Entertaining but not Work Appropriate
I work in an environment where it is generally encouraged to have music, radio programs, or podcasts playing to help the workers endure the long shifts and so the clientele don’t heard weird silence when they happen to come round. So I tend to listen to variety of entertainment news channels and odd podcasts. I follow Patrick (H) Willems youtube channels so of course when I saw that unreasonably funny musical sketch, I was sold before I knew what I was in for. I honestly just play that announcement video periodically for a quick laugh. Obviously from an off-the-cuff, nonscripted podcast format it is not quite the polished critique or review style prevalent in Willems popular video essays—particularly the intermittent theatrics where Willems utilises filmmaking and narrative techniques within his essays themselves for more dynamic & engaging videos. As fun as it would be if he were to put the same ridiculous effort into making unique podcast experience, the informal conversations of the films—wild tangents barely relevant to the topic at hand included—are in fact entertaining and interesting. The brothers bring an enthusiasm and absurdity that I personally find a nice offset for Willems more academic, structured, and informative contributions. They create a balance of light hearted banter, ridiculously unfunny and so consequentially hilarious rants, and interesting facts and trivia that makes it a pleasure to listen to. My only qualm is that they have potty mouths and humour. Which would be fine, only the one rule for work is no swearing or highly inappropriate topics—all of which they manage into each episode with a greater zeal than any discussion on Keanu Reeves or the immediate film in question in any given episode. So of course, this is one of those podcasts I have to time just right during our downhours when it’s highly unlikely any client or supervisor is likely to be visiting. Nothing like explaining why you’re listening to three grown men discuss little girls masturbating to stuffed animals (Toy Story 4 episode) or any other bizarre turn their podcasts takes. Always an adventure. Highly recommend.
New favorite podcast
I’ve been keeping up with Can’t get enough of Keanu and going through we heart Hartnett and I can’t get enough of either. Listening to Patrick Matt and Jake talk about Keanu and whatever else comes up along the way is the highlight of my week!
I listen to this podcast to keep me from being lonely while i work at a graveyard
turns landscaping job at cemetery into a somewhat enjoyable job. Thanks.
Oops! All Brorpeys
Look, Willems is great and all but he probably doesn't have a single Vero account. If this podcast needs anything, it's less Keanu and more Brorpeys. Just add one every few episodes and no one will even notice.
Big fan of Pat and the Torpey brothers
Really enjoying their banter no matter the topic. Have learned that I need to be wary of drinking while listening as I may laugh while swallowing which could either kill me or send me back in time to the 1950s where I meet my parents but they’re little kids so it’s just awkward and I don’t know a disgraced nuclear scientist so I’m stuck there but hey the 1960s are right around the corner and then I’ll buy Apple stock on day 1 in the late 1970s so I’ll be ok. Anyway, listen to this podcast to learn all about Keanu’s filmography from three very funny guys that love him as much as we all do! Because we are all breathtaking.
Josh Wick
Giod review. Too much talking about not John. Keanu Podcast or is this funny fun friend time. Okay review, 5 stars from me. Please review Matrick reloaded.
An instant fav!
Crash Chords
I was a huge fan of We Heart Hartnett! This is the perfect spiritual successor. I adore these boys and the nonsense they get into. I love this chat about all things Keanu and more. Thank you for this ridiculousness. It’s perfect. Just like Patrick, Jake and Matt! ❤️
Love the show!
It’s a good show. Love y’all.
Going out upon a limb
Patrick Willems is nice, but have you ever let the Brothers Torpey just go wild? The ageless one deserves our time and attention and this trio is giving him his due. The Keanuassance is real, and we must submit to his glory or else face extinction*. (Current geopolitical and environmental factors excluded) It’s a fun time and I think you should be listening to it.
Daddy likey. Best podcast content! Might post on social media or possibly even Facebook. Great content for social media! But you do pronounce the L in polka and folk.
