This needs a public inquiry!
Jasmine Gannalo
The levels of corruption deepen with each episode. Where is the accountability?
Season 6
Mario Savio
Satanic Panic series was very good but focused way too much on the effects on the police and less on everyone else involved. It would’ve been nice go get a fuller picture of the situation without relating everything back to the cops.
Season 7
Episode 7 is very strong! What's great about Dead Wrong is how it manages to surprise... crying out for help for a tragedy which hunts for justice.
Season 6...
Pain in the
With certain things coming to light recently, Season 6 is highly problematic. Many, many people have come forward about child sex trafficking, SRA, etc... I have a feeling those involved with producing this season will eventually have some serious regrets about this “reporting”.
Great except the narrator...
On season 4, I really appreciated the research and the story. It brought me in, but I had to give up on episode 2 because I just can’t keep going with the narrator’s voice. It’s much too slow, and he sounds like he’s trying too hard to speak slow and low. This makes me fall asleep and I kept on having to go back 30 seconds because my brain can’t simply follow it. Listening at work, during walks, and while driving a car, I need something that doesn’t make me sleep. I know it’s not the story. Unfortunately I’m just going to have to google the story and/or find a YouTube doc about it......
podcast good - glen bad
love the podcast BUT screw glen im glad he got beat up in prison because he didn’t have an issue beating up women.
Reason to care?
Why should we care that an abusive ex-boyfriend is wrongly accused of his ex-girlfriends murder? The prevailing injustices are that the real killer is not pursued and law enforcement are so proudly incompetent.
Really liked the first season...
It was engaging and every episode brought in new and interesting info. But the latest seasons have been SO boring and repetitive. Especially satanic panic, which used the same information over and over and over every episode. I gave all seasons a try because of the first one but I’m gonna have to give up on this show.
Bored to death
Amanda ghakidsvhy
This season is so boring I keep finding myself not paying any attention at all, then I restart, then it happens again, I’m giving up.
Well Done
I like how respectful they are of victims and ongoing cases. The only issue was the narrator for the Cat Lady season. It’s like he is talking to a child. Also, I really dislike how Sara is made a victim in season 1 when she recruited thousands into a cult she full well knew was corrupt.
Great job neighbors
At first I thought that Canada besides having a disproportionate amount of famous comedians also has a lot more murderers and wild true crime stories than many of the other countries in the world . But after throughly enjoying 7 incredibly well done seasons of Uncover which should be considered a “prestige podcast” along with the other 2 dozen or so supremely produced podcasts created by CBC it is obvious that Leslie Merklinger has put together a team that continues to create audio content that is head and shoulders above the rest of the world. Look forward to continuing the to enjoy your guys content, thanks CBC! Best, Mike in 🇺🇸
Anyone else feel like he’s whispering??
Somehow I feel like the story is being whispered and not spoken the entire time (season 4)
Why??? Why does any podcast have to give BS from a “psychic”? You know if psychics were legitimate they would just give you the name of the murderer. Come on people it’s 2020, time to let go of your fairy tales. The only good thing about a psychic is they’re incredibly intelligent and masters of manipulation. Dont be so gullible and naive. Sorry-pent up from so many podcast.
Great podcast
Well researched, well told
CBC podcasts
Love them so well done! Learning lots about Canada. KG
Season 1 got me hooked
Erin Meeks
Love the storytelling and how learning about these people’s stories have got me interested in doing all the research.
Season 4 is backwards
I keep having to go to the episodes list and click on the next episode because it keeps playing the previous one instead.
No amount of podcasts/documentaries on catchy phrases of days gone by(satanic panic) will negate the fact that it’s mathematically/statistically impossible for Q Anon drops to be a “coincidence” Before lumping Q research into the “conspiracy” category, read it for yourself - research yourself (much like those professing Christianity/Christ/the Bible being an “opiate for the masses” - they are the precise people whom haven’t read the Bible in its entirety)
The fade over your voice interviews is a bit messy. It sounds like you are making up new words for the interviewed person and it feels disrespectful a little
Mostly good
Season 4’s narrator speaks unbearably slow!
Please lord adjust the mic
My only complaint is that the mic is too close to the mouths of some of the people interviewed. Hearing Jen tell her story in the season 1 bonus makes me want to rip my ear drums out.
Season 1 is very good
Season 1 is great, the rest of the seasons are hit or miss. The host changes each season, and there are a few hosts with really annoying voices. You never know what you’re going to get.
Very good, but...
Reviewer number 10001
The seasons are uneven. Each season could be shorter, actually. I get the feeling the information is stretched thin to make a longer season out of each story. The hosts are also uneven. Would be better with one experienced host, and guest journalists each season.
Great podcast if you’re canadian
I’ve listened to tons of true crime podcasts. This podcast goes in-depth to topics/events that I’ve heard the an abridged version of other places (leaving our astonishing details and facts). If you like well researched and thorough breakdown of true crimes, this is a great podcast.
