I’ve been listening to Hillary on the liturgists and just love her and what’s she brought to that podcast. I just listened to the first episode of this podcast and I’m seriously contemplating getting my passport just to go visit her as a client in B.C.
Love this podcast!
I enjoyed this podcast SO much! It was amazing to relate to these brave individuals on a regular basis. Not everyone’s story is the same, but we often experience the same feelings associated with our story. This podcast accomplished what it set out to do...now for more episodes?!?!
Life changer
Frustrated JMS
I listened to every episode, hoping to heal vicariously. It did help, but more importantly, it gave me the courage to finally call my therapist—life changer.
Very insightful
I really appreciate getting this window into therapy, but most of all appreciate Hillary’s compassion and knowledge surrounding trauma.
This is important.
It breaks down the walls that curated, social media squares have created for us. Hillary speaks with such gentleness and kindness, it’s refreshing! And, although, it is not therapy or advice intended for anyone by the client in the episode, it allows for listeners to be empowered by truth. Would recommend, 100%!
truly heartfelt
truly touching, hillary is so kind and understanding and is a wonderful sherpa to her clients. this is beautiful to listen to and to feel, thank you for the insight into your work and to those who shared, how brave they are 🙏🏼
Hi my name is Tracey when I stumbled upon this podcast I was genuinely surprised by the compassion you have for your patients!!! I worked at a Family practice office for many years and there were 6 Dr’S some of them did not have any compassion so over the many years I just accepted the lack of compassion in physicians. With my own life growing up I had an absent mom she was there physically but through my own research I believe she is an emotionally immature parent and now I am the adult child of such parent. Somehow I was not that to my own child thankfully. After leaving my sons dad I stayed single I wanted him to have the best life I could give him I never wanted him to see me cry over anyone or get attached to someone and then they left I didn’t want anyone to treat him like a red headed step child. He is now 24 and amazing. A few years back I finally got involved in a relationship I would have been better off single I was in a narcissistic relationship talk about text book he was and the aftermath Was me it was crazy still is. I never saw a therapist I went into a funk scared of everything and my whole life I never had anyone to talk to I always felt nobody cared about what I had to say even now nobody understands CPTSD everyone says move on get over it. If I new that I would get a therapist such as yourself someone that cares and has compassion I would go I need to go but I won’t I can’t be that vulnerable to someone and feel like they are looking at the clock because I will cry ugly and to feel like I am still alone it would kill me more inside. You are the greatest I wish I lived closer
This is what real empathy sounds like
I want to address the concerns that a few people have expressed about Hillary's tone of voice seeming fake or condescending. I can see how upon first listen it might come across this way, as it is not the most typical way of reacting to others. However, after spending many hours listening to her speak on multiple podcasts (the liturgists, ask science mike, you made it weird with pete holmes) I have come to know that her reactions to her clients' pain are genuine and empathetic. She simply cares THAT deeply about her clients as humans, not just because it is her job. Keep up the extraordinary work!
More please!
I need more episodes!!!
Love this ....Please speak up
I love this podcast. It’s valuable information. My only frustration is you can hear the counselors voice versus the patients voice
Mind/body connections
DC Czarina
Hillary is SO good at explaining how emotions register in the body and are connected to past experiences. This is such a good podcast as I work to support my husband in his own struggles with a toxic family situation. Please add more episodes!
Are you going to add more?
New Therapist Please
Would be good if the therapist didn’t constantly make noises and comment. Let them talk without saying, “mmm. Uh huh. Mmmm. Awww.” It’s too fair. Just listen!
I feel these brave souls are going to help so many who can now see that therapy can be a helpful and supportive choice. Find the person who will understand you and care enough to help you through!
There’s a reason therapy should be private.
Hillary is doing profound work here!
Ginger Rothhaas
These are life changing episodes for people to hear. Thank you to Hillary for having the courage to be transparent and to her clients who are saving lives by helping people see they are never alone in their suffering. This feels like God’s work through Hillary as an instrument of love to beautiful souls.
Fascinating Opportunity
Hillary is exceptionally articulate and able. Her ability to hold safe space for others is inspiring and allows the listener to feel vulnerable in tandem with the episode. There is such an opportunity to learn here that I wholeheartedly recommend.
Holly H-S
Listening to an episode of OPP is like lifting a mirror to my soul — I’m deeply moved every time. Thank you.
Emotional and Affirming
Listening to this show can almost be considered free therapy. The clients on the podcasts all reflect some aspect of a problem or insecurity within myself or someone I know. I would recommend wearing sunglasses while listening if you're outside your home because I cry almost every episode. It's very affirming to hear you're not the only one who feels a certain way about something. Thank you to Hillary for making this podcast and all the participants who were brave in sharing their stories. I'm really happy to have found this podcast.
Love this podcast. So authentic, so transparent! Love every minute of it!
