For readers who love writers talking about reading
Love the concept, really interesting interviewees, surprisingly and delightful book recs. The episodes are about 20% too long for my taste/listening time availability. From time to time the host talks over his guests, which is frustrating as I am there to hear them rather than him, but it seems to come from genuine enthusiasm rather than a desire to hear himself talk.
I’m obsessed!!
Neil is amazing, his guests are fascinating and the recommended books are wonderful. Neil has this ability to naturally connect with a wide array of guests and speak thoughtfully and respectfully while exploring some uncomfortable or unpopular opinions. All the while asking questions that provoke my own expansion on many topics. Neil, your amazing. Don’t ever stop. This is work the world needs. I love your work, I love you, thank you for what your doing!
Difficult Listening
Good guests, but Mr. Pasricha has the annoying habit of repeatedly interrupting them just as they are beginning to answer. It's as if he wants to show off how well he can anticipate where they're going by jumping in to get there first. It's extremely frustrating.
Painful interviewer with many great guests
listener over here
Pasricha tries rather hard to be a charming intellectual and a sensitive guy. Would that he’d settle into listening more quietly, minus the last few words of several questions. The guests, with a few exceptions, are very good. The Sedaris interview exemplifies my frustrations in the first several minutes. Overall, a good podcast.
Binge worthy 🙌🏽
I’ve binge-listened the first 18 Chapters of this podcast over the last couple weeks and I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be hooked till 2031 (when the podcast is scheduled to end)! Its refreshing to listen to Neil interview a vast array of people, ask interesting and informative questions, and to do it in his own unique way. Oh, and of course the fact that this is all centered around books! Thanks Neil for creating such an informative, thought provoking, and self reflective podcast. I’ve implemented a lot of ideas which you have talked about with your guests, like putting my phone in black and white and carrying a book with me wherever I go to read more this year, and the years to come. And now .. for those of you who have made it to the end of my book review, welcome to the end of the review club, ha! What are you doing? Stop reading the reviews and just go listen already!
GREAT interview skills!!
I just listened to the interview with Seth Godin and was AMAZED!!! That was one of the best interviews I’ve listened to in a long time!! The conversation was fun, interesting and VERY informative!! Keep up the great work!!! - J.J.
Book Lover Conversations?!
It isn't always easy finding people who are passionate about the same things as you. Great book podcasts aren't always easy to find, but 3 Books is solid! It's an informative podcast ranging in topics from BookTubing to children's literature. Neil's humility and willingness to ask "stupid" questions keeps the show simple and understandable, rather than snooty and elitist. One would think guests would simply be authors, but so far his guests have come from all walks of life. Learning the 3 most formative books of a person may give us a glance into their soul, this podcast attempts to distill that into audio format!
I’m Hooked!!
I found the 3 Books podcast yesterday after listening to Neil’s interview on What You Will Learn and knew I wanted more. On the spot I downloaded & listened to chapter 3 with Neil talking with Seth Godin, then subscribed & downloaded every single episode (which was a first for me, even as an avid listener of podcasts). I’m eager to listen to the rest starting right now as I head out the door for today’s workout walk (which stretched to 6 miles yesterday, thanks to riveting content)! Thank you Neil, for this gift to book and life lovers!
Absolutely Amazing and insightful!!
A absolutely amazing and insightful podcast full of truly amazing people and books!! I literally binge listen all of the episodes since I discovered this podcast 3 woks ago!! Djani Drocić
Love Love Love!
The Training Yogi
Neil is an awesome interviewer and as a writer, this podcast rocks!
E. Smyth
Well, this has been my first exposure to this particular 3 Books. Sorry to say, but it was a disappointment. Profanity (many “s***”), inarticulate language, ample use of “like” and “you know.” The emphasis was on trying to sound hip and to providing a platform so that the host and guest could — more than anything else — signal their insider status. I was hoping to hear some real thought. To hear from some real artists. I only heard bumper-sticker level marketing. Thank you. E. Smyth
Inspiring, revealing and engaging!
Jonathan Fields
Neil’s natural curiosity, easy conversational style and openness to taking the conversation wherever it yearns to go makes for a wonderful, revelatory adventure. I learn all about him and his guests, then leave with a set of new books to add to my list of life-changing reads! So fun and alive! It’s a must listen.
Engaging and Inspiring
Kari Gormley
Neil does a beautiful job of interviewing his author friends and heroes. It's fun to hear the stories of what books have had the most impact on some of the most widely read authors. I've never listened to a podcast where I get to learn what is going on in the book scene. Thank you for sharing your curiosity.
I’m hooked!
After four chapters of Neil’s 3 Books podcast, I’m officially hooked. I love being a fly on the wall for these conversations. I’m learning a lot about people I’ve mostly never heard of and books I haven’t read yet and about the current state of publishing, digital platforms, author motivation, writing, etc., along the way. Other favorite things about the podcast: Neil asks people to explain references and words he doesn’t know, he has a “word of the chapter,” and he’s in it for the long haul. Can’t wait for future chapters when the moon is new or full!
Just when I thought I couldn’t love books anymore than I already do.
Then this podcast came into my life. Neil, I love everything about this show, the guests, the thought-provoking questions and conversations that follow. Your authenticity and genuine interest comes over the speakers loud and clear. My relationship with books has always been my favorite and I feel like I have found my people with this podcast. It’s kind of like coming home. Thank you from the bottom of my library-loving heart, looking forward to what’s still to come!