Season 1
Season 1 was the best. Not a fan of all other seasons on this podcast.
The Mavs Fan
Extremely well produced and narrated, stark reminder that the criminal justice system is often blind and hardly just.
Each season is different and compelling
Season one was so incredible and I couldn’t stop listening. Each season after that was as compelling and so thoughtfully created to tell a story and keep you invested. One of my favorite podcasts out there. I’ve recommended it to others who also love it. Can not wait for the new season.
Some of it got boring I want a podcast that I will be of the edge of my seat begging for the next one Other than that it was good
It’s okay. Got kind of boring and repetitive.
Fantastic reporting
Every single season of this podcast has been so very well done. The writing and reporting are tasteful and the stories, heart wrenching.
Each season and episode of this podcast are very well done. The listener gets well informed by the presenter. It is well worth the listen.
Season 6 is terrible
Narrator is not objective and snarky. Tries to discredit all existence of satanic ritual abuse. She needs to do research and get educated.
Not bad; not great
Nothing spectator here but worth a listen.
Absolutely wonderful
I just want to say, I’ve seen the documentary. This podcast definitely went into more detail than the show. It was for sure skin crawling and hair raising interviews, details and narration. I have enjoyed listening to this story and I am subscribed to this particular channel. Well done!!
I never write reviews despite being an avid podcast listener but this podcast is one of the best I’ve ever heard and deserves a review. I’ve only listened to the most recent season on satanic hysteria and the development of the story is incredible. The finale episode is particular is powerful and as someone else has mentioned courageous. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone.
Season 6: Trash
If you’re going to promote a statement as strong as invalidating children’s reports of abuse, at least have some proof to back that claim up. This season is deeply problematic with its claims and without having concrete evidence. Dangerous season.
Weel Done
A very careful, thoughtful, and well researched true crime audio program.
What’s with dudes creepy voice
Why does he whisper everything? Not a fan. Excited to listen to other narrators
I love every season! Please don’t ever stop!
Karen Towry
Really great and thought provoking series!
professor gram gram
The final episode is among the best and most courageous I’ve ever heard. Even if you only have time for one episode, don’t miss the finale
Satanic panic - excellent
This season was so well done. From the storytelling to the editing, the sensitivity with which the subject matter was handled. Just excellent.
Might be the most well-done podcast I’ve ever listened to. Writing was extremely compelling and Lisa knocked it out of the park in her delivery. Absolutely loved it.
Careful, thoughtful presentation of a sensitive subject
This podcast is simply the best produced, written, researched, edited. The interviews are carefully conducted in a way that gives perspective to all the people in the story. The interviewer gives voice to so many people who didn’t have a voice. Who were silenced by public hysteria. This was the Salem witchcraft trials and she leads us gently and carefully in examining something dark and ugly that victimized so many innocent adults and children.
Season 6 - Be Aware of Manipulation!
This is a review for Season 6. This Podcast is very well researched expecifically as to the case in Martensville. The production is not a basement podcast production but, professional resources and host. My problem arouse on episode 5. Many reporters, this one is no different, resort to the tactic of building up a case with solid facts and then pile up conjecture on top of it hoping that the solid foundation holds up their agenda or speculation. It was proven that what happened to the people accused of heinous acts, in fact, did not comit these acts. Even though the podcast starts off telling the audience about the incompetence of the investigators and their lack of proper resources, they use this specific case to plant the seed of mistrust on so many cases across the country and how maybe we shouldn't believe children. Well, we must believe children but we also need to investigate with people prepared and with the knowledge to investigate such sensitive cases. There is plenty of evidence about children sexual abuse and the trafficking of children for sexual abuse. Their are websites, dedicated exclusively, to provide despicable human beings with the abuse and torture of children for their sexual gratification. Do believe the children! This was one of the few exceptions, not the norm!
Great story but...
Compelling story but the narration could had have been better. Some times I just wanted to turn it off bc of the narrator but story kept me powering through it.
Great show but I do not feel bad for cops I’m S6
I do not feel bad for Canadian cops in S6. Yea the prosecutors did their job- you were accused of a crime - you had to go To court and be tried. I wonder if the indigenous community in Canada gets this sort of sympathy for being marginalized, ignored, targeted , and wrongly accused of crimes
Another CBC hit
Loved this podcast, I learned so much about this dark time in history, despite the subject matter being sometimes hard to listen to. Appreciated this podcast’s storytelling and ability to shed light on the satanic panic.
Really good - could be great
I could not listen to seasons 2. The story wasn’t that compelling. I’m sorry but the narrator for season 4 was horrible 😔 The over series is good.
During the interview with Chuck in S2E1 is the first time I’ve ever cried listening to a podcast!! 😢So powerful! It’s so clear how much trust Chuck had in Johanna to be able to feel secure in opening up, and the care and support she showed him throughout the interview was really quite a beautiful moment of genuine compassion.
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