So worth the time to listen!
This has saved me from making some major tactical errors with my daughter! I don’t know that I would have been able to approach the situation without making it worse! I can’t believe I waited so long to listen this podcast!!!
Not sure
I wish the guy wasn’t so condescending to her sometimes. She has great things to say and I feel like he just takes over and goes on stupid rants.
Changed the way I Parent!
This podcast came at a time I was desperately in need of parenting insight and help connecting with my teens. This insight has changed our entire parenting style. We saw immediate improvement in our relationships and goals with our teens. We are making lasting changes that is changing us as parents as well as blessing the lives of our FANTASTIC teenagers. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
Life changing
Connection!! Learning from David and Heidi is helping change my perspective on successful parenting and relationships in general. So many valuable nuggets of wisdom and actionable takeaways. Listen even if your children haven’t yet hit their teenage years.
I think that what they have to say is good but getting to the point takes a while. I’m not a fan of the therapist. He’s almost too cocky. A lot of times they talk about stories that I’m sure most people have no idea what they’re talking about. So it’s like they’re having a conversation between the 2 of them and we’re off to the side catching every other word trying to put it together. I feel like they need some what of a script to go off of because it’s very hard to stay with what they’re talking about.
Every Parent should listen!
This is a podcast that every parent should listen to. The insights are priceless. Thank you Heidi for sharing what you’ve learned through all your heartache. Thank you Dave for teaching us what you know. ❤️❤️❤️
Helpful for all ages
I’m a mom with small kids and I still find this podcast tremendously helpful in my parenting. In fact I recommend it to everyone regardless of their stage in parenting. I think anyone who interacts with any other human beings could benefit from this podcast. I appreciate Heidi’s humility and vulnerability and David’s expertise and ability to articulate.
Great insights!
So helpful! Once explained the concepts in this podcast seem self-evident, but my own pride or insecurities can get in the way of doing the right thing as a parent. I’ve had so many “aha” moments, and my relationships with my family members have improved.
Exactly what I need!
I have a 19 yr old boy and 15 yr old daughter. I wish I had this 4 years ago but there’s still hope! I relate to so many of the topics and have been given so many wonderful tools. It has given me help and hope! Thank you!!
every human should listen
as a 45 year old mom...who loves twenty one pilots...and music to deal with had me at TØP. and I was hooked. every human that has any and kinds of relationships should listen to every episode. i am so thankful for your time, energy and transparency. thank you! laura8574
Love It
Garrett approves this message,... I’m Garrett.
I have tried a few therapist ... no fits yet - this podcast is my therapist ... I can envision a quality life if I can get some one on my team.
Worth every second of your time!
Real, genuine, uplifting and clear guidance and advice for every relationship in your life!
Thank you!
Charger fan 713
I just graduated with my MSW from CSUSM and I can tell this podcast is going to help with my practice. Thank you!!!!
Life Changing!!
This podcast has literally changed my whole mindset! I just found out about it in April 2019 and I’m half way through! It’s a lot to absorb, but as I’m trying to implement the “tools” and behaviors, it is definitely making a difference in my home! I’m a mom of four boys ages 15-23. I wish I’d had this information 15 years ago!! Thanks Dave and Heidi!!!
So worth it!
I love this podcast. I have teenagers and I have found it helpful and very relatable in my parenting journey. I love the background and experiences the hosts have that help make this such an amazing podcast! Definitely one of my top favs.
Favorite Podcast
I’m hooked! I have listened to every episode twice. There is so much information in each one. Who doesn’t need help parenting? My kids are mostly out of the house by now, but I still find this podcast super informative and helpful. Keep up the good work.
A MUST listen to podcast
It isn’t just about parenting. It is about relationships. I really look forward to my commute to and from work because that is my time to listen. Funny, serious and so helpful! Thank you for being so vulnerable!
great pod
This is one of the more entertaining and informative podcasts out there. Very much enjoy it!
Emotional math
You’re right, parenting is only part science, a lot of art- The math doesn’t always add up! I appreciate your authenticity, and dedication to addressing the hard parts, and somehow making it not so hard. Truth is like that. Trust is like that. Way to Light the Fight...Thank you for a great job.
