Love, but please let Kurt talk
This is a good podcast for my ride to work. I always get inspired and feel like I can live a happy and healthy life. I wish they would do segments like q
LOVE this poddy
I wouldn’t make it through work without this podcast. Sarah and Kurt are relatable, motivational and hilarious! I recommend this to all my friends and coworkers!
Favorite Podcast!
The HealthCode is one of my favorite Podcasts! Sarah and Kurt are so fun and relatable. I Always enjoy listening. Keep em coming!
A must listen podcast
Laaaauuurrrreeennnn Morriiss
I LOVE this podcast! You guys are hilarious! Every time I need to smile or laugh I play your podcast. You also give good life tips and I love how silly you guys are together. You guys are awesome. Xoxo Lauren
Hopping on the Podcast Bandwagon
Literally the first podcast I listened to and now I’m obsessed with them! I spent some time in Australia and listening to your podcasts is like reminiscing with old friends. Even when you go off on little side bars, you are both so well spoken that every episode is not only entertaining but also has some really solid advice! I appreciate such successful people as yourselves sharing some of your more raw moments and helping others feel more human. Keep doing what you’re doing, love this podcast so much!!
Everything I Needed to Hear!
I’m actually in tears at the moment. I’m going through some big life changes and adult decisions, and I haven’t gotten the advice I needed to keep going. This is the first podcast episode I have ever listened to and I’m in awe! This is amazing and the perfect amount of personal life stories and inspiration! :)
You guys are wonderful and and really inspiring. I am in a rut in life and just hearing you guys keep it real always helps! I feel hope and a fire in my soul for the first time in a long time! Thank you!
You guys are amazing at what you do
You guys are hilarious and so so so so helpful,I love to listen to you guys when I’m doing everything!
Loved what’s in your fridge podcast
Looking forward to the pantry one! Like the winging it conversation podcasts, I agree with Sarah!
Pay for the fresh food now and the gym now rather than the doctor later!
The but of santa
I would love to hear a what in the pantry! I love this podcast it is so chill and I just resonate with it. Make sure you guys keep this up because I think you guys are changing lives.
Real & Raw
Just love how real and raw Sezzy and Kurt are!! They’re hilarious and such an inspiration in so many different categories of life!! They are both SO relatable. I’ll take any excuse to see them on yet another internet platform!! There’s nothing these two can’t do!
Killing the game xoxo
I just started listening to the podcast in May on my walks to work from the metro, and I loved Sezzy and Kurt’s banter. That mixed with the fact that they promote exactly what I want to do with my life, I was super excited. Now I’m a huge fan of Kurt’s instagram and photography and Sarah’s YouTube and instagram and you can’t forget Fox! Keep going guys you’re awesome xoxo
Awesome podcast for everyone !!
This podcast is informative, positive, silly and real! Sarah and Kurt are hilarious! I told my boyfriend that It wasn’t a podcast just for the ladies and after listening to multiple episodes on our road trip he was cracking up and loving it just as much as me!!!
The best podcast ever!!!
I love this podcast!! So fun, and raw!! Kurt and Sezzy are soooo cute! Love you guys!❤️
Obsessed with this podcast! So raw and real. Also Kurt and sezzy.... I want that.
I’m obsessed with this podcast. Great tips about life, career, relationships, and, of course, health from Sezzy and Kurt! Definitely recommend. 🤗
The entire podcast is based around a “code book” that hasn’t been discussed in months. Poor Kurt can’t say three words without being cut off. I had high expectations for this podcast but I ended up extremely disappointed.
The Health Code
I have been watching Sarah’s Day youtube channel for years now and I love Sarah and Kurt. But I feel like this podcast is not as helpful as I thought it would be. Also, Sarah cuts Kurt off mid sentence a lot!! That is the only reason why I gave them four stars and not five.
in cass’s opinion
in cass's opinion
Can I be adopted by Sara and Kirt?! I love their energy and I’m always put in a positive mood after listening to them. It’s like Christmas when a new episode comes out!
Love the passion
You two killed this episode! I feel like I learned so much about self motivation and building your business.
Love recommend!
This is seriously my favorite podcast! I love their topics! Kurt and Sarah are amazing they are so real, hilarious and fun! Totally recommend this podcast.
