Long-time listener of The Podcast with Knox and Jamie so I was pumped when they started this podcast as well. I’ve been listening since the beginning but never wrote a review! I love how they break down Bible stories/passages so that they’re understandable and relatable. Their “So what? Who cares?” section towards the end is almost like a mini church service for me. Love that Erin is involved as well. Can’t say enough good things about this podcast and The Popcast!
So fun!
Jess Shipley
Love how this podcasts brings the Bible to life in a fun, funny and modern way. It’s a must listen!
Oh my! I’m loving listening to these episodes and reevaluating stories and characters in a new and fun light! A must listen!
FYes y
anis head
This podcast is my absolute favorite! Knox and Jamie have mastered the art of poignant, hilarious and wise. I will tear up and snort laugh all in the same minute. I’m also understanding historical background and culture in a way I never have...and I even went to Bible college.😬
What I Didn’t Know I Needed!
E.E. Smith
After several mentions on social media I finally broke down and asked someone to help me figure out how to listen to podcasts. I was NOT disappointed! I had aspirational dreams of listening to all the episodes from all my favorite internet people...but I have yet to listen to anyone but Knox and Jamie (love The Bible Binge and The Popcast). Their ability to take deep subjects and make them lighthearted is flawless. And though I have heard, and even retold these Bible stories for years in Sunday school, I am hearing them with new ears through The Bible Binge. Listening has become equal parts entertaining and spiritual reflection...which is apparently, just what I needed!
Laughing and reading the Bible? Thank you!
I’ve been a fan of Knox and Jamie for a long time. I LOVE this podcast! I was raised in a Christian home by a Bible-lovin’ momma. She read to us for sometimes hours a day, and while that surprisingly didn’t push me away, it did often make reading as an adult a “been there, done that,” sorta event. I’m so thankful for fresh and hilarious approach to the telling of these stories that some of us have heard more times than we can count. 💚💚💚
Loooooove !!!!
This podcast is such a breath of fresh air. Such a great combo of heart and humor (emphasis on the humor!!). I love learning about familiar Bible stories with fresh eyes. I can’t recommend it enough.
This is awesome
I can listen all day long while I work. I love what you two have done here. Thank you very much!
Hilarious and Insightful
I didn't "get it," until I finally broke down and listened to an episode and I LOVE it. Thanks for a great show, Knox and Jamie!
I am so in love with this podcast right now!! I just started listening this week and decided to begin with your latest season about Moses(: Let me just tell you, it was nothing short of fantastic! What a treat and a breath of fresh air, to get to listen to the Bible in such a laid back yet still very indulging way. Knox and Jamie, you two are amazing, crazy funny, and god loves you so much for telling his story the way you do so beautifully❤️
Hilarious and Illuminating
The smartest, funniest podcast in town guaranteed to make you laugh out loud (or snort uncontrollably!!!). Knox and Jaime are hilariously brilliant and make every Bible story come to life vividly. Thanks guys for keeping it real!! Love your show!!!!
Knox’s 5 POV speaks to me
I can’t put into words how much I love the Bible Binge. The hilarity, recapping of stories and facts regarding the cultural context of the text make for an enjoyable listen that leave me with a better understanding of who God is and put a smile on my face. As an enneagram 5, I particularly love hearing Knox’s point of view as it’s often similar to mine and makes me feel not so alone in my struggles with Scripture.
Exercise made indurable!
I love the Bible Binge. I listen while I exercise!! The time flies by! My Bible study was on Abraham & Sarah last week so I listened to that podcast & gained a wealth of insight, knowledge & a lot of laughs from it! Thanks Knox, Jamie & Erin.
Thank you!
Jamie and Knox have made my drives to and work SO much more enjoyable with their podcasts, particularly the Bible Binge! I work very early in the morning and their humor gets me in a good mood and ready for the day! It also helps put the Bible stories in an understandable context! So thankful for the hard work y’all put into each episode 🙌🏼
My Favorite
A. Bourn
This is hands down my favorite podcast. It’s funny and entertaining, but also thoughtful and interesting. Knox, Jamie, and Erin thank y’all for all you do to make this podcast what it is - priceless.
