10k Review
Love the podcast where you went through the 10k it’s much better than the snap-judgements. Overall this is the best investing podcast by far. Keep up the great work.
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Geoff and Andrew really bring out the best in each other. The team will accomplish so much more than adding together what they could accomplish individually. The podcast gets better with each episode. Geoff’s investing process is the value one gets for free. Andrew asks the perfect questions to tease out what Geoff is thinking but unlikely to say on his own. The entertaining conversations between two friends with very different personalities makes the podcast very enjoyable to the listener.
A Real Investing Podcast
This program is the best in its class. It’s shorter than most, but I find myself listening to each episode twice because they’re so full of useful investing information. Geoff is a total wizard and reminds me of Buffett in his early days. If you’re looking for information on Tesla hype or the latest Cannibis company, look elsewhere. If you want to increase your expertise in fundamental analysis of investable companies, subscribe now and carefully listen to each episode. I look forward to following Andrew and Geoff and see great success in their future.
Fantastic content - great investment insight
I found Geoff in 2007 and have read everything he’s written since. He’s a great investor doing great original research and I’ve learned a lot from him. I’m an analyst and PM at a large institutional investment manager and find great value in his work. Andrew has proven to be a great partner for Geoff - smart and curious, and gregarious to the point where he gets the best out of Geoff. These guys are a great team and we’re lucky they put out so much free content. Thanks guy!
Useful explanations, very simple. Thanks guys. Gave 4 instead of 5 stats because can get a little boring
Great podcast
Great podcast for aspiring investors. Geoff explains fundamental concepts like float, ROE etc very well so even a high school kid can understand it, yet dives deep into some more arcane things too. I highly recommend it and look forward to each new episode. It’s produced very well too in terms of sound quality.
Keep Up the Great Work!
Great podcast if you already have some investing knowledge and want to get off the beaten large-cap path many larger platforms don’t stray from. Geoff and Andrew walk a great line between over and under explaining, always have new opportunities I’ve never heard of to discuss, and just generally have nuanced thoughts. I’ve recommended many of my friends and intend to keep doing so!
Awesome investing podcast for all investors.
Really good podcast
The guys have a lot of intelligent things to say about a lot of investing topics.
Modern day Munger and Buffett
When I listen to these two I feel as if I’m getting in on substantive Munger and Buffett discussions that were never divulged to the public. Focused Compounding consists of a magnificent duo and two geniuses in their own right. They are wise enough to share their wisdom with the public, which will open the doors to a bright future.
For Serious Investors
I like that they will discuss financial ratios at a very granular level. So many podcasts want to appeal to a broad audience and so they’re afraid to get in the weeds, but that’s critical to evaluating the value of a prospective security.
Great investing content and overlooked stock ideas
Andrew and Geoff have a great investment focused podcast. I have learned a lot about their investing principles, styles, and stock ideas from the podcast. I recommend this podcast to anyone looking to improve their investing skills
My favorite new investing podcast
*A not useful thought, Geoff sounds like Gilfoyle from Silicon Valley and now I don’t want to know what he looks like in real life* This podcast has quickly become my new favorite for weekly listening. it’s not like other podcasts which are a bunch of fluff they actually go into 10 K and other items and talk about which metrics work and don’t work.
Probably the only thing that’s kept me from offing myself in morning traffic
See above
Dana Blanc
This is probably the highest listening time/education breakthrough podcasts there is. After finding it, I listened to every episode and can honestly say I am a better investor for it.
Do you want to learn?
Brett Brogan
If you want to learn you’ll listen to this podcast by Andrew and Geoff. This podcast will leave you enthralled, inquisitive, and not bored to death. Investing and economics are not the most exciting topics for majority of the population. Andrew and Geoff provide exemplary insights alongside entertaining guests that will keep you coming back for more !
Really Enjoy
Good educational podcast on value investing. Good community
Great show!
Awesome podcast, smart guys! Love the energy from Andrew. These guys are a great duo
Great podcast for learning about investing. It’s well worth the listen.
Well done
Excellent investing podcast, great interviews, and comprehensive analysis.
Focused compounding
Jerald P. Ducay
These guys are the real deal!
Peter Rabover interview
Derivatives Trader
Your podcast with Peter Rabover was fantastic. Great guest and you did a good job posing interesting qs and moving the interview along.
Great content for investors
Andrew and Geoff are both great hosts with a breathe of knowledge on many investment topics. Guest lineup lately has been really solid as well. I hope they keep up the good work as so far there has been some great nuggets. I personally like the Nate Tobik episode as he takes a very similar view to investing as myself.
Focused Compounding
Ethan Tsv.
Andrew and Geoff are very experienced and knowledgeable investors. Very informational and easy to follow.
Getting better and better
Minty Fresh9999
Andrew and Geoff have really come in to their own with this investment podcast. I’ve been listening since the launch, and more recent episodes have improved immensely in flow and content. Here’s to continuing your insightful discussions. Great job guys!
Andrew and Geoff have an understanding of investing that few are able to match. Highly recommend, has made me a lot of money by following their advice.
My favorite podcast
Geoff Gannon isn’t a widely known name in investing, but he should be. I continue to be impressed by his independent thinking and the knowledge and experience he is willing to share. If you want to really learn how to be an investor, read his blog and listen to this podcast.
Really really good!
I listen to this podcast weekly and religiously!
Very Useful
Sentiments & Bubbles
Very candid and immensely useful for all investors.
Awesome Podcast
Great host! I highly recommend listening to this Podcast
Thoughtful and insightful discussions
Lynch Pin
This is one of the few investing podcasts that doesn’t try to hype a market crash or promise 1000% returns in only months. They don’t give away specific stocks to buy right now. They do talk about past investments, what their reasoning was, and the outcome. Very insightful and good for learning new ideas.
Awesome stuff
Great duo, interesting conversation that appeals to the intellectual mind.
Awesome Podcast
Geoff and Andrew have put together a great show that’s smart, informative and well constructed. Keep up the good work guys!
Favorite Investing Podcast
Always a good conversation and extremely insightful. These guys are more than worth your time to sit down and listen to. I’ve learned an incredible amount from this podcast along with Geoff’s articles and blog. Super grateful for Andrew and Geoff’s willingness to share their wisdom.
Focused Compounding
Connor Evinger
A great podcast with very knowledgeable hosts.
I have learned a great deal from Geoff Gannon's writing. Now I get to do the same with a different format. I like the back and forth between the two hosts; it differentiates the show from Gannon's articles, and in my opinion, adds value.
Focused Compounding
Great information and easy to understand, especially if you are learning how to invest.
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