I have been loving this podcast I hadn’t herd of you guys before and this introduced me to y’all’s YouTube channels. I really love the content it makes me laugh and feel good over all. The content I personally like best is when you have guests talk on the podcast as well that are informative and bring in a different POV it’s awesome. Love you guys so much keep it up! I hope you see this ! -Mily 💕
I’ve only been following Sarah for about two months but I can’t tell you how helpful and inspirational her content is. Love listening to her and Kurt on the way to work and on walks. If you need a boost with productivity, confidence, and a good laugh the health code podcast is the besttttt. ❤️❤️ Bonus- I’ve got the Australian accent down!!
My favorite podcast to listen to when I walk my dog! These two have the most positive vibes, bring such great energy to my day, and are super funny too. Every episode is full of sage health advice and always leaves me feeling ready to live my best life. I love the content on both platforms - Sarah’s Day YouTube & Podcast (especially the Jessica character because that’s my name!!) Get listening & get motivated!
Made my entire day!
Regina Wheetie Baker
Today's podcast had me rolling laughing on the way to work today!! Perfect! Thanks for all the great advice and "LOLs"
Terrible podcast - unprofessional and stupid
Triple Gee
These two are idiots; why do they think anyone is interested in their silly banter. These two should find another profession.
U guys rock. PERIOD.
I might be your biggest fan. You motivate me to go to the gym but when I do get there I’m sad to have to turn the podcast off 😭 love you guys keep being real and keep making everyone laugh😂💙👏🏽😩
pb listener
Oh yeah! I first found Sarah on YouTube and wow! I personally don’t like hiit but she still is super inspiring! And I love their accents so much! Thank you guys !!
Lizzy Ortiz
I started watching Sarah’s YouTube channel since almost the beginning, I absolutely love how Kurt and Sarah created a podcast and are so raw about everything that they talk about. This is the only podcast I listen to and I love how they discuss so many different topics!! 💗
Sarah and Kurt are such light-hearted, down to earth individuals. They work so well as a team and make you feel like you’re part of the conversation with them! I truly love how they do this podcast. It’s not “strictly business” and is more of a fun and quirky conversation about life! It’s a great way to approach health and fitness, rather than drilling information at listeners.
i love this podcast!💕
this podcast motivates me everyday to become healthier! if you are trying to live a more healthy lifestyle like me then listen to this podcast. i love listening to them in the morning to refresh my brain. also they have a perfect 5.0 star rating! incredible right?? make sure to subscribe to this very inspiring podcast. i’m new to this podcast app and couldn’t find ANY good podcasts. and i mean any but then i found this one and i was so happy! if the creators of the podcast reads this just know i love your podcast and it’s AMAZING. just amazing. don’t listen to any hate that people give you guys. you guys are amazing and so inspiring. keep on inspiring people and never give up. byeeeee!❤️
I feel like I’m chatting with friends!
I LOVE this podcast, the information is always easily applicable and I always learn something new. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve laughed out loud by myself listening to this podcast as well, I feel like I’m just having a conversation with friends when I listen! Well done guys!
Health Yay!
I love learning about all things health, so this podcast is one of my favorites! It always makes me laugh (like when Kurt talks about the fart bubble 💨) 😂😂 yet it’s super educational too. Keep making more episodes 💕💕
Love you guys
You are the best!!
I randomly found Sarah about a month ago on YouTube while following a birth vlog rabbit hole. And I have completely fallen in love with her and Kurt. They’re so funny, energetic, REAL, uplifting and fun to watch, I have literally felt MY mood be lifted just from watching Sarah’s YouTube channel and listening to these podcasts. One of the best podcasts ever!!!
This podcast is consistently inconsistent with uploads. If you guys same something, stick to it. If this was a real job, you guys would be fired. If you want to claim this a job, act like it. I don’t buy Sarah being too busy after having a baby. It’s called time management sis. Not to mention, Sarah doesn’t own her own company and works off other brands.
I have been obsessed with this podcast. They are so uplifting and encouraging people and you can see their passion in everything they do. Plus they are so real and authentic. Hands down genuine genuine people here.
I have loved Sarah and Kurt through other social media platforms for awhile now, but just recently got into their podcast! I have listened to all of the past episodes and am finally caught up to the latest. This podcast is so uplifting and fun and puts me in the best mood. Love you guys!!
