December 18, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #043 The Yanadameen Godcast this week features special guest Paul Guthrie who has been studying the teachings of Nation of Islam co-founder W.D. Fard and doing a critical analysis of his teachings. His studies have led him to question whether many of the beliefs held by followers of W.D. Fard are true or is their faith misplaced? 0:00 - 0:52 Intro + Todays mathematics 0:53 Brief history 6:44 Guest intro: Paul Guthrie 7:37 Introducing the Debates Series 12:39 Lord Jamar's introduction to NoGE and NOI 14:45 Paul Guthrie questions teachings of the Nation of Islam 15:55 Who says W.D. Fard comes from Mecca? 16:36 Can the root of civilization be in Mecca? 20:45 Could Mecca have existed before with a different name? 24:16 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 24:46 Are W.D. Fard's origins really the sub-continent? 31:46 What are the origins of the name W.D. Fard? 33:42 Could the location of Mecca have changed due to geographical changes? 35:41 You cannot have divine teachings discovered by ungodly beings 38:00 W.D. Fard was not teaching Islam 40:38 Was W.D. Fard intentionally misleading people? 48:04 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 48:34 What is the geographical location of the 1100 mile oasis now? 52:07 Is Paul Guthrie suggesting people abandon Islam? 54:55 Proper Education Allah/Always Corrects Error (PEACE) 58:00 Religion was created to control man 1:00:27 Are the different ideologies leading to a harmonization of everything? 1:03:12 Slavery: Why didn't their own people come to get them? 1:05:28 What do you say to people who say you're not qualified to speak on this? 1:09:03 Lord Jamar: "I am not a Believer of anything..." 1:12:25 What made you wake up one day and go on this journey? 1:14:59 The plan for a debate 1:17:50 Lord Jamar evicts the kitten 1:19:15 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
December 15, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #042 The Yanadameen Godcast convene to once again to discuss events that have transpired over the past week in the world of current affairs, politics, and hip hop. After sharing that he voted in the midterm elections, Lord Jamar was in the firing line of a lot of criticism from people who accused him of "wasting his time because voting doesn't change anything" or that "voting won't bring down white supremacy". Lord Jamar reponds to these critics. In music news, 50 Cent and Ja Rule's ongoing feud was a talking point again as the two fired off another round of insults at each other. Can there ever be peace between the two? The final topic of today's show explores the recent news of the Boy Scouts being rebranded as the Scouts. Is this a move to further push the agenda of "gender fluidity" or "gender neutral" politics?  0:00 - 0:42 Intro + Todays mathematics 0:43 Sadat X on the check-in 3:12 Lord Jamar gets backlash for voting in midterm elections 7:56 Are there any valid reasons for not voting? 8:41 Would MLK advocate voting? 11:06 What about going the economic route instead of political? 13:45 Viewer response 16:04 Is voting a waste of time? 19:27 The entire system has to be redesigned 22:47 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 23:17 New music round-up 26:27 Is Joel Ortiz under-appreciated? 28:18 50 Cent vs Ja Rule........ still 30:06 Can the 50 Cent/Ja Rule differences ever be settled? 32:06 Did 50 Cent block Ja Rule on social media? 34:27 What would it take to bring Lauryn Hill back? 38:22 Lauryn's music right now would be good for the culture 43:05 The Book of Rah 46:45 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 47:15 New York jogger murder trial 54:27 Has the suspect been pinned as the fall-guy? 56:13 Have the police tried to wrap up this case too fast? 57:11 Boy Scouts rebranding to "The Scouts" 1:00:27 Is this a backdoor to blurring the roles of gender? 1:04:55 The 2nd Amendment and defending yourself 1:07:59 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
December 13, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #041 Since revealing that Flipmode Squad has reassembled to record a 20-year anniversary album, the anticipation from fans of hiphop has been off the charts. Rah Digga whet the appetite further by dropping a snippet of a track on Instagram with her verse. Something less appetizing, however, is the genetically-modified and fake food that has been slowly creeping into our food chain with videos showing all manner of products from cabbage and lettuce to eggs and beef being made and sold to unsuspecting consumers. Lord Jamar also highlights a recent episode of Dr Phil on which a Black woman claimed to be white; as people were quick to ridicule her and brand her crazy, how is she any different to people who claim to be transgender? 0:00 - 0:40 Intro + Todays mathematics 0:41 Update on Flipmode Squad 20-year Anniversary album 4:34 The verse in question 6:13 The thirst for real hip-hop 7:00 It's hard to rap stupid 8:45 How is it being back in the studio with Flipmode? 11:15 Any standout tracks on the reunion album? 12:38 Going out of your comfort zone 16:43 Seedless fruits are an abomination 19:13 The scourge of fake food 23:19 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 23:52 Young Black woman on Dr Phil who thinks she's white 25:31 Racist white people still fetishize Black people 28:41 What makes this young woman "crazy" but Caitlyn Jenner isn't? 31:52 It's a slippery slope when we start excusing abnormal behaviour 34:00 Does trauma trigger a defence mechanism? 36:05 What you do speaks to your character 38:07 Man's laws versus Nature's laws 40:56 If being "transracial" is crazy so is being "transgender" 45:08 We are all victims of trauma in America 46:41 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
December 11, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #040 In a time when there seems to be more Black consciousness and there has been a revival in the "Black & Proud" movement, skin bleaching remains an ever-present scourge in Black society. Is the practice simply "self-hatred" or do we just have to accept it as part of the culture? This is the question in today's discussion which goes into what exactly is melanin? Also, was the recent spate of parcel-bombs that were delivered to Democrat figures a genuine act of terrorism or a false flag operation designed to distract the public? 0:00 - 0:44 Intro + Todays mathematics 0:45 Flipmode Squad working on 20-year Anniversary album 6:21 Foxxy Alex joining in the shindig 7:31 Battle of the fact-checkers 9:55 The bleaching epidemic 16:05 Is skin-bleaching about "self-hatred" or just part of the culture? 18:29 Do males in the industry prefer light-skinned women? 22:04 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 22:35 Melanin - What do we know about melanin? 26:50 Melanin isn't just about your skin color 27:50 Melanin-deficient and melanin-rich people have different chemistry 31:35 Melanin-rich people are more sensitive and receptive to external stimuli 33:36 Light eyes are a sign of weaker recessive genes 35:48 Your quality of life is dictated by your complexion 36:40 Black vs "mixed" women 40:14 "Race is a social construct" 46:09 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 46:41 Parcel bombs delivered to media outlets and political figures 50:35 Why mid-term elections are referred to as "silly season" 53:29 Are the parcel bombs related to the upcoming mid-term elections? 54:08 Or is this all a false-flag operation? 59:26 Mega-millions lottery - Is it a scam? 1:03:31 What is the lottery money being spent on? 1:06:05 Does the lottery really give money away? 1:07:39 The elite practise socialism amongst themselves and capitalism against the masses 1:09:02 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
December 8, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #039 We have seen increasing numbers of incidents where white people are calling the police on Black people who are going about their business. From the "BBQ Becky" incident in Oakland that triggered everything off, to the recent case of the white woman who claimed that a 9-year-old Black boy groped her in a store in situation that shared uncomfortable similarities to the Emmitt Till episode. With the odds overwhelmingly stacked against Black people in outcomes of contact with the police, are white people intentionally calling the police so that they can have Black people murdered without repercussions? 0:00 - 1:00 Todays mathematics + Intro 1:01 Do you know your "white boy nuances"? 3:39 Is it just Black people stigmatize our own? 4:40 When will the taboo of the N-word end? 5:55 White people are trying to see Black people killed 9:16 Cornerstore Caroline 11:21 Parallels with the Emmitt Till case 16:00 Black man accused of kidnapping white children 19:43 ALL white people are the police 20:57 Cop some Godcast merchandise @ 22:14 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 22:47 Does being a genius in one area make you a genius in all areas? 28:41 Do we need to block Kanye West from our psyche? 29:54 Black people who voted for Trump 32:32 Rappers were name-dropping Trump even before he was elected 35:03 Mid-term elections: REGISTER TO VOTE IN YOUR AREA! 41:04 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 41:37 It's gettin' hot in herre 44:33 Blue Chew plug ( 49:11 Older women experiencing sexual frustrations 49:45 Men's performance decreases with age... 52:29 Women's desires increases with age 53:52 Drake talking to LeBron 56:00 Guys going on play dates with women? 57:52 Can men get manicures and pedicures? 1:00:30 What are the rules of engagement in battle? 1:07:26 Was Drake sold by out his own man? 1:09:37 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