Thank you Jamie & Knox!!
I love this hilarious podcast so much! Laugh out loud humor on every episode I have listened too so far! I just came across this show about a week ago and now I am binge listening and so sad that I only have one season left! It’s such a perfect combination of serious and thoughtful but at the same time funny. I also LOVE the gentle’s so interesting to hear the Bible scholar opinion on the episode.
Absolutely my Favorite!
Bentley, America
I love learning and laughing with you guys! The only complaint is I need more shows because I listen over and over. I have even asked a question about scripture, and you responded quickly! I just know that Jesus is tuning in too!😉
Where have you been?!?!
Why is this podcast only coming into my life just now?!? Knox and Jamie make me laugh out loud in my car hysterically AND they really make me think. I know these Bible stories so well, I usually skip right over them. But, after listening to this, I want to read them again, slowly - line by line. I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!!
The Bible is fun again!
I love this podcast so much! It has helped me stop taking myself so seriously and be more authentic in my walk with Jesus. It asks questions I’ve never considered and helps me consider multiple perspectives instead of having a 2-dimensional view on passages, especially tougher ones in the OT. Their casting of characters helps me remember the big picture of the Bible, and I love that they are encouraging listeners to wrestle with tough passages and not gloss over them. I have so much fun listening! Hopefully once I am finished paying for my current seminary education, I can enroll in their seminary! 🤓
There should be a 6th star just for this show!
This show is HILARIOUS and also (slightly) informative. The hosts are so funny and work well together. They definitely make the stories of the Bible more accessible and have a great time doing it.
All the stars for The Bible Binge
Foodie Em
I can’t explain exactly what happens in this show to make it so addictive, but it absolutely is. From the corny nickname Knox gives Jamie at the start of each show, to reading scripture, to casting the characters with current pop culture stars, to dissecting the stories, and the gentle rebuke, I love every minute of each episode. I wish I could give some balance to this, but I don’t have any. Full 5 stars. Much appreciation to the shows creators. Big thanks to the show’s sponsors. All the accolades.
Entertaining and Educational!
Been in church all my life but this podcast has taught me so much and given me a different perspective on some things all while making me laugh. Win/Win!!
Love it
smack a poodle
Love this podcast! It tells the stories of the Bible in an understandable and fun way. Offers wholesome commentary to the stories. It’s helped me remember the stories better and get more out of the stories than just reading them.
Learning and Encouraged
I have an autistic teenage son and we both love listening! He is going back to read passages and is motivated to learn more! I have learned so much and am glad I’m not the the only one with randomly weird questions. My favorite parts are when Knox and Jamie testify of how these truths relate to situations they have faced. Great job guys!
Thank you!!!
I need to thank you for this podcast. My life is so crazy right now but a friend told me I needed listen to this podcast because she felt I needed some good laughter. I listen to this while I walk in the mornings and my neighbors probably think I am crazy because I keep laughing outloud while walking my dog. I love everything about the show, from casting the characters, MVBP to the gentle rebuke. Thank you for doing this podcast because it makes my life a little less crazy.
Thank you for speaking at my level!!!!
I have been raised a Christian since birth. But I felt as though I never fully understood ALL of the stories in the Bible because it was never taught to me at a level that I understood or that kept my interest. This podcast has been amazing for my faith! I find myself going home and retelling what I learned during your podcast and engaging in great conversations. Thank you so much! I love yall
This podcast is amazing!! I have been wanting to listen to a podcast on my way to work that discusses the different bible chapters I have been reading! The two hosts give a super detailed view at different bible stories in a hilarious and informative way!! They make my morning commute go by quickly :)
My favorite appointment in town for A I
I love Jamie and Knox’s candid conversations and sometimes irreverent take on these well known bible stories. It’s like Drunk History of the Bible. Thanks so I can get
You gotta give a listen
I have been listening to the Popcast for over year, and it has become the podcast I compare all other podcasts to. I’ll try to listen to something new and always come back to the Popcast. Knox and Jamie are hilarious and address many pop culture topics that I find interesting and entertaining. They do exactly what they say they will do each episode in “educating you on the things that entertain but do not matter.” They May no talk about things that matter, but the fact that they talk and I can listen matters to me. Thanks for being awesome guys!
