August 7, 2020
This week, Kate deep dives into Taylor Swift's surprise 8th studio album: Folklore. This album has everything; cardigans, soothing somber melodies, indie-rock flair, clandestine meetings and stolen stares. She walks through her favorite lyrics, the standout themes, the [somewhat limited, relatively speaking] Easter Eggs we know about, among many other Taylore-related tangents. In this podforsaken mess of an episode, she also meanders through what she deems to be the broader symbolism of the concept of folklore at this point in her career, how it ties to Miss Americana, and how this album is somehow both the most and least 'her' thing all at the same time. In lieu of a part 2, this episode is extra lengthy and detailed by design for those of you that are looking for a friend to talk TS with while social distancing. The devil's in the details, but you've got a friend in me :) Enjoy! (Taylor Swift Folklore Album Review)
July 31, 2020
This week, Kate sits down with Aparna Shewakramani, the breakout star of Netflix's hit show Indian Matchmaking, to discuss all things reality tv, matchmaking, first dates, strategic editing, double standards, and of course, Bolivian Salt Flats. She provides really insightful context in terms of the origin of the show, the actual dialogue that happened on the dates (pre-editing), and her experience (so far) emerging as a polarizing character. Does she really hate beaches and comedy? Find out all that and more on this week's episode! Support our sponsor: New customers will get 10% off their first order on
July 24, 2020
Kate discusses the #FreeBritney movement with Rebecca Grant, a licensed probate attorney who is a subject matter expert on conservatorships. Kate aims to further understand why Britney's situation is so unique and at times, suspicious. Additionally, she fact checks of a lot of the questions she has about the speculation, memes, and twitter threads. For example: What can and can't a conservator force her to do? Is she being forced to work? Why can't she hire her own attorney? Why would they check the dementia box for a 26-year-old woman? How is she, now 38, still in this incredibly restrictive conservatorship and deemed to be incapacitated, yet appear to work, tour, rehearse, run an empire, etc. successfully? All this and more on this 2-part Be There in Five Deep Dive! for up to $200 off mattress orders! code betherein5 for $22 off your first month’s wine subscription! Featured businesses:
July 24, 2020
A #FreeBritney Deep Dive covering the career and conservatorship of the inimitable Britney Jean Spears. This week, Kate takes on a highly requested and unbelievably layered topic, the #FreeBritney movement. Side A contains the discussion of a lot of the speculation, memes, and twitter threads, along with a full timeline from 1999; side B (will be posted a bit later) is a recorded conversation Kate had with an incredible licensed probate attorney (Rebecca Grant) who will help her deep dive into the nature of a probate conservatorship. Understandably, there’s a big piece of info that’s sealed about this case, so everything is speculation, but they’ll fact check the theories discussed in the first episode and answer the big questions to the best of their ability. For example: What can and can't a conservator force her to do? Is she being forced to work? Why can't she hire her own attorney? Why would they check the dementia box for a 26-year-old woman? How is she, now 38, still in this incredibly restrictive conservatorship and deemed to be incapacitated, yet appear to work, tour, rehearse, run an empire, etc. successfully? All this and more on this 2-part Be There in Five Deep Dive! code betherein5 for $22 off your first month’s wine subscription!
July 16, 2020
This week, you're invited to a virtual bridal shower where Kate reads listeners' funny and cringy stories from our favorite parties where we watch people act SHOCKED to open gifts that they've already picked out. Instead of mourn the absence of these important milestone events, Kate wanted to celebrate them and get excited for their return by reflecting on things like all the off-registry gifts you also wish you could return. She also discusses her fear of women's khakis making a comeback, reflects on the pile of clothing she swears she'll sell on Poshmark, pleads to resist the return of low rise denim, talks through some of her country music conspiracies, and then muses about her happy place: a mid-afternoon luncheon at your godmother's house in the suburbs where the weird compliments about your 'figure' are as prevalent as the soggy Costco pinwheels and ambitiously bite-sized Caprese skewers. Enjoy! Sponsors: Go to and use code bethereinfive80 to get a total of $80 off, including free shipping on your first box. Get 25% off when you go to and use code BETHEREINFIVE at checkout. Featured Black-owned businesses:
July 9, 2020
This week, Kate is lucky enough to be joined by actress, model, host, author, and new Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Garcelle Beauvais to talk all things housewives, reality tv, getting discovered, her incredible Hollywood career, her book series, Gen Z parenting, pivoting to housewives, dramatic RHOBH moments this season, and more! Kate also does her own RHOBH recap then discusses recent current events before and after the episode because she can't get over what's going on with Naya Rivera, the Hype House drama, and the [kinda solvable??] Unsolved Mysteries. A little bit of something for everyone, just like the menu at Buca di Beppo: Encino.
July 2, 2020
This week (in a different version of her deep dive than the one that is on Patreon), Kate decided she wanted to contribute further to the hype of the pop cultural phenomenon that is Hamilton to celebrate the release of the original cast album's performance on Disney+ this Friday. This deep dive includes a discussion on the themes, symbols, motifs, and broader cultural impact of the play as a whole, but only dives into the songs of Act I to give people a baseline understanding of what's going on. Act II will still be released on Patreon as planned, but Kate felt that she needed to update her opinions of what the show means to her and how she connects it to modern day as we reflect on our country's founding on the heels of Independence Day. Happy 4th, be safe, wear a mask, and raise a glass to freedom :) Act II will be posted on! Support our sponsors: for 10% off your first 3 months!
June 26, 2020
This week, Kate dives into the recent 180 people have done in terms of their opinion of Gen Z. Now being labeled as activists, heroes, and vigilantes, it’s clear that on this pod we need to clarify that we’ve come a long way from Tide Pods and continue the conversation we started during the episode “We Need to Tok.” Beyond discussing a little more about the psychographic characteristics that define Gen Z and how they relate to Millennials, she also formally responds to Gen Z’s recent roasting of Millennials on Twitter & TikTok. Then, she dives into Gen Z’s political activism and role in the recent Trump rally, explains K-pop’s involvement with social causes and the power of leveraging their stan-dom for causes beyond boy bands, while also exploring the other side of the story as it relates to issues of racism within a fandom that’s largely being heralded for fighting racism. Enjoy! Support our sponsors! Get up to 200 dollars off at Get your first 3-hour cleaning for ONLY $39 when you sign up for a cleaning plan. Go to and enter promo code BETHEREINFIVE. Support this week's featured Black-owned businesses:
June 18, 2020
This week, Kate starts with a few pop culture tangents and then ventures into her Delilah-inspired series where she answers random listener voicemails. This week, she covers topics from Rachel Hollis' divorce, to a Range Rover conspiracy, maid of honor speech writing, Real Housewives of Chicago, HomeGoods hand towels, advice when you're being pressured to get married, and more! Enjoy. Support our sponsor! Get 2 free months of unlimited access to thousands of classes at
June 11, 2020
This week, Kate has Jessie Bernhardt on the podcast to discuss influence in the time of social injustice. Not only the response of influencers and the responsibility of having a platform, but also the importance of factoring in our own influence in our daily lives. They discuss the disparity of the response relative to other Black Lives Matter efforts, the responsibility of influencers in combatting social injustice, the importance of sharing, elevating (and tagging!) Black creators, a couple of the influencer scandals, and overall how we can be more inclusive in the workplace and in our daily lives. Thanks to our sponsors: Go to and use code bethereinfive60 to get $60 off your first three weeks, including free shipping on your first box. Get 25% off at and use code BETHEREINFIVE at checkout. Black-owned businesses advertised:
June 6, 2020
In this episode, Kate draws from a hat that contains topics listeners submitted as deep dive requests. Instead of going deep, she "snorkels" through each topic, spending 10-20 minutes on a mini dive for each. Topics include: Kelly Ripa/Jessica Seinfeld's feud, hangover anxiety, Hillsong church/tithing/prosperity gospel, things you did to get your crush's attention, Britney's gym, prom/homecoming pictures/dinner/themes, influencer PR gifting, Selling Sunset and more! Kate also lists off black-owned businesses submitted by listeners in the Facebook group: Davidson Wine Co. Education with an Apron: Latesha Lynch Design & Coaching: The Tiny Tassel Accessories: Chicago Birth Works: Pink Sugar Cupcakery: The Zen Succulent: Esthetic Haus:
June 4, 2020
A message from Kate
May 28, 2020
Seriously, she's going to talk about this for two more hours? Yes, yes she is. This is a deep dive, after all. The first podcast on the Call Her Daddy podcast drama was released before we had ever heard from Alex, and now we have twice, and things have changed. Kate brought you into this mess and now she feels responsible for seeing you out of it. There's a lot to unpack that unfolded over the past week among Alex's Youtube video, Dave's barstool update, Alex's first episode solo, her final offer, and the Scooter Braun of it all. Beyond that, Kate spends the latter portion of the episode talking about why all of this matters, specifically why what Alex told us about Sofia's relationship matters, and talks through more lessons learned as she's dissected this complicated situation. It’s never a waste of time to deep dive if we can learn something from it, and this is a case study that represents relevant business, friendship, and relationship scenarios we all find ourselves in all the time that are worth diving into. Enjoy!