Frustrating and Annoying
I guess I'm the only person who finds the Torpey Bros unbearable. I came to this podcast based on the strength of Patrick Willems' YouTube videos. Willems' gives smart, insightful analysis and interpretations of film, and I've enjoyed everything he's posted. And I've been a Keanu Reeves apologist for decades. So imagine my excitement in finding out that Patrick has a podcase series dedicated to covering every single film of KR's career! Excitment quickly crashed and burned, and transformed into annoyance and disappointment. For whatever reason, Willems has decided that having two people deeply convinced of their own comedic genius and whom derail the conversation at every conceivable point was the best way to do this. In listening to the John Wick episode, in the first 30 minutes, there were - perhaps - a grand total of maybe 12 minutes of conversation about the actual topic. The rest of the time was spent listening to the Torpey Bros interrupt Willems, laugh at their own lame fake movie titles, and so on. In addition, the Torpey Bros (at least in the 45 minutes of the episode I listened to) are far, far inferior in their cinematic analytic capabilities and knowledge compared to Willems. Deeply disappointing. I'm actually kind of envious of those who can listen to this and find it worth your time. I'm not going to subject myself to it beyond the portion of the episode I've already wasted time on.
Fantastic show
This show is a hot mess in all the best possible ways!
Come for Keanu and Patrick, stay for Matt and Jake
This podcast is at all times a testament to the comedic genius that are The Brothers Torpey. Every week they brighten my day with some bonkers insane joke or comment or poor impersonation that is a joy to listen to. Keanu may be the one, but the future lies in Jake and Matt.
Seriously? EVERY movie?
I love this idea, never listened to the Hartnett podcast, but I’ve been aware of Patrick H Willems for about a year now and I love his content. This podcast is tedious and you guys get way off topic, but it’s so fun listening to these guys talk about a movie that Keanu Reeves has a role in. If you’re reading this, Patrick, may I suggest the next actor you make a podcast about: COLIN FARRELL. He is my personal favorite actor and his story is very interesting. COLIN FARRELL COLIN FARRELL COLIN FARRELL COLIN FARRELL COLIN FARRELL COLIN FARRELL.
Already a lot of episodes.
Alan Smithee Jr.
For a just-recently founded Keanu filmography retrospective podcast there are an awful lot of episodes covering Josh Hartnett. It’s like some sort of Kansas City Shuffle.
Fresh take
Barfuss Paul
Great fun! A fresh take on podcast reviews.
Funny but Edit
American Idol Fan 777
Fun personalities but needs editing. Way too much of 2 hour John Wick episode veers off topic.
We ❤️ Keanu
It’s Patrick Willems and the Torpeys talking about Keanu Reeves movies. What more do you need?
Funny easy listening
Every episode listen to the Brothers T riff amazing jokes off each other and listen to Patrick say, wow that was funny, here are some movie facts. Love listening to it casually, low commitment high entertainment. (The eating by the mic is gross though)
I Heart This Podcast
Probably the hardest I've laughed during a podcast. At first glance I was confused by the choice of Heartnett but now I'm a fan.
Stop eating.
You should all listen to this it is amazing and Patrick W. Has a great YouTube channel. I SWEAR TO GOD THOUGH....listening to people eating on mic made me want to reach through my headphones and break the face of which ever of the T brothers was eating. Just don’t do it....ever...again. Keep making podcasts and videos Though! I love all three of you.
Guys, this is a review about Josh Hartnett
The history of Josh Hartnett’s career is the history of the past 20 years of cinema. Join your intrepid host; Big P & The Brothers T, AKA Thiccc Pwillems & The Brothers Torpy, AKA Patrick Willems, Matthew Torpy, And Jacob Torpy. As they traverse the full filmography of Joshua Daniel Hartnett, AKA Josh, AKA Our Boy. From the early peaks of The Faculty and The Virgin Suicides. To the stygian depths of Here on Earth and Town & Country. Through the uncharted lands of Mozart & The Whale and I Come With The Rain. And across the boring plains of The Lovers and Parts Per Billion. To the promised land of Oh Lucy! On their journey they will cover such topics as; the legacy of porter stoddard, Harvey Weinstein, milk, Michael Bay’s self-realization during the making of Pearl Harbor, sex, Josh’s interest in days of night, the rise of digital cinematography, autism representation in film, and movies that could use the word slevin in their title. They will pose such questions as; why isn’t josh in the new Halloween movie? can a war film truly be anti war? Why Josh turned down the role of Batman and could he play the caped crusader yet? And will Josh come on the podcast? And what comes after they watch josh’s latest film? Another journey through another actor’s filmography, Who’s? Only they know. But it all started with Josh. They will always be watching(movies and sometimes TV shows) they always be analyzing and questioning and searching. So join them in their quest, Join them in their joys, Join them in their sorrows, Join them in their frustration and confusion and laughter! Join them in their appreciation of one Joshua Daniel Hartnett This Podcast will have you begging for an onion.
