March 20, 2020
this week steve tells us his dating woes and mike talks about steves dong with 70 year old women. and we really don’t enjoy empty arena shows
March 12, 2020
this week scott it sick and MIA, steve gets a sermon on the barber chair, and mike threatens children. and we talk about the newest pandemic
March 6, 2020
mike is solidifies himself as the worst employee, steve is afraid to buy condoms, and scott takes a break from wwe
February 28, 2020
this week we talk about steve’s sudden upturn in his love life and mike tries to conceal the real identity of “christmas”
February 21, 2020
mike is super bad at valentines day, steve’s daughter has more dates than him, and unknowingly going to strip clubs are just some of the things we get into
February 14, 2020
February 7, 2020
we have returned after a brief 10+ month hiatus. new and improved… or well, new at least.
May 3, 2019
episode 44- best coach ever this week mike tells us how he mismanages a baseball team of 8 yr olds
April 12, 2019
episode 43- hey, it didn’t suck this week we recap wrestlemania and the subsequent raw and smackdown.
April 5, 2019
episode 42- how can this be good? we are still confused and disappointed by the go home shows for the biggest show of the year… and we preview wrestlemania
April 1, 2019
episode 41- what in the actual f*$% this week… ah fuck it, this week we can’t make sense of 90% of the build to wrestlemania
April 1, 2019
episode 40- scramble booking  this week we try to make sense of the build to wrestlemania
March 14, 2019
episode 39- ups and downs this week we talk nonsense and the ups and downs of wwe
February 28, 2019
episode 38- yes we lost 37 episode 37 may be gone, but after an extended absence we return with our royal rumble and elimination chamber thoughts and scott gives a riveting review of twilight movies
January 23, 2019
episode 36-you would think we’d be better than this by now this week we talk more nonsense and wrestling and still don’t know how to end a podcast
January 5, 2019
episode 35- fresh start this time we actually record in the same room and talk about many things and nothing at all. also we talk wrestling
December 18, 2018
episode34- business as usual this week we ramble aimlessly and then talk about how wwe, as is the norm, does the same
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