May 21, 2020
This week, Kate discusses the layers of a major story involving a wildly popular podcast, Call Her Daddy. In this episode, she first discusses the show's unprecedented success, theories on why the show is popular, and her perspective on when sexual rhetoric objectifies vs. empowers women. But, the discussion of their show's content is simply for musing's sake; more importantly, she wants to highlight that one of the issues with this story's coverage is that their show's subject matter is unfairly being used to devalue or invalidate their success. Throughout the podcast, she talks through different aspects of the story's progression, starting with explaining the existing business deal with Barstool, why their compensation is normal for the entertainment industry (but abnormal for the podcast world), and walks through how podcast networks operate by giving examples of the other financial scenarios that could have generated them a higher percentage of revenue, but not necessarily a comparable volume of audience. Kate also explores the importance of prioritizing your intellectual property, why that could've ultimately generated the bulk of their income, and also explores the confusing nature of media contracts that reward companies who give people their big break, despite living in a world where people can now give themselves their big break. But it begs the question, to what scale? To what level? How can you know when investing in talent what the future holds? Where does the value of the runway you were given end and where does the value of your merit begin? Beyond that, Kate talks about her experience staying private, owning IP, and basically doing the opposite of what they did, and why it's an example of what company resources can do for size and scale, and depends on what you want from something you create. Above all else, she talks through one of the lessons she's learned: money's important, but so are people, and how a respectful, realistic negotiation could've prevented the collapse of one of the wildest success stories that the podcast industry has ever witnessed. Enjoy!
May 16, 2020
In the finale of this influencer-centric trilogy, Kate tells all. The first two were more based on influencer behavior during COVID-19, but this episode is more of a general discussion of Kate's thoughts toward the business of monetizing being a person. Based on listener questions, she reviews her thoughts on the influencer business model as a whole, breaks down the heyday of Pinterest and OG blogging, expresses concern for how the industry is talked about, the lack of credit given to women for what is essentially category creation, reviews theories on rules of thumb for Instagram pricing, discusses the podcasting business model, her own intentions in the realm of influence, experience with affiliate links, how influencers make money, and so much more! Enjoy.
May 13, 2020
In between the influencer series episodes, please enjoy this bonus intermission with one of BTI5 listeners' favorite guests: comedian, author, and host of the wildly successful pop culture podcast Everything Iconic - Danny Pellegrino! Kate and Danny catch up and talk all things Home Goods, candles, Rae Dunn, Bravo Shows, summer camp, quarantine entertainment, and much more. Enjoy!
May 13, 2020
In between the influencer series episodes, please enjoy this bonus intermission with one of BTI5 listeners' favorite guests: comedian, author, and host of the wildly successful pop culture podcast Everything Iconic - Danny Pellegrino! Kate and Danny catch up and talk all things Home Goods, candles, Rae Dunn, Bravo Shows, summer camp, quarantine entertainment, and much more. Enjoy!
May 7, 2020
Kate dives into the results of a survey that over 1,000 listeners filled out about their expectations, preferences, and boundaries as it relates to influencer content during COVID-19. The good, the bad, the off-putting, and more importantly, the great! The first episode was an objective conversation with a reporter on influencer culture to discuss some of the scandals, this episode is all about listener feedback, and the third installment will be Kate's take on the art, science, and finance of influencing. Hope you don't mind she made this into a series since it's a hot topic and she's got the time.
April 29, 2020
This week, Kate is joined by Stephanie McNeal (a deputy breaking news director from BuzzFeed who specializes in reporting on influencers & internet culture) to talk about all things influencers in the time of COVID-19. They discuss the importance of holding people accountable, complexities of influencing the public in a tense social climate, how influencers are shifting their tone, how they respond to missteps, the appropriateness of sponsored content, loop giveaways, the real breakout star (tie-dye sweatsuits) and more. Beyond that, they discuss influencers at the center of current or previous controversies like Arielle Charnas, Caroline Calloway, and Rachel Hollis, to name a few. Come back for part 2 when Kate reviews the results of a survey she did where over a thousand of you shared your perspective, expectations, and recommendations for influencers during a time when their voice (or lack thereof) has the ability to stand out more than ever. And best of all, she'll review who you think has approached this situation extremely well and what content you're loving in order to end this on a positive note by celebrating the many many influencers who have done a great job. If you're new to the podcast, go to @bethereinfive's Instagram for a new listener guide that points you to popular episodes and different topics you can choose from. Enjoy!
April 23, 2020
If you're in the mood for a deep talk about the inexplicable things that happen to us, this is the episode for you. Kate crowdsources and reads aloud listener stories of signs, spooky occurrences, coincidences, synchronicities, and examples of passed loved ones possibly communicating. With lots of philosophical discussions in between about life, death, religion, and spirituality, this is perhaps the deepest of dives yet. Sounds like a downer, but it's ultimately an uplifting reminder of how we never really part from what matters most and to always pay close attention. You never know who's reaching out :)
April 17, 2020
A bonus episode surrounding Kate's new (albeit delayed) obsession with Jessica Simpson's impeccable memoir, Open Book. Kate is lucky enough to be joined by Hitha Palepu to break down their favorite parts and key takeaways from 2020's brightest light in memoir form. Follow Hitha @hithapalepu and Kate @bethereinfive
April 16, 2020
Kate crowdsources listener stories of signs, coincidences, synchronicities, and examples of passed loved ones possibly communicating. In the first installment, she provides context as to why this topic is meaningful to her and reviews her own personal examples of wild (and even at times spooky) coincidences in her life.
April 10, 2020
This week, to keep things exciting amidst the Groundhog Day of it all, Kate phoned a friend of the podcast you all know and love. Like an episodic format of a mystery white Airhead candy, it's exciting, maybe slightly predictable, and delightful all around. Enjoy!
April 2, 2020
This week, Kate is joined by hilarious pop culture aficionado Lucy O’Connor (AKA @lucyontheground on insta) to discuss (literally) everything on TV, past and present. They touch on maybe every Bravo show ever along with many other general pop culture tangents, including (but not limited to): Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, Summer House, Ladies of London, Love is Blind, Flipping Out, Below Deck, Rom Coms, Heartthrobs, VHS Previews, Greg Kinnear, Spice Girls, red carpet coverage, BravoCon, E! News captions, the glory days of Facebook groups, the list goes on. We hope this brings you as much joy as the RHONY premiere tonight. Enjoy! As you know, WINE DELIVERY IS VERY IMPORTANT right now, so this episode is brought to you by Winc. Visit and use code betherein5 for $22 off your first Winc order of 4 bottles or more!
March 25, 2020
A classic BTI5 monologue episode packed with highly specific analyses of modern topics paired with an assortment of nostalgic pop culture thoughts that are sure to brighten your spirits. First, Kate talks about how badly she wants to be in a physical store and dreams of walking the aisles of a Marshall’s in all their sticky, cluttered, Eileen Fischer-esque glory. Then, she meanders through various events from 2000-2005, including her most embarassing moment, denim back pockets as a status symbol, Todd Oldham for Target, scrunching your hair, college weight fluctuation, Y2K, the anatomy of a high school popular girl, among a ton of other topics that fall within this glorious half-decade. Kate had a great time recording this super shallow episode and hopes you’ll be able to escape for a moment listening to it. Enjoy & stay safe!
March 19, 2020
This week, have a well-deserved laugh with us as we read stories from listeners about babysitting's heyday in the 90's, when we all thought we were like Kristy & the gang and could watch children (when we were children), only to realize we were all hugely under-qualified and it was maybe kinda dangerous. I'm lucky enough to have my sister Kelly join me to tell these hilarious tales of 10-13 year olds biting off more (free pantry snacks) than they can chew. Part 2 will be up on by Friday. Enjoy!
March 16, 2020
This is a listener requested episode designed to distract you through trying times. It is about dipping sauces. I am not kidding. If you're new to the podcast, maybe check out some of our other episodes that are more typical for this program. We have nostalgic episodes (VSCO Girl Wash Your Face, Bath & Body Jerks, Millenniold, Bar Carte Blanche, Ween Pics) or our crowdsourced bridesmaid horror stories (Bride Tribe Part 1 & 2) or Mormon Mommy Bloggers (Parts 1-3) or crowdsourced sorority stories (Parts 1 & 2) and many others!
March 11, 2020
Talking debutante balls, high society, sororities, high school, royals, and more on this super fun episode with Merritt Beck (show regular) from The Style Scribe! First, Kate gives her final words on Harry & Meghan's departure from the royal family, then Merritt walks us through her experience going to 6 (!!) Deb balls and what it was like getting prepared, getting introduced to society, being maybe attempted to be married off but not really, choosing escorts, learning the Texas dip, and more as Kate obsessively asks questions about this societal tradition she finds both fascinating and antiquated. Then, they talk about high school and college, being bullied, sleepover culture, sorority recruitment at SMU, and then go into a few observations about the Megxit timeline. Enjoy!