December 6, 2018
This week's Godcast delves into the sideshow that Kanye West seems to be morphing into and asks what could be the cause of his erratic behavior - is he really suffering mental health issues or is it simply a case of attention-seeking (12:25)? Another rapper who has been back in the spotlight this week is Lil Wayne, as the long-awaited Carter V album was finally released - essentially marking the end of his prolonged feud with Birdman and Cash Money Records (21:56). How has Wayne managed to last so long in the rap game and cross generations 26:33)? Cyhi The Prynce and Joe Budden have been engaging in some back-and-forth, with Cyhi calling Joe out to battle him officially for $500'000 (36:03). Do you think Joe will step up to the plate or will he continue to play his "I'm retired" card to get out of jail? 0:00 - 0:43 Todays mathematics + Intro 0:44 Tony Touch 10th Anniversary of Toca Tuesday 4:57 Can you imagine 10 years of the Godcast! 5:49 Rah Digga vs Young M.A. battle? 8:19 Indigenous Peoples Day 10:25 Is Christopher Columbus the original culture vulture? 12:25 Is Kanye mentally unwell? 16:06 Is Kanye still suffering the trauma of his mother's death? 18:20 Kanye's constant contradictions cause confusion 21:24 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 21:56 Lil Wayne - Carter V 23:32 Stand out track - Mona Lisa 24:19 Lil Wayne is this generation's O.G. 25:31 Did Lil Wayne birth the "mumble rappers"? 26:33 Who else can go away for 5 years and still maintain their status? 28:57 Do Drake and Lil Wayne compete for the same audience? 31:57 How many artists can cross generations? 33:44 Kevin Gates' & T.I. drop new albums 36:03 Joe Budden vs Cyhi the Prynce 39:22 Is Cyhi co-signing everything that Kanye is doing??? 43:30 All that aside, just on a battle MC perspective... 44:56 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 45:29 President Trump sends mass text 47:38 Rah Digga giving the fellas some game 48:38 Grandpa Jamar giving game to the young 'uns 50:00 Is Trump's text message something more sinister? 51:50 Kavanaugh and government distraction tactics 54:47 A woman's perspective on the #MeToo movement 56:44 Me Too movement is ignoring the abuse of men & boys 59:59 Why Kavanaugh has to pass a "morality test" 1:04:14 Book Recommendation: Knowledge Of Self 1:05:25 The Godcast really is family 1:08:13 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
December 1, 2018
In this week's Yanadameen Godcast, Lord Jamar recaps the Congressional Black Caucus he attended as a guest of Congressman Andre Carson (11:51). The panel also looks into the case of Botha Jean who was shot and killed in his own apartment by Amber Guyger - an off-duty Dallas PD officer (1:07:45) Other topics on today's show include: Roc Marciano's album "Behold A Dark Horse" (33:39), the recording process in the early days of hiphop (41:18) and ask why DJs seem to no longer feature these days (46:16), the comic book character of Captain Marvel going through various iterations over its history (51:57), and Lord Jamar's book recommendation (1:22:30). 0:00 - 0:47 Todays mathematics + Intro 0:48 Green - the healing color + the color of love 3:33 Lord Jamar on turning 50 5:19 "Music Makes Me High" recap 6:57 Hiphop's masculinity and female MCs catering to male audiences 11:51 Congressional Black Caucus recap 18:25 Lord Jamar's wife throws impromptu 50th birthday party 20:30 SOB's - one of the last bastions for hiphop shows 23:44 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 24:16 Politickin' business, yanadameen??? 28:16 You don't eat fish with the EYES??? 29:39 Advertize on the Godcast 30:28 We need a battle-rap show 31:35 People who get touchy-feely and invade your space 33:39 Roc Marciano drops "Behold A Dark Horse" 36:45 Featured producers on Behold A Dark Horse 37:32 Featured MCs on Behold A Dark Horse 41:18 A segment on tapes to show where it all came from 44:02 "Yes yes y'all!" and "Ho!" call & responses 46:16 Nowadays you rarely see artists using DJs 47:15 Lord Jamar was a DJ before writing his first rhyme 51:17 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 51:57 Upcoming Captain Marvel movie 55:37 The evolution of Captain Marvel 59:20 Which superhero costume would you wear 1:00:57 Black hair talk: Crochet braids 1:03:10 Kanye moving back to Chicago 1:07:45 The murder of Botham Jean by police officer 1:10:04 Officer wasn't arrested - toxicology taken 3 days later 1:10:56 Did officer really enter the wrong apartment? 1:12:51 Why are "accidental" shootings always kill-shots? 1:13:07 What would the narrative be if the tables were turned? 1:14:26 Corrections: Africa is a continent 1:17:12 Was Botham Jean in relationship with killer officer? 1:19:12 Seeing Eddie Murphy's "Raw" show live 1:20:33 Songs that you always had the wrong lyrics to 1:22:30 Book Recommendation: Culture Vulture - Conversations With Damon Dash 1:24:07 Donate and support the show 1:26:18 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
September 26, 2018
The Godcast returns after a couple of impromptu shows during the planned break. To ease back into the normal programming schedule, this show kicks off on a "hiphop lite" mode with Lord Jamar and Rah Digga doing a rapid fire "Name Your 3 Favorite..." (5:19) Also making a return is the "Word On The Street" segment with Skitzo. This time, Skitzo takes to the streets of Times Square to ask if white people say the n-word when they sing along to rap music (39:05) 0:00 - 0:46 Todays mathematics + Intro 0:47 The Godcast returns/Welcome to the new viewers 4:30 Coming up on today's show... 5:19 Rapid-fire questions 6:24 Favorite 3 quotable lines 16:47 Favorite hiphop songs you're still playing today 20:52 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 21:24 Name your favorite places where you've performed 25:35 Eating reindeer in Germany 30:02 The show that didn't happen in Africa 32:04 Rah Digga's "crazy Brazil story" 33:43 Favorite American hiphop cities? 36:57 What's "the hood" like in North Dakota? 39:05 Word On The Streets: Do White People Say The N-Word? 43:20 Can white people recite lap lyrics with the N-word? 45:22 Should we be more responsible and omit it from our vocabulary? 49:23 No other music genre calls themselves derogatory terms 50:42 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 51:15 Black By Popular Demand 52:12 The Challenge: Not using the n-word 54:16 Rah Digga: Spotlight Album 58:38 What does Rah Digga look for in an album? 59:07 Is the "art" of making an album dead? 59:47 What do you think is the "quintessential" hiphop album? 1:04:21 How hiphop came up and then went corporate 1:06:05 Swizz Beats took away the "boom bap" sound 1:08:44 Where did Brand Nubian part ways conceptually with Dante Ross? 1:13:51 Did You Know: The Original Betty Boop - Esther Jones 1:19:45 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
September 26, 2018
Just when the Godcast is on a break, news comes through that Eminem has dropped a "suprise" album and on this album is a "diss" response to the words that Lord Jamar has had for Eminem. The Godcast panel reconvenes to talk about the verse that Eminem directed towards Lord Jamar and break down the lyrics to see if he's really saying anything or not. 0:00 - 0:48 Todays mathematics + Intro 0:49 Updates from the "hiatus" 2:50 Rah Digga recaps "Sounds Of The City" show 8:00 The elephant in the room 9:51 Clap it up for Eminem growing some balls! 12:20 Eminem usually goes after soft targets and this verse was wack 14:57 Rah Digga thinks this was "stellar rhyming" from Eminem 16:29 Analyzing MGK vs Eminem rhymes 19:33 Eminem just rhymes a bunch of words that have no feeling 21:46 This wordplay isn't inspiring 22:28 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 23:00 Technical skill alone isn't enough 30:23 Lyric breakdown of Eminem's diss 32:54 Rah Digga: Why should we care? 34:47 Lord Jamar's "white people are guests in hiphop" comment 35:55 Is the "Fetch me the remote" line a dog-whistle bar? 38:11 Rah Digga: "Eminem has paid his dues so he can respond" 43:10 Eminem intentionally used loaded words tinged with racism 44:26 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 44:56 Eminem slept on the Outsidaz floor" 49:28 Eminem's music isn't the soundtrack of our lives 54:51 Eminem's influence on opioid use in hiphop 58:18 50 Cent wasn't made by Eminem 1:02:55 Why doesn't Eminem feature artists he signs? 1:05:25 Does Lord Jamar have bars for Eminem? 1:08:24 Lord Jamar has done nothing and the low-blows towards Joe Budden 1:14:27 We should care because it's for the preservation of the culture 1:20:58 The delivery of the messenger matters 1:23:48 The erasure of Lord Jamar 1:25:13 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
September 26, 2018
