Important for all!
Elisabeth Carol
This podcast is one of my favorites!! I started listening after reading Heather’s books. I’m an adoptive mom and have had to advocate so much for my daughter medically and just basic human rights. While she doesn’t have Down syndrome, I always learn more about how to advocate well from this podcast and just listening to these mamas talk has given me the courage to speak up more for my daughter. I have felt a lot less alone. I also love learning more about Down syndrome and people with different abilities. It has made me a more aware, hopefully kinder human that is excited to be in relationship with those different than myself. Thank you ladies for teaching all of us about Down syndrome and how to advocate for our children. Such an important podcast for all!
A podcast for all people
Emily Gorin
I am a mom of 2 able bodied girls and heard Heather speak on “That Sounds Fun”. Instantly read The Lucky Few and was so excited to find your podcast. The ongoing conversations you have here are helping shift the way we talk about differences in other people as a family and how we can show love to those different from us. You have opened my heart to a world I have been blind to. Thank you! Cheering you on.
A must listen!
A joyful and real look at raising a child with Down syndrome. The guests are really high quality and the discussion is both relatable and inspiring. The topics are wide reaching and thoughtful. These women “get it” and provide a respectful and honest voice to help guide my reflections on being one of the lucky few. I’m really thankful for this podcast.
Bold, honest, and insightful
Thank you ladies for sharing a crucial, and somewhat controversial message about the worthiness of individuals different from most! As an OT, I work with your kids and many others with different abilities and skills and am inspired by the message you all are putting out there. I appreciate your message shouting the worth of individuals with DS, and I think your passions, insights, and advocacy go waaay beyond to include all people who appear different. Thank you for sharing your stories, and boldly breaking down societal expectations and standards!!
my favorite podcast ever!
this podcast is so important for all people of any age, background, etc. i’m nineteen years old and very passionate about advocating for those with special needs, particularly down syndrome, and the lucky few has truly changed my life in so many ways. such important things being talked about on this podcast! those from the lucky few are true pioneers, paving the way for people with down syndrome to be better included and seen as equal! see the able, not the label. truly love them so much!
So much support
This podcast is truly inspirational. It is such a special resource for people in the community to turn to. I love the women hosts on the podcast, they’re always down to get real about life!!
The best!
A Kennedy
I feel so inspired and encouraged each time I listen to an episode. I love that I feel part of this amazing community and I learn so much by listening to all the guests. Keep up the amazing work!
Love this podcast
Hi ladies Love this podcast and love all of you Thank you for making this podcast love it Kari Burroughs from California
A Work of the Heart
I cannot say enough good things about this podcast. It is clear from the very start that these women (and their friends and family) are on a mission of such great and wonderful importance, and we are along for the ride...Listening, laughing, crying, and being convicted along the way. The goal of shifting the narrative about people with Down syndrome is not something for the faint of heart—and these women have hearts big enough and strong enough for the job, no doubt. Not only that, but by doing this work and making this podcast available for other moms and dads to hear has been a literal God-send for me as I navigate my feelings and convictions for my young daughter who has Down syndrome as well as my older son, who has autism. Thank you so very much for what you are doing and keep up the amazing, life-changing work you are doing. Having these hard conversations is worth the roads that are being paved for our children in the future. Keep it up! There are so many people who need to hear what you have to say. ❤️
Terrific for dads too!
Chadwick S
While I have a kiddo with different abilities than DS, this show is encouraging, thoughtful, provoking, and refreshing for parents of all sorts of kids. The panel are well spoken and insightful with lots to add to our cultural conversations surrounding different abillities. We dads are listening out here too!
This podcast is always filling my heart with tears of happiness, hope and encouragement. Great information, amazing guests and greatly appreciated topics.
A Must for any new moms
Ada M R
Very inspiring, encouraging, & engaging. I have listened to all the shows & appreciate the insights & genuine sharing by the hosts.
I have been missing out
Jackson's Rockin' Mom
How did I just find this podcast?!? Really amazing 💙💛
Really enjoy this podcast!!!