March 3, 2020
This week, Kate has the privilege of being joined by Mark Cuevas from Netflix's hit reality show Love is Blind. They talk about a variety of things related to the show; from the more minor details that Kate harps on, i.e. stainless steel glasses, brown bed sheets, the lacking Lachey's, etc. to the deeper lessons in life and love that Mark ultimately from the show. They discuss the ins and outs of the audition process, logistics, and pod dates, then dive into how Mark really feels about his experience being engaged to Jessica. Does he think she got a fair edit? Was he really in love? Was he surprised at the altar? Was he aware of her feelings toward Barnett? Is it true he had a girlfriend this whole time? Find out all this and more on this week's episode. Enjoy! Follow Kate on instagram for more @bethereinfive and check out our live show dates at Support our sponsors! Get 25% off Liquid IV products at and use code bethereinfive at checkout! Pre-order Nora McInerny's memoir in paperback "No Happy Endings" wherever books are sold! And follow her on Instagram @noraborealis Get a free baseball cap with a $25 purchase on, a non-profit that provides cash grants to support awesome people going through awful things.
February 27, 2020
This week, Kate doesn't take the advice following her accidental solicitation for non-listener feedback and instead chooses to talk for 90 minutes about 2010s home décor. Following a dissection of all things bar carts, blogger vignettes, Craigslist, Ikea, farmhouse decor, and Chip & JoJo, Kate goes through a Facebook thread where listeners voice their childhood opinions of which aspects of home décor meant their BFFs were loaded. Enjoy!
February 21, 2020
Talking about Kate's experience as a millennial, woman, and podcaster (and as well as a millennial woman podcaster) for Be There in Five's 100th Episode. A little reflection, a little nostalgia, and a lot of gratitude for what you've all made happen.
February 13, 2020
Reading Be There in Five listeners' horror stories about being a bridesmaid. Long because people were so generous with their stories and wanted to read as many as possible. Listen at your leisure. Enjoy!
February 7, 2020
Reading Be There in Five listeners' horror stories about being a bridesmaid. Enjoy!
February 5, 2020
*TRIGGER WARNING* Sexual assault is discussed as a part of this episode. BONUS EPISODE! Regular episode Thursday. This is an in-depth review of the content & related themes within Taylor Swift's documentary "Miss Americana." The remainder of the episode and deleted commentary available on
January 29, 2020
Because you're going to need to learn about it eventually. *~Plz don't let this flop~*
January 22, 2020
This week, Kate starts by stating her peace about Jen & Brad (Jad? Bren? Did we not brand them as a couple?) and a few other current events. Then, she had the joy of being joined by Hannah Berner, a hilarious podcaster, comedian, and cast member of Bravo's hit show Summer House. They discuss a variety of topics, i.e. if money buys happiness, changing careers, the pressure to change your face once you're on TV, what it's like venturing into comedy, her impressive tennis career that Bravo low key did a docuseries about every episode, dating app pet peeves, the list goes on. Kate also grills Hannah about the behind the scenes of being on a reality show and gets the scoop on her relationship with her castmates, what it's like being filmed 24/7 (see also: hooking up on camera), cleaning the house and Sunday Scaries, how she handles conflict on camera, details on some of this season's drama from the trailer, and discusses how her life has changed since being on TV. Overall, such a fun conversation and to hear more, head to Hannah's podcast Berning in Hell where she interviews Kate this week as well. SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS! Go to to get your new favorite flats! Go to and use code bethereinfive10 to get 10 free meals and free shipping on seasonal recipes with pre-measured ingredients right to your door.
January 15, 2020
This week, Kate recaps the first two weeks of 2020 day by day, but not before a necessary discussion about Coach Monica and the amazingness of Netflix's new show "Cheer." After that, starting with Jan 1, Kate looks at the Google search trends of each day of the year so far and goes over pop culture's biggest events in 2020. Including (but not limited to) the Pope's slap, Raddix Madden, Jillian Michaels vs. Lizzo, Karlie Kloss on Project Runway, to TikTok's interpretation of WWIII, the Coachella lineup, Pilot Pete's season of The Bachelor, the out of touch Golden Globes, Adele & co in Anguilla, an orphan Annie tangent, bad red carpet coverage, her frustrations with MLMs, and thoughts on the tweet about "letting people live in 2020." Last but not least, she reviews Harry & Meghan's announcement to step down as senior members of the royal family and goes over their statements on financials, media coverage, and the Queen's response. Enjoy!
January 8, 2020
This week, Kate had the pleasure of sitting down with Jennifer Lake as part of the podcast’s Under the Influencer series. A successful blogger and influencer in her own right, Jenn has paved a unique career being both inside the industry and working alongside it. As a full-time SVP at a PR agency (that often works with bloggers) and a blogger herself (The Style Charade), she has a unique perspective on all things influencer marketing. They discuss personality tests' relevance to your career, the lady that would weirdly bring color swatches to your house in the 90s, the ins and outs of having a full-time job (with no intention of leaving) and a time-consuming side hustle, the importance of recognizing when something isn’t working for you and how to pivot, where the influencer world is headed, followed by Kate’s favorite topic: influencer PR trips. How do you vet and select people for trips? Are they always paid? How is it different when you’re invited on one versus coordinating one for your job? How do you track effectiveness and performance? Do you professionally lurk to find the right people and what if they don’t do a good job? Do you put people in middle seats on international flights? How does Kate get Arby’s to notice her? Kate has all the questions and Jenn graciously answers with incredible insight into the biz from a multitude of professional and personal angles. Also, she may have changed Kate’s mind about the Nsale, not an easy feat. Hope you enjoy!
December 31, 2019
Inspired by a family swipe-a-thon through my sister's Bumble account over Christmas break, this week we are talking all things online dating with a very special guest, my sister Kelly. We review a bit about Christmas and Hallmark movies but then dive into a live swiping of the Bumble talent near my parents' house, followed by a lengthy discussion about do's and don'ts of dating profiles while going through hundreds of BTI5 listeners' pet peeves about photos, bios, messages, and more. Enjoy and Happy New Year!
December 18, 2019
This week, Kate is joined by the hilarious Ashley Hesseltine (comedian, founder of @brosbeingbasic, co-host of Girls Gotta Eat podcast) to talk about many things, but mostly, they keep going back to the same pressing topic: the art of trying to be a hot girl who gets attention from boys at a suburban high school. Ira Glass could never. We cover a lot of ground, from the expectations bestowed upon tall people that result in being a JV Junior, to cheerleading, to prom dates and late blooming, to a short-lived stint in a sorority as a result of a highly successful personal rebrand. We also discuss Ashley's incredible career trajectory, GGE's successful tour, her experience speaking openly about sex & dating, magical spring break trips, Instagram likes, and a myriad of other entertaining topics. Follow Ashley @ashhess and @girlsgotteatpodcast. Enjoy!
December 10, 2019
This week, Kate teams up for a crossover episode with Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman from Bad On Paper (check out their episode this week too for Kate's interview). Kate starts by talking a bit about the live show, the decades podcast she's working on, and then reviews some brief observations from her days browsing the Scholastic book order form. Then all three discuss a variety of topics; i.e. working with friends, starting a podcast, getting more involved in the podcasting community, and evolving their content, followed by a discussion of Kate's pop cultural blind spot; books! Becca and Grace discuss their love for reading, their top books (high & low brow), their favorites from childhood, and what book/magazine related pop culture they're most fond of from the 90s. They also answer listener questions, like what their deep dive episodes would be about, which tropes/plotlines they love to hate when reading, their favorite podcast episodes, holy grail beauty products, etc. Be sure to check out Bad On Paper and Bad On Politics, and follow @graceatwood and @beccamfreeman!
November 27, 2019
For Part II of her Lover analysis, Kate takes the concept of not hurrying to the next level and talks for another couple hours about the back half of Taylor Swift's latest and greatest album. In this episode, Kate analyzes lyrics, attempts to connect dots between songs, speculates about their origin, and peppers in personal anecdotes and experiences to back up her perspective on each song. Full disclosure, we do go into "Soon You'll Get Better," which is a song that even Kate can't listen to in passing, so if you want to skip ahead, that part starts around the one hour mark. Additionally, if you are not a fan of DBATC and False God, this may not be the program for you ;) Hope you enjoy, Happy Thanksgiving, and please pardon the length; this album has 18 songs and it turns out, you really can't hurry Lover.
November 21, 2019
This week, after a casual 3 month delay, Kate follows up on her reaction podcast to Taylor Swift's album "Lover," going more in depth on the songs, lyrics, themes, and current news involving TS. Throughout the analysis she weaves in the issues with Scott & Scooter, where she stands on TS' relationship, the Rolling Stone article, Lover Fest, etc. to get fully caught up on all things Taylor Nation. At one point she talks about American Girl dolls too because she can't help herself. Since she firmly believes that you can't hurry Lover, she is dividing this review into two parts: one episode for each half of the album, the next coming out early next week in time for a long Thanksgiving drive. Enjoy!!