Rising star from TV talent show "The Four" Leah-Jenea speaks with Lord Jamar and Rah Digga about her experience on the show and how she got into the music industry, meeting Naughty By Nature legend VinRock, and the Illtown Sluggaz (13:26). Also making a debut appearance on the Yanadameen Godcast is none other than Vladimir Lyubovny of VladTV (36:39). While most people only know the voice in the interviews, Vlad visits the set to be the one answering questions for a change. Rah Digga immediately applies the pressure and puts to Vlad the view that his platform promotes a negative image of hiphop (52:02) and the assertion that Vlad is merely a culture vulture in hiphop (59:26).  Lord Jamar does give Vlad props, however, for initiating the "Vlad Stocks" content which seeks to offer investment and money guidance (1:04:45). 0:00 - 0:41 Todays mathematics + Intro 0:42 Rah Digga is about her food and about her 5 dollars! 6:15 Jamar is JUST AS IG'NANT in real life as on the show! 10:51 Show Supporter plug: Freddy Sharky ( 13:26 Special guests: Leah-Jenea Gaines + Uncle VinRock 17:15 The Leah-Jenea story 22:32 Who are the Illtown Sluggaz? 23:10 Appearing on The Four 24:11 The buzz starts to catch on 28:06 Did you get offered a deal if you won? 30:46 The story behind the Illtown Sluggaz movement 33:33 Leah-Jenea current and upcoming projects 36:07 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 36:39 Special guest intro: DJ Vlad 39:34 The beginnings of VladTV 41:16 How the Lord Jamar and Vlad collab first came about 43:56 Lord Jamar's "white people are guests in hiphop" comment 44:55 Vlad's background and how he got into hiphop 49:04 When did you feel like you can start profiting from hiphop? 50:15 Vlad through the DotCom bubble 52:02 Vlad's platform perpetuating the nonsense 55:50 Does Vlad have any moral responsibility when he does interviews? 58:55 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 59:26 Vlad on being a "culture vulture" 1:04:45 Talking money and having money 1:09:38 Lord Jamar disagrees with Vlad's money advice 1:14:53 How Vlad got into stocks and investing 1:19:28 Lord Jamar scolds Vlad for promoting Slim Jesus 1:20:12 Vlad Stocks is a positive move to give knowledge 1:21:40 People don't understand the law of abundance 1:24:10 Vlad survives the Godcast experience 1:26:45 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
September 26, 2018
The Yanadameen Godcast responds to the "backlash" from viewers to the previous episode where Lord Jamar stated that Michael Jordan has been rumored to have invested in prisons and he's never denied it (0:46), as well as the storm around the Charlamagne rape accusations (9:08). Lord Jamar also breaks down how there seems to be an attempt to circumvent Black people and elevate Eminem imto G.O.A.T. status in rap (19:44) There is also analysis of the interview that former Def Jam Recordings President Lyor Cohen gave to The Breakfast Club (22:15) in which he made a statement about "making money off sucka MCs" (25:46) as well as contradicted himself when questioned about his handling of artists with drug/legal issues (26:18). Also discussed is Lyor's  0:00 - 0:45 Todays mathematics + Intro 0:46 The "Do Your Research" clapback! 9:08 Addressing the smoke from the Charlamagne story 12:25 Attempts being made to legalize pedophilia 14:59 There go Lord Jamar disrespecting Rah Digga again 19:44 The attempt to make Eminem the GOAT by circumventing Black people 21:42 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 22:15 The Lyor Cohen interview 25:46 Lyor Cohen: "I made my money off sucka MCs" 26:18 Does Lyor exploit artists with drug issues? 28:12 Lyor Cohen: "I don't know Dame Dash" 32:16 Lyor's "Divide & Conquer" broke up Public Enemy" 36:53 Brand Nubian + Eric B. and Rakim also divided by Lyor 37:23 Would Lyor promote an artist with anti-jew lyrics? 39:34 When did hiphop start promoting violence/gunplay? 43:20 Conscious Cartoon - The Mistreatment of Women 47:41 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 48:13 This entire conversation is way out of pocket 50:55 Eric Benet calls out rappers on their lyrics 51:50 Is music "just entertainment"? 56:24 Why does the music now carry such a dark message? 1:00:02 The ones that should be teaching are the ones that are qualified to teach 1:01:22 Who is accountable - artists or broadcasters? 1:03:19 Hiphop was once a unifying genre, now being used to divide 1:06:35 New artists disconnected from OGs get trapped in bad deals 1:09:00 "All Being Born To Born" merch now available! 1:10:00 The Warm down 1:13:58 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
August 13, 2018
This week's show covers a wide spectrum of topics beginning with the news of LeBron James opening a school in his hometown Akron, Ohio (6:11). Lord Jamar and Rah Digga discuss this in the broader context of the curriculum and funding of the school and what intentions LeBron has for the school? Skitzo makes a return to the Godcast with a "Word On The Street" segment covering the ban on smoking in public housing by the New York City Housing Authority (21:46). What is behind this action - public health or gentrification (29:28)? Showing, once again, how passionate they are about all things hiphop, things get turned up a few notches when discussion switches to The G.O.A.T. Debate and Lord Jamar puts forward the position that a criteria for being included in the GOAT discussion is having a club banger - which Eminem doesn't have (41:00). Lastly, Rah Digga raises the topic of the State of The Black Union and why it seems that the relationship between Black men and Black women has hit an all-time low? This once again, sparks an intense debate with Rah Digga snapping on Lord Jamar's claim that Black men, historically, felt they had to straighten their hair in order to please Black women (56:20) 0:00 - 0:51 Todays mathematics + Intro 0:52 Rah Digga replies to "light-skinned" comments 4:23 Withholding information from Lord Jamar? 6:11 LeBron James opens school in Akron 8:15 LeBron investing in the youth. Jordan investing in prisons 9:54 Charter schools vs Public schools 12:13 What is being taught in this school & who is funding it? 15:00 They let LeBron have a school but not Umar Johnson? 16:10 Schools are the devil's workshop 18:43 What are Lebron's intentions? 21:13 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 21:46 New York City Housing Authority imposes smoking ban 25:45 Word On The Street: NYCHA smoking ban in public housing 29:28 Is this a plot to gentrify the projects? 31:33 Is public health the primary concern? 34:14 "The Opps" 37:00 "The Buck Stops Here" 39:25 Was Backspin Radio rewriting the hiphop narrative? 41:00 Can you be GOAT status without a club hit? 48:51 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 49:23 Women who wear weaves hate their Black selves 52:43 Is it Black men or society at large that damages Black women most? 56:20 Did Black men change their hair for Black women or for white women? 57:56 What is the root of our trauma? 59:31 Quick Did You Know? The invention of the hot comb/straightening comb 1:00:30 People choose to remain enslaved today 1:01:51 Are these Black image issues a by-product of integration? 1:05:43 Pusha T inspiring Rah Digga to get back in the booth? 1:06:41 What changed the dynamic of Black Love? 1:09:05 "The Bag" has become justification for a lot of BS 1:11:17 We have to get back to "substance" and away from substance ABUSE 1:12:12 The new generation is awakening 1:14:15 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
August 13, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #030 In this week's Yanadameen Godcast, the conscious cartoon makes a return as the panel discusses Black hair and the politics that surrounds our hair (2:35). Also, following the murders of Nia Wilson (24:38) and Markeis McGlockton (28:27), Lord Jamar asks if there is a race war being incited against Black people (32:06)? Are Black people prepared for a revolution (33:42)? Lastly, the show looks at a subject that is largely taboo to discuss amongst Black people and that is sexual abuse. This is after the release of a 19-minute song by R. Kelly in which he addresses the many allegations that have followed him for years (51:16) and the recent firestorm around The Breakfast Club radio host Lenard Larry McKelvey aka "Charlamagne Tha God" over rape allegations and him spiking women's drinks (56:43) 0:00 - 2:34 Today's Mathematics Intro 2:35 The Politics of Black hair 3:47 Conscious Cartoon ( 7:15 Are we just consumed with showing our money in general? 8:38 Black women and cornrows, perms, and managing Black hair 10:24 We protect our hair but not our mind and spirit 12:11 IG MC - Neelam 13:34 Women are the key to winning the war 15:27 6ix9ine reportedly kidnapped and robbed 16:53 Is 6ix9ine trolling or is this the new way of promoting? 19:17 "Cheddar breeds jealousy" 21:44 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 22:16 Has anybody carried the torch after Erykah Badu? 24:38 The murder of Nia Wilson 28:27 Markeis McGlockton killer not charged due to Florida's "stand your ground" law 32:06 Is a race war being instigated? 33:42 Black people are not ready for a revolution 36:40 We are unprepared mentally for any revolution 43:54 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 44:26 Did You Know?* The Real McCoy - Elijah McCoy 51:16 Your man R. Kelly addressing allegations over 19-minute-song 55:03 🎵 🎶 "What about the tape? I said 'Hush'" 🎶🎵 56:43 Charlamagne from The Breakfast Club and rape allegations 58:46 If both parties are under the influence, is it consensual? 1:02:22 The untold abuse of young boys by older women 1:03:50 Terry Crews and how abuse is treated within the Black society 1:06:37 Star questioning if Charlamagne is part of NoGE 1:08:37 Knowing Supreme Mathematics will now give meaning to many songs 1:09:57 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