Books without ego
Elegant Warrior
I love this podcast. I love anything that has to do with books so this was a no brainer. But what compelled me to write a podcast is that Neil has no ego. He doesn’t want anyone to have book shame. And he doesn’t allow anyone to have intellect shame, because he asks the questions we are all thinking. Thank you for this lovely podcast. I only wish the moon moved a little faster
Excellent discussions
My new favorite podcast! Books can launch some of the most absorbing and varied conversations, and here Neil does just that with his guests. No matter who Neil has on the show, the discussions have been consistently engaging and thought-provoking. Add to that some of Neil’s ‘3Books’ values: *the superior value of personal book recommendations (vs. computer algorithm) *no book-shaming *no ads!! *full moon/new moon publish schedule Check out his website for more! This podcast is for everyone. You don’t have to be a book lover to listen, though you might be before long.
Great podcast
Neil brings good reads, good ideas and good thoughts to life
The review of awesome
Neil Pasricha’s discussions give me inspiration to think more about the things that are going on in my life and the world in general.
3 books is more than just 3!
I love listening to Neil’s interview with each and every person. He is able to pull out so much more than just 3 books. I find myself stopping the podcast to look up the books, people, and quotes mentioned before I can even finish the whole chapter. Very well done podcast. I will listen to all 333 Chapters!
It's like hanging out with your favorite author but asking better questions than you would.
I love this new podcast. Neil has access to some amazing authors that I really love. It is so cool getting an inside peak into their own personal list of favorite reads and what has inspired them along their journey. The style of interview feels like you are listening to two friends catching up over a cup of coffee. I can't wait to see who he interviews next! I also love that some interviews are shorter and some are longer depending on how the conversation flows, it adds an element of surprise!
Love this Podcast
I am loving this podcast. It’s really fun to listen to and can’t wait for the next one to come out. Neil, keep up the great work.
Passes the desert island test
The Executive Happiness Coach
In an ocean of podcasts there are many excellent catches, but this one passes the most important test of all; if I were trapped on an island in that ocean and could only take one podcast with me, this is The One. Neil is so warm and authentic and spontaneous, I find myself equally caught up in both the content AND in wondering “what will he say next?” Because unlike other podcasts that follow a framework (which this one does) you never know when he’s going to become curious about something else in the conversation and follow that rabbit trail out to a place of learning. That is one of the most fun things about this podcast: Neil seems to learn something new every episode along with his listeners, and he conveys an almost childlike wonder at that learning. I find myself listening both with a smile and anticipation, to a conversation with friends. And isn’t that what you want on a desert island?
Definitely adds value
Sentiments & Bubbles
I read about this show in a Fast Company article and immediately decided to check it out. I think the idea of interviewing authors and listing their three most formative books is a unique one and kudos to Neil for putting up a great show. I think the show does hit a visceral chord and does make one think. 3 Books does add tremendous value to the listener. Thanks Neil and please keep up the good work.
Like a book club, only better
I don't always take the time to read any more, but I'm trying to change that. This podcast is great. I grew up with books, was a library page as a teen to earn pocket money and am trying to raise two avid readers. This podcast is awesome -- it brings up great memories of books I've read, challenges with books that I might read some day and entertains with facts and stories Neil and his guests share. Highly recommend!
Great start!
I love the concept but I don’t care for hearing people in different ears.
Great interviews
Neil goes in with a lot of research on each author and it results in an interesting and in-depth interview every time. It's just wonderful!
Book Nerds: Unite!
A clever way to discuss books and the influence they can have on us. Neil is a thoughtful and attentive host who makes you feel like his guest is your new best friend!
It’s not just the books ...
You needn’t be particularly well read to enjoy this. The books are no doubt front-and-center, but serve chiefly as primers for some really terrific conversation. Neil has a very crisp interviewing style that keeps the discussion focused and on pace. Definitely worth a listen.
Neil’s outlook on the world and his insights about leading a happy and full life are food for the soul. This is an outstanding podcast!
Neil is Always Worth Listening To
Neil is a great friend and an engaging, thought-provoking, and authentic host and author.
A fun podcast that explores different authors and their formative books. I have been a subscriber to Neil's book club for a while, and he is one of the few people I really trust their book reccomendations. He gives thoughtful reviews, and I like to hear what he has to say in this podcast and the coversation with the authors. Very fun.
The best source for what to read and why
B J Shaw
Neil’s discussions with wildly imaginative and creative thought leaders about books that inspired them will make you reshuffle the stack of books on your bedside table!
Great for book lovers & makers
Neil is such a thoughtful interviewer and his guests are great. Love the show!
Liked and shared!
The best review I can leave is that I have shared this with several of my book minded friends. I feel like I have a diverse collection of podcasts but enjoy those most, that challenge me and give me something to consider or learn or feel connected. I started experimenting with having my phone in black and white (eps 1, Frank Warren) and have had people comment on it so already the podcast is connecting me in unexpected ways. Thank you!
Thought provoking
I came to this podcast because of frank warren and post secret. I loved the episode and felt challenged to think about my own three top “formative” books. Thanks for inspiring that walk down memory lane!
Great conversational podcast
Chris Duprey
I love that there is now a podcast about reading!!! Not only is the conversation and topic very interesting, the way the audio is done, you feel like you’re sitting in between Neil and his guest. Keep being awesome Neil.
This is what hard work sounds like
Neil's interviews are detailed, researched and truly fun to listen to. I can't imagine that he can keep this up, but while he does, keep listening. 3 Books raises the bar.
Book lovers will love...
Secret guy21
Look, Neil is a great friend of mine, so I’m a believer in all he does, but I can tell you this, if you like books you’ll love the appreciation and enthusiasm shown to the written word in ‘Three Books’. Don’t judge a podcast by its cover, listen and you’ll be a believer too.
Really excited about this new show!
Chris Guillebeau
Neil puts heart and soul into everything he does—and he's been working on this show in the background for a LONG time. I trust his book recs and look forward to hearing about them here! You should give it a try, too.
Love reading his monthly newsletter
Very much looking forward to this podcast!
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