November 14, 2019
This week, Kate sits down with Kendall Glazer, co-founder and co-creative director of Stoney Clover Lane, the beloved customizable accessories brand of several A-listers and influencers, to talk all things influencer marketing and more. In 2009, Kendall and her sister Libby started SCL by making bracelets on their bedroom floor, and upon getting them into the hands of teen stars like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, the brand took off. Over the past decade, they've evolved into a multi-million dollar brand through the popularity of their premium candy-colored travel accessories, pouches, duffles, etc. that are designed to spark self-expression through mixing and matching with thousands of their proprietary patches. We talk through the story of how teenage boredom turned into their now empire, and Kendall provides a really interesting perspective on PR gifting, influencers, retail strategy, product pivoting, and leveraging social media, letting us in on how a company this successful has never paid for traditional advertising. Beyond that, she has great stories of celeb encounters, how she chooses influencers, why they send the products the way they do, and toward the end, they talk pop culture, as she's just as big of a fan of celebs and influencers as Kate is. Since we haven't had someone on the brand side on an episode of Under the Influencer, this is an interesting take on a company that that almost solely leveraged influencers to get to where they are today. Enjoy!
November 11, 2019
In part 2, Kate continues to take a detour from traditional pop culture and discusses a cultural phenomenon from her time in youth groups and church camps. Inspired by listeners' stories and her own experience, she talks about the impact of movements like True Love Waits and other elements of "purity culture," 20 years later. In this episode, she reads listener e-mails and DMs that describe their firsthand experiences in more detail, both positive and negative, as it relates to church, school, and parental messaging surrounding purity. This episode is designed to lightheartedly reminisce, seriously reflect, and to examine the long-term implications of (to quote Linda Kay Klein) "the Evangelical movement that shamed a generation of young women."
November 7, 2019
This week, Kate takes a detour from traditional pop culture and discusses a cultural phenomenon from her time in youth groups and church camps. Inspired by listeners' stories and her own experience, she talks about the impact of movements like True Love Waits and other elements of "purity culture," 20 years later. From the funny memories she has of sign language, straight edge kids, Jars of Clay, live church bands, and the scoping out youth pastors, to some of the memories that are more unsettling to remember, she tries to share a balance of her observations and research from thought leaders that once supported the movement. In the second episode, she'll read listener e-mails that describe their firsthand experiences in more detail. This episode is designed to lightheartedly reminisce, at times seriously reflect, and to explain the ins and outs of the issues that lie within (to quote Linda Kay Klein) "the Evangelical movement that shamed a generation of young women."
October 31, 2019
This week, Kate starts by talking about her trip to New Orleans, first musing about the Real World: New Orleans followed by some thoughts about her lack of torso relative to bridesmaid dresses' most frequent silhouettes and her thoughts on bridesmaid makeup conspiracies. Following that, there's some discussion about having an unidentifiable body type in magazine quizzes, resenting dress try-ons and how, yet again, Kate is able to link this to something she once heard at church camp. Then, she mentions the outreach received by listeners as it relates to discussing how millennials were spoken to about relationships in non-secular environments and opens the discussion about a pop culture church phenomenon of the 90s, True Love Waits. This is going to be a future episode, but she talks about some of her thoughts to start a dialogue and tell listeners to reach out if they want an anonymous story shared. Somehow that turns into Kate discussing what she realized is the common denominator of all of her #fauxliage posts, and peppered into this discussion of the Danish phenomenon hygge, she talks about managing travel expectations, disappointing trips, bloggers photoshopping vacation destinations, followed by a quick Hallmark Christmas Movie and Nancy Meyers' The Holiday detour. Then, she recaps her (roast) beef with Arby's haters, briefly explaining her disproportionately fancy Arby's and how it spurred an interesting sample size of adult intellectual 'blind spots' that BTI5 followers have misunderstood their whole lives. Some are new, some from Instagram, all are hilarious reminders that we always have more to learn. This episode really covers the whole spread, nay, schmear. Enjoy!
October 23, 2019
This week, Kate has a grab bag of an episode, combining some current pop culture updates with some of the hotline questions from the past month. This episode discusses Meghan & Harry's vulnerable interview, the public backlash, and Kate's thoughts on if privileged people can publicly complain. Beyond that, she answers listener voicemails about a variety of topics: from who ate the muffins and a few other sorority related questions from the deep dive, to handling one's emotions at work and the trick she has for getting herself out of ANYTHING, to her favorite 90s foods, to discussing how to become an influencer and pitch brands, and also dives into what to do if you know someone is cheating on a friend. She also follows up re: if Kelly has ever been set up from the podcast. Beyond listener questions, a variety of other topics are covered as usual, but even more exciting, instead of ads this week, Kate uses the air space to talk about her listeners' favorite non-profits, causes, and charities and you'll learn about how to get involved with some truly incredible organizations.
October 16, 2019
This week, Kate sits down with Katelyn James, of Katelyn James Photography (@katelynjames), who is a force in the photography world, an accomplished entrepreneur, an educator to thousands of aspiring creatives, an influencer (not by trade, but through her brand's following) that prioritizes transparency, and last but not least, she also was Kate's wedding photographer in Italy in 2017. In their second hangout ever (first being Kate's wedding), they walk through a broad range of professional and personal topics; such as starting, sustaining, and scaling her business, building a community and client experience, dealing with slow growth periods, learning how to slow down and step away from all-consuming self-employment, projects that did and didn't land, transitioning her work from photography to education, and her million dollar idea that has Kate rethinking her entire career because it's genius. Following that, they have a discussion about her (former) and Kate's (current) fears about having children when there's already not enough time in the day, what has and has not changed with motherhood, and then have a meaningful conversation about influence in a much different way than has ever been discussed on this podcast. Katelyn shares how she draws boundaries as it relates to how much of her real life she puts on social media, talks about finding impact and purpose through difficult seasons, and then discusses the importance of sharing her son James' story to honor his life and give hope to other families enduring an unthinkable loss. This is truly a special episode with an incredible woman; you will marvel at her honesty, openness, and insight, and understand within minutes why Kate has been a KJ superfan for the better part of a decade.
October 10, 2019
This week, Kate dives into her favorite stories sweeping the internet. First, a sober, yet wild (but not really?) blogger bachelorette party that has us all looking in a mirror and wondering, why are we morally repulsed by the notion of a party bus while sober? And who is Kate to talk when she nearly lost her mind on a bachelorette party tractor mere days ago? Followed by a discussion of the savage instagram investigation held by Coleen Rooney, who is now being dubbed WAGatha Christie, due to her clever approach for calling out a fellow WAG for leaking stories about her to the press. Followed by a bizarre Facebook rabbit hole Kate found herself in that involves a cheater named Clayton and his maybe stepsister Lacy, but most importantly, it all goes down at a Chili's. Here's to hoping it does not, in fact, get his baby back.
October 4, 2019
Welcome back! For part two of our trip down memory lane (or if you went to VT, Oak Lane), Kate reads submissions from listeners about their standout stories from the time they were in a sorority. Some are funny, some are incredibly difficult, and some are sweet, but overall Kate wanted to showcase a wide range of experiences as it relates to the very different experiences that can occur depending on school, chapter, members, and leadership. Commentary and occasional anecdotes are shared by Kate, from her time as a clergywoman in the sorority, to a few awkward interactions with sisters, to a heartwarming experience she had that was a turning point. All in all, an interesting cross-section of experiences from actual listeners of the podcast who were kind enough to contribute their stories. If you have a story to share, send it to and Kate will share along with the extras she didn't get to on Patreon. Enjoy!
October 2, 2019
This week, Kate looks under the sister(hood). A former, nay, forever (it's not four years its FOR LIFE!) sorority girl herself, she loves to reminisce and laugh about the years where we took standards more seriously than the FBI, where we wanted to dance like no one was watching but unfortunately council was watching and if both feet weren't on the ground you were on social probation. To muse about a time where there was no currency more important than being hot, no crime greater than stealing someone's food in a late night drunken racoon rummage, and no greater challenge than enduring the painstaking hours, high heel wearing, aggressive clapping, and syncronized chanting during the week of recruitment. The first episode sets the stage, talks about sororities in general, goes through how recruitment works, discusses some of Kate's experience as an extension from Ep 52 "Ween Pics," and a few stories from listeners are told. In part 2, Kate will be telling the rest of the listener stories and detailing the submissions about inappropriate sorority/frat/philanthropy t-shirts from instagram submissions. All in good fun; every school, every sorority and every chapter is different, and this is far more a deep dive into what happens when a large group of young women are thrust into an organization with a ton of rules during the peak age of no one wanting to follow rules. Enjoy! This episode is brought to you by FabFitFun - use code bethereinfive at checkout via for $10 off your box of full-size products worth over $200 for just $49.99! #fabfitfunpartner
September 26, 2019
This week, Kate starts by trying to explain to everyone the anatomy of a current pop cultural phenomenon called a VSCO girl, but inevitably gets a bit sidetracked by the soundtrack to her teen years, largely spearheaded by Dashboard Confessional. She walks through what the VSCO girl trend means, how to spot one, why it's confusing, and why it's basically a lot of stuff we've all been wearing this whole time, albeit a lot less annoyingly. She intertwines the analysis with reminiscing about her sickest AIM away messages using emo band lyrics designed to really strike an unrequited crush where it hurts. She also makes an argument for resisting dismissing all things pumpkin and general Autumnal joy as "basic" when it's popular for a reason: it's cozy AF. Then she pivots to talk about Rachel Hollis and her two very popular books, "Girl, Wash Your Face" and "Girl, Stop Apologizing," and how advice that relates to highly situational finances and levels of privilege paired with misguided advice about mental health is, at times, a concerning formula for the most popular self-help book in recent years. Following that, Kate reads her listeners' submissions for their most embarrassing Facebook album titles in high school and college and has a good laugh at her listeners' expense, or should she say her "SKANKZZZZ" expense. Enjoy! This episode is brought to you by Helix sleep - go to for up to $125 off your purchase!