Each episode has been a gem. I learn. I am challenged. I am taken forward in my own journey. Hillary is great. I wish I could get guidance on how to find a good therapist.
Great Topic
Hi. The sexual assault is a matter that most of the kids will feel shame to talk about, in some countries. I like to know about Canadian kids and the way they thought to deal with this if they went through. I’m from another country and people will suffer for whole life if they had such experience. And I think this should be changed.
Ideas are great but therapist’s tone is so condescending
I really like the idea of this podcast and I relate and can learn something through each episode. However, I’m having a hard time hearing the therapist’s tone of voice during recorded sessions. It sounds extremely condescending and insincere. I understand maybe this is her specific approach, but I can’t get myself to listen to her. Especially when the therapist keeps saying “I’m sorry” and “ohhh” to calm the clients. The apologies and responses for clients’ struggle usually come immediately after hearing them, so fast that it sounds like their emotions and not processed properly. Just saying “I understand” and “ohh that must be hard” doesn’t really always make other people feel understood. They sound so condescending and just doesn’t sound sincere at all. I deal with a lot of similar mental issues as the people on this podcast have; and hearing her voice makes me cringe a bit more and sometimes even more anxious. I really love this idea for this podcast but I’m having a hard time continuing listening to this.
The best!
Nikki T. Ga
This was the BEST podcast I found and listened to in 2018! I can't wait for more!
OPP is a Must Listen!
I can’t recommend OPP enough! It is an incredible resource for clinicians as well as folks simply interested in understanding themselves and the world around them more. Listening to folks share on OPP has made me feel less alone in a variety of areas from anger to anxiety. It is engaging, educational and at times heart wrenching. What a gift to get to go “behind the curtain” with Hilary and her clients.
So Insightful - There’s something to glean in each episode!
I’m inspired by each guest’s courage to share their stories and some of their most vulnerable moments. And I’m deeply grateful to Hillary for providing a safe place for all of us to think about ourselves and the way we respond to situations in our own lives. Kudos to the entire OPP team for producing a brilliant, life-changing show!
While I like this pod, and especially her educational asides, I find the therapist a bit contrived in her manner. Check out her real voice when she’s reading the credits at the end as opposed to her “therapy voice” during sessions. I also find the premise a little alarming that clients would want their sessions recorded. We all know people change when they know they are being recorded. Overall, it’s more helpful than hurtful I suppose, so that’s a good thing.
Very empowering, I had to take it slow.
I’ve had so many thoughts and feelings while listening to these episodes. Some, I had to turn off half way through — some made me think for days. Wrestling with my own feelings and trauma, this has been incredible empowering. I am in therapy myself, and listening to Hillary has allowed me to better understand what my own therapist is doing. It’s been a very deep podcast for me. I recommend it not as entertainment, but as a map. It has helped me navigate my feelings and issues much much better. Thank you to all of the clients in this podcast who have allowed me to grow as a father, husband, and man. ✌️
I write this review not to be mean, but to be useful to others like me. I know some people like whispers and people who hiss and other ASMR sounds but I HATE THEM. I had an immediate, gross, physical reaction upon hearing the therapist’s voice. It’s like she’s trying to make an ASMR with the whispering and cracking and hissing all her “s” sounds. If you are sensitive to sound, this is not the podcast for you.
Everyone should listen to every episode
This podcast is so interesting and helpful. I strongly believe in the normalization of therapy and mental health issues and I think podcasts like this make a huge step towards that effort. Well done!
Changed my perspective
I’ve always been pro-therapy and mental health discussion, but this podcast helped in two ways: 1) it helped me realize that my boyfriend might have type 2 ptsd, which we didn’t know anything about, and he’s now seeing a therapist for it! Knowing that what he has might be ptsd and not just years of anxiety and depression has helped him better understand his emotions and mental health And 2) helps me to bridge the gap in my work between human and animal therapy and psychology (I work as an animal behavior consultant). Really amazing podcast!
Exactly what I needed in this season
taylor o'hern
I am a brand new LMHC in training - second semester of my clinical internship - and this podcast has touched me so deeply. There is nothing quite so meaningful as the opportunity to listen to such a skilled therapist in her interactions. I am over the moon that there are more episodes coming. Thank you!!
As a newly licensed clinical social worker, I’m SO thankful for this podcast. I’ve been taking notes on Hilary’s input from the liturgists podcast for a while now and just found this gem! Thanks so much Hilary for your wisdom, insight, and knowledge- but mostly for your willingness to share it with us all. ❤️
Wonderful and Life-Impacting
Scott Morizot
Hillary's clients are incredibly brave, her explanatory comments are incredibly helpful, and every episode is captivating. Personally, episodes 1 and 8 of season 1 featuring "Sloane" helped me finally see how the effects from complex childhood trauma were still playing out in my life. It helped me finally put together the "bread crumbs" my therapist had been leaving for me. I've listened to those two episodes countless times.
