Chapter 12: Chris Anderson on tackling tribalism, trusting trust, and transforming TED talks
Published September 9, 2018
87 min
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    What was the first TED Talk you ever watched?

    Was it Do schools kill creativity? by Ken Robinson?

    Was it The power of vulnerability by Brené Brown?

    Whatever it is I bet you felt a bit like you stumbled onto an oasis. The Internet is junky! The whole thing feels like a pack of cougars just ran through a dollar store. Pop-up everything, ads screaming at you, and everything feels like a fish-hooks tugging at your eyeballs.

    TED is the opposite.

    TED doesn't beg for personal info, force you to open an account, quick-pick your wallet for your credit card, or do anything other than help spread ideas to shape, grow, and inspire your thoughts.  

    It is beauty in the scat-filled dollar store. 

    So, who's Ted? Who runs TED? Who's the 18-minute-or-less Emperor? 

    It's Chris Anderson.

    The Pakistani-born, Oxford-educated, New York Times bestselling... Chris Anderson. 

    In this Chapter, I fly down to New York City and sit with Chris in his office. We uncover his three most formative books and discuss developing willpower, tackling deeper issues, supporting ambitious spouses, and what being a dreamer really means... 

    I hope you enjoy this conversation with Chris Anderson, Head of TED. 


    • Which book taught Chris more in a weekend than his entire Oxford philosophy degree?
    • What does Chris say is one of the chief criticisms of TED?
    • What does Chris see as humanity's greatest superpower?
      Should you work with your spouse? What is Chris's view and why?
    • What is the "shooting an asteroid out of space" view of intelligent life?
    • How do we inspire others to feel wonder, awe, and optimism?
    • What media tricks must we watch out for these days?
    • How can we regain control over our attention?
    • How do we become better dreamers?


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