September 22, 2019
HOTLINE: 312-379-9676 Questions answered in this episode: -How do I make friends as an adult? The bulk of the episode, Kate talks about how difficult this has been for her and shares some stories about her experience trying to find BFFs in a life stage not very well suited for BFF making. She also details her experience with social anxiety and how to work through some of the nerves as it relates to these get togethers. -How does Kate trace back her tangents? What's a trick of editing vs. stream of consciousness? -A wedding etiquette question - am you obligated to go to a wedding for a person you're not that close to anymore? -Topic request: Lenovo picking influencers & T Swift Paris concert -Does Kate have a prediction for the fate of legacies on this season of DCC: Making the Team? -Does Kate think the drunk Taylor pictures were released as album promo? -What are some activities/ways I've made friends as an adult? Plus plenty of commentary peppered in about other topics! Enjoy!
September 18, 2019
We are so excited to have Merritt Beck (The Style Scribe, Sussex Style Watch) back on the podcast to discuss what's been going on with Harry & Meg since we last recorded together. Starting with some musings from Kate about Disney one-hit wonders, to the inevitable Princess Diaries discussion that happens when anything royal is brought up, to what they didn’t cover as it relates to Royal news from the summer, followed by Merritt's piece that starts around the half hour mark. From there, Kate and Merritt discuss the scandalous stories, like Wimbledon's no-photo policy, a non-"boastful" British Vogue cover, the Christening, and 4 private jets in 11 days, to the some of the wins, like her SmartWorks collection for charity, we discuss what's happened during this summer that's been particularly rough press-wise for MM. Even better, Kate and Merritt go off on a number of tangents, from discussing Kaylor, to what it's like being in a relationship and having a public job, to Kate's head nearly exploding when she hears about Merritt's introduction to society. A well-rounded pop culture palate cleanser for the books. Enjoy!
September 11, 2019
On this episode of Be There in Five's Under the Influencer Series, Kate talks to Grace Atwood, the blogger behind The Stripe, who is also a content creator, podcast host, avid reader, and most recently, proprietor of the Amazon nightgown movement. Listen as she and Kate drink wine and discuss her career path, days at Bauble Bar, how she got started on her blog, transitioned from working with influencers to being the influencer, rebranding her blog, and how she got to where she is today. Beyond that, she also tackles other frequently asked questions (that are seldom answered), such as, complaining about DMs and PR mail, caring about getting verified, how removal of likes would impact her business, and perhaps least importantly answers an age-old (pun intended) question, has she REALLY never had botox? Yep, that's what we call a teaser folks. Enjoy!
September 4, 2019
On this week's episode, the most requested guest of all time graces us with her thin ankles and presence. Comedian, actress, and Instagram icon Heather McMahan joins Kate to talk Instagram stardom, mesothelioma, college, being southern, sororities, the friend zone, confidence, relationships, body image, wellness, and more on this bucket list episode for Kate.
August 28, 2019
Part III dives more into scandals and tragedies, as well as some recent events that have been hot topics, as well as some listener submitted favorite anecdotes from internet rabbit holes. Topics include quick engagement turnover, as well as other stories involving bloggers such as Freckled Fox, Ashlee Swenson, Shannon Bird, and more. In this series, Kate dives further into her most requested topic of all time. While not an expert, she's been a reader/fan/critic of many bloggers over the past decade. This episode is a stream of consciousness examination of the world of influence and specifically, as it relates to the (apparent) prevalence of Mormon/LDS mommy bloggers in the fashion/lifestyle/beauty blogging world. A lighthearted look at Kate's obsession with many of their impossible good looks, sprawling new construction compounds, lowkey business empires, seemingly well-behaved children, and consistent fresh blowouts, along with a deeper look at the implications of this (perhaps) intentional projection of perfection that lies within a faith that (seems to, from her research) prioritize appearances.
August 28, 2019
Part II of the Mormon Mommy Blogger series (used for continuity, now aware name has changed) is designed to go through listener feedback from Part I, correct some inaccuracies, and bridge to the next episode by separating the culture of the church from the doctrine of the church as it relates to the stereotypes surrounding many Utah-based bloggers. Kate also responds to a blogger who was discussed in episode 1 that reached out to her after listening to the episode and also discusses surprising news from another blogger as it relates to her growing brood of children. She also revisits questions after reading more information from scripture and conferences, such as, how much pressure is put on women to have kids? To marry young? What was the feedback like from people within the church who have felt both embraced and unwelcome as a result of decisions in their personal life? Additionally, she goes through some of the dark implications of intolerance as it relates to LGBTQ individuals' rights to be in relationships, marry, etc. and what studies have been done that link youth suicide rates to areas with a high concentration of church members. Part 3 will dive more into scandals and tragedies, as well as some recent events that have been hot topics, as well as some listener submitted favorite anecdotes from internet rabbit holes. Not intended to offend or condemn, rather connect the dots related to questions surrounding the zeitgeists' current fascination with public facing bloggers that happen to be a part of this church, and listener feedback is read in this episode in order to ensure that fairness is delivered in terms of the accuracy of church teachings, even if interpretations are, well, up for interpretation. All stories are grounded in information shared or ascertained from actual events on the blogger/influencer's individual pages, social media, or other properties and all opinions expressed are Kate's own unless otherwise noted as a quote from, the Benjamin Kroll study, or listener e-mails.
August 23, 2019
A sleepy but necessary run-through of my first impressions of the 14 songs we had not yet heard on Lover. I love logging these thoughts because they tend to change so drastically as I listen more and more. Please consider this a bonus episode as opposed to a well-thought-out deep dive, as this was a last-minute decision but one I could not ignore, given I'm so thrilled with the outcome of this album. It was Lover at first sight!
August 14, 2019
A quick intermission in between LDS Mommy Blogger deep dives (the second one takes more research) but I didn't want you to be without an episode this week! Answering listener questions from the BTI5 hotline while nursing an accidental hangover (which makes for a lot of weird commentary?) and covering a myriad of topics from general current pop culture, 90s music, Bravo-related, Taylor Swift related content!
August 7, 2019
On this episode, Kate dives into her most requested topic of all time. While not an expert, she's been a reader/fan/critic of many bloggers over the past decade. This episode is a stream of consciousness examination of the world of influence and specifically, as it relates to the (apparent) prevalence of Mormon/LDS mommy bloggers in the fashion/lifestyle/beauty blogging world. A lighthearted look at Kate's obsession with many of their impossible good looks, sprawling new construction compounds, lowkey business empires, seemingly well-behaved children, and consistent fresh blowouts, along with a deeper look at the implications of this (perhaps) intentional projection of perfection that lies within a faith that (seems to, from her research) prioritize appearances. Part 2 will dive more into scandals and tragedies, but this episode starts with the ties of core Mormon values (in the words of journalists and listeners who are current and ex-Mormons) that may lend themselves to blogging success, and how these women are shaping the influencer realm, one butler's pantry at a time.
July 29, 2019
Last week, the BTI5 podcast opened a listener hotline (312-379-9676), and for part two of last week's episode, Kate starts with answering 4 listener questions spanning the topics of boy bands, breakups, The Bachelor, and mental health. From how to navigate needy friends who won't take advice, to how to cope with a heartbreak, to the best Taylor Swift songs for every emotional situation, to her favorite boy band memories and moments from TRL, to her approach if she ever was a contestant on The Bachelor, these prompts prove that BTI5 listeners are, in fact, the best. Enjoy another delightfully rambly ride in this part breezy, part deep discussion modeled after Kate's 90s radio idol: Delilah.
July 24, 2019
This week, there will be two episodes - the first I've separated out for TS fans. This is an in-depth discussion of The Archer, the song I didn't know I needed, and how it (to me) relates to deeper themes of anxiety, internal conflict, patterns, self-loathing and the opposing self-awareness and objectivity that allows you to recognize the situation, but not necessarily correct for it. It's about the song, but it's also not about the song, if that makes sense. The lyrics start to be analyzed around a half hour in, and I discuss the parallels with her poem "If You're Anything Like Me," the theory behind track 5, the ever-present inquiry of it containing queer themes, and how I interpret and connect the lyrics stanza by stanza to what I know of her experience, what I can connect to my own, and what we can all potentially extract from this simple yet frantic, ethereal yet dark, vague but sensory song.
