Medhi is one of the best journalists working today.
Mehdi is it!!!!
One of the best out here focused and intent on only facts. thank you Mehdi!!
Informed analysis, great interviews
Walaf Shan
Mehdi Hasan knows what he’s talking about, is open about his opinions, and when an interview subject doesn’t answer a question, he follows up. Each episode is both informative and satisfying. Hasan is a professional.
Brilliant and insightful Mehdi, as always!
I’ve been following Mehdi’s work for years, and I’ve always enjoyed his professionalism and his skills in moderating good discussions. This podcast is a joyful break from all the nonsense that we see in corporate media. Highly recommended!
The best current affairs podcast out there!
It’s Mehdi Hasan - the best news anchor, interviewer & source of news & information out there. What else do you need to know!
Long Island O'D
Good show with good guests. Mehdi pulls no punches. Always a good listen.
Adversarial Journalism
If you want to see how journalist should conduct themselves, watch Medi. Great guests, often funny, always provocative.
The Devil is in the Details
I eagerly await this podcast every week. “Deconstructed” generally leaves the viewer well informed on current issues. In the Steyer interview, I thought Mehdi Hasan could have delved into the specific differences between Steyer and Sanders. Isn’t Steyer a capitalist who does not thoroughly incorporate social and economic justice reforms into his platform? Specifically, Hasan could have made reference to Naomi Klein’s call to wrap all social justice reforms into one climate movement, to determine whether Steyer’s plan meets her progressive metric. She is, after all, also a Sanders supporter.
Great but can be greater!
The interview with Tom was the nadir of all his interviews. The questions were great but I think he should’ve gave him a chance to explain how he is going to win instead of repeatedly saying it’s impossible to his face. Even if it’s literally impossible, i think it’ll be fun to know his what’s his delusory plan is.
Awesome Podcast!!
Mehdi is so smart, detailed, and honest in his pursuit of the truth. He drives his guests to get into the heart of the matter. And he implores more journalists to also investigate the most important matters of our day.
Great podcast
Mehdi is a knowledgeable, thoughtful and engaging host, but he has a horrible habit of cutting people off mid-sentence or just talking over them in an increasingly loud and assertive voice until they give in and let him have his say. Of course podcast hosts sometimes have to interject in others’ monologues to clarify or expand on things their guest said, or to keep the conversation focused, but Mehdi does it so often and so forcefully that he comes off as rude and abrasive rather than helpful. He generally brings on excellent guests however, and is usually pretty upfront about his biases around the subjects he covers rather than trying to disguise his opinions as fact, which I appreciate. Overall great podcast, but his constant interrupting and bullying his way into controlling the conversation at the expense of his guest is enough to deduct two stars. I hope he improves at this because he’s otherwise a fantastic podcast host and I very much appreciate the work he and the Intercept do.
Tom Deserved It
Gentle Companion
Mehdi, we are all so accepting of politicians and pundits non answers during interviews that it registers as discord when an interviewer stands up to them. Tom Steyer is a nice guy but he was dodging the question, leaving you with no alternative but to corner him. Just like in a game of Tic Tac Toe, the only way to accomplish the mission is to corner the opponent. Sorry people Mehdi didn’t make the rules, that’s just how it has to be sometimes.
Tom Steyer
I am grateful to find another sane podcast; I learn from Deconstructed and appreciate Medhi’s truth-telling. However I didn’t like when Medhi Interrupted, talked-over and dogged Tom Steyer. I agree with the waste of money, but trying to control and convince Tom wasn’t working. Also please don’t put-down Marianne Williamson. Thank You and Healthy Day
Less attack please
Conflict Talk
I love your show and you are amazing. I wish sometimes you would attack the poor guy you are interviewing a little less and at least let him finish his sentence before talking on top of him. Poor Tom Steyer. I am definitely a Bernie supporter but felt a bit Valde for Tom. He’s a good guy. You can see that very obviously.
Difficult listen
M F Kane
Mehdi, it’s difficult to enjoy your show when you talk over the guests. It makes otherwise great content unlistenable.
Listen to Your Guests
Dear Mehdi, If you need a longer podcast in order to allow your guests to answer your questions - without you interrupting them numerous times - please just do something to give yourself and them more time. I was excited to finally hear more about Tom Steyer but I just can’t continue with your podcast. I will look for other interviews Mr. Steyer has done. Bye.
A Bernie pod
Thought this was a learning pod and turns out it’s a Bernie propaganda.
Finally - a journalist who’s not afraid to ask tough questions
I listen to Mehdi religiously every week. He is one of the few journalists who is not afraid to ask politicians (even ones he likes like Ilhan) hard hitting question and then ask it AGAIN when the politician tries to dodge a direct answer. Mehdi is BRILLIANT. My only criticism of him is that he needs to learn to quit interrupting everyone and talk over them. Not polite.
One of the best
I listen to a fairly wide range of podcasts and am a newcomer to Deconstructed. Mehdi Hasan is truly excellent as are his guests and contributers. His comments and observations put a straightforward view on current events and politics. No hype, shouting or cheap shots. Definately one of the very best podcasts.
At Long Last
I understood British politics. God save the Queen! (And the people)
A Great Listen
I always enjoy this show. Mehdi pulls no punches with any guest. His quick wit, sharp mind, and keen observations help to make sense of this seemingly endless strain of chaos that is happening all around us on a daily basis.