Love this podcast!
Andrea Dunlop
So insightful and fascinating.
So Valuable
I just binge listened through all the episodes and it was amazing! As someone who is in school to become a therapist, listening to hillary’s sessions taught me so much!
Absolutely amazing!
I just binge listened to all the available episodes in two days - I am absolutely in love with this podcast. Other People’s Problems tackles the stigma surrounding therapy and mental health. Hillary gives fantastic insight into her sessions, and it’s got me excited for my own upcoming therapy sessions. Thank you so much to Hillary, her team, and most importantly her patients for creating such an important show. I so hope that there will be more episodes soon.
A Must Listen for Therapists-to-be
I love getting to listen in on sessions to hear technique used in-the-moment with pauses to explain what’s going on. Essential for counselors in training. Highly recommend episodes 1 and 8 to hear what a trauma survivor might sound like, as well as to listen in on a process of diagnosis.
High recommendations!
I have so enjoyed this podcast! I love hearing Hillary’s commentary throughout the session as she explains different types of therapy. She even gives details as to why her client may be reacting a certain way. For example: they might say they are angry at their mother, but really it means they are scared they might become hurtful like their mother or fear they will never be good enough. It makes you think back to moments in your life when you might have had a different situation but felt similar. It opens you up to some introspection. I enjoy how she connects what we feel in the physical body to how we feel emotionally. The editing of this podcast is fabulous and there is a good balance of hearing the person’s story and not needing so much background. But when needed, Hillary gives just enough background to help the listener understand the patient’s story in a short session. They have picked good sessions that many can learn from. Personally I have gone to about 3 years of counseling and it has been helpful. I have enjoyed listening in on other’s sessions here because it makes my experience in counseling seem more normal, and it makes me look back on sessions that were more painful and begin to relearn or remember what my therapist said. The biggest thing I have learned while listening to this podcast is that it’s okay to bring “normal problems” into counseling. While there might be an underlying mental health issue people are still people and they get hurt. For many reasons we don’t always learn how to process hurt and the pain that comes with life, that could be a mental illness, traumatic event, or a bad childhood, but this podcast shows that regardless of the baggage we have to carry through life we can still learn to function as whole beings again. We don’t have to be defined by our trauma. We can be human and that’s okay. I highly recommend listening to this podcast. If you have never been in counseling (or have gone to bad counseling) this gives you a wonderful picture of what it can look like. Note: There are some intense topics, so it is not recommended to listen with children present. If you know you have particular triggers the individual podcast description will give you an intro to the topic discussed. The only issue I’d have with this podcast is there are a lot of advertisements. But that’s expected in the world. Especially since I’m listening to this for free! 😊
Helping Me On My Journey
I love this podcast so much. I love that even though our situations are very different, I always connect/get something from each person and episode. I think the podcast is taking great strides in advocating for mental health awareness/destigmatizing therapy. If nothing else, this podcast has been thought provoking when thinking about my own problems. I definitely recommend.
Great for Real Life Problems
It talks about how many kids have problems in their life that can be solved. It shows what the kids did or wanted during the situation!
Can’t get enough!
I am absolutely in love with this podcast. I have definitely taken something away from each of these episodes. I can’t stop listening. I’ve binged the whole series just today and hope that this will continue on. These people are real, I applaud their desire to get help and share with us listeners. I only wish I could find someone like you to talk to. I can tell how much you’ve studied, researched and poured your all into what you do. You listen so well and hear what others are trying to convey. You seem to be so supportive, kind, soft spoken and understanding. You are smart and simply amazing at what you do. So thank you for sharing. :)
Interesting and well made
I am grateful for the bravery of the clients and thank them for sharing their stories. As a podcast, this is well done, nicely recorded, edited and very listenable. Good job!
Thanks for inspiring hope and pointing out the connectedness of us all.
Love love love
I really love this podcast. I relate so strongly to Sloane. When she was told ‘ you are a warrior woman’ i started crying as well. I think the work this podcast is doing is important. Thank you!
Wonderful podcast
It is so helpful to hear people's problems so expertly dissected. Listening helps point me toward the mental motions I need to live a happier life.
Eh. Why are these people getting therapy? They don’t have problems. Their feelings are just getting hurt.
so interesting
loving this podcast. interesting concept and really therapeutic to listen to!
Wow. Just wow. I am so glad that I have found this podcast. Though, not all episodes relate to me, I still love listening. It’s so great, for me, to sit and just listen to other people’s problems to make me feel not so alone. Thank you, Hillary.
Great podcast on mental health and therapy.
Hillary McBride is brilliant while being thoughtful & compassionate. This podcast is saying what may be the most important thing you can say to a human... “You are not alone”. Thank you.
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