Love the Pod
/hamburger lover//
CJ - I passed you on the streets recently and meant to say a quick “love the pod”... so. I really appreciate your insights and honest perspectives about being an elite athlete, as well as life balance and wine!
CJ & Jordan are Top Drawer!
Listen to podcasts every day, this is my favorite. CJ and Jordan are informative, insightful and entertaining. I really appreciate how accessible CJ has made the Blazers and hoops. Great guests, thoughtful conversations and insider insight. I’ve become a fan of CJ the man not just CJ the Blazer. Well done. Jordan’s a great partner too.
Just saw the suns Game
You looked great in the suns preseason game. How are you goin to incorporate the new guys as that seemed to be y’all’s biggest flaw. Also if the suns shot as well as they did in this game in the entire season, what are there chances at a title? Love the pod?
Remove the wine section
Always skip the wine section at the end. Please remove!!
The In and Out Podcast
Love the pull-up pod but if y’all trying to also listen to another basketball/sport podcast that is great and insightful go search In and Out Podcast. It talks about what it’s like to be a professional athlete who plays in the highest leagues in Europe as well as other basketball related topics for every hooper. Tune into the In and Out podcast on Apple podcast/Spotify and stitcher NOW!!
Go Blazers!
I love this podcast. Great insight into the NBA, great guests, and LOVE the wine segment. C.J. and Jordan are fantastic.
For the wine lover
Great two episodes with Kevin Love. The conversation was insightful about the reality of stress and coping. For someone with a passion for wine and some disposable income, a home wine cellar might be of interest. Stellar Cellars is local and very high end. FYI.
Portland fan
Portland fan from the Mt Hood area, huge props to CJ for the successful podcast, love to see players from my team with such a positive podcast on ball. Looking forward to more podcasts in the future CJ. Only advice would be is to have all guys with mics so you can hear each individual clearly. Keep it up
Insightful and enjoyable
I could listen to CJ all day. Blazers aren’t my team but I’m a basketball fan and this pod is a fun listen.
Unnecessary profanity
Platinum Queen
CJ and Jordan are the epitome of knowledge and insight. Just recently became aware of their podcast and cannot stop listening. However, the recent Gary Vaynerchuk episode which was full of so much profanity, I would not share it with my grandson who enjoys listening to the podcast. Continued success in an outstanding podcast.
Wine List
Where can I get the wine list
I am a Blazers fan for starters, so I had a reason for listening. I really enjoy the insights that CJ offers, but I feel as though the CJ and his co-host has too similar of ideas that it lacks a back and forth that is desired. I’m also not a fan of the wine piece at the end of every podcast. I listen to the podcast because I’m a sports fan/basketball fan, not because I like wine.
One of my favorites
My dude cj has an amazing podcast. Great takes and guests.
This podcast is so great just to hear things from an amazing basketball player’s perspective is so great. And Jordan brings a bit of humor to the show I always have a great time listening
one of the best podcasts i’ve ever heard; can’t wait for each week!!! i love jordan and cj together. great chemistry, fun insight just love
Like this comment if you are from b-ball breakdown
Great Podcast from the BEST
Righr on
CJ podcast Pull-Up is the best! Sharp, intelligent and insights
Casual sports fan and mom to teenagers... watch basketball sporadically during NCAA and NBA/WNBA. But CJ Pull-Up podcast?!?! I cannot stop listening. Literally. I will continue workout until end, continue drive, no one shall interrupt! Best sportscast ever. CJ is brilliant journalist, basketball & leadership insights, and even better person. Yah. Great player. Pull-up!
Pull up!
Trendy Killer
CJ provides close discovery as an NBA player himself and it's pretty fascinating.
Excellent podcast!
ya boy t sizzle
I was a fan before hearing about your podcast. It really brings to light the fact that pro athletes and other celebs are still people with issues and concerns just like everyone else. Your insights in episode on mental health were especially refreshing. There are successful players that are unhappy and less successful players that are. Accomplishments and accolades don’t really matter unless you’re true to yourself. Keep up the fine work! I look forward to your next venture after your playing days are over.
Die hard blazer fan
lil ray25
Love the pod. Big blazer fan here. Don’t know if you will respond to this comment. But has a fan I feel some kind of way about the respect giving to opponents especially warriors. We need a lil venom in our hearts like we had against okc. Tired of hearing about championship pedigree and this bull crap experience we gain from gettin swept. We have played warriors 3 times in playoffs , swept twice, I think the experience of playing them and how to beat them should have been learned and understood years ago. As a die hard I’m sick of hearing that excuse. We should have got a game against them, hell clippers got 3 and we are definately better than them. Can we please just beat them, they were beatable especially this year Nurk or not, they had injuries also.
Man CJ you different! One of the most humble players and people and I appreciate listening to your intellect and genuine advice you share for players and people. Keep it up brother love it!
Best SG
Cj love the pod man I’ve been listening for about 6 months and I gotta say I was always a fan of yours as a player but this puts you in a category for one of my favorite people but needless to say man I know you get a ton of reviews but your the best SG in a rip Hamilton Lite in my eyes. Handle is better float game I don’t believe he used much, but man just wanted to say as a fan your a great guy man ride the ship and fight.
CJ is trying. And he’s Killin’ it Jennifer
Love the pod! CJ has a great pace with his banter and is very eloquent, yet to the point when answering questions. Great player and a great pod host. Love this stuff.