Good stuff
I always enjoy the topics discussed on the show (and the host’s approach to those topics).
Noam Chomsky for President
Attorney Padilla
What a fantastic interview. I also heard a respectful voice in Mr. Hasan with a quality of endearment. It was a great exchange on thoughts.
Intelligent podcast.
Great interviews, great questions, hold no bars.
The perfect antidote
Que bummero
Incisive commentary, informed by plentiful historical perspective, all blended into a most accessible mix. The perfect antidote to the bloviating corporate networks. Bravo!
Common sense brilliance!
One of the best political podcasts. Mehdi asks the questions that we all want answered and he doesn’t let poo poo answers slide. Subscribe for real!
Mehdi Hassan and Noam Chomsky
Oso's dad
Mehdi’s interview with Chomsky was riveting. He asked all the questions I would have asked, and more. While it was the Chomsky interview that drove me to write a review, all of Mehdi’s interviews are outstanding. Even though I don’t agree with all of his views, I always learn something new. He should teach other journalists how to do it. He comes prepared!
Real analysis
Eagle slightly better
Deconstructed is for anyone who’s tired of pop infotainment. Mehdi is no joke.
Smart but unbalanced
tino the squid
An apologist for patriarchal conservatism. ALWAYS speaks in hyperbole.. Full of himself much like Kara Swisher (who is often insightful). Gotcha- guy. I liked hearing Chomsky but Hasan makes me cringe.
Interview with Noam Chomsky
Hazrat Bahar
Interview with Noam Chomsky, as always, is the best one
Thankyou thankyou thankyou
The SpringJack
Excellent interview with Bernie! Thanks Mehdi.
Information and the tranquilizing drug of gradualism
If you find yourself wondering why our system of governing just doesn’t make sense this show will point out why. There is a reason why people like Noam Chomsky never show up on alphabet news. We are all supposed to believe that citizens are too dumb to understand what actually is going on. In fact we do understand when the truth is presented in a sobering manner.
Should be required listening!
I have not listened to Deconstructed before. I just listened to the Chomsky interview. Every thinking person in the world should listen to this interview. Chomsky has a way of sharing information that makes everything he has to say make so much sense. This is a “shouldn’t miss” podcast.
Noam Chomsky
Mussa Kazmi
The interview with Noam Chomsky. It definitely expanded my perspective. Generally, I feel that Mehdi is a bit aggressive... but his questions are so on point, I can’t recommend this pod enough.
Noam Chomsky
The Noam Chomsky interview was as great as it could get! Outstanding!
Best politics pod available.
Brilliant and mesmerizing!
EB Wild
Thank you for the inspiring interview with Noam Chomsky!
More like this
I highly recommend this podcast and I wish it was more frequent. The interviews are very informative; Medhi doesn’t tiptoe around difficult issues and questions.
Noam Chomsky episode...
- Incredible interview, Noam Chomsky blew me away with extremely illuminating answers to Mehdi’s excellent questions and insights. Don’t miss this interview!
Your interview with Noam Chomsky is the best policial commentary I have heard in a long time, must have been thrilling to have him on your show. Congratulations and keep it coming.
Tatanka oyate
Great live show with Omar and Moore.
One of the hardest hitting news podcasts on his sub
Mehdi holds feet to the fire in a way rarely seen these days. He is knowledgeable on his topics and tenacious in his enquires and his guiding hand during interviews leaves the listener with a clear picture of the subject matter. Can’t recommend this podcast enough.
Medhi is the best
Medhi asks hard questions every time that get at the heart of the matter. That takes a ton of work in his part, and that’s what sets him apart. He is always ready with smart follow-up questions, and as a result, he cuts through the spin, obfuscation, the lies that might come his way from various interviewees. Wish we had more reporters like him.
We are lucky to have this kind of discourse
Flirting with Centrism
Mehdi has to stay palatable to other rich, privileged media figures and politicians in order to get interviews. I fear that it has had a deleterious effect on his already lacking ideology. Simple dissent is OK, but if you have no idea of what kind of fundamental change is needed to address the URGENT crises we face today, you’re left with a pretty innocuous and uncritical podcast. At times it is absolutely brilliant. I’m a regular listener, but I also grind my teeth for about 1/3 of it.
Great Podcast
JD Shaw
While Mehdi goes a little past my own views at times. I mostly agree with him. He is angry, and we all should be as well. I’m an old hippy. We could be going about most of what we do, waaay better than we are. Do the right things. Reach out, trust, respect, make an effort. The world, and other people, deserve this.
Worth every second of your attention!
Sharply pointed and amazingly poignant questions by Hassan make this show incredibly insightful! Hassan does not waste a second of the show on questions that don’t matter. He asks questions that you wish the main-stream media would ask but almost always fail to do. This is where you get your appetite for great political journalism fully satisfied. Every episode is educating and informative. Mehdi Hassan is one of the best reporters of our times.
Perceptive and Frank
Versatile and thorough coverage of topic he’s addressing adding keen insight and depth. Always looking forward for the next one to appear!
Deconstructed is a must hear, five star podcast
Priceless Price
Mehdi Hassan cuts through the noise, the spin and the disinformation with a rare brio and intelligence. Mehdi suffers no fools, nor the foolishness of what so many take as the truth. Brashly questioning sources, probing subjects and pushing interviewees, Mehdi is an all too rare journalist in our times. Bravo! Encore!
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