July 17, 2019
This week, we're throwing it back to a simpler time. Roughly the year 2000, when all Kate was concerned with were the latest scents at Bath & Body Works, getting an Abercrombie shirt with the most visible moose she could find, grinding (AKA 'freak dancing') at school dances, getting boys to read between the lines of her vague AIM away messages, and figuring out how to be one of those people that gets 'hott' over summer break. This episode examines a variety of topics related to a suburban public school girl's world in the aughts, from analyzing the politics of a suburban mall hang, to the dynamics that unfold in a food court, to reading off listener-submitted age-inappropriate phrases on Abercrombie & Fitch shirts, to covering the policing of freak dancing, and more. Toward the end, she expresses her discomfort with lingerie showers and goes off into several other tangents, never actually getting to this week's news before hitting 90 minutes. So this episode serves as somewhat of a nostalgic deep dive. We hope it's more pleasant than a fresh bottle of Cucumber Melon shower gel.
July 10, 2019
An episode that's a partial rant of Kate's issues with wedding music, a part recap of where the most recent deep dives have netted out, a #WHERESGABE boot on the ground, some thoughts about Barbies and childhood board games, reflecting on the unenforceable nature of the game of Truth or Dare, a defense of KKW body makeup, followed by a conversation with comedian and host of the wildly successful pop culture podcast, Juicy Scoop. Enjoy!
July 3, 2019
Another week, another complex pop culture phenomenon that warrants a deep dive. In this episode, Kate discussed the complicated nature of the discussion surrounding the sale of Taylor Swift's former label, Big Machine, to Scooter Braun, manager of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Karlie Kloss, and formerly Kanye West. We discuss the two main points of Taylor's Tumblr statement that are directed toward industry heavy hitters: her perceptions of Scott Borchetta's betrayal and her account of Scooter's bullying, and the implications of her being unable to own her master recordings. Kate goes through the background of her and Big Machine, why this was such a betrayal to Taylor, why no one seems to understand she wasn't given an opportunity to outright buy her masters, and why Scott's decision seems more like a controlling power play than purely a business decision. She also goes into historic examples of artists fighting for their masters and explains the deal Taylor Swift turned down that made them available for sale to the man she claims bullied her in 2016. Also, which celebrities responded? Whose side are they on? Does it matter? Why is Yael stuck in the 1950s? etc. She also answers people's questions from Instagram and gives plenty of her own opinions on how women who speak out are still being treated in 2019. A lot to unpack here, hence the two hours, but it's not a shallow dive! Please give us a 5 star review and enjoy!
June 25, 2019
A classic Be There in Five Deep Dive. This week, we're recapping the "influencer proposal," AKA Marissa Casey Fuchs being sent around the world by Gabe Grossman to ask her to be his (brand) partner for life. If you aren't caught up, watch the @FashionAmbitionist's #RielLove story highlights and come back to this episode for a debrief. Here we recap what happened and examine, is this modern and charming? or exploitative and gross(man)? Did she know about it in advance? What's the deal with the pitch deck? What did they actually pay for, what was paid by brands, what was gifted? Does it comply with FTC guidelines? Where did they go in recent days? What is my final conclusion? All this and more explored on this deep dive of a very confusing, intriguing, equally romantic/alarming, modern day real-time Instagram proposal.
June 24, 2019
This week, we're #blessed with a pop culture extravaganza episode with Danny Pellegrino from the chart-topping pop culture podcast Everything Iconic. Much like Danny's podcast, we dive into many iconic topics: Housewives, 90s TV commercials, DARE, Nancy Meyers, AIM culture, bookstores, picking your friends based on snacks… the list goes on. If you're into really specific details of the 90s/aughts, this episode is for you. Enjoy!
June 19, 2019
An exploration of Taylor Swift's career and the first two singles off of TS7 (which we now know is called 'Lover') with the Youtube star Lauren Lipman, who is best known for her series, "Taylor Swift Tuesdays." She details what it's like to meet Taylor, be contacted by Taylor Nation under top secret circumstances, go into the Rep Room, among other incredible experiences in the Swiftie fandom.
June 10, 2019
A (very) late night deep dive into today's current hot topic: the (allegedly) disastrous release of Jaclyn Hill's first products from her own makeup line, Jaclyn Cosmetics. In this episode, I explain why this is incredibly layered; from the product defects, to the implications of customer satisfaction versus safety, to her history with product launch issues, to her controversial approach to customer service, to the potential conspiracy as it relates to the timing of the launch relative to the dissolution of her marriage. This is an interesting case study of a major content creator entering into commerce and learning on the fly the importance of quality control, self control, and relinquishing control as it relates to owning up to one's mistakes. I also discuss the industry of YouTube drama channels, the other heavy hitters in the beauty tutorial realm, give my two cents on why people that are the face of products may deserve a little more grace, and go through some of the main hypotheses I've read online over the weekend. Enjoy!
June 5, 2019
It's been a while since Kate has been on the mic solo, so we're in for a 2 hour rambling ride. This week, Kate is answering a myriad of listeners' pop culture questions that lead to tangents a-plenty, both incredibly shallow and (at times) quite deep. She also poses her own questions rhetorically in-between, so the best way to summarize the episode is to list the questions/musings she's answering, in order. Topics include: -What podcasts does she listen to? -Why is it hard to make friends as an adult? -If you have a nanny, how do you make them not hate you? -What did she think of Taylor Swift's pride speech and Wango Tango performance? -Is she over the TS7 Easter Eggs? Does she think the album is delayed? -Has she watched the Jonas Brothers documentary? -What are her thoughts on Kylie Skin? -What's going on with Britney Spears? -What is her enneagram number? -Can she elaborate on how she feels about pools/wearing two-pieces? -How does she feel about MLMs? -How does she feel about Rachel Hollis? Then onto Bravo-adjacent discussions: -Are James & Lala now friends? -LVP's departure from RHOBH/episode recap? -What are her thoughts on the excessive RHONY drinking and Sonja's mental state? -What are her thoughts this far on this season of Southern Charm? -Why TF did Kathryn buy a Rolls Royce? -Let's revisit Austen's threesome video? -Who do we like better, Victoria with the fashion hat or Madison with the dimple? -Did the Below Deck Med chef really just make the equivalent of 'my pantry is empty so I'll make some drunken inedible microwave nachos' for her yacht guests? Then onto a brief discussion about adjusting comfort levels with criticism, a podcast episode that helped put it into perspective, and some concluding thoughts. Hope you enjoy!
May 28, 2019
This week, Kate starts by catching up on the week's events, first diving into the Taylor Swift conspiracy she's inserted herself into (again). Then, the epic conclusion of her conversation with Merritt Beck (of The Style Scribe and Sussex Style Watch) starts with an in-depth analysis of the affair rumors (some friend-of-a-friend tea is spilled), followed by a discussion of Meghan Markle's first year in fashion; her hits, her misses, our feelings on what her clothing choices mean, analyzing Harry's behavior, "team both," panicking when seeing celebs in person, among other things! Thanks to Merritt for being so wonderful and make sure to check out her instagram @SussexStyleWatch for the visual guide to all the outfits they talk about! Also, be sure to check out our friends Grace & Becca at their @badonpaperpodcast live shows coming up in Chicago (5/29), DC (6/7), Boston (6/20), Charleston (6/27), and Nashville (6/28).
May 21, 2019
FINALLY! Kate has met her match in terms of being Royally obsessed with Meghan Markle and all things related to The Firm. In a 2 part extravaganza, Kate and Merritt Beck (of The Style Scribe and Sussex Style Watch) discuss Meghan Markle's first year as a member of the royal family. From the wedding, to fashion, to her family, to philanthropy, to the questionable tailoring, to the affairs, the feud with Kate Middleton, the baby announcement, the Commonwealth tours, the bump cradling, the birth announcement - you name it - they cover it all in (somewhat alarming) detail. A somewhat factual and highly editorialized good old fashioned Be There in Five Deep Dive. Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week! Follow Kate @bethereinfive and Merritt @merrittbeck and @sussexstylewatch. Enjoy!
May 16, 2019
This week, join Kate as she tells you a little bit about her weekend, the Southern Charm premiere, and her love for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, followed by an in-depth conversation as part of her "Under the Influencer" series with another one of Dallas' treasures, Courtney Kerr, beloved Bravolebrity and Founder & Creative Director of Kate & Courtney talk about her career, from Most Eligible Dallas to Courtney Loves Dallas (her two shows on Bravo), to now, and how her blog has evolved into a successful online magazine that makes her the go-to guru as it relates to skincare, beauty, fashion & lifestyle. They discuss how she runs a successful business, the inner workings of taping a reality show, how to deal with haters, skincare routines, a little Dallas Housewives, Courtney reveals a revelation about DCC: Making the Team, and then talks about her choice to keep her relationship off of Instagram and how life has changed since being on TV. Big hair, big personality, and a big heart.
