March 7th, Level 2: Can Kyrie Irving Carry A Team?, NBA Hall Of Famer Rick Barry Talks LeBron & Warriors.
Published March 7, 2019
61 min
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    Joe and Gabe open Level 2 arguing if Kyrie Irving is good enough to be a franchise player and be the guy to carry a team to a NBA championship. Gabe thinks that the city of Boston and the Celtics are just a bad fit for Irving, saying that if he was in another city that he would take that next step and be the franchise player that puts the team on his back. Joe disagrees with Gabe, thinking that Kyrie Irving is good enough right now and that Boston is a good place for him, even though they have a handful of good players around him. NBA analyst Pete Yannopoulos joins the show to discuss all things, NBA. Pete gives his take on the Kyrie Irving debate form earlier in the hour, saying that he doesn't think that Irving isn't the type of player he thinks his is and doesn't have the fire power like someone as Kevin Durant or LeBron. NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry joins the show to talk LeBron, Kyrie, and more. Rick thinks that to be a leader on a team like Kyrie Irving wants to be, that you don't necessarily be a vocal leader but you can also be a leader on the floor by your play. Rick also gives his take on LeBron's recent actions in LA, saying that he doesn't think this is what LeBron expected when he joined the Lakers. He says that LeBron's off the court activities hasn't really ever effected him so people shouldn't worry about that, rather than him trying to trade half of the team for Anthony Davis. The hall of famer thinks that whenever trade talk get leaked like that the team morale takes a hit.
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