Hosts are fun, relatable, and make you WANT to learn more about the Bible and soak it all in. I started a reading plan and have enjoyed going back and listening to relevant episodes after I read the book/chapter/story they’re discussing on the episode to get an even greater understanding/provoke addl thoughts.
Different, not for everyone.
Personal opinions with a sprinkling of SJW tropes. Occasionally humorous. A fast paced podcast.
Comedic, relevant, Biblical
Didn’t think those 3 adjectives went together until now (ok, maybe once before #JohnCrist). Love this podcast!! Awesome way to bring the Bible to the here and now. Jamie and Knox are my best best friends (in my head and in my car). PS) Dax is the perfect Lot. I’ll never be the same having heard that casting choice, lol!
The Bible makes sense now!
It can be so tough to read the Bible and glean useful or applicable information. The Bible Binge provides a ton of context and great explanation to bring Bible stories to life. Not only do I feel like I understand the Bible better, but I also have a greater understanding of how to apply the Bible to my daily life. Knox, Jamie, and Erin have had a huge impact on my spiritual growth with this amazing podcast.
love you both!
so thankful to have the Bible Binge to replace my netflix binges. informative and entertaining. #ENFPreppin !! 🥳
Just The Best!
Knox and Jamie and Erin are the best. This Enneagram 5 does not have enough words to describe how much they teach me, make me laugh, and inspire me. Keep it up, y’all!
Great podcast
Love the podcast especially Jaime’s story about God telling her to quit her job that was an amazing story great job guys
Never Miss an Episode
Jodi Horsley
I absolutely love this Podcast and look forward to listening weekly. Knox and Jamie really help put the Bible in relatable terms, which is so very helpful. I often listen listen to this Podcast I the car with my kids, who now really enjoy listening as well. Thank you for bringing this Podcast to us!
The Bible made relatable
I love this show so much. It makes the dusty bible stories come alive and instantly relatable. Bible scholar Erin breaks complicated ideas down for us non seminarians to understand. Casting these bible legends makes it easier to picture them as real people not just characters in a story. Start at the beginning and work your way through. Totally worth your time. #biblebingeseminarian
A different look at stories you probably know
Knox and Jamie take a fun look at Bible stories that most of us have heard before. They come at it from a relevant pop culture angle but surprise! they also bring some poignant lessons and cause some deep thinking on things I thought I understood. Love it!
All this time...
I can’t believe it took me so long to find this! I enjoy the funny narrative with some great storytelling from my favorite books. Thank you!
Always a delight
So refreshing and always a delight to hear.
Binge worthy!
I really love this podcast. I started listening close to the start of it but I still went back and listened to all of them. It’s informative and entertaining. I feel a little hesitant to recommend it though because it’s a little much at times. You have to been in the right mindset to receive some of these not-so-biblical comments. Overall, a great listen though!
Beyond amazing
Sean M. Texas
Fresh, but responsible, approach to various storylines in the Bible.
Breath of Fresh Air!
My wife stumbled upon this podcast and recommended it to me. And I LOVE it. It’s a refreshing look at Bible study with a modern spin and relevant cultural connections. Plus Knox and Jamie are great!
Love it!
Anne M Lat
Started listening to this podcast while on a road trip and ended up listening for hours. This is the first time I have actually gone back to the first podcast and binged so I can listen to all the episodes. It’s funny and interesting while being mindful of the reverence of scripture.
My new absolute fave!!
OR Celeste
I LOVE Knox and Jamie soooooo much! Golly I’m so thrilled I found this podcast!! It is hilarious and heartfelt and worthwhile! How many podcasts can you say that about???
Learn something new everyday!
Candy monster :)
I love the honesty and truth in each episode!
Great way to start your morning!
Just started listening to this podcast on the recommendation of my wife. Now I listen to one on my way to work every morning! I highly recommend listening to these awesome story tellers.
Would give this more stars if I could!
Can’t get enough! Love how easy you guys make it to follow Bible stories!
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