Interview with Clay Green
Published January 28, 2018
66 min
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    Live from Live Mana Worldwide headquarters streaming on the ARMED RADIO channel, Morning Gratitude w/ the Mayor featuring Joshua T Berglan has an amazing guest! On today’s show, we have Mr. Clay Green! Here is a bit of info on our guest..... “I believe life is better when we recognize and accept the significance and unexpected impact our of our base fears and desires.” What does Clay mean by that? There’s a deeper program running in the background that most are not even aware of. It’s always running, always affecting every aspect of our lives! Clay was raised in middle ‘Merica, Alabama – Roll Tide!, embracing an educational and adventurous lifestyle that included extremes like operating nuclear reactors on US Navy submarines, then the engineering and manufacturing meccas of Intel, literally building the technology you’re probably using right now! Mastering those technologies and manufacturing systems led to embracing other extremes as well! Snowboarding and Sport Motorcycle riding became passions for life, no question! If you haven’t heard about it yet, you have to check out Clay’s deer story! The dramatic impact of a deer on his motorcycle at ‘just a tad bit above the speed limit’ dramatically changed Clay’s life! It wasn’t a ‘near death’ experience – He didn’t even CRASH! The miraculous result of that random circumstance was that his focus shifted from trying to master the myriad of external “stuff”, to mastering the only environment that really matters – our minds! With over 30 years focused on adult training, combined with his diverse set of experiences in military and corporate systems, overlaid with an entrepreneurial spirit since day one, has resulted in Clay’s ability to DRAMATICALLY, and unexpectedly, change lives, sometimes almost instantly!! (Warning – serious warning, dramatic changes after just ONE conversation with Clay are not uncommon. Dramatic like: jobs lost or left, romantic partnerships ending, and even massive business changes too! Helping people understand how those core fears and dreams mentioned earlier, affect us, DRAMATICALLY more than we realize, and how to manage them effectively has become Clay’s purpose! Check out the testimonials for further evidence, but here’s one valuable lesson we’ve all learned, over the years: Don’t Hesitate! Since you read to the end to see what would happen – Congratulations! Now, whatever it is that brought you here, GO DO IT! If you need a hand, if you are struggling to figure out WHY you’re struggling and how to stop that struggle, you found one of the best answer men in the world according to his satisfied and excited, and achieving clients! For now, the link below will give you the core 3 habits you simply MUST implement to effectively and consistently Get It Done. Clay’s explanations about how we stop ourselves and what to do about it are simply the most effective on the internet! There are many ways Clay may impact your world, from simply enjoying his constant stream of amazing content, to working in with him as one of his exclusive one on one clients. Masterminds, Group Training, or his Enthused Monthly Membership may be the best fit for you, now. Either way – go enjoy your day!" A special thank you to Soko Cannabis Creations. Go to to get the worlds best CBD products shipped right to your door! Use Promo Code LIVEMANA to receive 10% off and get FREE Shipping! Morning Gratitude w/ the Mayor Starts Now!
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