Feb 11th, Level 2: AAF fantasy, Get Off My Lawn, possible MLB strike, and more...
Published February 11, 2019
61 min
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    Jim Day joins the show to begin hour 2, talking about the AAF and his thoughts on what the fantasy football scene is going to be with the season only being 10 games instead of the NFL's 16 game regular season. In today's Get Off My Lawn segment Gabe goes after Major League Baseball and it's owners for collusion against the players during this free agency period. He argues with all the money the owners are making they shouldn't be cheap with the players who only have a short window to make all their money. The get off my lawn segment leads to the discussion about a possible MLB player strike, and if anyone would even care, given the current state of baseball viewership in the United States.  #FNTSY #AAF #fantasyfootball #MLB #GetOffMyLawn
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