May 16, 2019
A few late night thoughts Kate recorded about the law being passed in Alabama. Separating from the regular episode for those that don't want to talk politics. The regular episode will be up later today!
May 6, 2019
After spending a weekend deep in the music videos of the '90s divas, (Mariah, Celine & the gang), Kate reminisces about the songs that make her feel like she's transported back to '96, flipping through a Delia*s, crushing a Fruitopia, and drenched in body splash. We discuss stanning celebs, TRL vs. VH1 music video countdowns, the VH1 Divas series, super depressing songs that get super popular, back to school clothes, why older millennials (milenniolds) are a superior generation, and sleepover culture. Then, to give the regular audience a taste of the Patreon content, Kate plays part of a bonus episode with her sister, where they talk through nostalgic country music (even though Kate "hates" it), and Kate manages to cry/laugh through half of this segment because she has too many feelings. A fun, breezy, quick Monday episode with a new episode coming later this week. Enjoy! Be There in Five is a pop culture podcast, specializing in a stream of consciousness style recap of current events, which is also peppered with celeb gossip, 90s nostalgia, the current zeitgeist, the influencer economy, social media, entrepreneurship, bravo shows, housewives, reality tv, women's small business ownership, wellness, mental health, and sharing anecdotes/life lessons from a "multi-preneur" who's still trying to figure it out. Can you tell i wrote this for the keywords? Love ya!
April 30, 2019
A classic BTI5 Taylor Swift deep dive! The new single ME! Is here and we are discussing the music video, potential hidden meanings, easter eggs, etc. as well as walking through the MANY album and single title theories floating around, followed by musings about her outstanding career, influence, PR tactics, and the potential impact of certain theories as it relates to her relationships. Be There in Five is a pop culture podcast, specializing in a stream of consciousness style recap of current events, which is also peppered with celeb gossip, 90s nostalgia, the current zeitgeist, the influencer economy, social media, entrepreneurship, bravo shows, housewives, reality tv, women's small business ownership, wellness, mental health, and sharing anecdotes/life lessons from a "multi-preneur" who's still trying to figure it out. Can you tell i wrote this for the keywords? Love ya!
April 25, 2019
A special episode in the Under the Influencer series with a friend who happens to be successful fashion and lifestyle blogger, Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins. With blog traffic in the millions, followers in the six figures, and 9 years of sponsorships, partnerships, and content under her belt, we have an honest conversation about what it's like behind the scenes. We discuss how she got started, how the industry has changed, how bloggers/influencers make money, the times when you're not making money, dissect the 'hate follow,' and she answers questions that Kate is nosy about, such as what aspects of travel are comped and if her life is free. They laugh and lament about falling victim to the comparison game and the difficulty of going through stagnant times. Kate also walks through where she thinks she's been right and wrong about judging influencers. An interesting, in-depth, and incredibly honest look at the inner workings of monetizing yourself as a brand. Starting with a brief overview of the Countess live at the Chicago Theater followed by a few last minute TS7 predictions. Enjoy! You can find Jessica @jessicarosesturdy, @alongfortheridepodcast and!
April 11, 2019
This week, Kate is joined by Allie LeFevere and Lyndsay Rush, co-hosts of the Fangasm Podcast (FKA Potterotica) and co-founders of Obedient: a humor-based marketing agency. They discuss how people and brands can use humor to increase engagement (and/or misuse humor to destroy it), review some social media pet peeves, realize they're not well over wellness influencers, work through anxiety about talking on the phone, strategize for subscription box companies, dissect the commoditization of vulnerability on instagram, and lastly, go over Allie & Lyndsay's affinity for erotic fanfic. At one point they dissect the interior of both a Moon Pie and a KFC DoubleDown, so there's that. Enjoy! Be There in Five is a pop culture podcast, specializing in a stream of consciousness style recap of current events, which is also peppered with celeb gossip, 90s nostalgia, the current zeitgeist, the influencer economy, social media, entrepreneurship, bravo shows, housewives, reality tv, women's small business ownership, wellness, mental health, and sharing anecdotes/life lessons from a "multi-preneur" who's still trying to figure it out. Can you tell i wrote this for the keywords? Love ya!
April 2, 2019
In perhaps one of her favorite episodes in a while, Kate starts by taking on the perils of being a blonde woman who wears turtlenecks, battles with humidity, and often overlooks a smeared red lip in a world where Elizabeth Holmes is the enemy. She discusses the scam of Theranos, mostly examining it from a behavioral standpoint (because she can't get over how many people trusted the crazy eyes), but also remembers when she was young and blonde and wanted to be taken more seriously in the workplace. Several asked her to discuss this, but if not interested, skip to minute 20-25. The back half she discusses her past couple weeks at length, utimately leading to a Bachelorette party where she relived the glory of scathing sorority emails, small t-shirt sizes, and her confusion about paying consistent fines to an organization she was already paying quite a lot to, at-will. There's some colorful discussion about what it's like to be in Greek life; i.e. how grateful she is for the photo police, the controversy of dancing on elevated surfaces, the adjacent looming fear of being sent to Standards Board, how she used her council position to caj push her own secular agenda, followed by discussing an iconic e-mail that will forever leave you wondering, who really DID eat the muffins? No names or chapters identified, just fun, lighthearted stories from a group of girls who wanted to turn tables by day and dance on them by night. Please pray for the integrity of this podcast. At some point there's also a brief diversion into some 'Real Housewives' blondes that have helped or harmed the cause of fighting against stereotypes, from Gretchen Christine Beaute to Alexis Bellino Couture to Erika Jayne, a rant or two about people that order non-fried chicken at restaurants, and a love letter to Jersey Mikes submarine sandwiches. She also tells the story of the all-nighter that led to a busy week-long chain of events that made her too busy/tired to podcast, starting with being taken by surprise to her dream Michelin star restaurant while wearing ripped denim, and reflects on the lesson she's still learning: how to be present and well, even the slightest bit fun. As always, learning to be breezy is a journey, not a destination. ** Be There in Five is a pop culture podcast, specializing in a stream of consciousness style recap of current events, which is also peppered with celeb gossip, 90s nostalgia, the current zeitgeist, the influencer economy, social media, entrepreneurship, bravo shows, housewives, reality tv, women's small business ownership, wellness, mental health, and sharing anecdotes/life lessons from a "multi-preneur" who's still trying to figure it out. Can you tell i wrote this for the keywords? Love ya!
March 21, 2019
This week, Kate gives you a (brief!!) TS7 update, sends her best to Trebek, reviews some of her favorite cringy Jeopardy contestant anecdotes, then gets into listener questions: from Meghan Markle's baby shower, to Justin Bieber's public sorrow, to John Mayer, to what to do if you don't like a friend's boyfriend or are a stressed bridesmaid. There's also 10-15 minutes where she explains her thought process when ordering/buying wine that she thought about cutting out but hey, why not give you another casual 2 hour episode. Enjoy!
March 14, 2019
This week, Kate is joined by special guest Molly Hillenbrand (of Hillenbrand Media, Allure of Travel, Eye on Chicago + Live with Antonio & Molly) to break down this week's major stories, tv, and pop culture news. We discuss the social media blackout (#wesurvived), taking our talents to Twitter, American Girl dolls, the college admissions scandal, why we need to let kids lose, spelling bees, housewives' financial situations, Very Cavallari, The Bachelor, what it would be like if our insta followers were Black Mirrored, among other topics. This episode is brought to you by -Enjoy!
March 7, 2019
I thought this was the 50th episode, but turns out it's not! More profound things next week! This week is a journey into royalty-free music, a brief discussion of The Bachelor, Real Housewives, and other current events, followed by a *thorough* follow up and analysis of Taylor Swift's two Elle articles from the past week and where we stand on TS7 and my predictions. This episode is so long, I haven't even had time to listen. But hope you like it!!
February 28, 2019
Exploring what we know so far about TS7's (hopeful) imminent announcement. The past week of events in instagram photos recapped and what this could mean for this new chapter. What's the countdown mean? What could the timeline rollout look like in cooperation with Taylor Swift's propensity to use dates that are clean 13's? Where have we been right, where have we been wrong? Is she messing with us? I also discuss today's influencer economy, some musings about Meghan and Misha, review a few thoughts on the enterprise that is Taylor Swift and why I hope the fandom won't come after me for this podcast. Enjoy!
February 20, 2019
Discussing all angles of the Jordyn Woods / Tristan Thompson / Khloe Kardashian scandal, the conspiracy of someone in the Kardashian camp being in cahoots with fast fashion houses, an analysis of the Kardashian's ratings and how I think this story is related, a review of my favorite new show, discussion about the year 2000, horror stories of my dorm roommate's taste in interiors, Lady Gaga's broken engagement, Meghan Markle, my gratitude for beauty products allowing me to be my true self by masking my true self, public vs private school, a coincidence spanning 17 years, my book signing, a brief poetry reading, and a song for the ages.