August 5, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #029 Lord Jamar gives the mathematics of the day at the start of each show, and in this episode he explains the meaning behind it (1:32). Also in today's show is an analysis of President Trump's body language (24:06) and his haphazard presidential style (29:25). In entertainment news, everyone was caught off-guard by the marriage between Stevie J and Faith Evans (34:45). Lord Jamar and Rah Digga give their thoughts on the suprise announcement, and then discuss the fallout from Azealia Banks' appearance on Wild 'n Out (42:26) 0:00 - 1:31 Intro 1:32 The history of the 5% Nation and breaking down Supreme Mathematics 3:33 The Father of Civilization 4:54 How Supreme Mathematics was derived 6:34 0 = Cipher 8:05 1 = Knowledge 9:12 2 = Wisdom 9:45 3 = Understanding 11:20 4 = Culture/Freedom 12:48 5 = Power/Refinement 13:58 6 = Equality 14:52 Why the Mathematics changes and repeats 15:34 7 = God 16:57 8 = Build/Destroy 17:50 9 = Born 18:47 Learning the daily Mathematics 19:32 Numbers coincide with colors 20:41 Who are the 5%, the 85%, and the 10%? 21:42 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 22:14 The meaning of "All Being Born To" (abbt) 24:06 Trump throwing the intelligence services under the bus 28:20 The many arm-crosses of Trump 29:25 Trump freestyling 31:21 Obama says Trump is necking Putin 34:45 Stevie J and Faith Evans married 36:23 Did the relationship look genuine? 37:46 TMZ gets the scoops 38:16 Lord Jamar - the day Michael Jackson died 39:37 Rah Digga - the day Michael Jackson died 40:29 People whose passing was overshadowed & overlooked 41:54 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 42:26 Azealia Banks appears on Wild'n Out 46:20 Should Azealia Banks have been ready for the smoke? 47:00 Does Azealia Banks throw stones from a glass house? 49:38 Was Azealia Banks set-up? 53:18 Azealia shows signs of being traumatized 55:46 The scourge of skin bleaching 58:08 The "Light-skinned/Dark-skinned" debate 1:02:25 What's going on with Power? 1:03:55 Power vs Empire 1:05:44 Queen of the South, Snowfall, Atlanta 1:07:20 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
August 5, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #028 After noticing a lot of commenters (predominantly male) having something to say about Rah Digga wearing weaves, she addresses the comments and details the reasons why some Black women wear weaves. On the back of Lebron James moving to the Los Angeles Lakers, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga have a brief talk about sports - and discuss why soccer, the biggest sport in the world, isn't popular in the United States. Finally, Rah Digga raises the matter of whether or not it's appropriate for people to post comments on photos of someone else's significant other. This is in light of 50 Cent posting a comment on Remy Ma's Instagram - sparking a mini-war with Papoose. 0:00 - 3:13 Intro + Supporting the show 3:14 Rah Digga not securing the bag 4:53 A discussion on weaves 9:30 Males with painted hairlines and faux beards 14:46 Drake becomes first artist to hit 1 BILLION streams 15:27 Drake's "Behind Barz" freestyle - Was it even a freestyle? 21:26 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 21:57 Sports Talk 23:40 Rah Digga being a football fan 25:08 Being a fan of a team from another city 27:10 The "-ets" 28:15 Views on LeBron going west 32:20 Why is soccer not popular in America? 38:51 Papoose vs 50 Cent? 39:48 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 40:18 50 Cent commenting on Remy Ma's pix 43:25 What are the boundaries? 48:37 The social media era 50:04 Meeting your heroes can be a letdown 52:15 Social media has just exposed more of celebrities flaws 54:34 Society is flipping things into reverse 56:14 Trump's Supreme Court pick and the ramifications 58:11 The underlying plot of The Purge 1:01:48 Outro [SOCIAL MEDIA] ► Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) ► Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) [SEND US A DONATION] ► Cash App:$yanadameen ► PayPal: ► Patreon: [MERCHANDISE] ► Yanadameen Godcast: ► Brand Nubian: ► Rah Digga:
August 5, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #027 By popular demand, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga have made it happen and brought the comedian Godfrey to the Yanadameen Godcast to give his perspective on various things that are currently making the news. The discussion covers firstly Godfrey's background (2:19) and path into comedy (5:35) before Rah Digga puts some talking points on the table for debate (31:30) Please send a donation our way to show your appreciation of the show, and help us keep improving and bringing you the guests that you want to see. Peace! 0:00 - 2:18 Guest intro: Godfrey 2:19 Godfrey's family history 4:10 The college years 5:35 The path into comedy and influences 8:10 Bernie Mac's "open mic" 10:18 First comedy performance 12:43 How Rah Digga's first rap performance went 14:56 Did people first see Godfrey on VH1? 18:49 First job working for Cosby 22:31 Auditioning for Soul Plane 27:34 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 28:07 Godfrey and why he goes by just his first name 31:30 Rapid Fire Topics 31:50 Statue of Liberty protestor 36:37 Let's talk about Mexicans for a moment 38:46 Starting the healing amongst Black people 40:17 Donald Trump is a mirror of America 41:23 White women for Trump 43:24 How Trump uses lower-class whites but doesn't care about them 44:23 Dame Dash Steps to Lee Daniels 47:09 Do we agree with what Dame Dash did? 48:52 It'll be your own people to do you dirty 50:10 Was it a LOAN or an INVESTMENT? 52:25 Does this vindicate Mo'Nique? 54:19 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 54:51 Did You Know? History of Friday the 13th and why it's unlucky 57:30 Nicki Minaj vs an intern 1:04:00 When EGO takes over 1:04:45 Was it a passive-aggressive underhanded attack on Nicki? 1:09:53 XXXTentacion "SAD!" video & video symbology 1:11:51 Thoughts Become Things - Words have power 1:15:22 Book Recommendation 1:18:23 Did You Know? Origin of "Barrel of laughs" 1:19:44 Godfrey's show on Sirius XM 1:23:05 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian and Yanadameen Godcast merchandise at: Send a donation on PayPal: OR Patreon: OR Cash App:$yanadameen
July 9, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #026 In an era when it seems that so-called "mumble" rap is thriving and lyricism is on the critically endangered list, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga welcome to the Yanadameen Godcast two of Philly's finest spitters in RJ Payne and Mad Squablz. Find out how both artists got into hiphop and honed their skills, then turn the volume all the way up as they drop absolute fire on solo freestyles before closing out with an unrehearsed back-to-back which will have you reaching for the fire extinguisher! 0:00 - 0:34 Intro + Todays mathematics 0:35 Philly has a lot of dope MCs 3:37 Spoonie Gee called out Schoolie D for biting his style 6:25 Philly has many GOAT MCs 9:17 In the prime of NY running hiphop, Philly was right there 10:10 Philly's modern lyrical beasts 12:14 What makes Philly rappers so ill? 14:46 If you weren't from the 5 Boroughs, you were on the outside 18:18 The Philly sound 22:27 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 23:20 Guest intros: RJ Payne and Mad Squablz 24:52 The reason behind Philly's high-level lyrical ability 28:15 The Philly-Chicago comparison and parallels 29:09 The RJ Payne story 35:18 How Lord Jamar found out about Mad Squablz 37:40 The Mad Squablz story 39:24 How do you stay in the lyrical lane while seeing mumble rappers thrive? 40:16 Who influenced RJ Payne? 41:43 Collab with Pete Rock coming? 43:05 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 43:58 You can be late if you bringing sandwiches 45:33 Enough with the talking: Introducing Mad Squablz 52:36 Without further ado: Introducing RJ Payne 58:00 See how real hiphop affects people 59:20 Back2Back: Mad Squablz/RJ Payne 1:03:04 You're welcome! 1:04:11 Rapid-fire Questions 1:04:29 Global Artist Showcase plug ( 1:05:32 Current projects and upcoming releases from Squablz and Payne 1:07:41 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian and Yanadameen Godcast merchandise at: Send a donation on PayPal: OR Patreon: OR Cash App:$yanadameen
