Rhino I love you with all my heart ❤️
Great job on this podcast and your work in general 😘
Educational and entertaining
Amazing guests and music knowledge, a behind the scenes look at so many iconic artists. Worth a listen!
A time hop into music history
Rhino Records
This podcast takes be back in time with rich stories about some of my favorite artists of all-time.
Informative and incredible!
I am always pleasantly surprised by the guests that join the show and thoroughly enjoy the deep dive discussions into anecdotes and perspectives behind some of my favorite albums and artists. Keep it rad, Rhino
Top podcast
Great insight into incredible music! Good job guys
Awesome, wish they did it more
Wish they did it more
This is a very informative and interesting podcast. I love it but I wish they did it more
hate to be that guy, but….
Very interesting and educational...
This is definitely one of the best music history podcasts out there next to my own... I can hear how passionate the guests are about the music they love by how intrigued they are with the answers to the questions they ask their guests and I can also tell that they are very educated about their guests that they have on the show and they’ve done their homework extensively on them (in which I’m sure impresses the guests that they interview) and plus in this podcast you’ll get to hear the stories behind many world famous songs by the artists that originally did them.. my only wish is that they could nerd out a little bit more on the music but I’m not sure if they are musicians or just fans of the music... but either way if you want to learn more about your favorite 60’s and 70’s pop and R&B artists that you know and love or if your just looking to discover new great songs to listen to and learn more about them straight from the horse’s mouth then give this show a listen...
Great informercial disguised as a podcast
Who cares if they are trying to get you to buy Rhino product? They have great interviews and guests. I always learn something new and I want to go back and revisit music. I never realized how many great songs Tommy James and the Shondells made. They were just flying under the radar. My only complaint is the interviews could be longer. Every episode could be a two parter like the Linda Ronstadt.
Wasted opportunity
As a long time Linda Ronstadt fan I was excited to see that she was doing a rare interview. My excitement was quickly diminished with a ridiculous opening and it went downhill from there. The interviewer was much more interested in impressing Linda with his knowledge then finding out anything about her. And his recorded voice was twice as loud as Ronstadt’s. Won’t bother listening to part 2. Unsubscribing...again.
Really well done.
I’ve really enjoyed this podcast. It is well researched and the interviews have been great.
Very cool
Sailor Rafa
They actually get the artists & producers to take you behind the scenes. Love it
A great podcast to keep up-to-date!
It’s great that Rhino had the vision to see how much discussion was being made about record releases on a number of podcasts and decided to have one of their own! In the past 2 years, Rhino has managed to bring artists and music lovers together to bring out products that satisfy both parties. They actually listen to what artists want to do, and what the fans want- and provide a quality product. They aren’t afraid to get in the trenches and figure out what their customers are looking for (a BIG shout-out to John Hughes and Keith Valcourt for setting the bar for world-class customer service 👊😉) The hosts of the podcast are charming and entertaining. Keep up the good work! 5 stars. -Bill Elam
These guys are my heroes. One of my favorite bands.
Good episode, even managed to learn something new.
Stumbled Upon Gold
Randomly found this podcast and can't wait for more! So awesome to hear this music and the love that goes into a re-issue like this. It's a fun listen and I learned a ton. Never write reviews, but I'm too stoked on this to not!
Entertaining and Informational
Perfect for any music buff! What a great deep dive into the music! Loved every second.
This is for you!
The Music Historian
It's called "edphones"! Very informative and fun to hear some inside stories from the Ramones. Great for superfans.
Excellent for music geeks!
Monkee Maniac
Knowledgeable and entertaining with lots of info I’ve never heard before. Highly recommended.
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