124: How to Help Your Boys Have a Great School Year
Published August 16, 2018
31 min
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    Photo by ThoseGuys 199 via Flickr

    It's back to school time! 

    But despite the smiley faces pictured in many back-to-school ads, the start of a new academic year doesn't exactly generate feelings of enthusiasm and excitement in many boys (or their parents).

    For many families, back-to-school time is synonymous with dread, fear and anxiety.

    In fact, the number of boys who don't like school has increased over the past generation. In 1980, 14% of boys said they didn't like school. By 2001, 24% of boys -- nearly one-quarter -- said they disliked school. Today, the number is likely even higher.

    We get it: school isn't always a boy-friendly place.

    Boys who have experienced failure and shame in school aren't likely to suddenly develop an optimistic attitude toward school.

    That's where you come in.

    There's a lot parents and teachers can do to preserve boys' love of learning, and set them up for a successful school year, including introducing them to new rules and teachers well before the first day and creating morning and after-school routines that respect boys' need for movement.

    Also important: learning about boys' natural development, so you can better understand why so many boys struggle in school.
    In this episode, Jen & Janet discuss:

    * The unique challenges boys face in modern classrooms, including early academic pressure and expectations that aren't aligned with boy development  (3:25 & 9:15))
    * Why it's important to tackle your own unresolved issues and values regarding learning and education (4:00)
    * How to help boys starting preschool (6:30)
    * Why you need to explicitly outline behavior expectations for school and home (12:04)
    * How unscheduled downtime helps boys learn (14:05)
    * Why you should focus on developing boys' social-emotional skills (14:58)
    * Setting screen time limits (15:50)
    * Why (& when) it's OK to prioritize life over homework (16:40)
    * The "potted plant" method of parenting -- & how to use it to support teen boys (18:00)
    * How to help your boys get organized (19:23)
    * Why letting our boys fail will ultimately allow them to succeed (20:36)
    * How to get teenage boys to talk about school (22:00)
    * Helps boys transition to high school (22:50)
    * How teachers can connect with boys (25:42)
    * How humor can help you deal with setbacks (29:23)

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    5 Back-to-School Resolutions
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