July 9, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #025 The rap music family has been hit with a double tragedy as, once again, two young artists, XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wopo, have had their life taken away far too soon (7:39). As the details emerge and it appears to be a robbery motive behind the killing of XXX, Lord Jamar questions why there is a tendency amongst young Black entertainers to move around with bags full of money (11:15)?  Also in this episode is a review of the new music from JAY Z and Beyoncé (34:36), Kid Cudi (39:34), and the long-awaited "Nasir" album from Nas (45:36) 0:00 - 0:37 Intro + Todays mathematics 0:36 Past episodes recap 5:16 Rah Digga has Lord Jamar back-peddling 7:39 The murders of XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wopo 11:15 Why are we running around with BAGS OF MONEY all the time?? 12:52 Will this be a wake-up call for others like Tekashi? 14:29 Beware of the energy that you put out there 17:46 People's lack of compassion over XXXTentacion's death 22:26 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 22:57 US Government separating families in detention centers 26:10 Understanding the beast that you're dealing with in America 31:08 New Music! 32:51 Are these 7-song albums satisfactory or do they feel incomplete? 34:18 Black Thought 34:36 JAY Z and Beyoncé joint album 35:54 Do JAY Z and Beyoncé collabs work? 38:35 JAY Z and Kanye bring out the best in each other 39:34 Kid Cudi 45:03 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 45:36 Meaning behind symbolism with Nas' merchandise? 54:43 Nasir: Kanye got in his bag 55:18 Stand-out songs (Lord Jamar) 58:45 Did Kanye do "too much" in production of his album? 1:00:36 Is Teyana's album the closer for G.O.O.D Music? 1:01:21 Stand-out songs (Rah Digga) 1:03:00 Are there any "instant classics" on Nasir? 1:06:51 DJ Premier remixes J. Cole/Album with Nas coming? 1:08:05 Philly Special on the Godcast 1:09:23 Donation Links - PLEASE DONATE TO SUPPORT THE GODCAST 1:11:15 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian and Yanadameen Godcast merchandise at: Send a donation on PayPal: OR Patreon: OR Cash App:$yanadameen
June 25, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #024 Lord Jamar and Rah Digga continue the "Hiphop Conversations" series with another spirited debate on the legacy Lil' Kim left in the game (0:42) before Lord Jamar names his top female MCs (8:57). Acknowledgement is given to the groups that shaped hiphop (26:54), the most impactful men of hiphop (50:31), as well as showing some love to acts from other regions besides New York (53:48). 0:00 - 0:41 Intro + Todays mathematics 0:42 The Lil' Kim impact argument continues 7:00 Rah Digga's top rhyme-spitting women 8:57 Lord Jamar's top female MCs 9:49 The Sequence 10:16 Sha-Rock, MC Lyte, Roxanne Shanté 12:49 Antoinette, Sweet Tee 16:35 Salt-n-Pepa 17:05 Tangent - Battling "Back in the day"... 19:18 Lin Que, Foxy Brown 23:54 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 24:25 Iron Mike Tyson - Hiphop heavyweight champ 26:54 Give it up for hiphop groups 29:41 Label Divide & Conquer tactics broke the Group dynamic 34:31 Rah Digga putting together a group? 35:48 Rah Digga's favorite group: Mobb Deep 36:57 A Tribe Called Quest 38:25 De La Soul 39:22 EPMD 40:03 Run-DMC 41:33 Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions 43:45 2 Live Crew 44:48 Are we seeing a re-emergence of groups? 46:37 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 46:38 Lists are SUBJECTIVE! 50:31 Impact Legacy: Game-changing Men 50:47 Kool G Rap 51:35 JAY Z 53:04 Nas 53:48 Beyond the borders of New York 54:23 California Love 54:39 N.W.A. - Positive or Negative impact? 57:03 Do the ends justify the means? 1:00:04 Dirty South 1:02:37 Lord Jamar has the people fooled! 1:03:49 Fabolous 1:04:37 Busta Rhymes 1:06:00 Black Thought/The Roots 1:07:21 9th Wonder putting on a show for his high school 1:08:19 Most impactful of this generation 1:13:53 Most impactful female of this generation 1:15:01 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian and Yanadameen Godcast merchandise at: Send a donation on PayPal: OR Patreon: OR Cash App:$yanadameen(CashApp available only for US residents)
June 24, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #023 Lord Jamar and Rah Digga revisit the conversation about the top MCs in hiphop, but this time discuss the individuals and groups who had a lasting impact and left a legacy in hiphop. Rah Digga lists the top female MCs who she credits with having an impact on the game (54:14) and this ignites a heated debate when Lil Kim's name is mentioned (1:00:20) as Lord Jamar questions whether her legacy has been a positive or negative (1:02:16)? 0:00 - 0:44 Intro + Todays mathematics 0:45 Preamble 6:35 HOT TOPIC REVISITED: Top MCs 9:03 The 3 main MC who made it possible for hiphop to progress 12:18 Spoonie Gee - the FIRST rap "pimp" 14:06 DLB - the microphone wizard 14:39 Who made Rah Digga nervous in a cipha?? 16:52 Run DMC, LL Cool J, MC Shan, Just Ice, KRS-ONE 19:30 Rakim, Big Daddy Kane 22:21 Cold Crush - Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold 25:02 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 25:33 A fish-fry family affair 28:17 Acknowledging the DJs 30:10 Whodini - the "flashy" Run-DMC 30:45 Whodini and THOSE leather shorts! 33:05 Lord Jamar's first hiphop show 35:22 The segregation of radio stations (and Madonna allegedly getting knocked off) 39:55 BACK TO THE ORIGINAL POINT! 44:38 Forget the TOP 5, who is your NUMBER 1? 50:18 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 50:50 Honorable mentions 54:14 Impact Legacy: Game-changing Women 54:45 Roxanne Shanté 56:07 Queen Latifah 58:07 MC Lyte 59:29 Lauryn Hill 1:00:20 Lil Kim 1:02:16 Debate gets HEATED on Lil' Kim's impact 1:09:08 Missy Elliott 1:09:50 What about Salt-n-Pepa? 1:12:45 Rah Digga & Honorable Mentions 1:13:25 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian and Yanadameen Godcast merchandise at: Send a donation on PayPal: OR Patreon: OR Cash App:$yanadameen(CashApp available only
June 11, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast Episode #022 When talking about rap royalty, without question the queen is none other than Roxanne Shanté. The trailblazing MC blessed the Yanadameen Godcast with her presence to speak with Lord Jamar and Rah Digga about a range of topics - from her start in hiphop (7:17), to how the Juice Crew started (25:49), her biopic (40:29), and her thoughts on the direction rap has gone in with female MCs (45:20) 0:00 - 0:36 Intro + Todays mathematics 0:37 SPECIAL GUEST: Roxanne Shante 2:47 Lord Jamar & Roxanne Shante performances at 30th anniversary of "Yo! MTV Raps" 7:17 Rap Talk: The "Roxanne Roxanne" response 9:24 Why "Roxanne Roxanne" response initially sounded so rough 10:52 Rah Digga & Lord Jamar recount personal stories for Roxanne Shante 13:26 Roxanne Shante on colorism & knowledge of self 16:09 Drake vs Pusha T 19:10 Reaction to the personal attacks 19:49 Roxanne Shante's take on the battle 21:48 The concept of "freestyle" has changed 25:18 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 25:49 Juice Crew was the original Justice League 29:12 How the Juice Crew came about 33:31 Why is Roxanne Shanté not dropping new music? 35:35 "Record Fillers" killed industry 38:09 Why did the Roxanne biopic not feature more about the music journey? 40:29 What inspired you to tell your story? 44:48 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 45:20 How does Roxanne Shanté feel about MCs who came after them? 50:25 Who are the female MCs Roxanne Shanté looked up to? 55:04 What was it like coming up in hiphop's prime? 1:04:20 How does it make you feel when talent is equated with money/popularity?? 1:07:24 Lord Jamar on being acknowledged by Roxanne Shanté 1:10:55 Outro + Yo! MTV Raps performance footage Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian and Yanadameen Godcast merchandise at: Send a donation on PayPal: OR Patreon: OR Cash App:$yanadameen(CashApp available only for US residents)
June 4, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #021 The Godcast panel this week brings together a powerful combination of lessons on herbal remedies and natural healing coupled with ancient history lessons as Lord Jamar and Rah Digga talk to special guests Herb Alkhemyst (@herbalkhemyst) and Michael Imhotep (@michaelimhotep). 0:00 - 0:41 Intro + Todays mathematics 0:42 The Return of Rah Digga 4:11 Assessment on Colorado's dispensaries 7:08 Rah Digga reacts to Lord Jamar's genealogy revelations 11:09 Rah Digga and Lord Jamar have a family connection 13:55 Rah Digga's family skeletons revealed 20:14 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 20:45 Guest introductions + Gifts from Global View Marketing 23:25 Introducing: Herb Alkhemyst 26:45 Introducing: Michael Imhotep 29:41 The definition and origin of the word "hotep" 31:44 Imhotep: Philosopher, Architect, Mathematician 32:35 How Michael Imhotep started on this path 34:51 Herb Alkhemyst's inspiration to get into natural remedies 41:03 Brand Nubian PEACE gear plug ( 41:35 Herb Alkhemyst's path into herbs and natural healing 47:46 Herb Alkhemyst's products and what they do 51:10 Is inability to "squirt" a sign of sexual dysfunction? 55:27 What effect does the Goddess Life elixir have on "squirting"? 56:26 Where to get Herb Alkhemyst products 57:34 King Power for men - protecting the prostate 1:00:43 Michael Imhotep - Return of The Gods 1:02:08 Herb Alkhemyst cleanse routines and wellness programs 1:04:19 The What & When for "Return of The Gods"? 1:10:52 Michael Imhotep "Black Panther Analysis" DVD 1:12:04 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian and Yanadameen Godcast merchandise at: Send a donation on PayPal: OR Patreon: OR Cash App:$yanadameen (CashApp available only for US residents)
