Feb 6th, Level 2: Larry Bird is Trash? Get Off Gabe's Lawn, MLB changes, AL vs. NL, and more...
Published February 6, 2019
61 min
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    Level 2 of the show starts with Gabe and Corey comparing the Championship resumes of Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James. Gabe thinks MLB should not change anything to make the game go faster, thinking that the league is in a panic, and needs to Get Off His Lawn. Corey and Gabe argue if MLB should be changing any rules, including a 20 second pitch clock, to speed up the game.  Gabe argues that the National League plays better fundamental baseball than the American League but admits that the AL has better individual players. Gabe and Corey go back to count up the times each League won the World Series.
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