGBT lobby has not stopped harassing Jack Phillips. We’ll talk about the latest in that ongoing saga. Plus, your emails. Date: 06-11-19
June 10, 2019
Today on the show, we will discuss the Left’s increasingly disturbing and grotesque efforts to normalize pedophilia. We are headed to a very dark place in our culture. Also, a Democratic presidential candidate reaches the most extreme levels of pandering imaginable. And a feminist presents the only honest argument for abortion you’ll ever hear. Date: 06-10-19
June 4, 2019
Today on the show, people in this country don’t seem to understand Christianity. That’s why today there is outrage because a pastor prayed for the president and outrage because a Catholic bishop came out against gay pride parades. Nobody would be shocked by either thing if they had a basic understanding of Christian teaching. Also, Texas bans red light cameras. I'll explain why that is the right decision. Plus I'll answer your emails. Date: 06-04-19
June 3, 2019
Today on the show, the Daily Beast decided to take vengeance on a random guy who made a Nancy Pelosi meme. They doxxed and shamed him, but that’s not even the most disturbing thing about this story. The most disturbing thing is Facebook's participation in all of this. Also, Budweiser is celebrating asexual pride. What in God's name does that mean? We'll try to figure it out today. Date: 06-03-19
May 31, 2019
Today on the show, I’ve been called racist because I did a segment on the show yesterday discussing some very troubling allegations about Martin Luther King Jr. I want to address that accusation. Also, the HBO series Chernobyl is a searing indictment of socialism, but the Left says it’s about Donald Trump. And “Old Town Road” is the worst song ever recorded but it’s a huge hit. Is everyone just pretending to like it? Is this some kind of ironic joke? We’ll get to the bottom of that question today. Date: 05-31-19
May 30, 2019
There is a bombshell story about Martin Luther King Jr that the media is completely ignoring. We won't ignore it. We'll discuss the disturbing revelations and talk about what they mean for MLK's legacy. Also, the efforts to normalize pedophilia are going full speed ahead. I’ll share the latest horrifying example. And finally, how many victimhood points do I earn now that I’m a cripple? The math gets pretty complicated.  Date: 05-30-19
May 29, 2019
We just can’t escape the Mueller Report. Today Mueller came out and addressed the media. What did we learn from what he said? Nothing really, but we’ll talk about it. Also, I have a couple of things to say about the media’s absurd attempts to tie Ben Shapiro to Nazism. And feminists say that we need to start talking more about periods. Are they right or are they insane? We’ll discuss.  Date: 05-29-19
May 23, 2019
Today on the show, NPR issues an Orwellian language guide for discussing abortion. I’ve got my own language guide that I’d like to offer. Also, Tarantino is accused of sexism because women don’t spend enough time talking in his latest film. Jeff Daniels says our Democracy is coming to an end if Trump is reelected. And Michael Avenatti is charged with fraud. We’ll take a trip down memory lane and remember all the time the media spent hyping this guy as the savior of the Republic. Date: 05-23-19
May 22, 2019
Today on the show we'll discuss a real attack on the press. But this is one that the press itself ignores, and maybe even defends, because of their ideological allegiances. Also, in the wake of an embarrassing Ben Carson video, we'll try to figure out why Trump made Carson head of HUD rather than appointing him Surgeon General or head of Health and Human services. And finally, why have we decided that it's smart for young married couples to begin their lives together by bankrupting themselves on expensive rings and fancy wedding receptions?  Date: 05-22-19
May 21, 2019
Today on the show, in a shocking development, the NYT published an article claiming that religious women are happier in their marriages than non religious women. I believe this is true, but why is it true? We’ll talk about it. Also Republicans want to raise the smoking age to 21. 18-year-olds can still die on the battlefield or be executed, but they aren't old enough to buy tobacco products apparently. I’ll talk about why this is very stupid. And finally, what’s the preferable living situation — urban or rural?
May 20, 2019
The democrats have once again proved that they are a radical anti-science cult with the passage of a bill that would, among other things, force women’s sports teams to allow men. Also, Mayor Pete is supposed to be a moderate Democrat, so why is he advocating for abortion in the third trimester? Date: 05-20-19
May 17, 2019
Today on the show, pro abortion zealots have been threatening me and wishing rape and death on my children for the past two days. I want to talk about this and explore why the defense of the unborn would provoke such a satanic reaction. Also, Tucker Carlson is yet again being unfairly attacked. We'll try to clear that up. And is it true that pro lifers don’t care about born people? Are we just "pro birth"? I'll put that claim to rest today. Date: 05-17-19
May 16, 2019
Today on the show, Alabama has now outlawed abortion. But some conservatives are uncomfortable with the extreme law. Well I’ve got a message for these squeamish conservatives. Also, I will explain why Alabama is right to not allow for rape exceptions. And a lot of pro-aborts are messaging me today to wish death on me and my family. I'll explain what the backlash is about. Date: 05-16-19
May 15, 2019
Today on the show, a law in Alabama would outlaw abortion in almost every case, making no exceptions for rape. The left is of course panicking. I sense that the tide on the abortion issue is turning in America. Am I being too optimistic? Well that would be a first. Also, someone emails and asks whether conservatives are putting their heads in the sand about gun violence. Is that true? Are we? I’ll address the question today. Date: 05-15-19
May 14, 2019
Today on the show we will talk about anti-natalism, which is the belief that human life is a curse and no one should ever have babies again. How does this tie into the overpopulation myth and environmental apocalypticism? We'll discuss. Also, the fake scientist Bill Nye is back in the news. And someone emails with a simple question: why did God create the world. I'll take a stab at answering it. Date: 05-14-19
May 13, 2019
Today on the show, feminists have discovered the value of abstinence. They’re going on a sex strike to protest abortion restrictions, and personally I think it’s a great idea. Also, a democratic congresswoman says something horrific and bizarre yet again, and yet again she’s the real victim because people are quoting her. Finally, someone emails with a question: are there contradictions in the Bible? Date: 05-13-19
May 10, 2019
Today on the show, our rally in Philly in response to Brian Sims was a huge success. Now where do we go from here? Also, Mother’s Day has been changed to Appreciation Day. And I answer your emails.  Date: 05-10-19
May 9, 2019
Today on the show, we’ll discuss a horrific college course which seems to essentially be training pedophiles. Also, a man is falsely accused of sexual assault after stopping to help a stranded woman. Is this why chivalry is dying? And we’ll talk about the 7 dumbest pro-abortion arguments.  Date: 05-09-19
May 8, 2019
Today on the show, a bill in Georgia makes it illegal to abort babies after six weeks. The Left is freaking out, as you might expect. A leftist on CNN even claimed that unborn babies are not human beings. We’ll analyze that remarkable claim. Also, what is sologamy? I’ll explain. Finally, I'll share an important fatherhood lesson I recently learned. Date: 05-08-19
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