June 4, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #020 Genealogy is an account of the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or from older forms, or the study of family ancestral lines. Today's Godcast welcomes special guest Natlee Green of genealogy service MyBlackHeritage ( to talk about her work and the discoveries she makes when tracing people's family history. 0:00 - 0:42 Intro + Todays mathematics 0:43 Special guest intro: Natlee Green + Rah Digga M.I.A. 4:28 Natlee Green - Genealogist of 7:50 What is "genealogy"? 8:45 Lord Jamar's doubts about DNA 10:02 When did you decide to pursue genealogy? 16:14 What has made interest suddenly spike? 17:09 Which clients are more appreciative? 17:41 Most memorable findings you've stumbled upon? 21:03 Yanadameen "Peace" gear plug (Available at 21:33 How do you handle uncovering uncomfortable facts? 24:46 The difference between online genealogy services & Natlee Green's services 27:13 Natlee Green traced Lord Jamar's family history 31:32 The importance of physically going to places to trace family history 33:04 The untold history of Ellis Island 35:36 Lord Jamar's family secrets revealed 40:37 The BOMBSHELL! 48:45 Interesting discovery from researching Lord Jamar's cousin 52:17 Tracing Black Thought's ancestry 53:51 Genealogy dismantles "the slave narrative" 58:06 To be a slave NOW is a choice 1:01:36 Should the jews have killed themselves to avoid concentration camps? 1:03:00 The original people of the planet dispersed everywhere 1:12:04 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian and Yanadameen Godcast merchandise at: Send a donation on PayPal: OR Patreon: OR Cash App:$yanadameen (CashApp available only for US residents)
June 4, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #019 With the Newark mayoral elections recently concluded, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga briefly recap the outcome (2:26) and talk about Rah Digga's thoughts of running for local office (5:48) As the new single from Childish Gambino, "This Is America", sets the charts on fire, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga discuss the artistic merit of the video (12:43), the meaning of the video (14:59), and ask whether the song could have stood on its own without the visual element to support it (21:35)? Lord Jamar also questions whether someone can be pro-Black when they are in an interracial relationship (23:53) and if Donald Glover is compensating for having children with a white woman by playing this "Pro-Black"/"Black Power" card (32:41) Also in this episode, Lord Jamar ignites THAT debate about "The top 5 MCs" (35:18) before special guest Aaron Cooks blesses the Godcast with the show's first freestyle session (52:59). 0:00 - 0:53 Intro + Todays mathematics 0:54 Lord Jamar feeling the heat + Mother's day wishes 2:26 Recap of Newark elections 5:48 Rah Digga considering a run in local politics? 8:35 Yanadameen plug: Donate to the show via CashMe or PayPal 9:03 Rah Digga & Lord Jamar attend Roc Marci show 11:16 Hiphop Fever Fest 12:43 Analysis & Opinion: This Is America 13:09 Initial thoughts from artistic point of view 14:59 What do you think the message in the video was? 19:34 Brand Nubian "PEACE" gear available at 20:04 Analysis & Opinion: This Is America (Part 2) 21:35 Would this song have done as well without the video? 23:53 Can you be pro-Black while dating inter-racially? #StayWoke 30:29 Is society trying to kill the "alpha male"? 32:41 Dating interracially and being pro-black to compensate? 35:18 The TOP 5 MCs Debate! 43:17 Conscious Cartoon ( 48:01 Special Guest Intro: Aaron Cooks 52:59 Godcast Freestyle Session: Aaron Cooks 56:16 Digga thought Cooks can't cook?? 59:10 Upcoming music & collabs from Aaron Cooks 1:00:18 Godcast episode NOTHING BUT RAPPING!!! 1:01:14 Rah Digga didn't care who she offended with her punchlines 1:02:27 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian and Yanadameen Godcast merchandise at: Send a donation on PayPal: OR Patreon: OR Cash App:$yanadameen (CashApp available only for US residents)
May 14, 2018
**Yanadameen Godcast episode #018** Lord Jamar and Rah Digga take an in-depth look at the impact of Bill Cosby's conviction and what effect this will have on his legacy (7:31). Lord Jamar questions if this is a concerted effort by the dominant society to erase the entire history of Bill Cosby from America's conscience and leave his image tarnished and forever branded as a rapist (9:32)? After Kanye West's remarks about slavery and his recent behavior in general, the panel talk about why this culture of celebrity worship exists (28:14) 0:00 - 1:21 Intro + The Return of Foxxy Alex 1:22 Lord Jamar & Rah Digga's cleanse progress 4:58 Health Talk: Rah Digga discusses fibroids 7:31 The downfall of Bill Cosby 9:32 Is this an attack on Bill Cosby's legacy? 15:31 Is Bill Cosby going to die in jail? 17:49 Why is Bill Cosby being pursued so hard? 19:52 Lord Jamar has some mumble rap bars! #LyricsMatter 21:23 North & South Korea reunification 28:14 Koonye Western Civilization 30:36 Word On The Street: What the public thinks of Kanye's "slavery" comments 34:06 Panel analysis of Kanye's mental state 45:22 Puerto Rico turmoil 50:25 Starbucks settles w/ Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson 55:16 Why are we putting so much stock into celebrity's opinions? 56:43 We have no real moral and spiritual leaders 59:51 Be the moral example of what you want to see in others 1:05:10 "Ye vs The People" opinion 1:07:05 Unverified quote attributed to Harriet Tubman 1:08:26 Rah Digga closing sentiments on mental health 1:09:50 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian merchandise at: Send a donation on Patreon: OR Cash App:$yanadameen (CashApp available only for US residents)
May 12, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #017 This week's Yanadameen Godcast recaps the release of Meek Mill from jail where he's been incarcerated since being given a 2-4 years sentence for violating parole (6:33). The biggest talking point from the week, however, has been the return of Kanye West to social media and the comments he has made in interviews regarding President Trump and slavery (41:50). 0:00 - 1:43 Intro 1:44 Lord Jamar & Rah Digga's cleanse progress 6:33 #FreeAtLast: Meek Mill 11:38 New J. Cole album - doing big numbers 12:50 Is "no album promotion" the new way of promoting an album? 19:15 Shout-out to supporters DONATING TO THE GODCAST 22:51 Waffle House: Alabama incident 30:40 Waffle House: Nashville shooting 38:33 Conscious Cartoon ( 41:50 Kanye 49:21 Rah Digga's honey 51:01 Michael Vick gets new role as Offensive Coordinator 53:05 Recognition of veterans still enjoying careers 58:48 Book Recommendation 1:02:52 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian merchandise at: Send a donation on Patreon: OR Cash App:$yanadameen (CashApp available only for US residents)
May 12, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast Episode #016 It's been another week packed with news,reviews, and interviews, and back to break it all down for you once again are Lord Jamar and the impeccable Digga Digga. Lord Jamar has a reply to Lil Yachty's interview where his name was mentioned (11:23), Rah Digga GOES IN on the media and radio personalities who were complicit in creating disharmony amongst rappers (17:00). There's also a recap of Coachella - in particular Cardi B's provocative performance while pregnant (24:44). And Lord Jamar gives a controversial opinion on Kendrick Lamar winning the Pulitzer Prize for Muic (36:27). 0:00 - 1:14 Intro + Today's mathematics 1:15 Brand Nubian UNSUNG review + Party recap 7:48 TV One and why UNSUNG is so important 11:23 Lord Jamar responds to Lil' Yachty's comments 13:50 Rah Digga expands on "Did the OG's drop the ball?" question 15:55 Lord Jamar asks "Who's going to carry on the tradition?" 17:00 The media and radio personalities stirred the pot to drive out the older generation 19:00 Journalists now HAVE NO CLUE about the past generation 20:44 Correction on RIAA digital stream numbers 24:24 In other news... 24:44 In OTHER other news: Beyoncé @ Coachella 28:38 Cardi performing @ Coachella while pregnant 34:37 Will Atlanta TV series prove to be as impactful as The Cosby Show? 36:27 Kendrick Lamar's Pulitzer prize 41:57 Update: J. Marion Sims statue relocated! 44:19 Starbucks: Black Coffee Good, Black PEOPLE Bad 53:11 Lord Jamar FRONTIN' on starting the cleanse! 56:13 "Glam-ma": The 33-year-old Grandma 58:07 Did You Know: 420 1:02:22 White insanity hasn't yet been met by a greater opposing force 1:03:55 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian merchandise at: Send a donation on Patreon: OR Cash App:$yanadameen (CashApp available only for US residents)
April 29, 2018