Truly uplifting!
I love Sezzy and Kurt, they have such a positive outlook on life and are so straight forward. They make it feel like a huge community and they only want the best for their listeners, binged all episodes and look forward to their new releases! I can take a lot of advice from them and look forward to applying it to become a healthier version of myself.
On heavy rotation 🙌
J. Barshop
Sezzy, Kurt and their incredibly knowledgeable guests cover everything in the wide world of wellness, but in a fun, educational, and approachable way that everyone can understand and enjoy! You’ll get tons of actionable advice and tangible tips, but you’ll also get heaps of inspiration from truly engaging individuals that genuinely want to help others. Thanks so much for putting out such a spectacular show Sezzy & Kurt - keep up the great work!
Sarah and Kurt are the best!!!
Must listen!
Love this podcast!
I’m a follower of Sezzy on YouTube. Decided to listen to the podcast on my daily hour commute to work. Best decision everrrr! It’s so entertaining and I often find myself cracking up by myself in the car. Yes, I don’t mind at and other fellow drivers can judge me haha. Keep up the great work Sarah and Kurt!
Abby Taube
I absolutely love Sarah and Kurt. This podcast always leaves me in a good mood, and it always educated and inspired me. Definitely my favorite podcast!! 🤩🤩
Love it!
Love this podcast so much for my LISS workouts! So motivating, and Kurt and Sarah are such fun to listen to! Best part of my workout week!
Thank you!
I love you guys! My boyfriend and I are modeling our lives after you two. Thank you for being such a wonderful and positive influence! 😊
i love this podcast❤️ never a dull moment with the two, they give great advice and no matter what i always have a smile on my face, they are so funny and goofy with each other❤️ I would love if they uploaded every week!
Always makes my day!
I am 19 and from Germany and after High School I took a year off to work as a nanny in the US. I live here for 11 months now so I am gonna go home in 30 days🎉 However, during my year I got so so homesick and when I felt the worst (after work) everyone at home was asleep so I had no one to talk to and ended up binge eating to make myself feel better and it really was the only thing that made me feel ok. I gained weight and started hating my body and my parents started telling me that I looked heavier in my pics (so cruel right?😅) so I decided I AM GONNA LOOSE WEIGHT BEFORE I GO HOME!!! I started dieting and going to the gym every single day and failed just like always! A couple weeks ago I thought I need something long term cause dieting makes my binge eating so much worse. I wanted to completely change my life, include healthy habits in my daily life and just live a lifestyle that I can imagine having for the rest of my life. I started with waking up early (huge game changer) and making healthier choices when it comes to food (no restriction whatsoever) and lifting more weights instead of cardio. THEN I stumbled on Sarah’s youtube Channel and LOVED everything and learned about your podcast. I only have 30 days left until I can finally go back home and your podcast keeps me going every single day and it just makes me wanna be better and healthier and be good to my body. I am literally having tears in my eyes right now cause I have been waiting for this game changer for so long and I am so thankful for the positive vibes that you guys spread! I take the kids for a walk in the stroller every day now during work to „get the kids some fresh air“ but really I just wanna listen to your podcast! Please keep doing this! Love you so so much!! Sarah from Germany
Great advice while being very entertaining
I absolutely love this podcast so much. I wish they would post more. I know they’re extremely busy with being successful and having a new baby but I’m hoping they can start posting more podcasts. I really look up to both of them and I’m so thankful I found this podcast!
Okay I listen to soooo many podcasts and there are many good ones, but the energy Sezzy and Kurt have in theirs makes it stand out drastically. They post content that is so relatable and understandable. It’s so fun to listen to because they’re very goofy and funny, but also they supply amazing informative information and awesome tips for life, fitness and so many other things.
Fav Podcast⭐️⭐️
marissa campbell
Today, I went to my therapist and was talking about how I have been having trouble with comparing my body and overall life with others and being self conscious. I came out of my session feeling better and knowing ways I could stop, but then when I saw that there was a new podcast about sabotages in life, I knew that it was the universe and god telling me I need to stop. This podcast, and overall health code, has taught me things about life, fitness, and relationships, and it always seems to come at the right moment when I need them. 10/10 would recommend it to anyone that needs advice and a good laugh.
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