Love this Pod
CJ has a brilliant career in journalism waiting for him after his brilliant basketball career winds down. I love the camaraderie between CJ and Jordan, their chemistry is on point and effortless. Most of all I appreciate that CJ is so vulnerable and honest. He gets right up after a crushing defeat ( west conf finals ) and lets us in on the real emotions that he is living with- no wound licking, no sulking- just a brilliant mind bringing us along on his quest for greatness. Fan for life here!
We really want a live pod from a bar!!!!! wuld be amazng
Best hoops podcast
By far the best and realist hoops podcast there is. CJ is killing it on the court and on the mic and Jordan is basketball next great personality. Love him on ESPN too.
Above Average
I love listening to this podcast because the player aspect gives a great insight to the game. CJ is great and the podcast is a good listen if you can get through Jordan kind of butt kissing CJ the entire time.
Great Show
I’ve been listening for a while now!! Love CJ and the way he breaks stuff down! Totally respect the man for not only playing the game he loves but building his brand and perfecting his craft of broadcasting by hosting this show! Look forward to every episode! One day I’ll land him on my show sometime ;)
Good Insight
CJ is made for this. Provides great insight and cool BTS stories for being in the league. Jordan isn’t the greatest co-host but is tolerable for the most part. Great listen and even greater listen when guests come on.
great podcast
CJ and Jordan make a great duo! They have fantastic chemistry and keep a great dialogue beyond sports. I love listening and highly recommend!
CJ has surprised me. I had barely heard of his name before the show and the only reason i jumped on was because of the KD twitter post initially. Man when i say this is one of the best podcast out. I mean you get the play by play from an actual player and its not just some surface level podcast. CJ knows his stuff and can articulate well. CJ and Jordan are like MJ and Pippen. Dope show.
Leah warriors fan
leah warriors fan
Pull up is the best sports pod running right now. Cj and Jordan have incredible chemistry - Jordan has such good energy and passion and knowledge!!! Cj is so smart and obviously really good! Plus he genuinely likes Jordan and vise versa. Great pod; must listen! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
CJ runs it so well
CJ runs the podcast to the point where Pull Up and Through The Wire is all I listen to because of the way they are ran.
Love CJ can’t stand Schultz
I love CJ and want to be a continued listener but I can’t stand Jordan Schultz. His dad owned the Sonics and growing up the spoiled brat of a billionaire NBA owner doesn’t make you an expert on the game. I like player ran podcasts but mostly because they’re PLAYER podcasts.
Proud to be a blazer fan.
Cj is a natural at this. Love this guy on and off the court. Very proud for him to be a blazer!
Great podcast!!!
Love listening and can’t believe I’ve never left a review before. 5 stars easily and Jordan’s Twitter feed should be worth a 6th
Good podcast
RC from Elk Grove
I love CJ as a player and just have gotten into listening into podcasts. Great listening to the point of a view of an All Star caliber player. Jordan Schultz is also a really good sidekick and you can tell they both have great chemistry. I’d like to see more players on the show, but I get it because it’s hard during the season. Can’t wait until the summer for more players to be invited!
Room to improve
First of all I’m a big fan of CJ McCollum and he seems like an awesome dude. As a guest on other podcasts or on ESPN he’s always been really insightful and articulate so I was very excited when I heard he was starting his own podcast. All that said, I think his podcast is just ok right now. He and Jordan keep things very structured and play it very safe with their interview questions. Part of the appeal of having an NBA player doing a podcast is that you hope they can make their peers more relaxed and in turn give more interesting interviews. I think CJ and Jordan stick too much to stock interview questions and it ends up being more like a typical sports journalist interview. I’m not saying it should be as loose and chaotic as Richard Jefferson’s podcast, but somewhere in the middle would be better. The famous (or infamous?) KD episode is my favorite by far.
Decent podcast
Cj is a good guy. He really loves the game of basketball. And he’s very well spoken which is great for a podcast. But... he’s just too boring and dull. He doesn’t sound like he’s having fun. His partner makes the podcast much better. He makes jokes and isn’t so tense and serious. Cj is very knowledgeable with the game of basketball which is awesome. Just have more fun with it.
Lehigh family
Joey Kni
Just here for the Netflix and Pinot Noir recommendations. Seriously, podcast is 🔥🔥🔥. Keep up the great work. And you gotta get my o.g. Garry on here one time!
DJ Murry
CJ is dope for doing this while still playing, great content ...
Avid listener
You guys bring it real, insightful and mindful wisdom. Cheers!!🥂🥂
I appreciate this podcast for the quality content, interviews, and insights on NBA culture. I really loved the interview with D. Wade and I look forward to the next episodes!
Solid Analysis and entertaining podcast
Great Podcast
They have such a wide variety of topics and I love listening to Jordan!
Rap is scum
I’d listen to it, but Rap makes me want to dip my junk in motor oil.
Awesome Podcast
I’ve been looking for a good podcast for the last couple of months. I finally came across CJ’s and haven’t been able to get enough since listening. He’s a really great interviewer. I really enjoy listening to his perspective as well as the individuals he interviews. I was a CJ fan before listening but now I feel like he’s one of my favorites. Such a stud on and off of the court. Really glad I found this podcast! Keep doing your thing bro!
Great Content
Dwayne Carter III
I look forward to listening to this podcast! The guest him and Jordan bring on are always very informative and interesting. One of the best podcasts out there!
Great insight!!
Jordan and CJ make a great pair! Great chemistry and I love hearing CJ’s insight on the many great topics they talk about.
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