**Yanadameen Godcast episode #015** The Godcast brings you another home-run show with special guest Kangol Kid of the legendary UTFO! TV One featured Brand Nubian in an episode of Unsung to acknowledge the group's contribution and impact in hiphop.  An iconic moment in hiphop also occurred when Eric B. and Rakim reunited for their first performance together in over 20 years. Lord Jamar and Rah Digga take a moment to talk about the significance of this to the culture. Rah Digga asks if it's a bad thing that she knows Nas' lyrics more than she knows MLK's speeches? 0:00 - 1:47 Intro + Today's mathematics 1:48 HISTORIC! Eric B. and Rakim on stage together for iconic performance 6:42 Shouts out to Yanadameen Godcast co-hosts! 8:27 Yanadameen Godcast gear! Fresh to def and dressed to impress! 10:30 Brand Nubian coming up on episode of Unsung 12:26 Documentary needed on "Baby Nubians" and Hiphop's "Studio Babies" 15:41 TV One flying the flag for curating black art 17:26 This isn't a PODCAST; it's a GODCAST! #OfficialTissue 19:08 Brand Nubian merchandise plug ([]( 19:40 Hiphop History: Nas' music was the "Free At Last" message for a generation 23:56 Right now this is the Beta male era of rap 27:11 Facebook Live acknowledgements 28:00 Newsbreak - Trump playing with the "War" button 32:54 The shift in music sales certification standards 39:26 Conscious Cartoon ([]( 42:22 Wall Street Wears Gold Teeth plug ([]( 43:06 The legendary Kangol Kid on the Godcast 46:30 The beginnings - The first dancers for a rap group 50:18 How dancers were a key part of the culture 51:11 Kangol Kid on his Jheri Curl and being the "pretty boy" 52:59 What's the connection to Whistle? 54:07 The creation of Roxanne Roxanne 58:50 Did you anticipate the responses to Roxanne Roxanne? 1:01:32 What were your thoughts on the Roxanne Shante biopic? 1:05:36 UTFO and Kangol Kid honors 1:10:51 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian merchandise at: []( Send a donation on Patreon: []( OR Cash App:[$yanadameen]($yanadameen) (CashApp available only for US residents)
April 29, 2018
**Yanadameen Godcast episode #014** In this week's episode of the Yanadameen Godcast, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga have guest panelist Alexandra Hill helping them break down and analyze the talking points of the week inclluding: the shooting of another black man in Brooklyn by the police (11:26), the brother of Stephon Clark (another victim of the police) being spokesman for the family despite appearing to be suffering from mental health issues (16:20), as well as remembering two iconic figures in the liberation struggle for black people - Winnie Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. (27:01). The panel also give their thoughts on the Brooklyn Museum's appointment of a white woman to curate the African Art exhibition (40:43), and close out with an impromptu Rah Digga exclusive interview to mark the 18th anniversary of her album "Dirty Harriet" (52:03). 0:00 - 3:18 Intro + Today's mathematics 3:19 Lord Jamar locked up but back in time to shoot the Godcast 11:26 Another black man shot by police in BK 12:24 Police were alerted to the fact that victim had mental health issues 14:12 This shows how gentrification further negatively impacts the inhabitants of a community 16:20 The brother of Stephon Clark being thrust into the spotlight by the media 19:35 Conscious Cartoon ([]( 24:38 Alexandra Hill ALL THE WAY out of pocket at Art of Rap concert 27:01 The passing of activist, revolutionary, and freedom fighter Winnie Mandela 30:58 The commemoration of Martin Luther King's assassination 31:40 Shouts out to being FREE AT LAST! 33:40 Why was Jesse Jackson not wearing a tie on the day MLK was murdered? 35:58 Godcast trying out something new - YouTube Livestream 37:40 If you rock with the Godcast, put your money where your mouth is 40:43 Brooklyn Museum appoints white woman as curator of African Art exhibit 49:29 Brand Nubian merchandise plug ([]( 50:00 Lord Jamar & Alexandra Hill do Rah Digga greasy! 52:03 18-year anniversary of Rah Digga's "Dirty Harriet" project 52:56 Rah Digga brings out the CANNON!! 55:47 How many people from Flipmode Squad had solo projects? 57:58 Why Rah Digga's album was released ahead of other Flipmode members 59:56 The work ethic of Busta Rhymes 1:04:02 Was Rah Digga part of the Outsidaz? (Livestream question) 1:04:31 Why Rah Digga didn't perform with Outsidaz (Livestream question) 1:06:46 What inspired Rah Digga's record "F**k Y'all N****z"? 1:09:55 How the crew finessed the labels 1:12:52 Rah Digga's community activities - Lyrics Matter, LLC 1:17:22 LL Cool J launches "Rock The Bells Radio" on Sirius 1:18:51 Book Recommendation 1:19:40 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian merchandise at: []( Send a donation on Patreon: []( OR Cash App: [$yanadameen]($yanadameen) (CashApp available only for US residents)
April 29, 2018
**Yanadameen Godcast episode #013** 0:00 - 2:29 Intro + Today's mathematics 2:30 Origins of Easter and etymology 11:51 Mythology behind April Fools Day 14:49 Is gun control debate using the same tactic of "trickery"? 16:34 Rah Digga making moves 19:33 Conscious Cartoon ([]( 21:42 South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa seeks to reclaim land from whites 24:18 South Africa's racial make-up vs ownership statistics 24:46 Is the plan realistic and workable? 29:48 Are whites likely to cooperate with the proposal? 30:20 Did You Know - The origins of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey 35:18 Internet Dumb Ish - Wendy's fast food restaurant releases a mixtape 39:40 Brand Nubian "Peace" Gear plug. Available @ 40:12 The Roxanne Shante biopic and Lord Jamar's crush on Roxanne Shante 42:41 How Roxanne Shante inspired Rah Digga to pick up a pen (and take aim at "The Real Roxanne"!) 44:37 What Puerto Ricans used to be called in NY 46:04 Thoughts on the Netflix Roxanne Shante movie 52:20 What is your favorite artist biopic? 54:09 IG Live - Callers give their thoughts on the Roxanne Shante movie 59:55 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian merchandise at: []( Send a donation on Patreon: []( OR Cash App: [$yanadameen]($yanadameen) (CashApp available only for US residents)
April 5, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #012 In this FULL EPISODE of the YANADAMEEN GODCAST, Rah Digga talks about the Queens of Hip Hop concert that was a resounding success. Lord Jamar and Rah Digga also go further into the recent police killing of an unarmed black man and talks about what message the machine of white supremacy is trying to send out by carrying out these shootings then publicizing the video. They then get into the recent bombings which were carried out by Mark Anthony Conditt in Austin, Texas, and the way events were painted by the MSM to evoke sympathy for the bomber. There's also an exploration into President Trump's comments calling for the death penalty as a way to tackle the so-called opioid crisis. Is this a viable tactic or is it merely a cover and a precursor to a blanket policy of targeting and attacking black/ethnic minority people who may be caught with weed? Providing more food for the mind, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga follow-on from the story of the Austin bomber to drop gems on some little-known history on the state of Texas in the Did You Know segment for this week. The recommended reading material ties in with the topic and provides further background into Texas being a safe haven for free black people. If you have a business or project that you would like to advertise on the Yanadameen Godcast, contact Lord Jamar on for details! #TimeStampPlug 0:00 - 1:16 Intro + Today's mathematics 1:17 Rah Digga recaps the Queens of Hip Hop concert 11:00 Sacramento Police shooting of Stephon Clark and the larger picture behind it 20:15 Conscious Cartoon ( 24:33 Support the Godcast by getting merchandise @ 25:06 Austin Terrorist Bombings 26:44 The language used by the media and media framing the bomber as a "challenged young man" 29:02 The agenda behind why the word "terrorist" is not used to describe white offenders 34:12 How white supremacy programmes the mind of the people - difference between predominantly white and black schools 36:14 Were the events too neatly choreographed and stage-managed? 39:08 Trump proposes capital punishment as response to the so-called "opioid crisis" 42:48 The passing of Ms Rita Owens (Queen Latifah's mother) 44:34 Did You Know - How Texas Robbed Mexico & Black people at the same time 48:07 Book Recommendation 48:53 How Yanadameen Godcast aims to move in a more educational way 52:20 Yanadameen analytics - views/attention span of viewers 55:07 Promote your biz & advertize on the show + Donating to the Godcast 56:46 IG Live 59:22 Health & Nutrition talk - Understand acid & alkaline balance 1:01:33 The story behind Brand Nubian project recorded prior to signing Arista deal 1:03:50 Outro Merchandise:  Patreon: Cash App:$yanadameen (CashApp available only for US residents)
