w/ Child Charity USA Founder Jeremy Hoort
Published April 27, 2019
56 min
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    On this Gratitude:UnFiltered.........

    CHILD Charity USA is a non profit organization that is focusing on Financial and Health Education for children for 8 years old or 3rd grade and older. They hope to bridge the gap in lack of education on financial literacy, general education, and business development.

    They are open to all traditional and non traditional styles while working with our teachers and schools but offering a platform for unconventional growth through innovation and technology.

    Child Charity USA is a education first Charity but will help with all aspects that the Trustees approve and will have a highly effective Charity with 90% and likely higher of dollars reaching children. They have to decided to be a part of the solution of change, to be the change, and to offer a platform where the public can directly help now.

    Please join them, refer to them, and help the children with them. They look forward to this amazing challenge and opportunity and even welcome to join us as we embark on the Turquoise table movement.

    This is to have conversations in their local community to help their community.

    Join us at 12693 Beaubien Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32258. We look forward to helping one child, one family, one community at a time.

    With over 20 years of experience in customer service, ten years of USAF Honor Guard structure, Jeremy Hoort brings amazing talent, taking care of the client from health to wealth to a whole new level.

    The one of a kind platform of experts in one location at www.dashhealthconsulting.com is truly unique and inspiring. It changes lives forever while giving back through their charity CHILDcharityUSA.com.

    His success story is shared in his book Success Unlimited by Jeremy Hoort along with 15 other amazing authors available on Amazon.

    I am your host Joshua T Berglan and welcome to Gratitude:UnFiltered now on the BINGEnetworks.....
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