I feel like Heidi and David are my good friends!
I am thankful for this podcast. I have younger kids so even though all the topics don’t apply to my situation yet, it has helped me so much focus on how to put relationships first, how to change my thinking and expectations, and how to come at situations from a place of love rather than reaction. Thank you to both of them for this service! (And...let’s hang out!!??)
Love love love ❤️
This podcast is amazing. I’m quite a few years away from my kids being teenagers but this podcast has helped me with my marital relationship and my family and friend relationships. I absolutely love this podcast!
Best Podcast
I’ve followed Heidi’s blog for years and just recently started listening to her podcast. It has been so helpful to me and my family, since I’ve always suffered from anxiety & depression, and my daughter is recovering from anorexia. I’ve learned so much from listening to you guys!! Thank you so much for doing this!!!
This podcast is amazing!! I really love the raw and honest emotion that is shared! As a parent, trying to do my very best, I want to provide the best for my child. I am loving what I am learning about myself and how I can help my child!! Thanks!
I love to tell people that I am “geeking out” over this podcast. My husband and I both listen to it and we love to share things we are learning. It has changed the way we parent and has brought us closer together as a team! Thank you SO much for making this happen. You have no idea the difference it is making.
I am learning so much from Light the Fight! It is making me such a more prepared parent. Thank you David & Heidi!! I have always loved Heidi from the crafting world, but she takes my adoration to a whole new level with the podcast.
Best information!!
Honest, relatable, so authentic. Helps so much in understanding our kids and ways to connect and communicate. I feel like I learn something invaluable every time I listen and I appreciate the time and work you put in to making this available to all of us. I’m so grateful for your willingness to share ❤️
A MUST listen to for parents
I’ve followed Heidi’s crafting journey from the very beginning, and feel like I know her thru her work. And hearing her share about life, parenting, and juggling work adds another layer to her, and I can relate. This isn’t a religious show, and at the core, it’s really about family. And David is fantastic! He brings his therapist expertise to guide the listener through some real things we can do to improve. David is so low-key, maybe it’s the HI vibe, and me being from the west coast, I respond well to his easy going nature. Thank you both for this great show!! Keep it up!
Information you can’t buy!
I have a teenager and tween and the information in this podcast is priceless. We have been to therapy at different times and these conversations have helped me more than ever. Great ideas, real life struggles and easy to listen to and implement!
Love it!
I love this podcast! It’s helped me in ways I didn’t even know I needed help it! Please keep up “light the fight!” We need you
Best parenting advice for teens
I believe in magic!
Thank you for always offering great advice on how to connect with teens and for doing so in a very entertaining manner. Not only do you help me to better understand my teens but you give me practical ways to implement change in my family relationships. You both are changing the world ❤️
Changing “statement” at a time. ❤️
I’ve been listening since the beginning and have been taken aback by just how useful every podcast is and has been. My relationship with my children and family has been improving. And while yes, the problems don’t go away, my mindset and the actions I’m taking are different and I feel encouraged by the response Im seeing and feeling. My kids and family I believe would echo the same. No matter the person you wish to seek better connection with...this should be part of that process and will be one of your greatest tools.
Four tires: The real deal!!!
Heidi is here right now with our Stake in Morgan Hill, CA. She is incredible to listen to; almost magnetic. She brings strength through pain, power through experience. Her story about Cory and the loss of a child is heartbreaking. Thank you for spending time with us here. I am officially a fan of your work. Thank you.
Learning so much!
I’m so glad my friend told me to listen! I’ve been struggling with parenting teenagers and this has been so helpful! I’ve been making a lot of mistakes and am learning so much and it is really helping my whole family. Listen! Get past the first few that are a little boring/awkward maybe but there’s a lot of good info in there!
This is amazing
I take so much from this podcast! Not only about the parenting tips but this has helped so much with everyday relationships as well!
Amazing Information
Thank you for making this podcast. My oldest child has depression and I have learned so much in the first 5 episodes. I can’t wait to listen to the rest!
The Real Deal
David and Heidi are badasses. They are at their vulnerable and authentic selves, using their experiences to not just dole out advice but also to enlighten us as we struggle through parenting.