March 20, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #011 In this special edition of the Yanadameen Godcast, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga have Skitzo on the panel alongside them as they interview the respected Long Island MC Roc Marciano. In this wide-ranging interview, Roc Marci discusses how he met Busta Rhymes and became part of the Flipmode Squad before making his own way as an independent artist/producer. Roc Marciano also talks about his favorite artists and influences, as well as sharing some of the more technical aspects of his artistry. Check out Roc Marciano on IG: @rocmarci and Twitter: @rocmarci For Roc Marci's latest album "RR2 - the Bitter Dose" as well as other limited edition content and merchandise visit 0:00 - 4:18 Intro + Today's mathematics 4:18 Rah Digga on the Queens of Hip Hop concert 6:14 Viewer's comments - Rah Digga is the Queen of viewer's hearts 9:00 Remembering Craig Mack, Stephen Hawking, and Allah Real 14:57 Is high rate of heart disease amongst relatively young black men alarming? 16:20 Lord Jamar's comments on female MCs/rappers revisited 23:45 Conscious Cartoon ( 27:28 Get Your Merchandise @ 27:59 Guest interview - ROC MARCIANO 29:14 How do you feel about female rappers? 30:04 If you were stuck on an island for a year, which 3 female rappers would you pick to listen to? 30:46 The Roc Marci history 33:34 How Roc Marciano connected with Busta Rhymes and Flipmode Squad 34:38 Rah Digga's memory of Roc Marci leaving Flipmode vs what REALLY happened 36:01 How long were you with Flipmode? 38:51 Lord Jamar's introduction to Roc Marciano's music 40:34 Roc Marci had encouraged Rah Digga to go indie and why she didn't follow through 41:40 Did you ever have times that you wanted to get back on a major label? 42:18 What made you go independent in the first place? 44:59 How many projects have you had since going indie? 45:29 Talk about the style and look of your videos 46:45 What star sign are you? 46:57 Roc Marciano on setting the price point of his music 48:11 Are you a good cook - there are a lot of food references in your music 48:58 What advice can you give an independent artist/producer who wants to avoid label politics but be successful? 50:00 How do you approach sequencing on your album? What is your sequencing method? 52:28 What song on this album "RR2 - the Bitter Dose" was just for you to do what you wanted to do? 53:30 As a producer, what instrument do you like to use to make beats? 55:19 Who are some of your favorite artists (of all-time)? 57:32 Interview outro 59:30 Outro Social Media: Lord Jamar - @LordJamar (IG and Twitter) Rah Digga - @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter) SUPPORT THE YANADAMEEN GODCAST! Get your authentic Brand Nubian merchandise at:  Send a donation on Patreon:                            or$yanadameen
March 16, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #010 0:00 - 1:18 Intro + Today's mathematics 1:19 Lord Jamar has some birthday acknowledgments 2:37 Rah Digga spotlights new music 4:30 Viewers comments 10:05 Rick Ross health situation 13:09 Denzel Washington paid for Chadwick Boseman's education 15:13 New School artists should be more mindful of their predecessors 16:58 Hip hop history - 31 years ago: Boogie Down Productions released debut album "Criminal Minded" 21:49 Conscious Cartoon ( 25:55 Get Your Merchandise @ 26:27 Did You Know - "Sundown Town" 29:43 Book recommendation 30:10 Guest interview - Dupré "DoItAll" Kelly 32:02 Who is Dupré "DoItAll" Kelly? 33:32 How did Lords of The Underground first get on? 35:52 What made you go into politics? 43:24 Do you find it hard to balance being an artist and politician? 44:12 What makes you believe in DoItAll For Newark campaign? 51:34 IG Live 55:00 Top female MCs - Roxanne Shanté (IG Live) 1:01:08 Outro Merchandise:  Patreon:
March 5, 2018
**Yanadameen Godcast episode #009** 0:00 - 1:30 Intro + Today's mathematics 1:31 Art of Rap recap 3:30 Viewers Comments & Patreon Acknowledgments 9:28 The Gun Control Debate - Are these 'False Flag' events? 16:35 Golden State Warriors tour African-American Museum in lieu of White House visit 20:22 Album review - Nipsey Hussle: Victory Lap 35:03 Album review - Roc Marciano: RR2 The Bitter Dose 47:46 Did You Know - J. Marion Sims: The Butcher of Black Women 53:39 Book recommendation 54:47 IG Live 1:01:18 What did you feel about the white rappers 'Young Black Teenagers'? (IG Live) 1:05:03 Godcast Live Q&A in the making? (IG Live) 1:07:33 Outro Merchandise:  Patreon:
February 27, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #008 0:00 - 2:55 Intro + Today's mathematics  2:56 New Godcast set and progression  6:04 VulchTV parody  11:09 Thoughts on the social media post attributed to Rakim  14:08 Toni Braxton & Birdman's engagement  16:20 Young Thug's gangstalicious name change  19:29 Fergie's national anthem backlash  23:38 The Black Panther movie analysis/breakdown  36:13 Book recommendation  40:08 IG Live  43:03 What was Apache (of Flavor Unit) like? (IG Live)  46:35 Thoughts on Black Panther - who was the hero between Killmonger and the Black Panther? (IG Live)  50:08 Outro  Merchandise:  Patreon:
February 25, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #007 0:00 - 1:35 Intro + Today's mathematics 1:36 Response to viewers' comments 2:14 Lord Jamar talking over Rah Digga 3:43 Lord Jamar curses "too much" 6:00 Lord Jamar how do you feel about female rappers? 8:52 The Florida School Shooting - Why are young white males committing these crimes? 18:29 Lord Jamar recounts being sent to an alternative school as a youth 25:02 Rah Digga on America's hypocrisy 27:12 The Black Panther movie 28:30 What do we think of the call for Disney/Marvel to donate 25% to black causes? 31:30 Is this going to change anything for black people? 35:10 The Passing of Chyskillz (Onyx producer) 36:11 Rah Digga and Lord Jamar share stories about Onyx 38:28 The origin of "Do Your Googles!" 39:30 What the number 7 represents 40:03 IG Live 45:30 What is one key to success that you can give a young person? (IG Live) 53:50 The first bars spit on The Godcast (IG Live) 58:28 What's your feeling on these artists repping colors? (IG Live) 1:04:44 The importance of eating healthy and a good diet 1:06:24 Did You Know? - Eating shrimp 1:07:56 Nutritional Talk 1:15:55 What do you think about the Troy Ave "snitching" situation? (IG Live) 1:21:32 Can Biggie be considered the G.O.A.T.?" (IG Live) 1:23:35 Outro  1:26:14 The Art of Rap plug Merchandise:  Patreon:
February 24, 2018
Yanadameen Godcast episode #006 0:00 - 0:31 Intro + Today's mathematics 0:32 Correction on comments made about 2Pac's conviction 1:51 Special guest intro 2:45 Rah Digga Welcome to the Godcast 4:50 Lord Jamar feels Rah Digga brings a great dynamic to the Godcast 7:00 Lord Jamar & Rah Digga on converting negative perceptions 9:01 The Quincy Jones claims/revelations - Was it tasteless? 15:35 Richard Pryor being bisexual - was it just the "thing of the time"? 17:38 Do these claims about Richard Pryor change your perception of him? 21:40 Why was that information even disclosed by Quincy Jones? 24:37 New rappers being exposed to the influences of the drugs - is it a cycle? 28:25 Will actors be as keen to portray Richard Pryor knowing they might have to enact a gay scene? 30:00 Lord Jamar reveals he was invited to audition for Omar in The Wire 33:01 Rah Digga on being put in a moral conflict while auditioning for a part 35:11 Conscious Cartoon ( 39:11 Valentine's Day - Did You Know? 47:53 Art of Rap plug 48:26 The Passing of Lovebug Starski 51:41 (IG Live) 53:32 Do you have any advice for young artists coming up? (IG Live) 57:45 Top 5 Dead or Alive Podcast plug (IG Live) 59:40 IG Live Book plug - The Kickin' It Kids: Enter the Rapscallion              (Available on Amazon: ) 1:00:58 Top 5 female MCs - How does it feel to be put up there in the top MCs? (IG Live) 1:04:44 You didn't know Lord Jamar is a producer? 1:12:43 The importance of women in hip hop (IG Live) 1:15:17 How can we push the culture forward while staying true to hip hop's roots? (IG Live) 1:24:03 Concert announcement - Rah Digga with All-Star female cast (IG Live) 1:26:22 Outro Merchandise:  Patreon:
February 23, 2018
0:00 - 0:41 Intro + Today's mathematics 0:43 Lupe Fiasco's response to Lord Jamar's comments on Kendrick's lyrical ability 10:39 The Ayana Jackson (2Pac's rape accuser) interview on VladTV 17:35 Conscious Cartoon ( 22:47 Black History Month - Did You Know? 28:41 Book recommendation 29:52 Art of Rap plug 30:28 Interview with Rep. André Carson 1:03:10 (IG Live) 1:05:31 No Advisory Podcast plug (IG Live) 1:06:50 What do you think we, black men, can do to better the relationships between us in different countries? (IG Live) 1:09:14 Rah Digga on the feed? (IG Live) 1:11:47 If you could pick 2 people in hip hop right now to be in your crew, who would it be? (IG Live) 1:15:06 Outro Merchandise:  Patreon:
February 22, 2018
0:00 - 1:24 Intro-Today's math 1:25 China bans Hip hop culture and tattoos 8:24 MoNique's call for Netflix boycott 13:12 Mary J. Blige nominated for Best Supporting Actress Academy Award 15:43 Essence magazine returns to exclusively black ownership 16:54 (Sub topic) The importance of keeping Yanadameen Godcast independent 17:27 (Sub topic) Everyday Struggle audition 21:14 Art of Rap plug 21:51 Book recommendation 23:52 Grammy award nominations 31:53 Cielo event plug 32:35 IG Live 36:46 If Max B was out, where would you put him in hip hop right now? (IG Live) 39:04 Does Lord Jamar pass the L? 39:30 The tension in the "Conscious Community" (IG Live) 43:33 The message and energy put out by today's hip hop (IG Live) 51:45 What happened to Grand Puba on 2nd album In God We Trust ? (IG Live) 55:58 Lord Jamar on calling children "kids" 57:00 - 58:45 Rep. André Carson calls in (IG Live) 58:47 - 59:34 (IG Live call dropped) 59:35 Outro  Merchandise: Patreon:
February 21, 2018
In this latest episode of the YANADAMEEN GODCAST...LORD JAMAR discusses: THE HAWAIIAN MISSLE FALSE ALARM...CARDI B & BEYONCE...MAINO'S PHILANTHROPY....he revisits MAD SKILLZ vs UNCLE MURDA...talks about SHIT THAT GETS ON HIS NERVES....TRUMP'S SHITHOLE COMMENT...he introduces the WORD ON THE STREET segment with SKITZO, as well as the DID YOU KNOW? segment, discussing the G.I. BILL.....and Jamar goes on IG LIVE once again.
February 20, 2018
February 19, 2018
In this premiere episode of the "Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar"...Jamar discusses the use of "subliminal symbolism" on the set of the "Breakfast Club," interviews the "Chinese Puff Daddy" & reacts to, and comments on, the "beef" between Tariq Nasheed & Umar Johnson.
      0:00:00 / 0:00:00