Unparalleled Delight
In a world dominated by alarmist news broadcasting, bleak political events, and natural disasters, this plucky trio of amateur film critics knew that only one man could tip the scales from chaos to order, from defeat to victory, from despair to hope: Hartnett. Brought to you by Pat, Matt, and Jake, the hardest working team in contemporary multimedia film criticism, We Heart Hartnett is a freewheeling journey through the landscape of modern American cinema via the career of film personality Joshua Daniel Hartnett. The trio, by virtue of their earnestness and levity, transform their apparently inane and trivial subject matter into an in-depth and often laugh-out-loud hilarious scattershot exploration of shifting cultural tropes, film history, the film-making process, and so much more. Humorous, unpredictable, and intelligent, Pat and The Brothers Torpey have created a podcast, characteristic of their other content, that I find truly and deeply meaningful.
Dear Patrick
I love this podcast. I really enjoy listening to the brother derail everything Patrick is saying and he slowly yet loudly brings them back into focus. Please for the love of Christ make a new podcast once you’ve completed Josh’s filmography. -Christian P.S Snow White and the slevin dwarfs!
Sle Sleart Slartnett
Hartnuts 4 Hartnett
I love this podcast so much I redownloaded iTunes and subscribed just to write a review. If you have ever wondered what goes on behind the mask that is Josh Hartnett's mysterious eyebrows, this is the podcast for you. If you have ever wanted to experience the movie you haven't watched on your Kill Shot/ Hollywood Homicide double feature DVD this is for you. Consider yourself royalty as Pat and The Brothers Torpey taste the possibly poisoned food of hollywood, then regurgitate it to you in podcast form. For those of you dreaming for the day you can experience Here on Earth, in addition Town and Country without going blind your dream has come true. Just make sure you wear tight pants when you listen because your Hart-On will be untameable.
Love this Podcast
Jack F 98
These guys do such an amazing job talking about these Josh Hartnett movies. From behind the scenes facts to the movie itself, the guys provide interesting and funny commentary. One of my favorite podcasts to listen to and a podcast everyone should give a try. Keep up the great work and never stop with the puns.
Great Content
This podcast has become one of the best parts of my week. I’ve been listening ever since the very first episode after it was announced on Patrick’s YouTube channel, and I’ll have to admit, I was pretty skeptical at first. My YouTube movie boys making a podcast and... it’s all about what? Lol but honestly it has made for some great content and I hope they never stop! They better choose a new actor to go through soon go because idk what I’ll do with myself when they run out of Hartnett movies. Also if you’re reading this guys I love the new theme song remix, do more of those! Keep up the good work
they used “brechtian” in the podcast
Nick Blondell
Took a long time to actually start listening, but WOW I love this. As a pretentious theatre student, hearing Sin City described as slightly brechtian made me very happy; in terms of bad puns, the limit does not exist (or should not, at least.) Highly recommend!!
One of the best podcasts out
Austin Schollaert
The fact that this podcast got made out of a joke and is still great is a miracle. All three of the hosts (Patrick, Jake, and Matt) all know a lot about movies and are all extremely funny which is probably the most important part of any podcast. If I had one complaint it would be that a lot of the time they skip ahead and talk about random stuff in the movie that I wish they would just keep organized. Other than that this an absolute must listen especially if you’re a movie fan.
