Jason Sisneros on Gratitude:UnFiltered
Published July 31, 2018
69 min
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    Do you believe in Super Heroes? If not, today is the day you will realize that there are heroes who do not wear capes, and people who fight real-life, bad guys, that you will rarely hear about on the news.

    Not only has rescued sex trafficking victims, he rescues businesses and non-profits too.

    Out next guest is proof that no matter how bad your past is, it is never too late to turn your life around and be the blessing God intended us to be.

    It is a great privilege for me to introduce you to our next guest on Gratitude:UnFiltered, the Bald Avenger, aka Mr. Jason Sisneros.

    Jason Sisneros is a public speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. His life has taken him around the world speaking on over 3000 stages, consulting with hundreds of business owners, and supporting charities across the globe.

    As a speaker, Jason takes very seriously a genuine responsibility to go out and be the spark, the inspiration that moves his audience the one millimeter, one inch, one step forward that they need to create momentum.
    "What I love most about speaking is creating that momentum and being in assistance and service to the person who is looking for that one little thing to kick them over the edge."
    When he speaks, he takes away excuses. Because he has messed up just about every possible way that a human being can mess up to learn the lessons he has, he does not speak from a place of superiority, but rather from a place of empathy. That difference makes it real for somebody, it makes it real for the people that are in the audience to be able to feel, “If this guy can do it, then I can do it.”
    Beyond the mistakes of his own choices, Jason was also given life circumstances nearly impossible to overcome. Things that he didn’t choose like an abusive adopted father and a gang-ridden upbringing created a life of fighting to get where he is now. So, the difference that he makes on stage is he allows people to confront or admit their own flaws as he stands as an example doing the same in front of millions of people.
    What audiences connect with as Jason speaks is that he’s not any different than they are. He had to fight to get all of the advantages that he now has. He had to fight, had to learn, had to use his intellect, and had to overcome his old self.
    “My life is just an example of somebody who speeds from failure to failure with enthusiasm. I take the lessons and leave the emotions, and that’s something that people really can identify with.”
    Jason's power to light a room on fire is second to none. Often, when you listen to speakers you’re just supposed to sit down, shut up, and take notes. What Jason creates, instead, is a place for the audience to be radically engaged and experience real emotions, because emotions are the fuel to change. The message Jason leaves resonating with his audience is that whatever is going to change in their lives is going to come from inside of them not from outside of them, and that nobody’s coming to their rescue so they had better show up.
    "That’s the most exciting thing about speaking for me is to move people out of their seats and get them to take action in their own life."
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