Amazing podcast!!
This podcast is full of wisdom and real, raw life experiences. Thank you for putting your story out there for all of us Heidi. You are an inspiration. I have learned so much from you and your journey.
My go to Podcast!
As a mom of teens in today’s culture, I find David and Heidi‘s podcast indispensable. The combination of insight, advice, & levity, makes this podcast a great parenting tool. Light the Fight helps me keep a level head!
Good but too much banter
Utah Mom of Lots
I’ve enjoyed listening to a few of your podcasts. I think the advice is sound and very helpful. But, (dot, dot, dot) At times they take such a long time to get to the point. And there is so much bantering, it gets annoying. Also, too long on the intros. I like stories and examples but all the other inside jokes and stuff, bleh! I Hope that improves because the meat of the podcast is awesome.
Wish I could give this 10 stars!
Such great ideas, insights, and discussion. As a parent of teens - all so different from one another- I’m so glad I found this podcast. Also, I’m finding that it’s about so much more than that - it’s skills and ideas I can use in all my relationships. Thank you!!!!!
Thank you’s are not enough
I lost my sister 3 years to suicide and my teen had an attempted suicide a year and three months ago September. When I heard about your podcast I was so heartbroken for you and yet I feel God brings people in our life to help to bring your focus back to Him. Your words have helped me so much as we walk this journey of recovery for my daughter and our family. I tell everyone I know about the words and stories and ways to help each other I have found in your podcast. Thank you for being real and raw and plainly out here for us. ♥️. Please keep doing what you are doing. And know it helps those of us that need it most and don’t even know it yet. Sending love and prayers to you.
Free Therapy
I’m a graduate student working on a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling. I feel like I should give some of my tuition money to David and Heidi. I’ve had so many insights from listening about parent, child, family interactions that have enriched what I’m learning in class. It’s helped me with my own teenagers as well. I refer friends to this podcast by telling them it’s like getting free therapy. Thank you David and Heidi for giving your time to this. I will be using “David-isms” with my clients some day.
Love the takeaways I’ve gotten from this podcast. Most of the time the episode topics aren’t applicable to my current situation with family+kids, but I’m learning to much!! Thank you for taking the time+being so open and honest!
Light The Fight Rocks!
I seriously can’t get enough of David & Heidi! This podcast offers SO much good solid advice to everyone about so many things that we all encounter in everyday life. If you haven’t listened to this podcast yet, what’s stopping you?? Go ahead! You’ll be so glad you did!
Exceptional Experience
This podcast is for every parent. Literally every one. At first I thought that it was geared towards parents of teenagers and young adults, but I have been proven wrong on so many occasions that this is not only for me, but for everyone! The real life situations, experiences and solutions that are thoroughly discussed and explained are invaluable in today’s ever changing world. My daughter is only 8, but she is being introduced to new things every single day! Definitely take the time to delve into this podcast, you won’t be sorry!
Amazing podcast
My favorite favorite podcast! Really helping me in my life... it’s not just a lot of fluffy words, they really dig in and help you get to the bottom of your own life so you can best be there for your kids.
Seriously the best advise!
I love learning every time I listen! These two are so funny and so good at teaching us all to be better! Better parents and better people!! Thank you
Tried & True Tips for parents of any age kids!
I love this Podcast and have recommended it to so many friends in the neighborhood/ward. I tried the “I love you son, even if you choose to never do your responsibilities ever again, I’ll always love you because you’re my son.” While looking him in the eyes and then giving him a huge hug and smiling and then walked away, and it worked! He’s only 9yrs old and he turned off his fave show, and went to do his piano practice, his Portuguese reading and English reading and then as a bonus even folded his clothes without me reminding him! I’m as shocked as can be. You have golden stuff here!!!! Thanks for the homework and Thank you for being vulnerable and honest. Heidi, you’re my hero mom and I “hope” ;) and dream to be like you one day and David, I’m pretty sure I’d be able to take you in “yo momma jokes.” - your new BFF!
Life Changing!
me so awesome
Every parent should listen to this podcast! So many great tools!
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