April 22, 2018
This week, Bi and Si delve into the extreme side of all of our insecurities as they discuss BDD. Did you think you were alone? Absolutely not. Truth be told, everyone experiences a lack of confidence from time to time. BDD is that feeling multiplied by a million. Tune in as Bi describes what BDD… Continue reading Episode 6: Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Self-Love →
April 13, 2018
In Episode 5, Bi and Si have a lot to discuss after their hiatus. The two are resetting their bodies with the Whole30 diet, leaving them a little out of it from sugar withdrawals. Si experiences an existential crisis as the new mic picks up Wednesday playing in the background (don’t mind the jingles). Next,… Continue reading Episode 5: An Existential Crisis and Conversion Therapy →
March 27, 2018
In this episode, Bi is sick so the girls jump right into this weeks topic: The Bystander Effect. Learn more about this interestingly sad phenomenon and listen to Bi and Si attempt to decipher why humans are the way they are. Is there hope for humanity or are we doomed? Would you be the one… Continue reading Episode 4: The Bystander Effect →
March 19, 2018
Bi and Si discuss a personal favorite: psychopathy, sociopathy, and the difference. Listen, learn, and participate in our game: Psycho v. Socio. Bi and Si make a speedy exit so here’s your reminder to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, AND REVIEW. Follow us on Twitter @psychevalwbisi, email us at, and join our Facebook group! Thanks explorers.
March 14, 2018
This week, Bi and Si discuss Stockholm Syndrome in depth. Join them as they delve into the minds of the captors and the victims and explore this survival strategy.
March 6, 2018
Welcome fellow explorers! This first episode is about the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment (1971) led by Philip Zambardo. Join us as we evaluate the experiment itself and what it revealed about prisons in the past and present. Feel free to leave a reply and let us know what you think or if you have any… Continue reading Episode 1: An Origin Story and The Stanford Prison Experiment →
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