Love the Dad's Episode
Love the Dad's episode. It was nice to hear how this journey is from a dad's perspective.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating and sharing this podcast! Each episode I’ve listened to so far has resonated with me and my experience as a mom of a child with DS. I love the conversational style as well. You ladies are awesome! Keep up the wonderful work!
Good idea, poor execution.
As a new mom of a kiddo with DS, I heard about this podcast through my DS mom group. The concept is good at face value, but effort needs to be taken to polish the content. Y’all barely introduce yourself in the first episode and you jump into topics without any introduction. The podcast would be better if it had more structure and was less about listeners just listening in to you chat. The husband’s episode had much more structure and explanation that the other two episodes I listened to.
This podcast is for EVERYONE!
I’m not a mom, I’m not a part of the Down Syndrome community but this podcast is everything. These women point out the beauty in all of our differences and how we can all benefit by loving and inviting those with differing abilities into our circles. I feel so full of love after I listen and ready to go out with eyes to notice the often looked over. Love you ladies!
Must listen!
I came across this podcast looking for something to get me through my work day and it is amazing! I blazed through all 6 episodes. I have an 18 mo baby girl with Down syndrome and it’s astounding how so much of what these ladies and their guests talk about I think ‘I feel the same way’. It warms my heart and gives me all the feels about what this world can be if people see Down syndrome the way we all do!
Thank you for starting this podcast!
Love this podcast. Just stumbled across it, and already got so much out of Episode 6. I, too, have a little one with an extra chromosome and what you women are sharing is so relatable! Our family is all about inclusion and we can’t wait to go back and hear the rest of your episodes!
Love this podcast! Incredible insight and info!
Thank you all for sharing your experience and perspective on Down Syndrome. I love that you are all sharing your unique experience raising your children with Down Syndrome and love following you all on Instagram. Keep this up please! More stories need to be shared. It’s all such invaluable information. #theluckyfew
This podcast is life!
Gville momma
These ladies are Trail Blazers and Warriors, but they don’t take themselves too seriously and they are so much fun! My daughter with Down Syndrome is 15 years old, but I have learned so much from these women who have children younger than mine. I walk away from each podcast with a smile in my heart, feeling a little lighter and having learned something new that I can put to use in my life and the life of my child. Thanks so much girls!
Love the content!
I love the content and being able just to sit down with these ladies and hear them speak about Down Syndrome. They are opening my eyes to all that our life may look like in 3 months when our son is born! One critique: the sound is really challenging at times to make out what they are saying when another of the group is laughing or something. It get muffled in the mix. I think this would be a sound editing change, but it would greatly help me hear the awesome things being said 😊
Thanks !!!
Mom to Chris
Wow! This one made me cry! I am a mom to three typical kid ages 31, 20, and 16 and my baby is 14 with Down syndrome. My only girl is the 16 year old and she has always said when I grow up I’m having a baby with Down syndrome! Now that she is older it has changed to if God doesn’t give me a child with Down syndrome I will adopt one!
Thank you
Thank you for starting this podcast! My son who has Down Syndrome will be one in just a week. Right after he was born, I listened to The Lucky Few on audible during late night feedings and throughout the long days of being home with a newborn. I am happy to hear Heather’s voice again as well as the others! I wish I could talk to the radio as you three are chatting. I can relate to so many of the things you are saying and look forward to learning from you three as the journey continues!
Valuable persepective on inclusion
Absolutely worth a listen. Great stories and topics. Even better people living it out. Can honestly say that the voices on this podcast have influenced my life in the best possible way. Thankful that I get to "Shout their worth!" and am very fortunate to be in the crew that is "The Lucky Few."
Incredible ladies
Taylor Werden
So excited for what’s in store! You are all an inspiration. Your positivity and awareness is so important in our world today. I have been blessed with knowing individuals with Down syndrome for some years now and I cannot wait until the time is right to adopt. Your Instagram posts and stories give me hope! I can’t wait to hear more!
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