February 6, 2019
This week, Kate dives into Valentine's Day, traumatic experiences with corporate ice breaker games, the dark ages of Swing music's revival in the '90s, shag dancing, Michael Flatley, her opposition to the concept of accountability, issues with #wanderlust, people who believe in jinxing, her trip to Monaco, elementary school fitness tests, reads the list of draft interview questions prepared for Southern Charm's Shep Rose (who never came on the podcast), confusion with the show's portrayal of it being 'hot' to be related to a founding father, among other topics. Enjoy! This episode is brought to you by CJ Fox Law - an intellectual property law firm focused on supporting creative small businesses' trademark and copyright needs. Learn more at and follow @cjfoxlaw.
January 31, 2019
This week, Kate tackles a few important topics prior to playing "Name that Tune" with her sister to test her true pop culture knowledge. Topics include #thecoat, Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper's timeshare presentation, dating music snobs, the (500) Days of Summer "quirky sexy" era, Canada Goose / McMansion theory, Vera Bradley bags, the "polar vortex," natural beauty vs. naturally caring about beauty, Wet 'n Wild cosmetics, a little more Fyre, and then an overdue segment where Kelly plays intros of 90s and 2000s songs and Kate guesses, while telling stories and brainstorming future project ideas that most certainly center on one T. Swift.
January 25, 2019
Because I'm in the business of beating dead horses, and because you all were way more interested in this than I thought you would be, a continuation of the ramblings I cut out of the previous episode about the Hans Christian Andersen / Little Mermaid theory as it relates to TS7. A response to Taylor Swift fans' frustration about Kaylor theories, predictions for TS7, a brief lyrical analysis, diving into some lore of the Kaylor fandom, analyzing the strategy behind her lead singles, a discussion of what makes the business of Taylor Swift so much greater than her peers, and my hopes & dreams for this upcoming era.
January 23, 2019
Pop Culture the past two weeks; 7 Rings, The Egg, R Kelly doc, Fyre, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, Bravo recaps, Chris Pratt's diet, Q's i get about diet/exercise, etc. Detailed description coming soon.
January 10, 2019
Welcome back for Season 2 of the BTI5 podcast! This week we're coming at you with an intro about the latest and greatest news done by Kate, that covers Kendall Jenner's #brave announcement, the movies I finally watched over Christmas break (like Crazy Rich Asians), Lindsay Lohan's new show that is somewhat of a low-rent Vanderpump Rules, and Taylor Swift's NYE party. Then we switch over to an episode that my sister and I recorded over the weekend, where we talk about the cultural phenomenon of The Masked Singer, Harry & Meghan, managing expectations and goals for the New Year, choosing our "words," and a heart to heart about not being where you thought you'd be by now. Fun, light, heavy, uplifting, frivolous. All the usual suspects. Part 2 with 'Name that Tune' will be posted later this week! ** Be There in Five is a pop culture podcast, specializing in a stream of consciousness style recap of current events, which is also peppered with celeb gossip, 90s nostalgia, the current zeitgeist, the influencer economy, social media, entrepreneurship, bravo shows, housewives, reality tv, women's small business ownership, wellness, mental health, and sharing anecdotes/life lessons from a "multi-preneur" who's still trying to figure it out. Can you tell i wrote this for the keywords? Love ya!
December 21, 2018
A fun single-take episode filled with aimless Christmas cheer; starting with a discussion of good and bad Christmas music and the accompanying parody songs Kate writes in her head. She also tackles gift giving, token flocked tree blogger Christmas instagram photos, the Mandela Effect, "weather girl pretty," a long 90s television tangent, an ill-informed 90s movie tangent, a breakdown of why it's hard to care about the Kanye / Drake / Ariana / Pete feud, a list of things I don't need in 2019, Christmas musings, seeking justice for the Dixie Chicks, an objective look at how Mary (of Mary & Joseph) is a BOSS, among other things. Enjoy!
December 3, 2018
In perhaps the most important episode that I've ever recorded, I complete the "How I Built This" series by detailing how I weathered a difficult time in my entrepreneurial journey to attempt a career at what I've always wanted to do; write a book. From a very low point on a snow day, throwing darts in the form of book proposal emails, all the way to the past couple weeks, when my book, Twinkle, Twinkle, Social Media Star hit shelves. I discuss the whole process that I haven't told before; from the first books I wrote that were vastly rejected, to why the one that got signed was originally a backup idea that I sat on for months, to how I figured out how to write a book proposal, to how the idea for Twinkle, Twinkle, Social Media Star even came about, to how the verses and narrative changed, to even reading aloud my original letter to the editor. This episode explains how I got a publishing deal as an unrepresented, agent-free, first-time author with no professional or formal educational experience in writing a book. More important than being publishing-specific, this episode explores something broader conceptually; stopping the cycle of arguing for our limitations. Embracing that progress doesn't happen in the form of sweeping gestures, linear narratives, or a static form of contentment. It happens on your bad days, when the work feels the most thankless, when the tasks at hand feel pointless. It's the micro moves that lead to macro movements. If anything, I want people to walk away knowing that every hour of your day is important, everything you're doing is a contribution, and no matter what you make up in your head about a future you have no right to predict, you're capable of changing your whole life. Step 1: Buy my book. Just Kidding. Actually not kidding, I need to sell books. Enjoy!
November 29, 2018
Join Kate in this light, upbeat episode during an unforeseen Wednesday adult hangover as she ponders why 'grinding' was such a thing in her youth, the impact of Center Stage and Coyote Ugly on her worldview, her thoughts on the wine documentary premier she attended (especially after finding out one of the stars follows her on instagram). Some additional harping on that super fierce red outfit Jodie Sawyer wore in Center Stage. She then goes through DailyMail headlines, gives a nod or two to puns in rap lyrics, still feels frustrated by Nick & Priyanka's nuptials and Harry & Will's feud, discusses the power of all black ensembles, among other things.
November 21, 2018
A variety of topics, including: Why did Meghan Markle's aides quit? How does Kate feel being spoken to in a retail store or in a Costco sample aisle? What went down over the weekend when Kate questioned the integrity of various Thanksgiving sides? Why is Thanksgiving for giving thanks but Friendsgiving is for honoring the impenetrable friend groups of America? Is it even possible she still has MORE thoughts on Pete & Ariana? Oh, she's going to talk about the Parent Trap & Disney villains again? And Karlie Kloss' wedding AGAIN? What is Kate thankful for this year? Is she making money yet? And last but not least, some Thanksgiving reflections about finding her place in this content world, why she's beyond grateful for her podcast listeners, and looks forward to finding the extraordinary in the ordinary with you for (hopefully) many days to come.
November 6, 2018
Kate's having a bit of a week, and starts by giving some delightful updates she woke up to via the Nextdoor App, then provides a life and book update, followed by breezy pop culture analyses of the Kaitlyn/Shawn split, Ariana Grande's new jam, Hallmark movies, her review of Haunting at Hill House, this week's KUWTK, some controversial opinions about marathon training, frustration with how many chances we give Alec Baldwin, and my endless gratitude for celebrities acting like arbiters of American civics on this election day. Enjoy!
October 22, 2018
I’M BACK! Discussing my heartbreak re: the future of Kaylor (Karlie Kloss & Taylor Swift), Karlie's wedding, lamenting the loss of GrandSon (Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson), and reviewing both my and Enty's (from Blind Items blog Crazy Days and Nights) perspective on the past week's events. There is also discussion about my favorite sad movies, me wondering how Thomas Jay would feel about how badly we are trying to save the bees, reviewing Lady Gaga's press tour, and a very long, drawn-out review of A Star is Born, where no less than 5 tangents take place before I get to my point, mostly about how I'll never go on a cruise. Par for the course. Hope you enjoy! PS If you don't care about Kaylor, skip to around minute 25.
October 19, 2018
My favorite episode in the series, this is the (almost) conclusion of my "How I Built This," detailing the steps leading up to a major unforeseen milestone in my career, and the emotional lows and major difficult changes that were necessary to get there.
October 16, 2018
Discussing my experience years 2-4 of my business, when the adrenaline wears off and the work gets real. Hear about what happened when I hired people, ventured outside of Etsy and into wholesale, mass production, worked with luxury & online retailers, why I backed out of major purchase orders, and what happens when a heart and head are at odds with your business. To be continued in Part II (b).
September 28, 2018
While How I Built This 2 is still in the works, Kate's back to discuss the "secret project" she announced last week, but more importantly, is back because she needs to address the moral compass of one Victoria Gunvalson. Some Real Housewives of OC discussion, some Real Housewives of Dallas discussion, 90 Day Fiance conspiracy theories, that time Kate almost got on Ellen, reviewing my favorite gospel-style pop songs, the role of the gospel in the hypocrisy of the Housewives, the difference between 'mothers' and 'mommies,' among other riveting topics. Enjoy!
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