More bad puns
I will switch my review to 1 star if the bad pun limit isn’t lifted to a higher number than it currently is. (It’s 3 if you don’t remember)
Have had a Hart-on for more than 40 days and nights.
Following Patrick's YouTube channel for a while had me excited when they announced these three guys would be making a podcast. I was a little disappointed to hear it was about an actor I had seen in maybe two movies. Watching every movie week after week, no matter how bad it is, is instantly worth it once they break them down with in depth film discussion alongside bad puns and plenty of distaste towards certain aspects like Chris Klein (except when he's shirtless?) And some oddball fascination like Michael Bay's hatred towards the human race. They do an excellent job walking through each movie so you don't need to watch every single one beforehand but Josh's performances vary so far and wide that you're honestly doing yourself a disservice by not doing so. A podcast that started off as a joke has basically turned into a study course for me and my loved ones are tired of hearing about my Hart-ons... Roll Creedits.
How is this so good?
What a weird premise for a podcast - and yet so absolutely addicting! The Pearl Harbor episode alone is worth the free price of admission (Patrick thank you for your Kate Beckinsale defense!). I find myself reliving that part of my life that included the Hartnett in my peripheral awareness. Great pod!
Waiting on Lucky Number Slevin
Introduced as a fan of Patrick’s YouTube channel. Subscribed and have listed to every episode just to get to Lucky Number Slevin, the only JDH movie I have seen and a movie I consider greatly underrated (such a good flick). Have greatly enjoyed every episode, the plot recaps, the commentary, and the lengthy side tangents about the history/actors/directors related to the movie. You should do follow up podcasts covering the filmography of other actors.
A Seminal Work of American Podcasting
Ever since Serial created the art of podcasting in late 2014, the podcasting fields have lay fallow as the world eagerly awaited the next step forward. Well, eager reader, wait no longer. In We Heart Hartnett world famous filmmakers Patrick Willems and the brothers Torpey discuss the highs and lows of Joshua Daniel Hartnett’s career, film by film. They enjoy his triumphs, and they diligently mark his failures. They laugh, they cry, and they grow as individuals and artists, and maybe - just maybe - by listening to We Heart Hartnett, you’ll grow a little bit too. Set aside a few hours, pour yourself a drink or two, and get your Hart on.
Guaranteed to JACK YOU UP.
From Halloween: Water to sex among the parachutes, you’ll have a Hart-on for god-on-Earth Josh Hartnett—and this podcast—by the end of each episode.
Here and Now of Podcats
Celestial Gardener
I often find the movies I haven’t seen that are discussed here are the ones that are my favorite. Great series and can’t wait for more.
Great show
Both funny and informative this is a great podcast that should be listened to
Gives me a Heart/Hart On
I didn’t know I needed a blow-by-blow breakdown of the entire Josh Hartnett filmography. Now I don’t know what I’d do without it. Raging heart/hart on. Also if you could clarify whether it’s a heart- or hart-on I’d appreciate it.
Finally a podcast for Josh Hartnett fans
Can't wait for the boys to cover Wicker Park.
Best Podcast on the HartNET
Heard of this on Patrick’s YouTube channel and gave it a chance. This is amazing, please keep pumping these out! Look forward each week to listening to you three guys talk about movies and our boy Josh Hartnett! I’ve got a solid Hart-On for this podcast
No duh
Five stars on concept alone. I’m assuming this will become more Hartnett-centric as the hosts progress through his career.
No Tommy Lee Jones
John Galt the Last Airbender
I always thought that Josh Hartnett was Tommy Lee Jones - best known for his roles in The Fugitive, Men in Black, Men in Black 2, and Just Getting Started. Turns out he is an entirely different person! Highly educational podcast!
I Heart We Heart Hartnett
The hosts are a delight. The subject is an angel on earth. What’s not to heart?
Dreams (in small doses) do come true
Have you ever been walking and thought to yourself “What’s it like to be Josh Hartnett?” Well I don’t know that answer but what I do know is that this podcast is hilarious, witty, and intelligent. This is a must listen podcast for anyone that wants an enjoyable laugh.
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